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The Droid Life Show: Episode 65

The Droid Life Show returns this evening with Episode 65, at its usual time of 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern). On tonight’s show, we will discuss our latest device reviews (SHIELD Tablet, OnePlus One, and LG G3), Samsung’s newly granted patent for circle watch faces, Instagram’s shot at Snapchat with the new Bolt app, and so much more.

Given that the Summer months are usually a bit slower in terms of major news, we have decided to cut our shows down to every other week, which means each show we will do from now on will be packed with additional news. At least, until news picks back up with Motorola, Samsung, and Google later this year.

We are live tonight at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). 

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  • ThunderJayHawk35

    maybe one day DL will get around to that “show off your Homescreen” article one of these days…. maybe their waiting for a material design update lol

  • s23

    shamu! 5, 6 inches like shamu ranks!

    skinny crack flasher but my hand big

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    can you guys give an update on how to upgrade with a discount and keep unlimited data on vzw? I’ve been reading about amazon and BB because I want the red/gold m8. Ive gone thru costco before and it works but they only have the gunmetal version.

    • bbgum

      yes please

    • Ryan Gullett

      I did an upgrade with vzw and I kept my unlimited data. But I did it through the Verizon website. Not Best Buy or Costco or anything.

  • Damian

    Its been been nice having a review to read every week.

  • Brian P.

    One of the big topics this week for me for me is Verizon Wireless’s announcement to throttle unlimited 4g data customers. I was glad to hear the FCC chairman stepping in making their presence known however I’m concerned that if the FCC puts to much pressure on the issue, Verizon may be subject to cancelling unlimited all together. That, for me, would be much worse than an occasional throttle during high stress. I would really like to hear everyone’s thoughts on tonight’s The Droid Life Show Episode 65 ! See you at 9 EST!

    • tomn1ce

      Either that or they’ll throttle everyone…..