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Samsung’s Electric Blue Galaxy S5 Launches Exclusively at Best Buy on August 17

Want to help boost Samsung’s disappointing bottom line and/or don’t have your heart set on the manufacturer’s rumored Galaxy Alpha? The new Electric Blue Galaxy S5 might just suit you.

The color, which has been available on Rogers for months, will land stateside exclusively in Best Buy stores starting August 17. My Best Buy members can pick up the handset early, August 15 in stores and online. The Electric Blue Galaxy S5 will launch at a discounted price of $99 for all through August 23 for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint customers with a two-year contract. 

Buyers who opt to pay in monthly installments through AT&T Next, Verizon Edge, or Sprint Easy Pay will receive a $100 Best Buy gift card.

Need to have a Galaxy S5 in Blue? Your time has come.

Via: Best Buy
  • Speedyrulz

    Strange. I work at a Verizon Premium Retailer and we has some Electric Blue S5s in stock back in June and sold them all. We didn’t reorder any more since they didn’t sell very fast, but they have already been out for awhile. Maybe it just changed to Best Buy exclusive now? We also have the Gold ones which don’t appear to be available on Verizon’s site and they don’t sell too well either.

  • rosssimpson

    Really not a big fan of this colour at all unfortunately

  • deskjob

    A different color doesn’t = launch event

  • I’m sick of reading this moronic headlines on DL, “disappointing bottom line?” REALLY? Who’s still at the top?

    Keep it up DL, I’ll burn that damn shirt I ordered from you with more one-sided, biased, baseless BS Samsung bashing articles…..

    • Deez


    • Patrick Smithopolis

      I’m sure the sales figures are disappointing to Samsung and its shareholders.

    • Packratako

      I actually have to agree with you there. Samsung really did do a good job at meeting most of the demands customers complained about for years. The only bad thing was they saved some money elsewhere like the metal casing, processor, and OIS camera… Other than that you actually get a pretty good phone.

    • cizzlen

      Looks like you’ll end up burning that shirt.

  • RaptorOO7

    How about that 32GB GS5 they promised back at the launch event. That hasn ‘t surface now has it. Just what the world needs another of the same phone in a new color and exclusive to someone.

    • D3lusionz

      32GB or GTFO…

  • Stephen


  • cancerous_it

    Wonderful! Another opportunity not to buy a S5.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    With a new phone coming, why do they even do this nonsense?

  • flosserelli

    Want to help boost Samsung’s disappointing bottom line? Nope.

    Don’t have your heart set on the rumored Galaxy Alpha? Nope.

    Need to have a Galaxy S5 in Blue? Nope.

  • JWellington

    Just buy the blue backplate and presto.

  • verizonchris

    I’ve been selling the electric blue version of the s5 for a month or more now.

    • 213ninja

      you’re fired!

  • Honestly, I think this is what helps kill some of these manufacturers. Keep release different iterations of the same phone months after original release. Release all you got on one date. Leave it at that. And spend the time and resources created doing this, doing other things like improving, oh, idk, TouchWiz…

    • 213ninja

      i agree on the timing of releases. not only does it seem like a more efficient way to spend your manufacturing time, but also you’ll have a lot less disappointed customers. what if i’m average joe that doesn’t google tech blogs for phone tips and i walk into a verizon and say is this all of the s5 colors? the sales guy will undoubtedly say yes, and i choose black. then a month later, here comes gold. then two months later, here comes blue. to me that’s dumb as hell, and if i’m average joe verizon customer, i’m probably pissed if my favorite colors are gold and blue….

      • exactly. sometimes I think they do it just to see how many people will re-buy the device for that color. Bet they don’t make up for the cost in the sales though like they think they are…

        • 213ninja

          that would be an interesting stat. personally, i’ve never known anyone to upgrade or buy another phone just for the hot new color, but i’m not that cool so……

          • Dusty

            I use to work in retail and among the customers i dealt with about 1 in every 50 customers would get the same phone because of the color. Usually its a kid or the parents that want a different color so they’ll use an upgrade to get the new color and give the old color they had to their kid/parent. So honestly, probably not much at all.

    • guest123

      Samsung’s a big company. I’d venture a guess that the people who handle basic hardware, like the shells, are not that same people that work on TouchWiz. Just a thought.

      • 213ninja

        my guess is that he wasn’t trying to imply they are the same people, rather, the same company putting money into various buckets. like, let’s take some money out of the ‘make 10 colors’ bucket and put it into the ‘TW R&D’ bucket.

        • BINGO. The more things a company (governments too…) try to do, the less effective they potentially become. Their risk goes way up. They need less buckets so that the money from those buckets can get put to better use.

      • 213ninja below hits the head on the nail, and essentially what I was trying to communicate.

  • Cael

    The color is beautiful. The phone is not.

    • Packratako


  • mcdonsco

    No comments – Says it all