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Show Off Your Home Screens Day! [August 2014]

Home screen - 2

Having received quite a few requests for this post, here is your chance to show off your beautiful home screens to our community. Home screens can be an ever-evolving feature of your smartphone, and with new icon packs and wallpapers being released daily, there is no doubt that your device’s look has changed since the last time we did this in February.

For those new to this concept, this is how it works. Setup your home screen the way you like it, grab a screenshot of it (Power+Volume Down on most phones, Home+Volume Down on Samsung phones), and then upload it through Disqus (comments) along with a description of your apps, launcher, wallpaper, and clock.

Here is a look at all of ours to get you started. If you might need a little inspiration, check out our icon pack posts


Home screen - 2

Kellen is running Nova Launcher with the Elun icon pack. The wallpaper is a live wallpaper called SpinIt, and the clock widget is a skin from the pack Zooper by Beard. Those skins can be used with the Zooper Widget app.


Home screen - 3

I am running Nova Launcher with the FlatDroid icon pack. The wallpaper is from the Behang wallpaper pack, and the clock widget is called Timely.


Home screen - 1

Kyle is using Nova Launcher with the Moonshine icon pack. His wallpaper is from the Android L preview build.



Ron is using the stock iOS launcher, stock iOS icons, and this wallpaper. Looking good, Ron.

Let’s see yours!

  • Niko Pennanen

    Running Nova, stock icons, Dashclock and EveryStripe wallpaper.

  • Dre Fay

    vzw apex unlimited droid Maxx

  • Mark Kish

    Terrain home app and g3 wallpaper variant

  • Anup Payyakkil

    Droid X running CM11 and Flux Theme

  • Guest

    Droid X running Cyanogenmod 11 and the Flux theme.

  • TuckandRoll84

    I guess I’ll get in on this.

  • thefullritz

    Moto X. Nothing fancy.

  • Rodeojones000

    Changed mine since yesterday’s post.

  • tom riddle

    use with caution

  • @haggerty84

    With the Android L Nav.

  • @takeyourshoesoff

    Nova Launcher, Elun Pack with the Hermés Chain Link wallpaper. Google Now, Drive, Keep, and Gmail widgets throughout; plus power controls.

  • itsdmise

    Just downloaded the Google Now Launcher, but I’ve been using the Beautiful Icon Styler and the icon pack Tondo. Wallpaper is, of course, Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. If you haven’t seen it, the movie is pretty great! I’ve seen it twice already!

    • Dre Fay

      I AM GROOT!!!

  • @haggerty84


  • Dane Carpenter

    Aviate Launcher with Miui Icon pack. Background is a picture I took of my daughter

  • Guest

    Aviate Launcher with Miui Icon pack. Background is a picture of my daughter

  • Rupeshwar

    My setup

  • Carlo

    Phone: LG G2 D802
    My launcher is the LG Stock Launcher
    Icon pack: MultiHome Theme- G3
    Wallpaper: Facets (You can find it here: facets.la/wallpapers)
    Clock widget also LG stock

  • Wayne Mask

    M’flat icons… I really like these

  • Sam Paasch

    Home Screen

  • AbelRod

    Moto g

  • MetroGnome711

    Nova Launcher pro, Spectra Icons, Wallpaper from Zedge, Zooper Widget.

    Edit: Screenshot to big to post via mobile.

  • Moonshine icon set uccw widget

    • Nasty Nate

      Looks good. How do you decrease the spacing between icons?

      • Increase the grid size on Nova launcher

  • Jordana Lewis

    I’m using Nova Launcher, icon pack is Domo, the wallpaper is from a great app called Tapet. The widget was made in Zooper Widget Pro.

  • Edward Manson

    Rocking Action launcher, Velur icons, Dashclock and one of the wallpapers from the Veu theme.

  • Guest

    Rockin’ Action launcher, Velur icons, Dashclock and one of the wallpapers from the Veu theme.

  • Guest

    Rockin’ Action launcher, Velur icons, Dashclock and one of the wallpapers from the Veu theme.

  • Nasty Nate

    I know it’s been posted before but i can’t find it for the life of me!

    How do you people have your icons on the homescreen so close to each other? I’ve looked all over nova settings and can’t find it!!

    • Nicholas Smith

      gotta change ya grid settings

  • benjaninja

    Wallpaper is a 4K photo from MKBHD he posted a week or two ago on facebook, Velur icon pack on Nova Launcher (with lots of gestures and shortcuts) and Timely Clock widget. Also there’s a countdown widget in the corner 😛

  • terrorist96

    Simple DashClock (more extensions if you scroll down)

    • droidrazredge

      What wallpaper is that ?

      • terrorist96

        Here 🙂

      • terrorist96

        Search for “that board” on zedge

      • terrorist96

        Search for “that board” on zedge

      • terrorist96

        Search for “that board” on zedge.

  • edwoordd

    Lg g2 paranoid android!

  • Eric Cuellar

    Simplicity is key. I have my 9 most used apps in square formation. The icon pack is Lumos. I am using nova launcher on a Galaxy S5. My phone, messages, browser, and camera are in the sliding dock and are hidden at all times. I chose a background that has shapes instead of being only gradient because the sharp edges compliment the icon pack. If I were to have round apps I would go with an only gradient background. (For a round icon pack I recommend using Cryten) if you want the wallpaper just ask for it and I will post a link.

    • itsacardigan

      YOU SIR ARE A LIAR!!!! There are 10 apps there! ;P

  • Mvasquez

    What happened to Eric? Did he leave dl?

  • Shawn Custer

    Using the google now launcher on my Nexus 5. Its simple but I like it.

  • Melad360

    google now launcher, dash clock, and muzei wallpaper

  • Andy Stetson

    Lg G2, running G2 xposed for navbar
    Smart Launcher Pro
    Stormfly LWP
    Chronus+ Calendar widget
    Nox icon pack for first 3 rows and main theme
    Voxel icon pack for bottom 3 rows

  • jamil

    Lookin good Ron. Your looking good

  • bhavesh

    I like it simple only….
    Nova Launcher,
    Muzie Live Wallpaper with 500px extension,
    Analog clock widget and zooper widget free,
    Flatee icon pack.

  • Cristian Rios

    Smart Launcher, Lumos Icon Pack, Dashclock, and the Four Colors live wallpaper.

  • XvierX

    Droid maxx
    Nova launcher
    Lumos icons
    Timely, circle battery widget, and a few custom zoopers.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    My LG G3 ^_^
    Nova Launcher//Beautiful Widgets//Lumos Icon Pack//AnimGIF LWP 2 Pro//myScore Widget//Today- Month Widget


  • Zac

    BuzzLauncher, Premium Wallpapers HD, button bar made using UCCW and the clock and battery bar made with Zooper Widget Pro.


  • Alex

    Flatee icon pack. Dashclock widget

  • Brian Rosman

    My phone is a red Droid Ultra. Reviewers said it is a cold, soulless black slab of a computer, so what’s the opposite – a computer with real personality: … HAL. 9000


    – Nova Prime Launcher
    – Wallpaper homemade from a Deviant art image.
    – Clock widget where “HAL 9000″ should be at top is by UCCW. I padded the minutes with two zeros so it matches HAL 9000.
    – Icons:Serious Crazy Red 62 for the dock (search xda), and for now I’m using Carbn Red for app icons.
    – Unseen in the screen shot, but I use Circle Launcher with a transparent icon, set over the HAL eye. It comes up with 8 shortcut icons in a circle when tapped.
    – the 2001/HAL style data display boxes on the left are direct dial icons for my most frequent numbers, by Desktop VisualizeR.

  • viewthis66


  • viewthis66

    Went old school with the persistent search bar.

  • Enflu3nza

    I like to keep it simple. looks fantastic on my red N5 😀

  • LB

    Always bet on black 🙂

  • s3oodan

    Check out “SpinIt Live Wallpaper” – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.HujoApps.SpinItLiveWallpaper

    To change your UI stock icons

  • richoz30

    Google Now Launcher… Gotta represent the Sox

    • ROR1997

      I have the same set up with my MLB at bat widget

  • Tony Fabiano

    “Minimal wallpapers” with gel icon pack running in nova launcher with my S4