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Journey is a New Journaling App With a Material Design State of Mind

Journey, a new journaling app released to Google Play, wants you to rediscover the joys of writing about your life through the “warmth and humanity” of its beautiful UI. As I mention, this is a journaling app, but after spending a few moments with it, I think you will agree with its creators that the design certainly makes you want to start documenting your life adventures.

The app features a Material Design-like interface in parts. The top navigation bar screams MD, as does the tablet interface, but the rest of the UI should be very familiar to those who have used Android apps at all over the last couple of years. There is a slideout navigation drawer, “+” button to add new posts, action overflow menus to access more options, and simple swipe navigation to get between entries. 

In terms of features, Journey includes Markdown shortcuts, a word and character counter, ability to add photos, keyboard shortcuts, night mode, is ad free, and syncs all of your entries across devices through Google Drive. You can search by keyword, create tags, add geotags to entries, cloud print or print-to-PDF, and share with anyone. While I’m no journaling expert, this app seems to be fully featured.

There are some in-app purchases to unlock some of the special features I mentioned (Markdown shortcuts, night mode, etc.), but the majority of the app is free.

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Cheers Daniel!
  • Leif Sikorski

    It’s a nice app and it’s from the same team who did the Jotterpad app. Their markdown, sync and export features are pretty nice.

  • tylerc23

    Check out QKSMS next

  • TechTinker11

    Looks interesting, though I’d probably wait for the full switch to Material, if the developer even has that planned. Seriously, the plus button in the action bar? What is this 2012?

  • Sharkh20

    They say that the road ain’t no place to start a family

  • Suicide_Note

    IAPs make this a no go for me.

    • clobberedchina

      Well, heck, Suicide_Note. You were only going to make the one entry before you croaked anway.

      • jdhas

        10/10. I LOL’ed.

      • Suicide_Note

        ‘Twas true, but I’ve decided to hang around a bit longer. Now I have to find a suitable app since this one won’t cut it.

        • Sharkh20

          Cut what? Your wrists?

    • TechTinker11

      I kind of agree, I mean some IAP’s are bad. But I also hate paying money, and I don’t need a nightmode. So whatevs. 😛

    • Shane Redman

      In this case, I think IAP’s are ok. It’s like a try before you buy. They said there aren’t any ads and it’s not like a game where you pay for it, then need IAP’s just to complete it. And in the end, if you don’t want those extra features, you don’t have to buy them.

      • Suicide_Note

        True, but I’d still like to try those features out before I pay for them. At least with a paid app I can try everything out and get a refund if I don’t like it. With IAPs you’re stuck with them once you pay for them, whether you like them or not.

        • trixnkix637

          Doesn’t the Play Store allot for a refund on IAP’s as long as it’s within the return policy timeframe? Or are you just against IAP as a whole?

    • Leif Sikorski

      You can’t really try an app in 15 minutes. Having the basic features for free and then upgrade for extra features like markdown, export and pdf export without a watermark for a few bucks is much fairer for the user in my opinion. Personally I prefer iAP, especially in apps.

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