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Monday Poll: Would You Buy a 5.9-inch Motorola Nexus?

oppo n1 cm

The phone pictured above is the 5.9-inch Oppo N1. It’s huge. The reason you are seeing this today is because the rumor of the month suggests that Motorola and Google have teamed up to produce the next Nexus phone as a 5.9-inch whale codenamed “shamu.” I know that you have all been waiting for Motorola to finally get their chance at a Nexus, but it’s pretty clear in the comments of our post this morning that you are torn based on the thought of holding a 5.9-inch phone on a daily basis. Some of you love oversized tablet-like phones, others despise them.

So, what are your thoughts on a 5.9-inch Motorola Nexus? Would you buy one? Would love to hear reasons for buying or passing in the comments.

Would you buy a 5.9-inch Motorola Nexus?

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  • Stanley

    I just think a phablet is too alienating for many Nexus users, and saying “we’ll still sell the Nexus five” seems too much like a middle finger to those not wanting a massive screen by giving them last year’s specs.

    If Motorola is wanting to shovel out a Phablet, I hope that the other 5.2″ Shamu is in the works as well.

  • just Smartphone Motorola Moto G also has great guys.

  • ZGerman

    Yes.. but only if they bring it to Verizon… which is probilby no 🙁

  • Brandon Miller

    I voted “Yes” and I can tell you that without a doubt I would have voted “No” a couple weeks ago. I was recently able to buy a OnePlus One, and it has completely changed my idea on these huge phones. I was like many others who always thought “Anything over 5″ or 5.1” is just way too big (previously have had a Moto X and Nexus 5 btw). But my best advice to anybody is to try it before you knock it. I was shocked at how quickly I was able to adjust to the size of a OnePlus One. I can’t go back now. Anything smaller just feels tiny in my hands.

    I’m willing to bet that the overwhelming majority of those who voted “No” have never had a large sized phone in their hands for very long (hard to blame anyone, not exactly easy to live with a phone without buying it first.) I do think a lot of people would be surprised how easy it would be to get over the size of many of these larger devices.

  • david

    I voted yes, reason being, not the screen size, but the fact that I have been waiting for a motorola nexus since 2011 when I had a moto droid razr. That phone was and is my 2nd best phone, the first is being the nexus 4. It just sounds right, and a final fairwell before lenovo goes and f**ks up a great company that google has brought back from the near dead.

  • Armandoto

    I had the nexus 4 and I LOVE my nexus 5, but 5.9!?!? That’s obscene!

  • Keef

    There’s no need for it. I’m getting sick of “flagship” devices getting bigger and bigger! The overlap of phones and tablets has gone too far now! 5″ is a good enough size for a SMARTPHONE. Course, if it’s all screen and no bezel, then maybe that’d be ok. X-D

  • HarvesterX

    Would likely be perfect if LG managed the design of the phone. Man those guys and gals can cram a LOT into a small form factor.

  • JaredCarlson

    I already have a note 3, and love it. The only things missing are: Pure Android, on screen buttons, and smaller bezels. The moto x showed us that Motorola can do all of the above, so bring on a 5.9″ Nexus!

  • Yes. Because I love getting the most developer support.

  • Julian Stevens

    6″ is just too big for a phone. 5.5 would be my max and that’s probably pushing it.

  • John Whitehead

    I had a Sony Xperia Z Ultra and after a few months of lugging it around, I got rid of it. At first I really liked the size for games, but for everyday use, it was too much.

  • Thaddeus Brown

    The only phone that could make he really wanna upgrade this bad. A Moto brand Nexus. Hell Yeah.

  • Hello AGAIN, Moto. {{-_-}}

  • StrattHacks

    People calm down about the size. We don’t know what it looks like yet.

    Look at what LG did with the G3. If they can fit a 6 inch screen in a ~5.5 in form factor that is certainly not an insane size. I just cannot see them releasing a massive device. If they are fitting more screen space without increasijg overall size I’m all for it.


    My note3 is already pushing limit.

    Ian B

  • jimt

    I hope they make a separate “Verizon Nexus 6” because otherwise ALL nexus 6 phones will have to wait for Verizon before anybody gets an update. This would be totally BAD!!!!! This would make the Gnex fiasco look small in comparison. Please do not make a Nexus 6 with all bands on it. That would be a nightmare phone from the get-go.

  • fallenyogi

    I’d like to remind everyone that the Moto X has the same size screen as the M7 but is noticeably smaller. I have full confidence in Motorola’s design helping make this big phone manageable.

  • nevermindhoser

    I have a note 2 with a extended battery and it fits fine in my pockets

  • Chris Pinola

    Only said no because I wouldn’t buy a 5.9″ anything. Would love a Moto Nexus though.

  • Bobby Phoenix

    Nope. Never. My next phone is going to be 4.5. I only wish the specs would be better for that range, but oh well.

  • MafiaMM


  • protozeloz

    To me things are Donna depend on how small is the bezel, if it makes the phone stupidly huge then no, I’ll pass

  • T_Dizzle

    Yes because I have large hands and my eyesight isn’t getting any better.

  • chris_johns

    love you moto…love you google…hate you any “phone” 5+ inches

  • TC Infantino

    I would love a Moto Nexus, but I wouldn’t want such a huge device for a phone. I think I will just get the new X+1. Coming from the Droid Maxx’s 5 inch screen, the reported X+1’s 5.2 incher should be just about right.

  • NexusMan

    I’d possibly buy anything Moto, as I love what they have been doing. Having said that, 5.9″ is larger than any phone I would have ever imagined wanting, but i am confident in Motorola’s ability to make a new, enjoyable experience. I would definitely be interested in seeing and using the device before ruling it out.

  • W. Paul Schenck

    I really love my Moto X, but I have been wishing for a phone the size of the Note3 or large since the days of the Moto Droid. I was expecting to be in the minority and was really surprised when I hit the “vote” button to find 45% agreed with me. The phone would be about 3″ x 6″, but would still fit in my shirt pocket. I don’t think the increased size would be a problem for one hand, provided the bezel is small like most of the current crop of phones. The large screen would give my old tired eyes a rest with the larger text on the screen and still have the same amount of information, or wider web pages in the browser. I would hope to keep all the smooth running, lag free goodness of the Moto X. Maybe get some L too.

  • Dave

    I currently have a nexus 5, and it’s just a hair too large for me. So no, bigger isn’t always better.

  • SecurityNick

    The Moto X really is the perfect size phone. Large screen, but small enough to be 1-handed if need be.

  • Tyler

    No, I have zero desire to use a phone this big. How about 4.9″?

  • Roger W Turner

    Assuming the Nexus program continues, my next ‘phone is the next Nexus. Google’s Nexus line hasn’t let me down yet and I demand clean & current Android.

  • TonyK

    I would give it serious consideration. 5.9″ screen? Seems a bit much. The huge battery they can (maybe) fit in the case lasts all day? Big thumbs up. If Lenovo keeps Moto build quality? Big thumbs up #2. So, it’s possible.

  • starnovsky

    I’ll buy whatever next Nexus phone is. Because, what else?