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Deal: 128GB SanDisk Class 10 Micro SD Card Down to $99 at Amazon

Amazon currently has SanDisk’s 128GB Class 10 micro SD card available for $99, which is one of the lowest price points we have seen this much storage hit to date. If you look around the web, you will see it as low as $120 at Best Buy and NewEgg, but $99 with free Prime shipping almost makes this a no-brainer. Now that most of you own devices with micro SD slots, since manufacturers are fully buying back into removable storage this year, it may be time to upgrade.

Phones like the Galaxy S5, LG G3, and HTC One (M8) all support 128GB cards.

We ran a poll earlier in the week, asking if a micro SD slot is a deciding factor when buying a phone – 62% of you said yes, that you wouldn’t buy a phone if it didn’t have one.

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Cheers Daistaar!
  • TheDrunkenClam

    Can theses devices that support SD cards allow you to store and use apps/games from the card itself?

  • MrCrusha

    I have this 128GB MicroSD card in my Xperia Z1S. I’m pretty sure most recent phones that take SDXC cards can see it.

  • mcdonsco

    The GS5 shouldn’t be given as an example of what to use a Sandisk card in…Sammy has made sure non-sammy cards dont work (long term) in their devices.

    They work fine for a while, then all of a sudden…no worky at all…been through that with a few Sammy phones and non Sammy cards.

    • B!

      Been in the Note 3 since January & using a San Disk 32GB SD card. What’s long term?

  • 213ninja

    i own this and it’s amazing to have 150GB’s of physical storage on my device.

  • guest

    On the contrary – apple would rob $400 extra (if they have 128gb iphone, 64gb is max now which is $300 more then 16gb model).

    • 213ninja

      yes, those additional storage markups are pretty damn crazy accross the board. even android phones charging an extra $100 to go from 16 to 32….pretty offensive if you ask me.

  • Andrew Egger

    tiger direct has it at the same price today.

  • Phil Stout

    I guess this is one way to get ad revenue…

    • OhHai

      Meh, at least it is relevant. Android users are in the market for cases/apps/sd cards. If they were writing articles about how their Great Uncle’s Cousin’s Neighbor’s Gynecologist earns $10000 per hour on Google allowing them to purchase a Fiat 500 Abarth then maybe it would be offensive to the reader.

      • Mech_Engr_09

        way to copy my funny comment…

        • deez

          What funny comment?

  • Christopher Moore

    Just wait until these cards are $50. It will be silly not to buy a phone without an SD card slot. I just wish Google would change their minds regarding the Nexus phones and tablets.

    • OhHai

      Google has to get dat cloud/data mining monies.

    • 213ninja

      there’s always going to be a $50 card. you can probably get a 64 for $50 or less now……and when this is $50 you’ll see a 256GB card out there.

      • Natty Bee

        Yeah, I bought my 64 GB for $50 at Best Buy a few months back. But at the moment this deal seems too good not to take it

        • 213ninja

          i got this for $100 on a best buy ‘deal of the day’ about a month ago and it’s awesome.

  • Bryan Mills

    Just torrented Winter Soldier, Expendables 3, etc. Gonna go great on my 128gb card and look amazing on my G3.

    • Mech_Engr_09

      pirate bay?

      • Bryan Mills

        Lol at flagging for torrenting hahahaha

        • I will need you to stop this utter madness at once. I can speak for the enitre Droid-Life community when I say that nobody sane will miss you when you are gone.



          • Matthew Mascarenas

            Myself included

          • PoisonApple31

            Spelled your name wrong. Idiot.

  • TopXKiller

    I got $99 problems but a bitch mSD card ain’t one

  • M3D1T8R

    Yum yum. I’m still good with my 64GB card for now, but will be keeping my eye on the price of this.

    • Jack0137

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      • M3D1T8R

        GFY K Thx Bye

        • Mech_Engr_09

          lol what was the comment? I didn’t get a chance to see it before it got deleted.

          • Omar Amer

            more spam for making money

          • Jesus

            Just like this article…. thanks Kellex…

          • M3D1T8R

            Ummm.. Not. Occasionally posting these deals which are highly relevant to us smartphone enthusiasts is quite a bit different from spam.

          • T_Dizzle

            I bought one the last time they posted an SD card article for my M8.

          • M3D1T8R

            Just another annoying spam comment. I usually flag and downvote and ignore, but since this one was a “reply” to my comment..

          • Mech_Engr_09

            Those seem to be getting worse on this site. I just don’t understand the point of them. It’s not like anyone believes that jamie’s aunt makes 2 million dollars an hour selling cheetos to chinese immigrants in her new jaguar haha.

  • Omar Amer

    Im the minority… but I dont have enough content to fill up 128gbs. heck, I dont have enough to fill up 32gb. Plus, why in god’s name would I spend as much as I did on my phone on the micro SD card?

    • TopXKiller

      I am getting there xD

      • Omar Amer

        as I said, I am the minority. Im sure DL readers are a lot more media heavy than I am with their phones. Filling it up with loads of movies, shows and music.

        For me, I own 50+ movies from google play and a few seasons of TV shows. most of the time, I just stream them to my cast them to my tv and watch it on there. I use my tablet for media consumption of movies when traveling. My phone is mostly used for music and gaming lite.

    • M3D1T8R

      I have over 64GB of music alone.
      And not everyone wants a $100 phone (Moto G Verizon prepaid the only one with considering IMO).

      • I have 26gb of music and over 4,000+ pics.

      • PoisonApple31

        He means he spent $100 on contract to get his phone. I paid $50 on contract for my LG G3.

    • Bryan Mills

      Blu ray rips are 12-30gb

      • My Blu-ray rips range from 3-5gbs. I use Slysoft AnyDVD +Blu-ray and Wondershare video converter

      • malcmilli

        My blu rays were about the size that @Intellectua1:disqus said, and I also delete movies after I’ve watched them. more space is always better of course, but I had to try so hard to fill up my 64 GB ipod. I had whole seasons of auqua team hunger force. But that was before the whole HD wave of course.


    • maysider

      iLimited users usually live in an old cave
      we, Android users, record video in 4k, so we need it