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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 Receive Updates

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 from T-Mobile both received updates today, though we have no idea what the updates include. Changelogs for each haven’t exactly been updated, only noting that previous recent updates added VoLTE and “network improvements.” T-Mobile did announce that VoLTE is now nationwide as of today, so maybe this is activating that feature for everyone, everywhere. Otherwise, your guess is as good as ours.

The Galaxy Note 3’s new build number after the update is N900TUVUDNF4. The Galaxy S5 will end up at G900TUVU1BNG3. 

In order to check for these new updates, head into Settings>General>About device>Software update, on the S5. For the Note 3, head into Settings>More>System manager>About device>Software update.

Via:  T-Mobile [2]
  • Eliseo Ramirez Temores

    DNF4? really? mine is DNF9, no voLTE or some, actually i can’t find something new, are you sure you are already updated? DNF4 it’s april’s update

  • Guest

    DNF4? Really? mine’s DNF9… i can’t see any new stuff, non voLTE or some, are you sure you are really updated? you can check it out at sammobile as well

  • Paul Coles

    My girlfriend rooted my Galaxy S5, and now when I try to update my software it says I’m not allowed to because my phone’s rooted. I like the root capabilites, but also want to keep up to date with my software and T-Mobile. Is there any way to have my cake and eat it too? If not which is better?

  • Lon

    I’ll put my lg g3 against a Samsung any day of the week

  • tryce

    I’ll take one. Trycesmith@gmail.com

  • Dallas Milem

    I downloaded the update. I found 1 fix. It fixed the dial tones while in a call over 4G lte calls. My conference dialer works again!

  • pinoy_uc

    On the samsung galaxy s5 on last update was volte. 4G LTE icons both on while using WiFi, not anymore. I’ve notice you can share with clipboard. I wished they brought back the power saving icon off from notification bar and drop menu.

  • thenew3

    Got the upgrade on my Verizon S5, not sure what the changes are. I don’t notice anything different.

  • Alan

    Got an update to my galaxy light today too. No idea what was changed.

  • Tommy

    I feel bad for the poor developers. Lol everytime they update their rom, a new update pops up…if they even have time to finish one

    • Maranello Santiago

      That’s the thing. I not long ago updated everything on my phone to NF1. I’m a root user/ROM flasher. I have to flash back to the stock kernel and run triangle away before flashing this new stuff.

  • Informant222

    Want to know what’s ironic? As Verizon moves to throttle unlimited users, it’s asking its subscribers how they feel about #MusicFreedom from T-Mobile, if they’re interested in it, and if it makes them think differently about T-Mobile. Can we say a paid add on to stream music unlimited?

  • Anthony Johnson

    What exactly is update about? Well, I don’t receive any notification till now on my Galaxy S5. If the update is vital then I will definitely update it on my Galaxy S5 afer gully charging it on qi charger with receiver.

    • 213ninja


  • Defenestratus

    Update, as usual, breaks root.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or Tmobile period.

    • Defenestratus

      I’m on both Samsung and T-mobile and there are a lot of things that beat both of them in certain ways.

      I personally cannot wait to get rid of my stupid Note 3 – as soon as another manufacturer makes a big screened phone with its specs – I’m ditching this gingerbread throwback phone as fast as I can.

      (In other words, hurry up Shamu!!!!!!!!)

      • 213ninja

        really? what exactly don’t you like about the note 3?

        • Maranello Santiago

          My N3 is fine. No phone is perfect.

      • nwd1911

        I just got some OnePlus invites today that I’d be happy to share if you need something as a stop gap.

        • Kayungjoo

          I’ll take one

          • nwd1911
          • Kayungjoo

            holy sh thanks!

          • nwd1911

            No problem. I have more and am willing to share with the good readers of Droid Life. I would like these to go to people who are going to use the phone and not resell them. Ping me and I’ll send more links.

          • Dominick White

            How are you liking the phone?

          • nwd1911

            To be perfectly honest, I ended up selling mine to get a G3…just couldn’t resist all that goodness. I prefer not to root/ROM phones and my allure was Cyanogen customization without flashing ROMs. But I was surprised at how few customizations were available vs. CM11. I ended up running Nova, which seemed silly considering the phone I was using. Once the G3 was out, I had to have it (and I love it).

            -Battery Life: it took a concerted effort to get below 50% in a single day
            -Speed: VERY fast phone
            -Memory: Loved having 64GB available without needing an SD card
            -Screen: Looked good to me
            -Price: Best value in smartphones bar none

            -Size: Compared to G3 the phone feels huge (top/bottom bezels)
            -Customization: Surprising few options for non-root users (most folks won’t care if they flash)

            -Camera: Better cameras available on other phones. Wasn’t bad, but never impressed me
            -Vibration: The haptic feedback felt cheap somehow (hard to explain, but it made me miss the Nexus5)
            -Styling: Personal preference, but it wasn’t what I consider a beautiful phone (like Nexus5 or G3 or others)

          • biscuitbob5

            Hey good evening nwd. Would you be willing to PM me some info about the one plus phone? I’m stuck in a difficult phone decision making situation and your input would be of great help.

          • nwd1911

            I’m not sure how to PM (I really am stupid when it comes to technology, but I love it anyway). What phones are you considering? I’ve recently used the Nexus 5, OnePlus and G3. G3 is my favorite..the phone just has so much to love (this site did a great review). There are things I miss about the Nexus like GEL with the ability to swipe left to see Google Now. It’s funny how much less I use Google Now without that feature. I’m interested to hear a Nexus 6 announcement with L release. The OnePlus is the best value in mobile right now IMHO. There is a lot to like about the phone and if you like to tinker more than I do, it would be a great choice.

          • biscuitbob5

            Lumpylint atgmaildotcom if you prefer or continue here , totally up to you. I’m current with Verizon on the unlimited plan. All was perfectly well in the kingdom until my originally purchased phones radio decided to pack up and leave. I began the process of accepting recertified devices and each one has been defective (currently on # 3). The most pressing issue seems to be that ever since kit Kat was released the phones performance just isn’t what it used to be. I’m experiencing lag, lack of screen response and overall instability. Being that it’s tied to the current software another replacement most likely won’t provide any relief. And so I’ve begun the process of looking for another phone/carrier. Tmobile and the lg flex seem likely as my main home but this one plus phone you mentioned caught my attention. I’ve only read slivers of details here and there so I was hoping for some hands on experience from an actual user. And possibly the g3.

          • Dominick White

            I gave my invite on oneplus, because I got tired of waiting. Got the early members invite a day after I bought my g3

          • chris mellor

            I want this phone to use, Im leaving sprint and going to tmobile and this would be the perfect phone

          • Nick

            Can i get one too please.

          • nwd1911

            Just sent. I’m 95% sure I didn’t duplicate with Chris’s email, but let me know and I’ll sort it out.

          • nwd1911

            My apologies, all 5 have been given out.

          • Adam

            I’d be ever so grateful for a OnePlus invite too… adamwyates@gmail.com

          • nwd1911

            Hey Adam, sorry I ran out earlier today.

          • Sysko

            May I have an invite? Thanks!

          • Felix

            Hey I was wondering if you could send me one at felixreyes211(at)gmail(dot)com

        • Sax

          I’ll take one

        • chris mellor

          Hey I would love 1

          • nwd1911
          • chris mellor

            Hey, thanks for that, someone grabbed it b4 I could. really though thanks for trying.

          • chris mellor

            If for some crazy reason u hv another 1, could you email it to booeysr24@yahoo.com? Thanks again for trying.

          • nwd1911

            I do have another one (two actually) and I was just about to ask for your email so I could send it to you directly. If anyone else wants my last invite please post your email so I can ensure you get it. T-Mobile users a plus 🙂

          • chris mellor

            Seriously, thanks so much, you are awesome for doing that. Im in debt.

          • nwd1911

            Just sent it to you. I hope that works, there is no debt…just do something nice for someone and it’s all good.

            Edit: unless you have an extra NIN ticket for a show in the Northwest 😉

          • chris mellor

            I did receive it and thank you. I just went to NIN and Soundgarden in Camden, nj on Monday. Great show.

          • MJ

            I don’t suppose you still have that invite? I am on T-Mobile! 01michael10atgmaildotcom

        • tryce

          I’ll take one.

          • nwd1911

            Hi, sorry ran out earlier today.

        • Kiroho Mshauri

          Please share. I want one!

        • Kiroho Mshauri

          An invite

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        • Sergio

          Invite plz

        • tanaui

          can you inviteme to oneplus tanaui99@gmail.com

      • HolaDae

        If your note 3 is running ginger bread you do have a problem lls.

    • KingofPing

      I didn’t even know T-Mobile was female…

    • Arelle

      you’re right. T-Mobile has the best prices hands down.

    • mick

      How do you disable the text to speech function on incoming calls

  • Me

    Seems to have lowered my download speed…

    • Defenestratus

      DEFINITELY lowered mine. I was pulling down 30+ at my house and now I’m only getting 12.

  • Defenestratus

    is it live in Kies yet?

    • Defenestratus

      yes. It is 🙂