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Verizon Plans Response to FCC Over Throttling, Stands by Its Network Optimization

Yesterday afternoon, a letter from FCC chairman Tom Wheeler to Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead concerning the wireless carrier’s plans to throttle unlimited data users under its “Network Optimization” policy stole headlines. Wheeler was clear in his letter that he is both “troubled” by and concerned that this move is nothing but a chance for Verizon to add to its revenue streams. He finished by asking for a response from Big Red to three specific questions.

While we wait for Verizon to do just that, the company issued a brief statement this morning noting that it will respond, but also that the purpose of “Network Optimization” is to make sure everyone on their network always has capacity available for use. 

We will officially respond to the Chairman’s letter once we have received and reviewed it. However, what we announced last week was a highly targeted and very limited network optimization effort, only targeting cell sites experiencing high demand. The purpose is to ensure there is capacity for everyone in those limited circumstances, and that high users don’t limit capacity for others.

I mentioned this last night on the DL Show, but the problem isn’t that Verizon is trying to give everyone a better experience. The problem is that they are only using “Network Optimization” with unlimited data users, meaning, they are selectively choosing who gets throttled based on a plan. As the FCC chairman alludes to in his letter, why should there be different treatment to unlimited data users?

Take for example, a MORE Everything plan with 10GB of data. Clearly, if someone has a 10GB MORE Everything plan, they are using heavy amounts of data, maybe a lot more than an unlimited data user. But that’s the thing – Verizon isn’t throttling them or lessening their experience to help out other customers. Even if that MORE Everything plan is using more than 4.7GB of data per month, which is considered in the top 5% of data users, because they are on a tiered data plan, they are not throttled.

See anything wrong there? All you have to know is that an unlimited data user is only paying $29.99 for their data plan, whereas that 10GB MORE Everything package runs $100. Chairman Wheeler certainly has a point in asking that Verizon prove that this isn’t just another money grab. From where I’m standing, it sure looks like one.

Via:  Verizon
  • Guest

    I agree this is upsetting for those who have unlimited (including myself), and what verizon is doing is messed up. When unlimited data was introduced, the concept of tethering was non existent, or may have been new technology that Verizon didnt consider to be a concern at the time. HOWEVER, when you have people taking advantage of unlimited data, using 100, 200 + GB a month (Ive even read comments of people using 1TB), its those users that ruin the experience for everyone else. Regardless of whether unlimited is unlimited people, STOP taking advantage. For those *itching and complaining, stop being frugal, get an internet plan through your cable provider, use wifi.

  • Dave Amburn

    How about those of us that pay for unlimited data+unlimited tethering? Do I get to use 9.4 GB of data before I’m throttled?

  • RaptorOO7

    Verizon should simply cut the bait and move on and by that I mean cut the unlimited users, tell them they have 12 months to get on contract or get off the network its their choice. It was never meant as a loophole or work around and users have been abusing it for years and you know they have. Getting upgrades on phones and keeping unlimited because there was something wrong in the system. Bottom line is unlimited is dead and its time you got use to it.

    Now Verizon should actually price their data plans more realisticly and stop gouging but hey it’s Verizon they will NEVER do that. Data speeds in upstate NY SUCK on Verizon, AT&T is triple the up/download speeds of Verizon and honestly the only reason I went back to Verizon was the Edge vs Next option and not wanting to be stuck with a phone for a year when I didn’t want to be. That said I would rather be on AT&T.

    • CoreRooted

      I believe they tried that once when they announced that the unlimited data plans were going away. The backlash to that move was epic then and I expect it would be the same (if not worse) now.

    • Obama’s wife is really a dude

      I am on contract and have unlimited data because of the loophole with Best Buy. I got unlimited data for 2 years longer with my new phone just a few months back

    • hoosiercub88

      Nope, deal with it.. even throttled.. I’m going to start using more data than normal just to piss people off like you.

  • BoFiS

    Sounds to me like this should be a violation of their c-block regulations…

    • hoosiercub88

      It is.. doesn’t mean they won’t get away with it though.

  • The Gay Magneto

    Good heaven, what stupidity! I love that Verizon still claims this isn’t throttling, when it plainly is. They are targeting users with a specific plan in specific areas and screwing with their service, not because of the amount of data they use, but because of the amount they pay for it, pure and simple! And the most disgusting bit is that these are long-time subscribers; VZ did away with the unlimited plan in 2010-2011 because of the iPhone, which is why I got one when I did–to avoid the increasing costs! Now they punish loyal customers for their savvy instead of investing in new technology to allow more information passed at less bandwith or technology to expand their bandwith. It’s avarice and abuse of the customer. I know there will be much huffing and grouching over this, as their should be, and that a good deal of Verizon customers will bow to the pressure to change plans or switch carriers, but for the tenacious, I hope the FCC does step in and protect customers from this kind of bullying!

  • Natty Bee

    Looks to me like Verizon is trying to screw the Unlimited customers…who also happen to be the long time customers, hence the fact that we have plans which are no longer offered. Perhaps they figure they will strongarm us into switching to more expensive plans. What will happen is they will lose many loyal long time customers.

  • Nate

    Go get em FCC. They tried and lost with the 700 MHz / tethering. So they try to hit us unlimited users again. I use anywhere between 4-8 GBs per month. I called Verizon and they said I am not in the top 5%. But still targeting that 5%…Who’s to say who they deem in that 5%. If they make the rules they can choose who and what determines them.

    • hoosiercub88

      Verizon deems who is and isn’t, and I have a feeling come October first.. every cell site will be a “congested site”

  • Tony G.

    Actually my Verizon unlimited is only $23.99 because I get a 20% discount.

  • thatdroidguy

    I have had unlimited data with Verizon for two lines since 2000……to keep it I pay out pocket for my phones! My usage for those lines vary, especially when football season starts. Sometimes both lines may use a little as 5 gigs together and as much as 15 gigs together, so peace of mind about overages is priceless. When my lines stay under what is considered average use, I don’t see Verizon giving me any money back or discounts on my bill!

  • Sharkh20

    The good old fair use policy

  • MikeSaver

    I regularly go about 6 gbs of data just streaming google music every month. I’m on unlimited, off contract and I live in the city (assuming high use cell towers there) I hope this gets resolved soon, if I need to jump to a tiered, I’m sure as hell not giving Verizon my money for them kicking me off unlimited essentially.

  • yummy

    Verizon is accountable to no one, and they know it.

  • Jim_in_Denver

    Upgrade the congested areas… anything else is BS. FU Verizon, I’m off to T-Mobile, this is the final straw. (Not that VZW will see this… just nice to vocalize it).

  • The Gay Magneto

    I fought tooth and nail to keep my unlimited data with Verizon, and though I’m considering jumping ship for T-Mobile, I’ve reservations too. I need an upgrade, so I think I’m going with the LG G2 (I’d prefer the G3 but don’t have $700 laying about) and hoping that the FCC can get Verizon to back down, at least for the time being. This is throttling, essentially punishing long time customers for their loyalty. Welcome to corporate America.

    Also, this…
    So there.

  • Christopher Moore

    Got to love all the sd card naysayers. “I don’t need sd cards; I have unlimited data and use the cloud!” I wonder what their saying now?

    • trixnkix637

      The same thing they were saying before more than likely. Not sure how this would create demand for sd cards. It certainly doesn’t for me and my unlimited plan. Hell you can just switch to wi-fi if you get throttled. Still no need for an sd card. My two cents though.

    • CoreRooted

      I don’t have unlimited data (20GB shared plan across a few lines) and still have zero need for SD cards. *shrug*

  • Matthew Mascarenas

    I have to admit that EVERY time a discussion about unlimited data with Verizon comes up I sit back and appreciate that i have WiFi at home and see no need to stress about what loophole that I have to exploit to keep my data plan ….Life’s too short to worry about this

    • Franklin Ramsey

      It isn’t about having WiFi at home. I have WiFi at home. WiFi at home doesn’t help when I’m in the car and want to stream music from Google All Access. It doesn’t help me when I’m traveling for business and want to watch something on Netflix, email friends and family, video chat with my nephew to hear about whatever fun thing happened that he HAS to tell me about.

      Unlimited data doesn’t have anything to do with having WiFi at home. It’s about being able to do all those things we can do at home, when we aren’t able to be at home.

    • hoosiercub88

      Having a 16Gb device.. doing a lot of driving/travelling, and I listen to a lot of Spotify when I’m driving.. see the problem there?

      Also, my LTE is much faster than my home wifi.. 4-5x so.

  • Deesters

    This is total bulls@#&. I use between 8 and sometime 15 gigs of data a month and now the f@#$! Heads are going to throttle my ass because I won’t switch….. No wonder T Mobile is gaining more customers by the month.

    • flosserelli

      Yep, Verizon is charging you the same amount for less service.
      But look on the bright side: You (and millions of people like you) helped Verizon post record profits.

  • John Friend

    I really want to know this. Exactly what percentage of verizons customers with data actually have unlimited? Is the percentage bigger than we think?

    I was so happy to see the letter from the FCC. Makes me feel like someone is on my side for once. But I have no expectations of the letter having any significant impact to our situation.

    I knew this day would come. I am confused about a few things. Does atnt still have a legacy unlimited plan? Is it throttled? I thought that since we were on 700mhz we were in the clear? Just like how verizon had to allow tethering apps or make the 29.95 a month tethering package unlimited not just 5gbs.

    I do know one thing. If I ever have a month where I go over 4.7gbs and my speeds are under 2mbps in a good signal area I’m going to be very upset. When they throttled 3g the speeds were unusable.

    • CoreRooted

      AT&T does still have a legacy unlimited plan which they throttle ~5GB of usage. It’s actually more advantageous to get on the tiered plans. I have a 20GB plan (costs me ~$160/month) and I can always add 1GB blocks (which I’ve only had to do twice in 3 years).

    • hoosiercub88

      Well, doing a poll on a site like DL is extremely skewed.

  • jak_341

    Why does the FCC have any authority over how a private company distributes traffic on its network?

    • Josh

      When said company enters a legal contract with the FCC.

    • Cael

      They bought spectrum they legally agreed not to restrict.

      • jak_341

        They agreed not to restrict applications. You can still use your applications. They are allocating bandwidth.

  • Caleb

    It is understandable that Verizon has to manage the bandwidth it has to it’s customers. People paying more for a larger amount of data usage makes sense. It also makes sense that us unlimited data users who are paying $30 a month for our unlimited data are being targeted for throttling because *duh* we aren’t paying that much for our freedom. That being said, I don’t (and never will) believe that big corporations have it’s customers in mind in terms of advancing it’s ability supply. Verizon having the best overall coverage in the US puts it in a very good position to make it’s demands. So honestly, until another carrier can cover more of the map, Verizon is the best. Littler companies HAVE to offer things like unlimited data plans because their coverage is NOT that great. It’s a 2 ton steel bar balancing on a rope covered in grease.

  • Lonepalm

    Honestly, I don’t see how Verizon can get away with this stuff. Perhaps the fact that the people who still have unlimited data are now considered month to month customers and are no longer “under contract”. Boy oh boy, I hate Verizon more every day and am so glad I dumped them (while paying an ETF) a year or so ago… Best decision I ever made.

    • flosserelli

      Because Verizon.

  • Cael

    While the FCC is at it, they can go after how tethering is still restricted with unlimited data users.

  • Trill316

    I’m a unlimited data user . The only reason i keep it is because i travel and knowing i have internet access. About 75% of the places i go have very limited WiFi Access .

  • pyro74boy .

    Anyone with any amount of smarts would understand that the real issue here is the fact that Verizon Wireless is not making money on it’s unlimited data customers and they are crying over this fact. And trust me when they start throttling our speeds these speeds are going to be so slow that it will be unusable I can walk 5 miles down the bike path faster then it takes to log into my email and Google plus account.


    • Taokip

      Wait for it…

      • pyro74boy .

        Not sticking around for them to play these games with me as I already have been looking around and already have found at least one better deal for around the same price I can get unlimited everything and not have to worry about them slowing down my data speeds at T-mobile and it’s even better then the plan I have now with Verizon because this includes unlimited voice where my Verizon plan only includes 450 minutes. I can also lease whatever phone I want for under $120 bucks a month that’s $120 or less for everything. T-mobile here I come.

        • CoreRooted

          Just be aware that TMO *DOES* (or more specifically *CAN*) throttle their unlimited users. Basically, if you are in the top 5% of usage in your plan (which basically means, top 5% of ALL unlimited plan users), they can (and probably will) throttle you.

          I’m not saying don’t switch, just don’t go into thinking it that you are going to be able to suck down 200+GB a month without the possibility of being throttled.

    • Higher_Ground

      The only problem with that is that people might not realize they’re being throttled, and chalk it up to Verizon having poor network speeds. In that case they’re more likely to look at someone else for coverage. I know I get terrible covage, but I chalk it up to the phone I’m using. If it just suddenly dropped to 1/10th of the service I had before, I’d be looking elsewhere if not in a contract.

      • pyro74boy .

        I have been off contract now since November of 2013 and I must say I’m very happy with this fact because Verizon is going to lose me as their customer on October 1st. Verizon is playing games with me and they are not going to be getting away with this because I’m telling everyone I know about how Verizon has been treating me and liying to me

  • Josh

    I can’t wait to see how my boss intends to have us respond to customer inquiries.

    • Ian

      Let us know

      • Josh

        It’ll probably be, “we understand there is a letter addressed to us by the fcc chairman, and we will respond to his inquiries. we don’t have any more information at this time. do you want to move to a usage-based plan so you don’t have to worry about potential network optimization?”

  • Verizon s**ks

    Maybe Verizon should be punished for over selling there network.

  • Victor Who

    I would like to know what “top 5% of data users” mean? How does Kellex know that users of more than 4.7 gb equates to top 5% of data users? If every single VZW subscriber on an unlimited data plan is using over 4.7Gb of data, then we are talking about a full 100% of people.

    • Ryan Dombroski

      It’s on Verizons website – 4/7 GB is what they said

  • enigmaco

    my hatred for verizon is never ending.

  • Jeremy Buro

    Don’t get me wrong here I’m all I’m favor of unlimited data, but Verizon could’ve avoided this whole mess if they hadn’t offered unlimited data in the first place lol….stupid Verizon….

    • smartdude420

      not only did they offer it, they forced you to get it if you wanted any type of smartphone. then after everyone was on the tit the milking began. opportunistic parasites.

    • Disqus_n00b

      When unlimited data was first offered, data usage was much lower (mostly email and web browsing). It was easy to offer.

      I remember on my BB Storm in 2009, which had no WiFi (!!), I would only use ~500MB/month without ever looking at usage.

  • matt

    My bill got cheaper when I went off unlimited. They are really going after the users that use VZW unlimited service as a replacement for their home ISP.

    • Big EZ

      Just because you use large amounts of data doesn’t mean you don’t have wifi at home. I have Internet at home, but the majority of my usage is from when I’m not at home.

  • Philososaurus

    So, you throttle my unlimited data which I have a contract for…on “the nation’s fastest and broadest network”. That’s false advertising because throttling means I’m not getting the fastest, plus they are breaking my unlimited contract because throttling is not giving me every ounce of data I could get in that month. Yes, I can use it unlimited, but if I am throttled then that means there is a limit, hence no longer truly unlimited.

    So, Verizon, you falsely advertise and you break my contact with you. That’s a law suit…

    • flosserelli

      Unlimited data is not the same as unlimited speed. Even after throttling, you will still have unlimited data. It will just take you longer to get it.

      • Philososaurus

        Um, no. That was exactly my point. If I am throttled, I do NOT have unlimited data. If I download, say, 5MB/hr normally with the potential to download more per hour and then Verizon throttles it to 3MB/hr, then by limiting the speed they have limited my data per hour which is NOT unlimited data. I have 2MB I am being denied by the throttling in that example – that is NOT unlimited, it’s limited data because I do not have the same access to get any data I want whenever I want.

        Unlimited isn’t a term you can adjust to suit your fancy, it has a specific mean….NO limits. Any limit is a violation of the very essence of the word.

  • One thing i fail to understand, Verizon, is how did you come to the conclusion that the amount of data i’m using over a month period will impact the specific data i’m using on that tower which you say is “in high demand”. Also, what is the scale being used to determine “high demand”?

    • flosserelli

      The cell towers in highly populated areas will always be “congested”. So if you have an unlimited plan and live in a large metroplex, you will always get throttled after 4.7 GB.

  • Armus

    Verizon promises throttling in select markets but without oversight it might as well be every grandfathered unlimited plan no matter what the usage.

  • smartdude420

    I’m amazed at the number of users siding with verizon. You’re all big dummies, you favor paying more for less because you didn’t have the foresight to keep your unlimited for whatever reason.

    • Ian

      Or you got lured off by one of their “deals”…and now have to defend VZW opposed to admitting you made a mistake.

    • Disqus_n00b

      Depends on what “siding with VZW” is here. For the practice of throttling data I am against VZW and will leave. For the practice of government regulators (formerly big-carrier insiders) telling carriers how to run their networks, I’ll side with VZW.

      • the people

        The spectrum verizon is using is not theirs it is the people’s spectrum, literally, it is public property and is licensed to verizon. That is why/how the FCC can tell them what to do.

        • Disqus_n00b

          Good, that won’t open the system to corruption at all /s

  • Armus

    T-Mobile is picking up customers by the minute

  • I don’t trust Wheeler anymore than Verizon after the whole Net Neutrality debacle, but at least the FCC seems to be on our side in this. I do still have a Verizon Unlimited Data plan so I’ll be interested to see how this turns out.

  • alan

    Does T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T have a response too? They throttle unlimited users too for the same reasons.

    • NigelTark

      They didn’t buy spectrum from the government with the stipulation that you couldn’t do this type of thing. Verizon did.

      • Armon

        Are you a lawyer? I hope you’re right. I keep hearing this whole spectrum agreement thing but the FCC didn’t even bring that up in their statement.

        • Ryan

          They (or rather, He) did. Its the Open Spectrum of the 700 MHz Block C regulations. It was a massive (I think? Could be over-estimating it) auction and Google were the ones who actually stated the use of the spectrum itself after a certain amount was reached. Guess who would bid to ensure that? Google. Verizon later won the spectrum agreeing to the regulations, and here we are now.

          • bo

            He’s talking about the FCC’s statement yesterday.

    • pyro74boy .

      According to the T-mobile rep I talked with a few days ago for $80 bucks you get truly unlimited data and they do not throttle at least that’s what they told me so they better not by lying to me?

      • jedo
        • pyro74boy .

          I have no idea why T-mobile would lie to me about this so I will be looking into this today ASAP. Thanks for the heads up.

          • Armon

            Probably, like Verizon, T-Mobile doesn’t call this “throttling” but call it “network optimization” so they feel they can tell customers that they are not throttled without “lying.”

          • pyro74boy .

            That’s not what the T-mobile rep told me because I told him the reason why I was leaving Verizon in the first place. So T-mobile better not be lying to me.

          • armon

            Oh okay. Then they were lying because in T-Mobile’s policy ( http://www.t-mobile.com/company/companyinfo.aspx?tp=Abt_Tab_ConsumerInfo&tsp=Abt_Sub_InternetServices ) it says:
            “To provide a good experience for the majority of our customers and
            minimize capacity issues and degradation in network performance, we may
            also take measures including temporarily reducing data throughput for a
            subset of customers who use a disproportionate amount of bandwidth. Customers who use more data than 95% of customers on the same rate plan
            typically use in a month may, during times and places of congestion,
            have their data usage prioritized below other customers.”
            That covers all plans.

          • pyro74boy .

            Well then I will be taking this issue up with the T-mobile rep then because being honest is so important to someone like me.

          • CoreRooted

            What @armon posted is what I was referring to in my previous comment. They *CAN* throttle. The fact that they told you one thing in order to get your business isn’t all that surprising at all. Sorry mate. :-/

          • Franklin Ramsey

            It isn’t really that they are lying to you, their average sales person probably doesn’t know that at any point in time any of their users can be throttled. Their sales person was selling you the unlimited plan that t-mobile has which doesn’t throttle the connection except in conditions where they have high congestion for ALL users. The difference is, regardless of how much data you have used, or which plan you are on, t-mobile will throttle everyone in an area of high congestion. Verizon is only limiting the unlimited users.

          • pyro74boy .

            The T-mobile rep told me that he would make sure it was truly unlimited data and you can bet I’m going to be holding him to his word because I took down all of his information and his full name so we will see about this because their not taking a penny of my hard earned money until I know this for sure.

        • Omar Amer

          so Tmo runs the same racket that verizon does.. except less often because Tmo.

        • Mark Mann

          Basically that article says T-Mobile doesn’t have a set threshold for throttling… I’ve been with tmo since October and regularly use 6-9 gb per month (no Internet at home) and gave never been throttled, that I know of

          • armon

            That’s he he said they do what Verizon is/planning on doing. Throttling the top 5% of users when they are using a “high demand” tower. Whatever that means. No carrier defines it.

          • pyro74boy .

            You would know if you where throttled trust me at least on T-mobile Pre Paid because I was throttled down to 2G speeds when I was on their Pre paid network and that is so slow you can’t even use it.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Pyro, I don’t think you know what throttled actually means. There are two different types of throttling. One type occurs when you hit a data cap. They intentionally slow your connection down to 2G speeds to try to get you to bump your allocation of data up. The type of throttling that is being talking about here (by sprint, t-mobile, AT&T, or Verizon) isn’t the type that occurs when you hit a data cap. It’s the type that occurs when the network has so many people on it, they slow it down. This type of throttling can vary in speed greatly. If they are over capacity by 1%, they throttle everyone by 1% of the total speed so everyone can have a consistent speed, regardless of which plan they have. If they are 10% over capacity, everyone gets throttled that same amount. T-Mobile or Verizon saying they are going to throttle a person’s connection during periods of high congestion doesn’t automatically mean that person is getting throttled down to 2G speeds, it means they their connection speed is getting throttled by a certain amount to provide a consistent experience.

          • pyro74boy .

            Trust me I do know what being throttled means regardless of what you think.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well then I guess I’ll agree to disagree because everything you have posted so far makes it look like you think Verizon is going to automatically throttle every unlimited user down to 2G speeds the moment they hit 4.7 GBs in a monthly period, which simply isn’t the case.

          • pyro74boy .

            No I never said that Verizon was going to automatically throttle every unlimited user down to 2G speeds the moment they hit 4.7 GBs in a monthly period. You’re not reading my posts because I said this is what happened to me when I was on T-mobile’s Pre Paid services so please stop putting words in my mouth and assuming that that’s what I meant when I said that.

            My LTE speeds are already very slow as it is and I do you use a lot of data so this is going to effect me. Maybe some people like you can live with Verizon treating their unlimited customers this way but not me and I’m not going to stand for this.

          • flosserelli

            Were you on their prepaid unlimited plan? Not all of their prepaid plans have unlimited data. I have been on T-Mobile prepaid unlimited since April, and I have not experienced any throttling (to my knowledge).

        • Cameron Nelson

          All this says is that T-Mobile will throttle your usage if it is directly affecting everyone. They aren’t throttling if you hit a certain limit but only when directly affecting their network experience. Far far far different from what Verizon is doing. I have personally use up to 15 GB when using my hotspot and streaming Pandora. Never once been throttled.

    • jedo
  • ronandersonjr

    That’s exactly what it is, a money grab.

  • pyro74boy .

    Verizon can go straight to hell for treating their unlimited data customers this way. Don’t you dare lie to me and tell me thank you for being the best part of our network and then by thanking me slowing down my data speeds. EPIC FAIL,

    Also why are you only limiting this to unlimited data customers? Talk about being very unfair and greedy.

    At the end of the day it’s all good because I have been shopping around and have been looking at upgrading my phone and service and for around the same price as what I’m paying right now I can go to T-mobile and get unlimited everything and they are not going to slow down my data with no contract.


    • Bryan Mills

      Cool they won’t miss you either while bathing in their stacks of cash.

      • pyro74boy .

        What you need to understand is the fact that this is more then just about me because this is going to effect them in all kinds of different ways because I’m going to give them a huge piece of my mind the day I call and cancel service. I’m also going to tell EVERYONE I know the reason why I left and how badly I was treated and tell them to tell EVERYONE that they know the same thing. Your right they probably won’t miss me but they sure are going to miss my money. The last time I checked these major players in the CEO world are not in the business of losing money and every single time someone like and everyone else I know leaves their network this does effect them trust me on this.

        • Ian

          I like where your head is at. However, you are silly to think you have sufficient influence over everyone you know to cause them to change wireless carriers at the drop of a hat. I think your message could come off stronger with less hysterics.

        • Don’t Feed Them

          Stop Troll Feeding, they never go away.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          I used to work retail. You know how often people would threaten that they would get everyone they know to never shop at that place again? I’d probably here that complaint at least once a day. That place is still in business and I’d see those people stop back in to buy the next week. The fact of the matter is, EVERYONE you know isn’t going to switch off from Verizon just because you say so. Some are going to consider it too much of a hassle, some are going to nod their heads and agree to your faces, but just won’t care, others will listen and want to switch, but because other providers don’t have good service in the areas they want to use their devices, they will stick with Verizon. The amount of people you get to switch, IF ANY, will be so few, the Verizon rep you call and complain to will have their day ruined by you, but it won’t hurt the company they work for at all. It’s sad, but true.

          • pyro74boy .

            I don’t care if I can only get one person to leave Verizon that’s still going to be a loss for them no matter how small of a loss it is it’s still a loss and that’s the only thing that matters to me. Also please don’t speak for me because I know many people who go to me before switching to someone else because they value my opinion about smartphones and they know that I’m not going to lead them down the wrong road. I also understand that Verizon might be the only network option in town for some users so I fully understand that not everyone will be leaving but please Verizon don’t insult my intelligence by telling me I’m the best part of your network by slowing down my data speeds. That’s pathetic and is very miss leading and something needs to be done about this because when someone says thanks for being the best part of the network maybe they should be giving us a free LG G3 [NOT EXPECTING THIS TO HAPPEN.] This only shows how greedy of a company Verizon wireless truly is. Money has taken over the world sad very sad indeed.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I’m not commenting on the amount of people who come to you for advice and value your opinion. I’m simply stating that most people stick with what they know. My uncle asks my opinion for any technology purchase he makes. The only purchase I can’t convince him on is to switch off Verizon to one of the AT&T pre-paid services. He already checked to make sure AT&T pre-paid would work for him in all the areas he would need with my sister’s phone, and even though he has service everywhere he would need with a service that would cost less, he feels comfortable with Verizon. In the same breath He’ll complain about Verizon and how much they cost or always seem to want to charge him for something. Yet he won’t switch. I’m not saying anything about you or how much people value your opinion. I’m stating that no matter how much people value your opinion, many times, it just doesn’t matter with something like Cell service.

            And Verizon isn’t wrong if they tell you that you are the best part of the network. They tell everyone that gives them money that. At the same time, so would a stripper. That doesn’t make you something special, entitled to free things, that means they want your money and you are the best part of their network because you are still giving them money.

            Before you rant at me, I’m in the same boat. I’m on Verizon with Unlimited data. I don’t like it, but with the amount of travel I do, I don’t have another option besides Verizon that will work in the areas I need it to.

          • Shawn Spring

            +1 internets to you sir for the excellent stripper/Verizon analogy.

          • pyro74boy .

            I don’t pay for strippers because I have a girl friend. Comparing a stripper to a wireless phone company is not even comparing Apples to Apples. LOL

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I don’t pay for strippers either. I also have a girlfriend. The Analogy I’m making is you apparently don’t understand why someone you are giving money to, would tell you that you are the best thing ever in order to get you to keep giving them money, much like people who go to strip clubs think the strippers are nice to them and like them. The strippers could care less, they just want your money. Much like Verizon could care less, they just want your money. Apples to Apples.

          • pyro74boy .

            What you need to understand is that this had nothing to do with money as I have never once been late in paying my bill with Verizon my account has always been in very good standing and the reason why I called them in the first place had nothing to do with the bill or money so what your trying to tell me makes no sense to me whatsoever because Verizon is contradicting themselves by saying that I’m the best part of their network by slowing down my data speeds They where even telling me that I was the best part of Verizon before I was even out of contract so I still fail to see your point.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            It is all about money. Verizon called you to try to get you to stay with them, IE so you would give them more money. If you leave, they don’t get money. I get calls from them all the time saying they want to thank me for being a customer and they offer to switch me over to other plans while saving me money on phones, or switching me to a plan that “saves me money” by switching from Unlimited to a 2 GB plan. All the options they give you are designed to try to get you to stay with them and give them more money. Period.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            At least you get it.

          • pyro74boy .

            You must work for the wireless industry or something to defend them this way LOL because when someone says thanks for being THE BEST PART OF OUR NETWORK and then turns around and slows down my data speeds whenever they feel like it is a joke. How can you even argue this valid point of mine? So you go right ahead and make stupid dumb excuses for Verizon but trust me I have a plan to make Verizon lose money and that plan is very simple to tell as many people as I can about what they are doing and lying to us Verizon customers and telling us that where the best part of their network so as an award to us Verizon customers still lucky enough to have unlimited data we are going to slow down your data speeds as our way of saying thanks to you.

            Go cash your Verizon payroll check you earned it today buddy. LOL

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I’m not arguing a valid point of yours. I’m saying you don’t have a point. I work in healthcare, not wireless, but I do work in IT. Them thanking you then turning around and slowing down your data speeds are not occurring whenever they feel like it. It would only occur when they have high congestion on their network. All providers do this. If they didn’t, then in times of high usage, they would have lots of people who couldn’t connect at all. Better to have people able to connect at a lower speed, than having no one able to connect at all. The only way you have a valid point is if you question why Verizon does it for unlimited users and not other users. That isn’t your argument, therefore you don’t have a valid point.

            So if you go and tell people Verizon is “lying to us Verizon customers and telling us that where the best part of their network so as an award to us Verizon customers still lucky enough to have unlimited data we are going to slow down your data speeds as our way of saying thanks to you.” you are misleading at the very least and lying at the worst to those people you are trying to keep informed. Verizon isn’t lying to you and saying you are the best part of the network, so I’m going to slow your data down. Verizon is saying you, as a customer (doesn’t matter if you are an unlimited customer or a tiered plan customer, but a customer) are the best part of the network. What they are then saying is the users in the unlimited plans who use the highest amounts of data are going to be throttled ONLY DURING TIMES OF HIGH CONGESTION. The issue is Verizon isn’t throttling all users, just ones with certain plans. YOU are STILL the best part of their network. Without you, a paying customer, they don’t make money. Sadly, ALL providers have to throttle their best customers at some point in time to make sure that customer is still able to connect and doesn’t end up with errors caused by not being able to get a signal because there isn’t any bandwidth to use. If you are going to inform people, inform them correctly. There are already enough people who don’t have a clue what they are talking about, there isn’t a reason for you to create more.

          • pyro74boy .

            I’m not going to feed you trolls anymore, LOL

            I agree to disagree

            However I will leave you with this one very important statement [ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS] So don’t tell me the customer that I’m the best part of Verizon’s network and then go and slow down my already slow internet speeds. This was a complete slap in the face to me and you and everyone else who has unlimited data with Verizon. It’s so sad that someone like you is fooled until believing Verizon’s lies. Have fun being slowed down when you go over 4 and half GB.s of data. LOL

          • Franklin Ramsey

            You don’t understand that isn’t what Verizon is doing. I can’t make you see that… Actions do speak louder than words. I’m agreeing with you. The action is the part you don’t get. If Verizon didn’t throttle users, the result would be unbearable internet connections. Both slow or no connection at all. Verizon is throttling so people can have a more consistent, reliable connection. They have two choices, build their network up to handle more people, or throttle users. It isn’t always easy to build up a network, so they are throttling people. The slow internet connection you are currently seeing from them is over congestion. Let’s give an example so maybe you can see I’m not trolling, I’m trying to help inform you.
            Let’s say that 10,000 Verizon customers are trying to connect to a cell tower that can handle 10,000 users while providing 20Mbps to each user. Everyone is happy with their connection. Now 10,000 more users connect. Verizon can either allow the first 10,000 people connect at 20Mbps and not allow the others to connect, or it can allow each user to connect long enough to do what they are doing on a first come first serve basis (IE: while your data connection is open to send an email or stream music, you have the connection, as soon as your connection is done, someone else gets it), or else it can throttle the first 10,000 people down to 10Mbps and give the other 10,000 users that are trying to connect a 10Mpbs connection too. The only other option is to build another tower in the area or increase the capacity which isn’t easy to do and costs lots of money. Right now, they have been operating pretty much on a first come, first serve mentality, which is what slows the connection down, increases ping times, and hurts their network. Throttling the network actually makes more sense to provide a more consistent experience for all users. The issue comes into play when they decide to throttle one set of users over another set of users. It’s one thing to say everyone is going to be throttled to relieve congestion. It’s another thing to say only certain people are going to get throttled based on the type of plan they have.

          • pyro74boy .

            That’s why they made phones to be used on Verizon,s aws spectrum to help speed up the data speeds. The FCC has also sided with me on this issue and understands why customers like me are very upset over this issue. You’re not going to change my mind I stand by everything I said and still do so at this point your just wasting your time trying to make it look like I don’t have a valid argument because like it or not I do.

            The bottom line is that the one and ONLY reason why Verizon is acting this way and slowing down the top %5 percent of it’s unlimited data customers [I’m effected by this because I use over 10GB.s of data per month] is because Verizon is crying over the fact that they are not making any money on us. This is where me the customer is really truly in the drivers seat because I’m no longer under contract with Verizon so it won’t cost me one red cent to leave Verizon and move on to a better network. I would rather not have them tell me that I’m the best part of their network then lie to me and say you are the best part of Verizon but we are still going to slow down your data anyway. Do you see how this is a slap to everyone they are doing this too?

            Do you also notice how they always give there best deals to new customers? this is also why I laugh when Verizon tells me that I’m the best part of their network. This is very miss leading and untrue and I for one am not nearly as understanding about this issue as you are. So why don’t we both just respectfully agree to disagree?

          • Franklin Ramsey

            You seem to be under the impression that Verizon is automatically throttling anyone that goes over 4.7 GBs in a month that is on unlimited. You also seem to think the FCC is on your side. The FCCs main argument is the same as what I’m making. They are questioning Verizon targeting people on the unlimited plan, not that they need to throttle. All the providers are allowed to throttle during times of congestion. The FCC is questioning why Verizon is only going to throttle the unlimited users who are over 4.7 GBs for the month AND that are connected to a tower that is highly congested, while not throttling other users. THAT is the valid argument to be made here.

            You do realize that Verizon is NOT going to automatically throttle an unlimited user just because they go over 4.7GBs, right?

          • pyro74boy .

            You can sit here all day long and try to make all the excuses you want but the fact still remains that Verizon is playing games with us and is still crying over the fact that they are not making any money off of us unlimited data customers and for living proof of this Verizon is not going to be slowing down people’s data who go over 4.7GB a month that are not on unlimited data plans this all by itself proves my point about this and the fact that Verizon is treating us %5 percent very unfairly so I’m not going to be nearly as understanding about this as you seem to be because they have done everything they could to make me leave their slow network anyway from the time they made me pay full retail price for a phone thinking I was still going to keep my unlimited data plan and then the Verizon rep in the store told me that I’m sorry but for some reason you don’t have unlimited data any more and then I asked him why did I just pay full retail price for the phone then? he never really gave me a real true honest answer he just kept on making it seem like it was something I had done. Thank god I called 611 from my phone before leaving the Verizon store that same day because according to the phone rep I still had unlimited data and the rep on the phone said that they had no idea why the rep in the store was giving me wrong information [That just a nice way if saying that the rep in the store was lying to me] because they are looking at the same exact account and the rep in the store went out of their way to lie to me. There was no excuse for this whatsoever and I can’t and won’t speak for you but this is one of the many wrong doings on Verizon’s part.

            No I understand what they are trying to do trust me and it also might be helpful for you to know that may data speeds where I use my Verizon service the most are already slow so they are talking about someone like me. Sorry Verizon is losing me as a customer,

          • Lucky Armpit

            And your opinion of yourself speaks volumes about your personality. I also have friends and family that ask me for advice about tech, phones, etc., but I don’t feel compelled to crow that from the rooftops. Sure, leave Verizon if you’re not happy. That’s your right. And yes, it’s a loss. But when you leave, 100 other people will sign up. Verizon probably won’t notice, or care. That’s what big companies do.

            I’m not sure why everyone is so upset about this – if there are unlimited users that are using tons of data “just because they can” that slows down my speeds when I’m doing nothing more than checking email and reading the occasional web page, why wouldn’t the company throttle you? There are a lot more of me than you, and Verizon is banking on only pissing off 5% of their customers to make the other millions upon millions of them happy. I don’t blame them.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            At the same time, why wouldn’t Verizon throttle all users in an area that are having an issue. Why is it based on a users plan?

          • pyro74boy .

            You missing my point completely I was not trying to make this about myself I was trying to prove a point that like it or not people who know me value my opinion and will listen to me. If I don’t know the answer to something I simply say I’m sorry but I don’t know. I give honest feedback and don’t tell lies so don’t try to judge me based on someone who you don’t even know.

          • Ryan

            Your needs don’t outweigh mine regardless of how much either of us are using. That’s just rude. I paid for the data, I’ll use it however I want.

      • Cael

        Nobody misses you or even wishes you were here :]

  • MatthewSimmons

    Verizon knows the FCC won’t do a thing.

  • DanSan

    pretty much…

    • Bryan Mills

      Third guy on the right deserves to be thrown out the window.

      • tu3218

        You’re such a pessimistic person.

        • Joe Allen

          He’s got a dead mom and only makes $21 an hour at Best Buy. You’d be a pessimist, too.

          • Best Buy definitely doesn’t pay anyone $21/hr.

          • DanSan

            Yes, they do.

            Most supervisors make $15-$25/hr depending on how long they’ve been there and which department. Managers make wayyyyyy more. general manager of the store easily makes over $100k/year

          • Diablo81588

            I worked at best buy for two years and I can assure you that supervisors don’t make 25 an hour..

          • DanSan

            I worked at best buy for 8 years and I can assure you they do. 25 was just a general number but I personally knew supervisors that made above $20/hr. for example my old geek squad supervisor made $22/hr

          • Diablo81588

            How long did they work there? My geek squad supervisor made around 16 to 18 an hour.

          • DanSan

            longer than I did, so over 10 years probably. plus he was buddy buddy with a sales manager.

          • Diablo81588

            Could be location as well. I would imagine they pay more in California than in Texas where I worked.

          • Rob

            What city is this? Maybe your city has a higher standard of living than Diablo and so that would be why there is a gap…

          • Mike

            Different cities have a higher wage for higher cost of living, hawaii, New York and such

          • Rob

            Uhh, yeah, that’s basically what I just said.

          • Michael Hammond

            ONLY!?!?!? Sheesh i’d love to make $21/hr ….

          • JoshGroff

            I know, right… I’d love to talk tech all day and make $9 more an hour…

        • Don’t Feed Them

          Quit Troll Feeding, they never go away.

      • Cael

        Brad Pitt does not like your closed mind.

        • Don’t Feed Them

          Quit Troll Feeding, they never go away..

      • Matthew Mascarenas

        Why in the hell are you so obsessed with Brad Pitt? Not too long ago you even had his screen name from Fight club….

    • master94

      lol. I never understood throttling. It makes no sense. Now what took a little bit of time to do on the network will take even longer clogging up free ports and spectrum resulting in worse performance for everyone. This is not about making the network better but rather torturing unlimited users into surrendering unlimited for better speeds

      • chad li

        U are pretty much right…the whole of 2014 was slow. This august was worst. Many times I called them and they just answered back that there’s nothing they can do… They advised me last time to reset all my saved data info to fixed it. Normally I just fixed it by myself. Power it off and detached the sim off and back. It doesn’t work that way no more….

    • Mickey A Valentine

      I swear big red is banging the girl with its big red

  • Guest
  • David Kotzebue

    Aren’t we missing the fact that radio spectrum bandwidth is a finite resource?

    • Jon Adams

      No, what’s that have to do with the argument at hand? Clearly that’s not the real motivation behind this move. If it was, the 10 Gig plans would be subject as well, but they’re not.

      • dk1golf

        I think it has everything to do with it. Who’s to say if 10Gb plans won’t be subject to similar restrictions in the future. Again, we are talking about a finite resource.

  • kos

    1st sprint …. now vzw.. whats next

    • Llamanator


  • EdLessard

    As much as I appreciate the FCCs letter, I fear this will only lead Verizon to kill unlimited plans sooner. Glad I got into a new unlimited contract with the online bug last Fall.

    • Bryan Mills

      You make it sound like killing it is bad. Everything comes to an end at some point.

      • Bigsike

        Yes because we should all have a limit on whatever we do everyday. We should limit the time we use our washing machines and refrigerators also the time we are allowed to watch TV. We should not be able to drive our car past a certain distance or run our lawnmowers long enough to finish the yard. You see there can not be a “limit” on basic needs if you need to download something or use data in a certain way who am I or anyone else to tell you “yea we think you’ve had enough. Limiting is not the future it is the exact opposite, and until people stop defending the actions of greedy company’s to try to make sense of it we all lose.

      • EdLessard

        Bad for me, yes. I could choose to reduce my data usage by 80%, pay $60 more a month or move to a carrier that drops calls sitting on my couch.

      • Poseur

        Bryan Mills. Either you are a complete idiot, troll, or you work for Verizon. All of your comments point to Verizon employee. And your picture? Is that the face you are taking up the poop shoot from Verizon with your overpriced data package?

    • Guest

      I agree with you that if the FCC wins this, it will backfire and they will just kill unlimited plans

    • NastyEmu

      FYI: they can still take unlimited away from you whenever they want. You just would be able to terminate the rest of you contract without getting hit with a fee.

  • aye_winchell

    that high users with Unlimited data who are off contract.


    Which makes little sense, if a particular area is congested then shouldn’t it apply to all high bandwidth users. I can just imagine verizon all sitting around a table looking at the most congested areas and being like, “i don’t what went wrong, we throttled the one guy with unlimited data in that area, that should have cleared the problem up”. meanwhile there are 200 people with unlimited still on contract using the same tower, and another 5000 with 10 gig shared plans that are all watching netflix.

    • j

      Yea basically. They aren’t making as much money from off contract unlimited users since we aren’t upgrading devices or paying for an expensive high data tiered plans, so we get the shaft.

      • aye_winchell

        This is wrong though, they are making more off of me with my 2 unlimited lines @ $60 /month then they would be at the data tier i would need for my usage, plus i am still upgrading on the same time scale, im just paying full price for my phones instead of getting them subsidized. So instead of 2 G2’s @ $99 each or whatever they were at the time, i paid a full $1000 for 2 g’s, so they are definitely making more money off of me. Now i would not fall into the category that would be throttled, however, if they are only throttling unlimited, off contract users then people that use more bandwidth and pay less are getting preferential treatment of those that pay more and use less.

        • CoreRooted

          That’s actually not completely correct. Paying $1000 up front for 2 devices doesn’t net the carrier as much as the subscriber continuing on the standard 2 year contract. Part of the way that carrier record sales is by putting the device subsidy and monthly plan amount on the books. So, if you are paying $120/month for your plan, that’s what they are making. However, if you are paying (and I’m just guessing here) $60/line + $30/device, that’s $180/month for 2 lines and more money on the books for them when it comes to their future cost models and reports.

          The real sad part is that the amount of money that the carriers pay to buy devices from manufacturers compared to what they turn around and charge us for the same device. For instance, the S5 costs ~$250 to manufacture, yet, to buy it off contract is around $600, which is a 41% markup.

  • Zoloft_User

    I give Wheeler credit on this move to question Verizon on their premise of being able to segregate out their customers that have been with them long enough to still have an UNLIMITED Data Plan. The only reason I am still with VZW is because of the data and service.

    It has all been a control issues with VZW. They limit phones that you buy directly from companies for a reduced price compared to full price, non-subsidized phones (Nexus series), along with their bloatware preloaded on the device that no one use.

  • chris125

    Funny they claim they want everyone having good experience yet only throttle unlimited users. Funny unlimited data is somehow different data from their tiered plans. Verizon you’re so full of it. Nice try.

  • T4rd
    • Bryan Mills

      Yep and it’s hilarious. Go Verizon!

      • MistaButters

        Could you just, for one day, not troll every top comment on DL?

        • Cael

          He would if he could get the stick out his butt.

        • HesOnlyHereToCrapOnCommenters

          Isn’t that what makes a troll a troll?

        • Mech_Engr_09

          How else is he going to waste his time and Best Buy’s money?

        • John Davids

          In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4]

          I think you are confusing the word “troll” with the word “post” or “comment”. If anything, your response to him is a troll.

          • MistaButters

            Umm, so saying “Go Verizon!” on a blog that has a certain disdain for Verizon’s antics is not attempting to upset people or start an argument?


            (Actually are you trolling me?)

    • Mickey A Valentine

      Sums it up nicely

  • Ralph Bretz

    Wonder if I can use this in a BBB complaint to get out of my contracts?

    • chris125

      Just go to tmo they will pay your etf. For me unlimited data on Verizon is still too tempting give up just yet

      • Ralph Bretz

        I can’t go TMO yet, they only have 2G where I live. Would love to go TMO.

        • S

          Same problem! I don’t know what I do when my contract with Verizon is up. I need more than what T-Mobile provides. I’m considering AT&T. Not unlimited, but they are cheaper than Verizon.

          • Ralph Bretz

            I’m going Straight Talk or Cricket for now. Save close to $750 a year.

  • Ray

    Guess I should sell my unlimited on eBay now. Maybe someone will be OK with being throttled.

    • htowngtr

      People still buy unlimited AT&T with throttling so yes they will. Just won’t be as valuable.

  • htowngtr

    Soooo… basically “go fk yourself, chairman”.

  • M3D1T8R

    Verizon’s response: “Haven’t we bribed you enough? Ok, how much more do you want..”

    • Bryan Mills

      Hopefully they just kill unlimited all together. Basically a pissing contest for people to see how much useless data they can use

      • aye_winchell

        i have unlimited and have never used more then 1.5 gigs of data in a single month, i don’t want unlimited so i can use as much bandwidth as i can, i want it so i don’t have to manage my account to know what my bill will be every month. I can open (or login) every month to pay my bill and know roughly what it will be every month give or take a couple buck.

        • FellowUnlimited

          This is exactly it!! I don’t want to have to constantly worry about my data usage. I bet the vast majority of unlimited users are the same way.

        • WAldenIV

          If you’ve never used more than 1.5 GBs, a 2 GB plan would be perfect for you and you would know the monthly cost.

          • J. Gilbertson

            What if he used 2.1 GB? My wife typically doesn’t use even a GB of data in a month (mainly because she stays on wifi) but there are some months where we travel a lot on the road and there’s been one instance where she used 1.5 GB. If I hypothetically had a 1 GB plan because I know my wife never goes over 1 GB I would’ve been screwed into paying overage charges for that extra GB that month. I don’t monitor my data closely. I know that it can swing from 2.5 to 4.5 GB from month to month but I like being unlimited so that I don’t have to worry about my overages.

          • WAldenIV

            It’s $15 per GB if you go over. That’s not a big deal. Plus you get a text message warning beforehand.

          • aye_winchell

            nice try @verizonwireless

            Seriously though, just look through the comments above and below and you’ll see that its pretty clear there are plenty of people that want unlimited data just, one, for the piece of mind, and two, for the lack of hassle it is WHEN they need the extra data. I dont have to login or call to have my plan upped to cover the extra usage, then call back to have it undone the next month. Your time might be worth it but mine is not.

          • WAldenIV

            It’s $15 for another GB if you go over and it doesn’t change your plan. No phone call required. Plus you get a text warning beforehand. Your paranoia, like everyone else’s on here, is unfounded.

          • J. Gilbertson

            I may not be poor but an extra $15 isn’t keeping it close to the expected budget for an extra GB that one month. I like my unlimited. I don’t abuse it. It gives me flexibility when I need it. Plus to others $15 for that extra GB when they only go over a MB might be breaking their tight bank if they don’t have the means. Even if I get a text message from them warning that doesn’t prevent the case where I may actually need to burn a little more data and barely run it over the limit.

          • Kokomo

            Unless you happen to have an internet outage at your house, thus have no wifis. Then you go through that 2GB in a day. My brother had that happen, and TWC took 5 days to fix his cable.

            Unlimited is just a way to not worry about going over a limit. Too many people abuse it just to say “oh hey look, I wasted 30GBs downloading music I won’t listen to for 6 months”.

        • jbegs

          Completely agree. I am around a gig a month. There have been times when I go over, but since I have unlimited I don’t have to worry or think about it. One month I was at 6.5 (mostly from a week long vacation off of wifi). I know that number is small for some people, but the fact that I’m not worried about my bill each month is worth me trying to keep it.

        • bob

          This. My average usage is usually ~2 gigs. I’m paying an extra $5 a month for texts that I never use, just to hold onto unlimited. Principle reason: I don’t have to constantly look at usage spikes if I’m on the road streaming Google Music.

          This issue has nothing to do with you shut-ins using Vz to stream Netflix/pron, but has everything to do with Vz wanting to play games.

          Love that anti-net neutrality folks seem to be exclusively from the likes of TWC, Vz, Comcast, and the dim bulbs of the neoconfederate party.

      • Feed Jake

        Do you like getting less for more? Or are you trolling? I have unlimited and don’t even think about running up huge data amounts. I just enjoy the fact that I don’t have to worry myself stupid every month checking my usage. This isn’t oil, it’s internet usage. The fact that you are cheering for a big corporation to give customers less for more makes me think you are a complete moron or you are a troll. Either way, you can shut up now.

        • Taokip

          My vote is troll…

        • Frettfreak

          You must be new around here. That is in fact the resident troll

          • Feed Jake

            Not new, just trying to be polite. I frequent the comments section of DL, not sure why though. The bias that gets spewed is too much some days.

      • Joe Allen

        Unlimited data kill your mom, bro?

      • What plan do you have? Unlimited T-Mobile?

        • Suicide_Note

          I’ve got unlimited T-Mobile, and I go through about 15 – 25 GBs per month. The large majority of it is due to music streaming when I’m not on my wifi network at home. I couldn’t use my data connection at home even if I wanted to, because I have no cell signal inside my house. And before anyone bashes TMo’s network, I had the same problem in my house when I was with Verizon.

          I, for one, would hate to see unlimited plans go away, and it’s certainly not a pissing contest for me, as some have put it. While I think people should be free to use their unlimited data as they see fit, the folks that run up the huge numbers are just giving the carriers more ammo in situations like this, and it will cause them to do away with unlimited plans altogether.

          • James Heyneman

            I have Verizon and it works great at home but I can’t even get 3G at work. T-Mobile on the other hand works great in both places, 20Mbps or so down. Go figure.

          • T_Dizzle

            I hope you are not in a haven of lead paint.

          • Suicide_Note

            It doesn’t taste too bad.

          • T_Dizzle

            I just lol’d at work. Not a little snicker, a full on loud lol

          • Kokomo

            They fixed that now because TMo doesn’t even charge your data plan for music streaming of most major music streaming companies.

      • billyboyb

        Can we somehow ban this troll? All he does is spew useless troll hate…

      • Higher_Ground

        why on earth do we still have to PRE PAY for cell phone data?

        Charge everyone the same rate and only for the actual data that they use.
        And messages. And minutes.
        Cell phone companies don’t even pretend to have the customer in mind and I would love to see the day where a company finally did away with the pretexts and simply offered a fair deal.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          Because it costs Verizon about 18 cents per GB you use on their network. Why would they want to provide you with a fair deal when people are willing to pay 20-30 bucks for something that costs them 18 cents?

    • Armon

      It’d be nice if Verizon at least alerts users when they’re being throttled. Throttling for unlimited 3G users has been going on for years but I haven’t heard/read anyone being alerted by Verizon when they’re being throttled. Sometimes, informing users can go a long way.

      • EC8CH

        You’d think this should be a requirement Verizon and others should be compelled to do by regulation. If they are intentionally degrading their customers service for “network optimization”, they should be required to indication that to their customers somehow while it’s happening.

        That would just make too much sense though.

      • Kokomo

        Just being on Verizon 3G should be considered throttling…