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Amazon Giving $100 Worth of Android Apps Away, Includes Instapaper, Essential Anatomy 3, and More

For a very limited time, as in it ends tomorrow at midnight, Amazon is hosting a deal through the Amazon Appstore, giving away $100 worth of free Android apps. Fantastically, not all of the apps are a complete waste of time, as there are quite a few popular titles among the bunch which are being given away. 

For gamers, you can grab Sonic & SEGA All Star Racing, To-Fu Fury, and Carcassonne all for free. As for utility and other variously categorized apps, there are a ton. There is Instapaper, Essential Anatomy 3, KAYAK Pro, Flightradar24 Pro, Ultimate Guitar Tabs, and a ton more all for free.

Usually I don’t frequent the Amazon Appstore, but for these deals, I might just have to go in and check it out.

Grab your free apps by following the link below.

Amazon Link

Cheers David!
  • jazz mania


  • EvanTheGamer

    The only app/game I’m interested in (To-Tu Fury) and it’s not even available on my GN3. Damnit!

  • Christopher Moore

    I still refuse to load a third party app store on my devices. At first it was cool but to me there is no benefit even with free apps.

  • Disqus_n00b

    Is the Amazon store like the Samsung store? Random annoying notifications for apps you never use?

    • CoreRooted

      I’ve actually gotten some good apps from the Amazon App Store and with all the coins in the last promotion, I was able to buy some others for free. Granted, they take FOREVER to update apps, but for apps that you want to buy, but are on the fence about, the app store is ok.

  • kerrhome

    At least one app, To-Fu Fury, can only be installed on the new Fire phone. Interesting….

    • Yeah, i noticed that! I purchased it anyway.

  • kilbasar

    Queue the flood of “I HATE THE AMAZON BLOATSTORE” comments.

    We get it. You don’t want to install the Amazon store. We all know the pros/cons to getting free Amazon apps. Either it’s worth it for you or it isn’t, don’t need to re-hash it in the comments of every free app article.

    • Stoker

      TL;DR. Amazon Appstore sucks balls, BTW.

  • Hamish Eady

    And I’ll have to keep the Amazon App Shop set up to use those apps? No thanks.

  • Being in the amazon ecosystem has soooo many benefits. About to get a new free lending library book on the first, again, too.

  • Essential Anatomy is a $24 app and my gf definitely can use that for work but she won’t spend that kind of money on an app (or anything really) and I’ve always wanted to try Instapaper.

  • And I’ll have to keep the Amazon App Store installed to use those apps? No thanks.

    • Kazahani

      Meh, it came installed on my phone and I never bothered to remove it. Haven’t had any annoyances because of it, and they do have pretty good sales such as this from time to time.

      • PoisonApple31

        Do they at least update the apps in a more timely fashion or is the Play Store still a few updates ahead on some of the apps? Just trying to get a general feeling for that.

        • Kazahani

          I believe that is up to the app developer, no? When they have a new version ready they would need to publish it to both marketplaces.

          • Dibrom

            No, amazon hold and can reject releases. Apps are almost never to parity with Google play.

          • Yeah, but the Google Play store is only on locked down devices where google uses bullying tactics to tell them what to do with their software. Android was supposed to be about openness and customization but Google has clearly gone in another direction. 2 evils here. I use both, but the Amazon store is compatible with far more devices.

          • Uh, Google owns Android. Hence why they include it on Android devices. It’s not on certain device like Amazon Kindles and others because they chose to remove it.

          • That’s a VERY simplified way of looking at things.

            And there are hundreds of devices that aren’t google certified. Pretty much anything built with this: https://source.android.com/

            Google has been bullying Samsung and other manufacturers for a while now and I hope Tizen has some success to take some of the power back.

          • Jon

            They don’t choose to use it. Google has an application process where Google requires their permission for OEMs to include the Google apps. This has long been an issue with smaller OEMs. It seems it includes larger companies as well (ie. Amazon).

          • Amazon wants people to buy apps, books, videos, and more from them, not Google.

          • Big EZ

            Android OS is completely open. Google’s products are not. There is a difference between the two.

          • Yup, thanks Big EZ. Exactly!

          • Jon

            For many cases where the app doesn’t get updated for a long time (ie. weeks, months, etc.), I found that it was because the developer just plain didn’t submit it. I’ve encountered other users experiencing the same issue with other app developers.

        • Jon

          I seem to see a dealy of a few days. I assume it’s mostly due to the developer submiting their updates to the Amazon app store after submitting it to Google Play.

    • PoisonApple31

      Game, Set, Match!

    • Lucky Patcher says you don’t

    • j

      That’s fine. I’ll leave it installed (no harm no foul), and enjoy the thousands of dollars in free apps I’ve accrued.

      • Kevin

        jeez, do you install every single app they give for free?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Your loss, our gain. Also, no one care.