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Google Search Uses Hotel Reservations to Make Your Trips Less Stressful

If you have travel plans in the near future, think of using Google Search to find things to do, eat or see nearby your hotel without the fuss of looking up where you are staying. At least that’s what Google is preaching over at Google+ today.  

Thanks to Google and Gmail knowing your every move – like your hotel reservation information through confirmation emails – a simple search of things like “Show me restaurants around my hotel” or “Give me directions to my hotel from here” will help take the stress out of trip decisions and navigation. Google can take your hotel reservation, know your location, and then make recommendations.

As someone who travels often for work, I cannot tell you how important Google has become in terms of being a travel companion. From having my hotel and flight information ready without having to ask for it, to giving me directions to important meetings once I land, the combination of Google Now/Search/Gmail is something I do not think I could live without at this point.

Via:  +Google
  • James

    How do I disable this?

    • Justin Kos

      When something pops up in GNow, theres a menu button by it.. click that and it usually says do you want updates for “XXX” or something like that … or scroll to the bottom and hit the menu and there should be an option there

  • mosthemes

    Awesome. Google is bestwordpress themes

  • Tran Nguyen

    Don’t leave home without Google Map.

  • Shawn Spring

    I find it mostly hilarious that there is a Trivago ad at the bottom of this article.

    • ScoobySnack

      There are ads on Droid Life?

      • DanSan

        what’s an ad?

  • Tech49

    Ryan, your a pig.

    • *you’re. And you apparently don’t know how to properly quote someone on here.

    • Ryan N

      What’s wrong with strippers? For some that’s just their destiny… And some are named Destiny.

  • Ryan N

    “OK Google Now, show me strip clubs near my hotel.”

    • MistaButters

      “OK Google, where can I pick up decent crack near my hotel.”