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Sprint Lights Up 17 New 4G LTE Markets

Sprint lit up 17 new 4G LTE markets across the US this morning, bringing their total market count to nearly 500. Considering its LTE network launched in 2012, it has been a long road for Sprint, but now that it is live in Eureka and even Fortuna, CA, I can say that the rollout has pretty much made it to the end of the road.

Of course, Sprint will continue to deploy and enhance its network across the country, hopefully enabling additional bandwidth for data-hungry users. There is always work to be done on that front, and that goes for all US carriers, not just Sprint.

Take a look below at the full list of new LTE markets. 

New Markets

  • Auburn, N.Y.
  • Bethesda, Md.
  • Bloomsburg/Berwick, Pa.
  • Burlington, N.C.
  • Danville, Ill.
  • Dubuque, Iowa
  • Eau Claire, Wis.
  • Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, Calif.
  • Hattiesburg, Miss.
  • Hopkinsville, Ky.
  • Indiana, Pa.
  • Marion/Herrin, Ill.
  • Mt. Vernon, Ill.
  • Pittsburgh
  • Redding, Calif.
  • Rochester, Minn.
  • Utica, N.Y.
Via: Sprint
  • socalrailroader

    Ha, Sprint still doesn’t have any native service here in Mendocino County, on Humboldt County’s (where Eureka, Fortuna and Arcata are) southern border, so they have an almost 200 mile gap on US 101 between Cloverdale and Fortuna. They roam on U.S. Cellular up here.

  • Tasso

    I have no problem with Sprint everywhere I go. I live in Baltimore. MD and even when I travel across MD I am fine with the connection and its speeds. I get 20+.

  • Habib Aliu


  • T_Dizzle

    Oh yeah, I forgot about Sprint.

  • master94

    Sprint has 4g? wtf. I didnt even know they had 3g with the speeds I see people getting

  • HotInEER

    Sprint still has a long way to catch up. They promised me for 3 years LTE will be in a few months in my city. 3 years later not LTE in Frederick, MD so I moved to AT&T about 4-5 months ago. Couldn’t be happier. They haven’t even started to upgrade towers in my area yet.

    • SetNick

      I was on Verizon with “Grandfathered”
      everything. It just got too expensive for me at over $300 a month for just a
      couple of lines. I don’t have deep pockets to pay full tilt for phones,
      so I switched to the cheapest carrier I can stomach. Sprints not so bad
      in Dallas, TX. I have another phone for work on AT&T, and it is only marginally
      better in certain locations. But near my home in the sticks of Wylie, Sprint suxs.

    • Austin

      Sprint didn’t start rolling out LTE till summer 2012. And also people look at that Sprint is taking longer than the other carriers. It took Verizon three and half years to complete majority of its network. Sprint started two and half years later and is almost complete with upgrades that is putting a new 3g network and 4g LTE network. The only carrier that out paced all the carriers was T-Mobile. Which none of the other carriers went through the extensive network build out that Sprint did. The have the most modernized network in the Country if not the world.

  • Voltism

    I never see any new markets in Massachusetts, which is weird considering the pathetic coverage here

  • Use-2-Letter-Abbreviations!

    I appreciate these kinds of articles, I really do. However, can you please consider using a consistent format in the future? It’s a bit annoying trying to read through the states each time. For example: N.Y., Md., Iowa, Calif, Minn…. And poor Pittsburgh isn’t worthy of a state apparently.

    • socalrailroader

      Ahh, but we have Pittsburg (no H) here in California too, in the Bay Area.

  • Stephen

    it’s cool seeing bloomsburg on that list. little college town in nowhereland pa. good for sprint users there though. Sprint service was horrible there.

  • Gr8Ray

    That’s 1 LTE market for every customer they have!

    • Suicide_Note


    • T_Dizzle

      ba doom pshh lol

  • Disqus_n00b

    This reads like the regional locations from “The Office”….all the B cities….where’s Nashua?

  • Sprint sucks Monkey Balls

    Wait Sprint has LTE? Are you sure you didn’t mean AT&T or T-mobile or Verizon?

  • xsirxx

    hahaha! Yea supposedly us here in Columbus, OH have LTE too, I just cant find it anywhere. And when I do its 0.08mbps. Please Sprint, PLEASE stop texting me telling me about how you have a whole new network in cbus. We are moving over to T-Mobile as soon as we figure out which phones we want.

    • Mike

      I was just in the Columbus area for a weekend (Stayed in the Dublin area) and had no problem getting 4G with steady 10+ Mb speeds throughout the city. Where do you live?

      • xsirxx

        I live currently in Galena, OH, but am in columbus/gahanna/westerville the majority of the time. I have no clue how you got 10+ MB. I have never received that high unless I was in a mall where they had fem to cell. They have one tower I know of around here and it in on Morse road at easton. My buddy and I setup our phones to test and he has T-Mobile and he routinely got 20mbps and I got 0.08mbps at the fastest no matter where I was.

        I really cannot understand how you received that fast. I am of only 3 people that I know that still have sprint so its difficult to find anyone to compare with another phone.

        And to the others, trust me I know how to turn LTE on and off.

        Also to SetNick, we have Galaxy S3’s… Can I buy a Sprint G2 and use that on T-Mobile?

        • SetNick

          You could use the G2 on T-Mobile. There is a CM11 port for T-Mo on XDA. It works well. All I did was set up Boot Manager for the two Roms.

          • xsirxx

            So I would install the CM11 rom and it autounlocks? Or do I need to install the T-Mobile CM11 on my sprint G2? The G2 is actually the phone I was looking at because I can buy it for 125$ locally but was worried I couldnt unlock AND use CM11 on T-Mobile when I switch.

          • SetNick

            I would suggest reading up on XDA before you do anything. Also, remember that this would only allow you to access T-Mobile for 3G, their 4G doesn’t work on a Sprint phone. You essentially would unlock your device to accept another carrier SIM. Then use the T-Mobile CM11 port on the Sprint G2. Reason I suggest to set up a boot-manager to still be able to use the sprint without much fuss.

          • xsirxx

            Yea I bought a Verizon model vs980 and flashed the 12b modem cus the 24a wouldn’t work and cm11 w gapps. Good to go man! Switched to T-Mobile! W00t! Thanks. Cheap as hell and a damn good phone!

            Edit: the verizon model had wireless charging which is all I use and BTW thanks!

    • lte

      Is LTE disabled on your phone ? assuming you have an LTE phone

      • SetNick

        well, that is true, but I can pop in the trust T-Mobile Sim and get 3G usage if the Sprint is lacking in the area (I travel alot for work). And no, LTE is not disabled. I get 25 to 30 MB with LTE/Spark near my home.

    • SetNick

      If you have a G2, you can use sprint and T-mobile on the same device.

      • picaso86

        What about a Verizon G2? I heard some people using it in T-Mobiles network with no issues.

        • SetNick

          Hope I don’t get a slap on the wrist like I did when a child from the Nuns at grade-school for providing the link…


          Go to the above link to support the dev for the T-Mobile Rom on the VS980.

          • picaso86

            You are the man.

  • Jared Denman

    Sprints lte is a joke. My work phone which happens to be a sprint s5 can barely top 2-3Mbps.

  • Tirionfive

    Going to take advantage of the empty comments:

    Trolls are getting pretty nasty on here, please down-vote and flag. I love coming to DL to read the comments, but the trolls ruin it for everyone, and since the DL staff aren’t able to do too much, Self moderation should work, right?

    Also, The flag button is there not only for spam, but inappropriate conversations. If the community doesn’t care, then nothing gets done.

    • T4rd

      Indeed.. and if you’re not sure if they’re trolling or not, check their name; if it says “Bryon Mills”, immediately flag it. 😉

      • Tirionfive

        ^ This guy knows what he’s talking about, but I believe it’s ‘brian’ or ‘bryan’ 😉

        • jasenm

          Troll… LOL jk 😉

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    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      What are you talking about exactly? honestly, if you feel like an inappropriate conversation (however you determine that) is happening you should respond directly to those people involved. No one is reading this story about sprint.Trust me.

      Also reach out to Tim if you want to be a moderator, then you’ll have the ability to encourage structured conversation.

      • Tirionfive

        Here’s the issue: You can’t rationalize with trolls. I’ve seen many trolls on this site, and any response gets another backlash. Doesn’t matter how polite, concise or clear your comment is.

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        And Yes, I knew the sprint article was going to be an issue 😉

      • SetNick

        Not true on one statement, “No one is reading this story about sprint.”

        I did cause I have a Sprint phone.

        Just messing with you. No hard feelings.

        • Mike

          I second the owning a Sprint phone.

          Better than T-Mobile in my area by a long shot, and I still get unlimited data.

        • T_Dizzle

          You have a Sprint phone but who provides you cellular service? j/k

      • Yup, reach out to me! If I know you’ve been a part of our community for a good amount of time, I don’t mind giving you permission to clean up our streets. Also, YES(!), flag inappropriate conversations. We go through our comments on Disqus religiously, so we always delete spam and trolls as soon as we see it.

        Thanks everyone!

    • im not a troll

      Just down answer any of them, if someone questions your intelligence or personal opinion over the internet you don’t need to crack your fingers and ready your 5 paragraph reply to someone whos not going to care/read it.

      Trolls are NOT going away

      • Tirionfive

        Quoting from my other comment: Complacency is a dangerous thing.

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        • not a troll guy

          I agree with you, I enjoy the community here and its the only one I actively take part in.

    • ImmaDroid

      Sometimes I like trolls, cause then i get to take my daily anger out on them. And it feels good in a nerdy techy kinda way that most of my friends wouldn’t understand!