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LG Outs the G3 Stylus a Bit Early, is This a Galaxy Note Competitor?

Thanks to a promo video created to cover the LG G3 Beat, the mid-range version of LG’s current G3 flagship, we now know that the Korean phone manufacturer also has another phone on the way. The phone is called the LG G3 Stylus, a phone that appears to be slightly bigger in size that the G3, but has a stylus in its back pocket as an added bonus. 

The G3 Stylus has not been mentioned up to this point, so we know next-to-nothing about it other than what we can see in the promo clip. With a name like “stylus,” one could guess that this is a Galaxy Note competitor, since Samsung’s oversized phone is all about its attached S Pen. Then again, the Galaxy Note is by all means a high-end series of phones. Is there a chance that the G3 Stylus is nothing more than an LG G Vista with an attached pen? The LG G Vista was unveiled for Verizon a couple of weeks back as an oversized phone with mid-range specs, though it lacked a stylus.

The rest of the phone looks exactly like the G3 in this image, including on-screen buttons, slim bezels, and a lock screen that should work with a QuickCircle case. The Qualcomm logo in the bottom left also gives off the impression that the phone will run a Snapdragon processor.

Either way, if LG decided to make a Galaxy Note-like device, would you be interested?

  • thenekkidtruth

    Hellsyeah, I’d be interested. LG wants to be king of the hill, and they’re earning it. An LG Stylus WITH HIGH RESOLUTION would prompt dollars to fly out of me. Hear that, LG? WITH HIGH RESOLUTION!

  • Justin

    I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Whatever.

    “This video is private.”
    Thank you for not making me listen to that LG jingle at the end of every freaking LG video.
    Life’s Good. Looks at Galaxy.

  • SamBoy

    Is lg gonna keep releasing phones under the LG G3 (insert name) scheme now to confuse less tech savvy customers into buying these phones like Samsung does with its galaxy line now? I hope they don’t because its annoying…….

  • Chandler

    If LG put the back and menu in the bottom bezel I would be all over it. The fact they are on screen and advertise say on the G2 5.2 inch but in all reality you only get 4.8ish if your lucky. I would like to see Samsung and LG do a 5.2 or 5.5 inch screen with the back and menu bottoms in the bottom bezel like the current Galaxy minus the physical home button.

    • HarvesterX

      Not many OEMs are going to use hardware capacitive buttons anymore except for Samsung who pretty much need to at this point as to not upset their current base of consumers. Immersive mode gets you the entire screen and no not all apps use that but you can easily force any app you want to run in immersive mode using Xposed module.

      I started out with capacitive buttons with my OG Droid and it’s not that I don’t like them… People who root and customize their devices don’t want hardware buttons that can’t support gestures or much of any customization other than assigning new functions to existing buttons which gets confusing because the icon never changes to reflect the changes.

      Then again to Samsung consumers it most likely doesn’t matter to them because they knew what they were getting before purchasing.

      Can’t do this with capacitive buttons (changing the look, function, AND size of how much space they do use as well as hiding them completely when you dontbwant them as a swipe up will bring them back).

  • always love to see some competition

  • FknTwizted

    I would love to see more competitors in this fields… I love my Note 2 however im a tech lover than a Samsung lover and not stuck on sammie I would love to have options but for what i do on my phone the Pen is essential to my daily work and play.

  • aznmode1

    Nice to finally have options besides the note 3. Allthough I do love my note 3 and will probably end up getting a note 4 as samsung has more experience with stylus and will probably have better optimization for it. The only thing I’m hoping is the note 4 will have less bezel as the G3 series so it’s a little bit easier to handle. If not then I might reconsider the G3 stylus.

  • cvgordo

    that stylus looks awfully skinny meaning it looks more like the non functional stylus of something like htc ppc 6700 rather than the wacom enabled pen of the note series.
    if that’s the case the lg stylus is already dead in the water. anyone can make a phone with a big screen and add a tapping device to it but the note and its s-pen is so much more than that and that’s why it’s so successful.

  • George

    I’ve been really happy with my Note 3 and I use the stylus pretty much every day. I just can’t stand touchwiz and the home and capacitive buttons. I’ve done everything to cover up touchwiz (echo lockscreen, nova launcher). I always said if LG came out with a Note competitor I’d look into it. The stylus software has to be at least as good as the Samsung software though. Also, I know Tim and the gang weren’t thrilled about the faux leather back and design but I don’t mind the Note 3 design at all (and I don’t use a case). From what I’ve read about the Note 4 so far I was not going to upgrade just for a 1440 x 2560 screen so I’ll have to keep up with this LG news

  • BillySuede

    make it six inches and i’d be interested in checking it out.

  • 213ninja

    i would absolutely love for LG to make a phone to compete with the Note line so I have some choices. i’m married to this stylus at this point so the more companies that start baking them into the HW and SW, the better. the only caveat for me is that it has to be pressure sensitive with software to leverage it. if it’s just a nub i’m out.

  • SplashMTN

    I love my G2, but strongly considered going to a Note for the screen size alone.

    • JSo

      After seeing an article about a bigger G3, why would you go to the Note if you love the G2?

      • SplashMTN

        This was when I first purchased my G2 (Before the G3 had ever been announced). My next device will likely be the G4 because I’m a big fan or what LG is doing.

        • JSo

          Ah, I didn’t see the past tense in your sentence. Apparantly, I’m not very observant today. lol

          • SplashMTN

            No worries, I’m interested in seeing what Samsung will do with the Note 4 as well. That being said it will likely take a lot to get me to move from LG.

  • mcdonsco

    Not interested, however glad to see it as maybe once launched it will knock the G3’s price down a bit. I’m holding off on the G3 for now due to how the pricing ended up with the G2 ($150 off full retail just a few months after release; hoping for the same with the G3; but the first full retail price drop I see on it will likely result in me getting it).

  • andressbidle

    Playing devil’s advocate, but what if the stylus really is just a stylus (as in accessory) next to a regular ol’ G3?

    • JSo

      Then I doubt anyone would buy it. Where would you keep it? And you can pretty much already buy a random stylus for any touchscreen phone. The render doesnt look any bigger than the G3 though, I’ll give you that.

  • Cael

    What if its the name of the stylus and not a separate phone?

  • Ron_Swanson

    It would need to have functionality like the Note series stylus do…..otherwise, what is the point

  • Bane

    That ad just gave me cancer.

  • JSo

    What does Emma see in that guy? C’mon Emma. Jeez

  • pyro74boy .

    WOW LG copy,s Samsung once again. Does LG want a cookie. It would sure be nice if LG would come out with their own designs and not do everything that Samsung does. Before people start hating on my post please keep in mind that the LG G3 might be my next smartphone so I’m not hating on LG just some of their ideas.

    • Bryan Mills

      U wot m8?

    • Azn_Android

      I’ll hate on you anyways. Because the funny thing is that Samsung’s whole model started out by being a copycat.

      • pyro74boy .

        That’s funny to hear you say because I seem to recall that Samsung started the Note line of phones not LG and now all the manufacturers are making their phones bigger including Apple because the rummer is that the next iphone might even be around the same size as the Note line so please don’t make me laugh. I’m also not denying that Samsung copy.s to because they all copy each other to a point but companies like LG and Apple seem to do it the most.

        • Bryan Mills

          Wait, Samsung invented big phones?

          Who knew they had a patent for that.


          • pyro74boy .

            You remind me so much of the experts claiming that the design of the Note phones would not sell and that there would not be a market for this type of phone and now everyone and their mom is copying the size of the Note phones LOL Patent or no patent this was Samsung’s idea first and NO ONE ELSE’S

            You also might want to know that the lg optimus g pro looks just like the Note2 but that’s not copying someone else,s ideas right? LOL

            Thank you for a great laugh. LOL

          • Bryan Mills

            Something is wrong with you.

          • pyro74boy .

            Yeah you’re right. Wasting my day on someone like you.

    • derp hurr-durr

      So Samsung invented the Stylus now?

      …or big phones?

      …or using a stylus on a big phone?

      If none of the above, was there something utterly unrelated to the article that you feel LG is copying?

      No? None of those things?

      Your post is the epitome of pointless nerd-angst Learn to think before posting.

      • pyro74boy .

        The lg optimus g pro looked just like the Samsung Note2 in fact I was fooled into thinking that it was the Note2 until the AT&T rep in the store came over and told me that it was a phone made by LG not Samsung. I told him that I thought I was looking at a Samsung Note2 and he said that many people had made the same mistake as I did. LOL. Please go hate on someone else troll.

        The Note line of phones where Designed by Samsung before LG and all the other manufacturers had anything to do with it. This was and still is my point you moron.

        Even experts have admitted that LG copy,s Samsung.

        So please pay very close attention to this quote before you embarrass yourself any further because your talking about yourself and not me.

        Quote [Your post is the epitome of pointless nerd-angst Learn to think before posting

        It’s not nice to talk in such a bad way about yourself. LOL

        • derp hurr-durr

          “The lg optimus g pro looked just like the Samsung Note2”


          Yes. I agree. A completely unrelated device made by LG looked like a previous variant of the Note series…

          I am dying to see how you think this is related to the claim in the OP of “again”, considering the G3 looks nothing like the G Pro…

          • pyro74boy .

            First of all in no way was I trying to compare the LG G Pro to the LG G3 I was just giving you an example as to how LG has copied Samsung. Take a closer look at LG and how they always try to copy Samsung’s ideas and they always come out with a new product right around the same time as Samsung.

            I’m also not denying that Samsung copy’s others as well because all of these manufacturers copy each other to a point and only a fool would try to deny this. It just seems to me that company’s like LG and Apple seem to do it the most. But that’s just my opinion.

            I think all the manufacturers need to stop copying and start inventing and then all of these phone makers would have a better product as then end result.

          • HarvesterX

            Making a phone bigger is possibly because of DEMAND by the consumers. Also as previously mentioned the stylus means nothing…If one company creates a device which creates a demand then YES other companies will adapt their strategies to meet that demand. Every company does this. Samsung, LG, Apple. Kawasaki, Panasonic, Ford, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. It’s called business.

            *throws his G2 against the wall

          • pyro74boy .

            like I said before I’m not denying that everyone copy’s each other but the fact still remains that LG has gone out of their way to copy phones like the Note2 and phones like the LG G Pro our a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Even experts who are not fan-boys of anything and are not biased toward one company or the other have even admitted that LG has acted this way. Read some expert feedback on this subject and you will find that I’m not the only one who feels this way about LG in their not so hidden agenda. I find it funny how everyone has accused Samsung of copying others but yet people still can’t admit that LG [AND EVERYONE ELSE] is doing the same exact thing.

            Like it or not The Note line of phones where there first of their kind and I seem to remember that more then a few experts said that their would not be a market for this type of design and that these phones would not sell but the Note line from Samsung has set a new standard that even Apple is now trying to copy and I don’t care if this was a patent or not the fact still remains that Samsung started this not LG or anyone else.

    • dannyWHITE

      LG started the touch screen game with the Prada phone. I guess everyone else after copied LG then based on your logic?

      • pyro74boy .

        You’re not reading all of my post because I NEVER ONCE DENIED THIS.

        Quote me[Not true. Did you know that the original iphone was a copy of a phone
        called the LG Prada? because Apple copied the touchscreen patent from
        LG. Also the Prada was on Market before Apple had anything to do with
        smartphones. There is so much miss leading information around Apple and
        the overrated iphone that it’s not even funny anymore. Many people don’t
        even know that Apple does not hold the patent for the smartphone and
        never did. So please don’t make me laugh.] End quote

        Like I said before I’m not hating on LG just some of their ideas. Hating on someones ideas and hating on them all together is not at all the same thing

        Quote me again [Before people start hating on my post please keep in mind that the LG G3
        might be my next smartphone so I’m not hating on LG just some of their

        • jo

          Their “idea” is to attach a stylus to the phone…that’s not stealing anyone’s idea…..that is called adding a feature…they think it’s a good idea to add a stylus to their phone…leave lg alone…

          • HarvesterX

            There have been a plethora of phones before the Note to use a stylus. It’s not a new invention by Samsung. How is LG coying anything by adding one? The Nintendo DS even has a freaking stylus. They are OLD.

          • pyro74boy .

            I seem to recall that the S-pen on the Note phones was out long before LG was adding them to any of their smartphones.LOL Would you also say the same exact thing If LG had a phone with a stylus first and companies like Samsung and HTC added them afterwords? LOL No you haters would accuse Samsung of being a copycat. So no I won’t leave LG alone.

    • 213ninja

      as you clearly know, you can’t dump on LG around here without getting abused in the comments. and when you tell people to not bother flaming because you’re not hating, it just makes them flame harder.

      i see your points. the flip-side of the coin is that although they may be borrowing some ideas that Sammy pioneered with the Note, it brings competition to market which i welcome. i’d love some choices. i think it would be cool if Apple produced a larger stylus centric iphone. maybe that would help Samsung step up their game, not that the note line is lacking much.

      • pyro74boy .

        Yeah I try not to feed on the trolls if I can help it. I would not even mind if people disagreed with anything I said if they did it in a respectful way but more often then not they reply with you’re dumb or stupid or something to that effect based only on the fact that my opinion is not the same as theirs.

        You are one of the nicest people that I have ran into on D.L since I first started posting.

        Great job my friend.

        • 213ninja

          for the most part, i’m respectful until disrespected ; )

  • Rodeojones000

    Not a fan of these huge phones, but I welcome the competition and like seeing yet another device sans physical home button.

    • JSo

      The video said it’s actually only a 5″ screen. It’s not that big. I don’t really see a difference between this and the G3. It’s actually smaller apparently.

    • Josh

      If only the “small” phones could get a stylus. If anything, I’d need a fine tipped active pen for smaller screens more than on large screens.

  • J. Gilbertson

    i have a note tablet and I’m not much of an artist or handwritten note taker. I thought it would be cool to have and something fun to use but I can count the number of times I’ve used it on one hand. Stylus will be cool for some people and certainly competition to the note line but personally not for me.

    • I’ve had the Note series in the past but can also count on one hand how often I used the stylus, still like having it though

  • ROR1997

    The qmemo is terrible. You cant do alot on it. If they want to be a real Note competitor, they have to upgrade QMemo.

    • Bryan Mills

      It’s just for show. Notes software isn’t that great either. (I’ve used it).

  • Daistaar

    Playing devil’s advocate, but what if the stylus really is just a stylus (as in accessory) next to a regular ol’ G3?

    • Rodeojones000

      But the picture has a regular G3 and the third device is clearly labeled G3 Stylus.

      • Daistaar

        You blue yourself LOL (Immature moment of the day LOL). I see it’s labeled differently and I guess they could have just had the stylus displayed on it’s own if it were a stand-alone accessory so i guess you’re right.

    • joe23521

      Back side is also different. No laser.

      • Daistaar

        I hadn’t seen the backside yet. Good catch!

  • tomgillotti

    Always liked the idea of the attached stylus… but always hated the stupid Samsung home key. Would welcome a LG competitor!

    • Carlos Lopez

      I agree though I don’t think I could do the back buttons again

      • dannyWHITE

        The back buttons on a device this big makes perfect sense.

    • Bryan Mills

      Probably add the 805 so people can cream their pants over a 5.

      • OhHai

        The G3 w/ 801 stutters more than Bobby Boucher

        • Bryan Mills

          Only to idiots it does.

          • OhHai

            You hear that Kellen? The Narrator is calling you names. Should probably ban him forever.

          • Piss Off Tyler Durden

            If we wanted any [email protected] out of you we’d squeeze your head

        • My G3 is fantastic.

  • No, in my opinion the only thing the G3 has on the Note series is styling and being first at releasing a 2K screen and 4k shooting abilities. The Note 4 will have the same tech if not more and as far as stylus technology the Note 4 will be unmatched. I love my G3 but as soon as the Note 4 is released this thing is gone. Also as far as the onscreen vs hardware button debate yesterday that I came too late to comment on, onscreen buttons are cool but in all actuality it’s no different than having a hardware button they both take up the same amount of space (onscreen maybe more being it has the chin of the device plus the space for the onscreen buttons), I always thought I was missing something by having the Samsung hardware button but honestly I prefer that over onscreen buttons

    • PoisonApple31

      If the G3 had a snipping tool for QuickMemo+, I’d be completely satisfied with my G3 – it’s the only thing I am missing about my Note 3.

      • 213ninja

        i am balls deep in those s-pen features and unless this G3 Stylus is something ground-breaking, it’s note4 or bust for me.

        • PoisonApple31

          I’ll definitely be checking it out, but I don’t think I’m bite on the Note 4 this time.

    • BobButtons

      While it being one way or the other doesn’t affect my phone buying decision, they don’t actually take up the same amount of space. I say this because the bottom of the screen isn’t dedicated to the buttons. You can use full screen apps and watch videos while utilizing that screen space covering more of the front of the phone. When you have hardware buttons that’s solely what that space is used for.

      • I can agree with that BUT most apps don’t run immersive mode.

        • HarvesterX

          Unless you use the Xposed module App Settings and run whatever you like in immersive

          • Yea but how many people run Xposed outside the Android Community? I have Xposed and only use immersive mode on the Monopoly game when I use it with Chromecast. Immersive isn’t really that great because when you do enable it and pull it up instead of resizing the screen to have it sit on top of the Nav and status bar both overlap the page cutting off what you’re reading or doing at the top and bottom of the page.

    • Deez

      I thought the Note 3 had 4K video…

      • Oh I don’t have it so I don’t know.

        • 213ninja

          yep, 4k vids on the note3 all day. spec-wise, the only improvement the G3 has over the 8 month old note3 is the 801 proc…note3 is a beasss.

      • hkklife

        It does.

    • LosttsoL

      I really like having no physical buttons on the front or sides of the G3. It makes the phone much sleeker. This is my second phone in a row with no buttons on the front though, so I’m already used to that part.

    • OhHai

      Capacitive buttons are the obnoxious thing for me though (TVs and bluray players that have them annoy me greatly). Also gestures can’t really be done on the iPhone-esque home button.

  • NexusMan

    Galaxy Note Copier…Fixed that for you.

    • BobButtons

      You could say all smartphones are an iPhone copier. Everyone learns and builds off each other. Competition drives innovation. Someone does it first, others try to do it better until someone else does something else first and it starts over.

      • More like BlackBerry and Palm Treo 650 copiers, BlackBerry was the first with apps and an app store, Palm Treo was the first with a stylus and touchscreen (To my knowledge and experience, others opinion may vary lol)

        • bhayes444

          All just copies of this anyway:

        • BobButtons

          The specific model of phone wasn’t the point I was making with the comment.

      • OhHai

        All cars copy the original car that had 4 wheels (unless it is the Reliant Robin), turns out some design choices aren’t choices at all but things that have to exist for a product to be sell-able.

      • pyro74boy .

        Not true. Did you know that the original iphone was a copy of a phone called the LG Prada? because Apple copied the touchscreen patent from LG. Also the Prada was on Market before Apple had anything to do with smartphones. There is so much miss leading information around Apple and the overrated iphone that it’s not even funny anymore. Many people don’t even know that Apple does not hold the patent for the smartphone and never did. So please don’t make me laugh.

        • BobButtons

          If that’s the part you’re focusing on you completely missed the point of my comment.

          • pyro74boy .

            No I didn’t because the iphone is not the phone that you and many others make it out to be.

          • BobButtons

            I didn’t make it out to be crap. My point was that a company comes out with a product (doesn’t have to be Apple, replace it with a Palm or Blackberry or w/e) and other companies improve on it until a different one comes out with something new and they all build off of that. I only said the iPhone offhand because it’s what came to mind. I wasn’t swearing on my mother’s grave that it was ultimately the world’s first smartphone.

          • pyro74boy .

            [You could say all smartphones are an iPhone copier.]

            These where your very own words not mine. LOL

            I do agree that to a point all of these manufacturers copy each others ideas I will give you that however by saying and I quote [You could say all smartphones are an iPhone copier.] was a very miss leading statement because by saying this you made it look like everyone is copying Apple and this is just not true. That’s my point. Many people are stuck in the Apple hype and believing everything they hear so next time maybe you should use a better choice of words if this is not truly what you meant by saying something like that.

      • NexusMan

        Right…because we all know the iPhone was the 1st smartphone. NOT.

        • BobButtons

          If that’s the part you’re focusing on you completely missed the point of my comment..

          • derp hurr-durr

            They (NexusMan and Pyro74boy) seem to be ignorant of the difference between copying and competing.

            …and they seem hell-bent to defend their ignorance at all costs. (Hey, it’s theirs; who are we to take it from them?)

            Well, at least it provides some entertainment…

          • pyro74boy .

            They (NexusMan and Pyro74boy) seem to be ignorant?

            Is that so? just for the record all of my points are %100 percent valid. And if you really must go there then lets take a closer look at this. Just about every major improvement on both iOS6 and iOS7 Android had first and anyone would be a fool to try to even start to think otherwise.That’s just for starters so if you got something to say to me? then reply to me but don’t talk about me to others and start to attack me behind my back that was a punk move on your part.

            I also don’t just run my mouth for the hell of it and have done my homework so keep that in mind before you reply back again with your nonsense.

            It was very ignorant of you to reply to someone else and tell lies about me that was flat out rude of you but then again this is D.L and so I should have come to expect such behavior from the trolls who control the comments and spam this site to death.

          • NexusMan

            I got all of your points, and I made another.

          • BobButtons

            Feel free to replace iPhone with whichever you feel was the first.

    • derp hurr-durr

      What did they “copy”?

      You guys spew the stupidest crap sometimes…

      • NexusMan

        “You guys spew the stupidest crap sometimes…”

        LOL. Please read what you wrote.

        • derp hurr-durr

          No answer?

          Didn’t see that coming a mile away or anything… /s

          Wake me when you can make a rational post. (Or don’t…I’m sure I won’t be missing much)

          • NexusMan

            I’m sure all of that makes sense in your head.