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WhatsApp Beta Updated With Android Wear Support

A new beta update for WhatsApp is now available for Android users who own Android Wear devices, as the app is now fully capable of displaying WhatsApp messages right on your watch. Not only can you view messages, but you can reply to messages via your Android Wear device’s built-in microphone. Fancy, fancy. 

Also included are “stacked notifications,” meaning messages pile on top of each other, just like emails. You can swipe to dismiss certain messages or save them for later. It makes for an intuitive experience, allowing users to pick and choose which messages are most important to them.

To use the newest version of WhatsApp with your Android Wear device, sideload the beta apk by downloading it from the link below.

Download Link

Via: WhatsApp | 9 to 5 Google
  • BoFiS

    Too bad it won’t even work on a computer the way you can use Hangouts in gmail, using a Chrome extension, using Pidgin or any other client, and on your phone, tablet, and other devices. Having the same conversation, history, and list everywhere is ESSENTIAL, so anything like this that doesn’t do that is a lost cause imo. Even if you only used your phone for everything, which seems unrealistic, Hangouts would still be nicer since you at least get it plugging into your email contacts and logging in gmail for easy searching.

  • tdurden64111

    Gimme some fcking Chat Heads!

  • Nikko Clavaguera

    And still missing tons of features that their competitors have… but hey! wear support.

  • Droid Ronin

    Hopefully the folks that are working on WhatsApp+ development are rolling this in as well.

  • jamaall

    And I’m still sitting here waiting for my moto 360… Still.. Waiting…

    • tu3218

      I got tired of waiting and picked up a gear live today. Absolutely love it. Is it perfect? no way. But it’s great and I’m really impressed with how well it does things at this point. Not to mention app support is growing tremendously. It’s only $200. Plus when the 360 does eventually come out, you can just sell the gear live or g watch for half and use that money towards a 360. Its August and still not even an announcement. I’ll enjoy android wear now and upgrade when it’s available.

      • John A

        I did the same by buying the G Watch. And I absolutely love it. Like you say, it’s not perfect but it is much better than I had expected after reading the early reviews. The beauty about having Android Wear now is already being able to enjoy the added functionality that it already brings and also being excited for new developments for it.

        Btw, it’s more expensive in my country; 200 Euro.

  • VATO