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Bullsh*t Rumor of the Day: The Moto 360 is Now Made of Plastic!

“The first thing that you’ll notice is that it’s really made with beautiful materials, designed to look and feel like a traditional wrist watch. You’ve got stainless steel on the case here, and then genuine leather in the band.”

That’s how Motorola’s Cathay Bi describes the Moto 360 in the opening 30 seconds of a video filmed to showcase their upcoming smartwatch during Google I/O. Why am I bringing that point up again today? Because the tech industry is bored today and passing around a rumor from a Korean news outlet that is suggesting Motorola is ditching the metal and going with plastic in the Moto 360. And also because a number of readers pinged us with concern. 

Does anyone really believe at this stage in the game that Motorola has decided on plastic instead of stainless steel? They were showing off both working and demo units at Google I/O that were made of metal. When they announced it, they said “metal.” A metal finish or “premium material” is one of the key selling points of the watch. In fact, there are two major design ideas here – 1) The Moto 360 is round and looks like a classic time piece. 2) It’s made of metal and leather, premium materials. But now, it’s plastic? Sure!

On a related note, today’s rumor of the day is also suggesting that the Moto 360 has somehow grown since we last saw it to add in wireless charging (except we already knew it had wireless charging). In other words, the rumor-du-jour says that the Moto 360 is all sorts of thick at 13.5mm, almost 4mm thicker than the G Watch. I will just say this – Motorola hasn’t given us specs, so we don’t know how thick the Moto 360 is. What I do know is that Tim and I put the 360 on wrist, right next to the LG G Watch, and at no point did either of us say, “Whoa! You thick, boy!” Nope, we just thought it looked and felt awesome, especially next to the bland, black G Watch.

Look, we know that the world is excited about the Moto 360, but let’s not get all crazy about the rumors. Until Motorola changes their official 360 site or announces something other than what they have told us time and time again, assume that nothing has changed.

  • MoistYOLO

    If it’s made of plastic, Moto will have to pay me to wear it. But if it has an 18kt white gold case set with diamonds, I will pay any amount to wear it. Money is no issue for me.

  • Mike C

    Isn’t it likely that the back will be plastic to facilitate wireless charging?

  • HD Z

    You wont beleive that price ..

  • Nikuliai

    Read on other site that they are making A (not THE, just A) plastic BAND for the 360 (leather look-alike), if it’s one option and swappable I’m up for it, I like metal (and I’m not really gonna use the plastic one) but some people have allergies and stuff so they need another options…

  • cdubla

    Maybe the release date for the Moto 360 is October 18th, 2014, per this accessory availability date on Amazon …


    • Anfronie

      Well it wouldn’t be hard to make a screen protector if they were able to just measure it during a demo…this could be a safe date…I’ve seen them change rapidly right before the galaxy S5 launched…let’s hope anyway…

  • Andrew

    I think the most important question is: black or silver? and why??

  • Rich Hill

    Grown tired of waiting.

  • Mario

    This is blasphemy! This is madness!…madness? THIS IS MOTOOOOOOOO!!

  • PoisonApple31

    I could see a 360 metal and plastic variant like Samsung has done with the Gear 2.

    With the Gear 2, some people thought an extra $100 for a camera and materials was worth it, others who knew the software and experience would be no different, saved $100 with the Gear 2 Neo.

    Still the price to get into Android Wear is too high for what you get.

  • JMonkeYJ

    13.5mm isn’t even that thick for a watch…

  • Those bastards!

    Wait… its just a rumor.

  • Ahku Droid

    Samsung is scared.

    Although, maybe they changed the backplate to plastic because metal was slowing the wireless charging. That would actually make sense.

  • OF

    You wanna know what’d be funny? If it turned out to be true!

  • Jones

    Damn Kellen all in his feelings over the Moto 360.

    Its OK

  • Timothy Anderson

    I’m glad someone at least questions these BS stories. Other people blindly regurgitate these garbage stories.

    • Mojo

      and apparently if you get annoyed by this bs you’re being defensive

  • jbdan

    13.5mm is reasonable and actually quite svelte in today’s ‘watchworld’

  • Ryan N

    JUST GIVE ME IN ALREADY! $399.99 for the full Metal watch and I’m in all day

  • lol

    • Ridiculous articles

      What ever happened to the days when people had class and weren’t so vulgar?
      These so called journalist are just ridiculous. Have some respect and be more professional! It’s sad to see how people are opening up to just being vulgar either on TV or articles. There is no respect at all. Everyone uses wtf, bullsht, fck, btch….
      Is this what we should be teaching our kids nowadays? I can’t believe these people even get hired. I miss the old days when people had respect for themselves and others.

      • Dear Mr. Rogers,

        Droid-Life doesn’t exist to teach the kids nowadays. And the guy who wrote the article started this site from scratch back in the OG Droid days. He can pretty much write whatever he wants and Droid-Life will be OK. There is a great mix of exclusive news, articulated opinions and laid-back banter on this site, so there’s something for every Android fan. If you don’t like an article (or this site), vote with your browser and just don’t come here. =)



      • vzwuser76

        Maybe they wouldn’t have to, if others “journalists” would fact check their work. If I had to decide which of the two is worse, I’d say publishing lies is worse that bad language. One is a crime, the other isn’t.

        Just today I read an article stating exactly what this article was about. I called BS on them, and all of the sudden the article was gone. No retraction, no admission of wrong doing. To me that is even less professional. What’s next? Tim Cook and bat-child are having a baby?

        Once you start printing uncorroborated information, and not issuing a retraction when called out on it, you’ve lost all credibility.

        • Journalism Is Dead

          I think Journalism today is almost dead, being all owned by corporations. Today’s Journalism doesn’t report the facts, or opinions that come from ‘all sides’. Today’s Journalism is single sided, and a lot of the Journalism is fabricated for an agenda. Today’s Journalism doesn’t report stories, but break the cardinal rule by making the stories. Journalist report the news, they don’t create it. Some news reports are so bad that they are even passed over and not reported by our main stream media as well. I’m a bit cynical, I know not all is bad, but it is getting worse by the day.

          I think about going back to college sometimes and auditing Journalism classes to see what the hell they teach now for a world where the news is owned by corporations that are used for agendas and not for the facts for all the important subject matter. Where every time I read news I go to the internet and try to find all sides of the information, and background on the subject just so I know and can formulate my own ideas and judgement on the matter.

  • Diablo81588

    Typical Korean liars. Nothing but a bunch of copy cats and cheats. Pathetic.

    • Bryan Mills

      Don’t mess with Korean jesus.

    • Dusty

      Lol so are all other ethnicities. Americans also lie, cheat, steal and have committed genocide.
      So everyone is pathetic. =).

  • Bryan Mills

    Lol at these watch defenders. Gotta compensate for something i guess.

    • Sir I will NOT tolerate this kind of unadulterated hatred.

    • vzwuser76

      And a Brad Pitt avatar isn’t compensating for something? OK then. I think it has more to do with all these so-called “journalists” printing BS and getting away with it.

  • Anthony Tyson

    I’d be fine with it. Hell give me a cheaper option that looks the same but made of plastic and I’d buy that.

  • DanielMena9

    That title is too direct. This could totally happen. With the delays … with the price points Samsung and LG came out on. All we ever complain about on the Moto X is price price price. Because of that, Moto could easily never want to make that mistake again and in order to come in at Samsung’s and LG’s price, you need to price competitively which plastic will allow them to do especially with the manufacturing costs of trying to quality control that round display.

    So before we go complaining to Motorola about plastic, we caused it ourselves for blaming them over and over again on PRICE.

    Side Note: A metal option and a plastic option would be nice to choose from.

  • ckeegan

    Just announce the damn date already, it’s August!

  • creed

    This. Would. Be. Hilarious!

  • Omar Amer

    eh, may be rumor… but entirely possible there is some truth. Google I/O were early demo units, and at no point did they say available next week. So things could have entirely changed since then to accommodate certain features, functions, or price points.

    • Cory S

      A couple reps said they were final production hardware. I never really trust a rep to know what they are talking about though.

  • joe23521

    If plastic means $50 less, most people would take the trade off, I’d imagine. Assuming it is good plastic.

  • Justin Strickland

    Honestly, if it brought the cost down to the ballpark of the other Android Wear devices, I wouldn’t be surprised if they released it in plastic after a few months to draw in more customers. I’d probably buy the 360 in plastic, as long as it still had a real leather band. Maybe once I decided it was a great device, or they put out a newer version of it, I’d ditch the original and make the upgrade to metal.

    • Grayson

      If it’s plastic, I will just buy a Gear Live or G Watch unless the Moto 360 is the same price or less. Make it metal and I will pay significantly more.

      • blix247

        This. I want a premium smart watch that looks good and I’m willing to pay for it.

  • How to get a reaction out of the Droid-Life team 101: Talk crap about the Moto 360

    • Zach K

      works the same with the boys at BGR – except they start drooling every time they see anything even slightly negative about android

    • Bryan Mills

      All hail imaginary moto guy in the sky

    • DanSan

      or the Moto X… deadly wrath will follow.

      • Talk about the Moto X and half the site members will jump all over you like you cursed God.

        • Zach Cline

          The moto x is a beast

          • OhHai

            A rodent maybe.

          • Justin Kos

            I agree, but i prefer my nexus 5, I really like the back of the moto X however

          • ZANTESUKEN1983

            nah red nexus 5 cant be beat

          • Jake

            Moto X is great, other than the size, battery and camera. I skipped last year’s to wait for this year’s model, and will be my first phone in three years.

    • Guest


      • nabooska

        this made me think of tourettes guy

        • Ryan N

          Haha. My first thought before reading your comment. “Don’t talk s*#t about total!”

    • Ryan N

      This is genius in a way, whoever started the rumors… It will force Motorola to break their silence and set things straight with some facts.

      • Idk maybe, they’ve been pretty tight lipped about it. It’s all positive though because it keeps people talking. The buzz is definitely getting bigger.

      • Greyhame

        Starting a rumor with little to no evidence, and which is in direct contradiction to all that was said, shown and known, is “genius.” Yeah, I’ll go ahead and disagree with you on that. Motorola isn’t forced to do anything on account of this.

        • Ryan N

          They’re not forced, but if Motorola believes that the general public believes the rumor, which most sites are citing as truth, it stands to reason that those “holding out for a premium watch” that’s not so premium may give in and purchase a g watch or gear live instead of holding out for “another piece of plastic”… I doubt many would still buy a 360 after buying an LG or Sammy… Kind of damage control is how I see it.

        • vzwuser76

          I believe it’s called libel.

    • Mario

      This is blasphemy! This is madness!…madness?THIS IS MOTOOOOOOOO!!

      • vzwuser76


  • TSY87

    Maybe they have two variants… A metal one and a cheaper premium, like the iphone C

  • NAM37

    Possibly plastic as an option…

  • Alec

    It’s crazy how much an audience cares about a product. Go Motorola!

  • I am APPALLED! absolutely downright disgusted! I had to sell off my private island and 2 yachts to fund the metal supply for the moto 360 and these damn dirty Korean lies sully my product by suggesting it is made of PLASTIC! outrageous.

  • r0l

    I wouldn’t be surprised they they see the feedback on pricing and are considering a plastic model at a lower price point along side the premium one at some point.

    • Kevin

      i cant imagine a steel case costs that much more to significantly change their pricing.

      • r0l

        This would match their Moto X / G strategy of serving multiple price points with a similar device. The cost of the metal casing and band may be significant enough to create a $50+ price difference, especially if there are any other internal changes as well in that X vs G vein.

        • Kevin

          target has steel case watches for like $15 bucks, i still dont see how material pricing could be significant enough for that. i bet steel case vs plastic case is like a 2 or 3 dollar difference, if that.

          • Bryan Mills


          • Kevin

            i guess if the margin is big enough on the steel case version, they might be able to make the plastic version notably cheaper and just make less money…

          • Mr. Bryan Mills we here at Droid-Life are completely fed up with your constant troll spewing hate mongering comments. A GOOD DAY TO YOU!

            Warm Regards,

            Your Good Friend Eric.

          • Sir Bryan Mills I am going to have to delete your gmail account if this continues. I OWN you and everything you love. Keep this type of behavior up there son and I WILL be forced to remotely disable and lock your LG G3.

    • ckeegan

      Why, because people are entitled to a Moto 360? Maybe Lexus should make a $20,000 car, because everyone deserves a Lexus too.

      • Bryan Mills

        Maybe because $300 for a first run model is absurd.

        • ckeegan

          …to you.

          • Bryan Mills

            And to many others.

          • ckeegan

            Guess we’ll see how it sells.

          • Bryan Mills

            Guess we’ll see how the Moto X sells…



          • Mr. Bryan Mills we here at Droid-Life are completely fed up with your constant troll spewing hate mongering comments. A GOOD DAY TO YOU!

          • Bryan Mills

            Thanks bro. Means a lot.

          • A GOOD DAY TO YOU!

          • Sir I will NOT tolerate this kind of unadulterated hatred.

        • I am going to be honest here Mr. Byran Mills. I simply do not enjoy your absurd banter. You are quite literally filling this fine community of tech enthusiast with hate and animosity. You are very much so not needed here and would prefer it if you joined the ranks somewhere else. Please feel free to express your dislike for my input. But kind sir I will NOT tolerate any dislike towards my fine Motorola company product’s. I look forward to your absence.


          Eric M. Schmidt
          Google Executive Chairman Committee

          • Kevin

            Since when do you work for Lenovo?

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Technically the deal hasn’t gone through yet.

          • cizzlen

            I think you guys take the internet too seriously. just stahp

      • Audi has a $30,000 model called the A3 because trust me everybody deserves to have an Audi.

      • Kevin

        i mean, you could have at least made a high end watch analogy, but it still would have been dumb.

      • DanSan

        They do.

        It’s called a Toyota.

        • Diablo81588

          Nice lol

        • ckeegan

          Exactly, and everyone complaining about a price that hasn’t even been announced yet can go buy a G Watch.

          • Kevin

            and everyone complaining that not everyone deserves a 360 can wait and see what motorola thinks about that

          • OhHai

            I’m sure Moto is fine with losing sales to other companies…

            I mean, they must be since they’ve been losing out on sales for a while now…

        • LMAO. Tell ’em VW guy! Edit: This killed me. You win rebuttal of the day lol.

          • DanSan

            I know, my messed up logic is I drive a cheap porsche lol

          • OhHai

            As long as it is a GTI or Golf R, it is ok.

          • DanSan

            lol it is a GTI 🙂

          • I wasn’t gonna go there, but you did haha

        • Maxim∑

          that’s a once in a lifetime reply.

        • shelooga

          Lol, that guys got it

        • cizzlen

          Literally lol’d hahaha

      • r0l

        I’m not sure if you are aware but Motorola is not a car company and the analogy doesn’t apply in the least.

        Let’s look at similar companies instead. Apple is considered a premium brand and very image conscience. They still produced a cheaper plastic version however in response to market conditions. So looking at precedent it makes sense and has nothing to do with entitlement.

        • ckeegan

          I am well aware, and I think it’s very clear that the cheaper iPhone would have never existed under Steve Jobs’ watch.

      • OhHai

        Interesting, Tesla is making a cheap electric car because not everyone can afford their current model. Seems you are the one who needs a little business sense.

        • sirmeili

          Tesla started out to make electric cars more affordable. They knew that they had to make premium cars to get the technology to a price that they could make the cars cheaper and cheaper. You’ll notice that as time goes on, they are able to release cars with a lower and lower price point.

          It was the founder’s end goal. Cheap electric cars for all.

          Now I won’t say that Motorola won’t release a cheaper version. They have done that with phones, so it is a reasonable expectation that they would offer a budget smart watch at some point in time.

  • Wow that really got the Droid Life team worked up, I read about this earlier and I’d be really disappointed if it was plastic but would most likely purchase anyway. I love the design on the 360 so that’s what’s important

  • Guest

    Sure metal would be nice, but if it means a more decent price, I could live with it.

    • Cory S

      I couldn’t. I wouldn’t wear it for any price if it was plastic.

      • Bryan Mills

        Please make it plastic, Moto!

        • Mr. Bryan Mills we here at Droid-Life are completely fed up with your constant troll spewing hate mongering comments. A GOOD DAY TO YOU!


          Motorola Mobility a.k.a

  • Jared Denman

    Who cares, I still want it!

  • turdbogls

    I wouldnt’ be surprised if the back was plastic…for the Qi

    • d-rock

      It actually has to be plastic for Qi….this is why the m7/m8 don’t have Qi

      • Jesus

        Physics FTW!

    • Mojo

      I would be surprised if it wasn’t.. since it looks like plastic in all the pictures