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Verizon LG G Pad 8.3 Now Receiving Android 4.4.2, Here is the Full Changelog

Verizon’s LG G Pad 8.3 LTE model is joining the Galaxy S5 in today’s update party. This update is quite significant though, unlike the bug fixer that was issued to the GS5. The G Pad 8.3 LTE on Big Red is receiving a big jump to Android 4.4.2 from Android 4.2.2. That’s right, Kit Kat is finally here.

The update brings Kit Kat goodies like new white icons in the notification area, immersive mode for viewing images and reading books, cloud print services, multi-user login, and more. In terms of other features, the update includes LG’s Knock Code lock screen security enhancement. 

The jump to Android 4.4.2 also squashes bugs like a “cannot connect to server” error, SIM card issues, and muffled sound during multimedia playback.

The full changelog can be found below. To check for the update, head into Settings>About tablet>System update.

lg g pad update2 lg g pad update1

Via:  Verizon
Cheers Bobby!
  • J Davis

    Just bought 2 LG G Pad 8.3 GPE from Expansys. Great tablets and being GPE I didn’t have to wait for Verizon for the updates.

  • Hilman in Edmonton

    My GPad still hasn’t seen the update, anyone download it yet?

    • Andy Taylor

      Downloading it now

      • Hilman in Edmonton

        Hopefully I can download the update soon, I use this without a SIM card and am in Canada (I hope Verizon doesn’t limit the update to people only in the US).

        • Eric R.

          Top get an Update on a Verizon Device OTA you have to have the device activated on Verizon or wait for someone to pull it and update manually

          • Hilman in Edmonton

            Thanks, I was afraid of that. I should have bought another Nexus 7 after I broke the one I had. Is there any way for a Canadian to buy a SIM card (eBay) and activate the tablet so it is eligible for OTA updates?

  • calculatorwatch

    I feel like my WiFi only version got Kit Kat like 2 months ago… Way to go Verizon!

  • Bryan Mills

    Perfect for people who got it for free with the G3.

  • droidrazredge

    I use to remember the days when I had devices with custom skins and was always at least 4 updates behind just because Verizon updates are always late and
    never current. I also remember the days when even people with a pure Nexus phone were still behind on updates with Verizon. I’m glad that I found a phone on Verizon that I can finally say I have the latest version of android and I’m only behind by maybe 3-6weeks instead of 3-6 months….

  • TeeJay1100

    This is the main reason why I don’t mess with custom skins!!! Verizon updates are always late and never current. Pure Nexus devices for me always!! Nexus 5 rocks.

    • turdbogls

      yeah, but there are some nice features with these skins…LG has quite a few “floating apps” built in as well as a really nice Multi-window feature and, if you have an LG phone, the feature where you can take calls to your phone, from the tablet…to some, those might be worth the trade-off of a few months behind in updates.

      for me, I would really only want the mulit-screen….what are you waiting for google?

      • EleanorENewsome

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  • duke69111

    LG seems hell bent on 4.4.2 instead of jumping new devices/updates to 4.4.4.

    • Suicide_Note

      I’m guessing they decided it was more cost effective to continue prepping the update to 4.4.2 that was underway, rather than scrap that work altogether and go to 4.4.4. I’m not saying it’s the best idea or the right thing to do, however, as it’d be great to have as many devices as current as possible.

    • Bryan Mills

      .4 isn’t major. Chill your roll.

      • duke69111

        If its not a major change, then why not just incorporate it in new devices and updates. They’ve had the 4.4.2 base since March or April and I doubt it would be that hard to incorporate the few changes that were made between the versions.