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This is How Good the Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera can Be

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The camera in the Galaxy S5 is pretty awesome. In our review, we noted that Samsung is once again leading the charge for mobile optics with the release of this year’s flagship phone. The GS5’s camera can take pictures with incredible detail, thanks to its 16MP sensor, but also does a fantastic job of capturing brilliant colors when it needs to without overdoing it.

To continue to show how impressive their cameras can be, Samsung released the video above, which takes us on a tour of Trieste, Italy during a day from sunrise to sunset. The video was shot entirely with a Galaxy S5. While it’s obvious that some sort of professional crew was behind it all, you can’t help but be impressed by the results.

  • Rt

    The phone is awesome…low light TOTALLY SUCKS…

  • Sevull

    I just got a Galaxy S5 and the camera images are not all that great. Very narrow dynamic range and rather unnatural looking color rendition. It doesn’t bother me though, as it’s main function in my view is networking, phone conversations, etc. and I’m really pleased with the phone in that regard. For those with whom the camera feature is a higher priority, I would recommend the iPhone, which produces much more natural looking video.

  • dungoofed

    I’d like to disagree. I have a samsung galaxy s5 and my camera quality is HORRIBLE. I’ve changed it and changed it and it never has a clear picture.

  • Josh clark

    Galaxy S5 camera is only good with plenty of light. Takes horrible pictures with low light. And the video camera is the same. The picture will look good until I hit record and it gets dim and noisy. And it’s features are basically pointless. They are just gimmicks to sell a phone. I miss my Droid Maxx Hd. At least there Camara is consistent.

  • MeMe

    I wonder if this is like those Nokia Pure view commercials with real cameras showing in the reflections 😀

    You basically gonna think this os good video because of the massive stabilisation that was aplied to it 🙂 That makes the whole diffrence…

  • brendanbree

    I got one and the only I had for it is it just randomly launches even when I don’t have the button hotlinked on the screen. Also, slow. Guess its the AT&T bloatware. And man is there a TON of bloatware. No – don’t launch My Magazine…AGAIN!

  • Nice montage and visuals, but as Kellen mentions, any modern phone (that shoots 1080p) can produce these same results with the right stabilizers, rigs and capable hands. Make no mistake, this video had a marketing plan and a production budget. It wasn’t a random series of video compiled from everyday users.

  • joe23521

    Some of these shot are very pretty, but mostly because of HOW they were shot, not what camera was used. Give a good professional crew almost any camera in an ideal situation, they can give you a nice looking reel like this. Also, I’d be interested to see a list of grip/lighting equipment that were used for the shoot, without which none of these shots would even be possible.

    To be clear, I’m not saying the GS5 camera is not good. I’m simply saying that this reel doesn’t prove anything, except that it’s the artists, not the tools, that make the art.

  • morgan boyle

    Your Camera can be this good!! just dont forget to purchase a steady cam with it!

  • GJV

    So all you need to shoot a video like this is an S5 and a helicopter? Where do I sign up?

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  • MichaelGalarza

    Don’t show this to the verge. The 5s camera is the best in existence to them.

  • Fresh360

    Kinda sorta related but kinda not; I was one of the last GNex holdouts and when Nexxy died (she wouldn’t charge) I picked up a S5 even though I hated the ‘Touch Wizzy Plastic’ but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This is a great phone; screen, camera, and battery are wonderful. I cut off all the TouchWiz animations and sounds, threw Nova launcher on top and never looked back. The one thing that prompted me to comment on this camera post is today at the pool I decided to test out the “Waterproofness” of the phone and on this sunny Sunday underwater pics came out amazing, although TouchWiz is well TouchWiz and the S5 is unapologetically plastic, this is a great phone with a terrific camera.

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    • ja

      must be a pretty old beemer.

  • szee5

    They used a velocity clip hand held mount probably to achive those awesome shots, got to hand it to samsung tho.

  • jagadish

    samsung galaxy s5 worst camara.. samsung cheated to the customers… worst galxys5

    • PoisonApple31

      Go home, you’re drunk!

    • obsidianobelisk

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  • antwonw

    Just so everyone knows, its ALL about coloring in videography. Good optics do help. But coloring it in post, man, you can make something with not so good optics look like it was shot with a Red Epic.

  • cjohn4043

    Shows you don’t need much to make a great video.

  • Fer

    Crappy, like all the things Samsung makes

  • Speedyrulz

    I think the key difference between this and most consumer recordings is the obvious usage of some type of stabilizing mount to get stabile shots and smooth panning of the video. Most videos recorded by users are going to be noticeable shakier and obviously amateur. That being said it’s still a great camera.

  • ClickFire_

    The Camera and Screen are definitely Samsung’s strong points on their Galaxy Devices. Too bad their Software isn’t better.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    This is an LG G3 video… timelapse I think but it looks amazing.


  • Droid Ultra

    S5 camera sucks. My ultra smoked the S5 camera in taking pictures in low light. Tried it with HDR on and off. Don’t care what anyone says or believes, I seen it with my own eyes. I also took multiple pictures to compare, not just a few.

    • sj0808

      Majority says otherwise. But your opinion is noted

      • jim

        a moto with a good camera ? nah I aint buyin it

      • hkklife

        No way. GS5 camera is superior across the board. I tested my Note 3 extensively side by side with a friend’s new GS5 and his was consistently better across the board. But I have to admit that the GS5 was kinda underwhelming in low light situations, yeah.

      • Droid Ultra

        Majority doesn’t matter when I compared them myself side by side.

    • jim

      whats an ultra ? lol I mean really what is it

      • Droid Ultra

        Motorola Droid

      • Droid Ultra

        Also the Note 3 took better pictures than the S5.

    • Bionicman
    • PoisonApple31

      Time for that yearly exam…

    • MicroNix

      Moto better than Samsung in the camera dept?

  • SamBoy

    My note 3 takes great videos as well and the pictures are amazing I’m not a pro or anything either

    • asfarasiknow

      i agree the note 3 takes fantastic videos and im sur e the s5 as well.

    • jim

      we have friends and relatives that when we are out, they have iphones and always ask me to take pics with my Note 3 and then send them a copy because their iPhone cant take pics that good lol

  • Gf1fanatic

    When a smartphone camera can shoot RAW, that will be a game changer!

    • staticx57

      Some of the lumia phones already shoot RAW. Plus android L will bring RAW support to android

    • jim

      nobody wants to carry around an SLR anymore, like carrying a brick around

      • Gf1fanatic

        That’s why I sold my Nikon equipment years ago and went Micro 4/3. Still, as a serious amateur, RAW is the way to go. Even my older Panasonic GF1 blows away the best smartphone camera.

        • jim

          May be right , but people now days just want a point and shoot and forget about it and cell phone are perfect for that

  • saradduclos

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  • jer85008

    Isn’t it kind of weak in low light situations though (high MP/no OIS)? I’ve never trusted test shots for cameras since you don’t know what they did to get it (could have taken 20 shots on a tripod with different setting and chosen the best one). So many people bashed the N5 for it’s camera, but for an every-day camera to take shots in different situations it’s actually quite good. I suspect for a handheld shot of your friends in a low-lit bar the N5 would trounce the S5. Not ranting – I just think that omitting OIS and compensating with a higher MP count and software stabilization is the wrong way to go.

    • jnt

      Yeah it is weak in low light. Workable and not horrible, but it’s no M8 or G3 for sure.

    • staticx57

      The worst part is you cannot software stabilize full resolution captures. There is no excuse for not including hardware stabilization these days.

      • jer85008

        Seems like LG is the only company that thinks OIS is still important.

        • staticx57

          I agree. LG seems to be the best all around camera experience on android. The Samsung phones lack OIS, the Sony phones have terrible software, Motorola just sucks, and HTC made too much of a compromise with their Ultra Pixel. I love my G2.

  • jim

    I’ll go take another with her S3 , her S5 is her work phone

    • jim

      was just about as good, cant really tell any difference

  • jim

    I just took my wife’s S5 and my Note 3 out to our backyard and took a video of our entire backyard with both phones and my Note 3 was as good or better , maybe because my screen is bigger , but both took amazing videos

    • hkklife

      I have no complaints with my Note 3 video recording but the GS5 definitely beats it in speed and IQ.

  • Such

    How does the G3 camera compare to the S5?

    • jim

      you really couldn’t tell the difference, all were great

    • jnt

      outdoors I can tell a difference – S5 is much brighter with truer colors, G3 is a bit washed out and not as crisp… but in low to mid light scenarios, the G3 wins hands down

      • jim

        we have a S3 , S5 and a Note 3 ,, don’t have a G3 , and none were shooting in 4k , going to try that now

        • jim

          no real difference

      • Droid Ultra

        That’s because the S5 is crap in low light or inside lighting. It is really bad, most phone will take better pictures.

  • bogy25

    So why not make a 30 to 40 second commercial with this footage and put it out there like those A holes at apple do? Jeez

  • People can talk all the crap they want but when it comes to cellphone cameras Samsung is running the game.

    • Maxim∑

      Take the S5 in low light and watch what happens…

      Nokia is running the cellphone camera game. Then Samsung/Apple follow with pros and cons

      • jnt

        If you’re referring to the 1020, you could take 10 great shots outdoors with the S5 in the time it would take you to take 1-2 on the 1020. So yeah, Nokia might be a bit better, but if I want to take that long, I might as well get a DSLR out and use it.

        • staticx57

          Actually a DSLR would be significantly FASTER than both the S5 and the 1020. You could have a DSLR switched off and still turn it on, focus, and take a picture before you can even open the camera app on either phone.

          As for the speed, do you really take that many shots at once that you wouldn’t be better served with a DSLR?

          Anyways, if you doubt the quality of the 1020 here is a quick and dirty comparison between the my 1020, my G2 with XDABBEB’s camera mod, and my Canon 6D. I know none of them are the S5, but the 1020 is MUCH closer to DSLR than most cellphones. These are all 100% crops with the 1020 shot in RAW with minimal photoshop processing, the G2 straight from camera and the 6D shot in RAW and processed the same as the 6D. RAW was just exposure + 1/2 and some noise reduction. No flash on any.


          • jnt

            hah, I actually had that same thought after I typed it but was walking out the door… What I should’ve said is I might as well take the time to *go get* my DSLR.

            I can’t find it, but will keep trying, but there was an article on a photography website comparing the 1020 to the S5 when the S5 was first released. In daytime shots, they were close, with the S5 eeking out some shots and the 1020 others. But obviously there’s no question which one wins at night. Thanks for those comparisons as well. I didn’t intend to communicate doubt in the 1020’s quality – I was simply trying to state that it’s so slow compared to the S5 or other phones, that if you can have a phone that’s on par (or even close) in quality to the 1020, but is much faster, that’s a worthy trade-off IMHO.

          • staticx57

            Very true, the speed factor is why I use my G2 for most everything anyways (that and it is the only phone I have with full phone service). As a camera, my DSLR is head and shoulders above the G2 and the 1020. (Using the G2 as a stand-in for the S5 and G3, slightly slower than both but close enough). I use my lumia as a stand in for a point-and-shoot basically. It gives me full control besides the constant aperture. And unless you want to argue that WP isnt a true smartphone it does everything that a phone does. Add that to the fact that if you want to take your LG or Samsung to a loud environment like a concert and take video that audio will clip badly. I know my G2 is useless at a concert. I do believe the HTC One M7 and M8 are able to cope with this, I know for a fact that the early M7 could before their supplier got hit with a cease and desist to stop providing the parts, no idea if they found a work around.

            I am curious how things will change once L is released and you can use RAW on android and use photoshop/light room’s far superior denoise.

            Just my scatter brained thoughts.

      • People actually buy Nokia phones? Lmao. That’s funny

      • wtd2009

        that’s true, it’s not the greatest but you can actually get a pretty good shot with the right settings adjustments. then agian, i take about 5-10% of my photos at night so it’s not an issue for me

      • JeffColorado

        Yep. The Nexus 5 destroys the GS5 in lowlight. Not even a contest.

        • staticx57

          S5 looks like an over-proccsed mess

        • Fuckwad

          Who even wants to take pictures in low light anyway? What’s the point if you can’t see detail, that’s why there’s flash, lowlight is for chumps who don’t have a good enough phone camera and is the only feature on their own phone camera that has any benefit. You can’t beat Samsung right now for all round quality pictures and video

          • JeffColorado

            About half the pictures I have taken sincelast year were lowlight. It is one of the most annoying aspects of phone cameras for me. I’s only in the last generation that they have finally gotten to something I would consider acceptable. And there is still lots of room for improvement.

          • emj

            Flash is horrible. Built in flash in any camera is always too harsh and flattens subject. Yuck. Low light is for people who want to actually capture the mood and feel of a place/object/person in setting etc, natural light (or controlled artificisl light) is so important, the word ‘photography’ translates to “drawing with light”. Majority of my photography is low light. If you were at an amazing fireworks show/gig/party with all this beautiful light that was creating a certain atmosphere, would you chuck on your flash? Please no! Low light capability is important.
            Also, not sure what camera others are talking about but I have a Samsung galaxy s5 and the camera is awful. It sure has definition… Too much I would say. Images appear over-sharpened and look as though some crazy noise reduction luminance has been applied. It ruins the image, it’s not high quality it looks too sharp and fake and flat and literal and cold! Really disappointed!

        • MicroNix

          Is that using the low light settings on the S5? Or auto like an amateur?

          • JeffColorado

            These were taken from Android Central’s own comparison…so I assume both phones are optimized.

      • dsignori

        To each his own, I suppose. If you want to take pictures all the time in low light, with no flash, there are better smartphone cameras. But if you are not taking night shots of lamps in the dark, the GS5 is an absolutely incredible camera. I am constantly amazed by how good this camera is.

        Again, to each his own ..

    • Adrynalyne

      Maybe in the android world. Nowhere else.

      • PoisonApple31

        Where else matters? 😉

        • Adrynalyne

          Depends on how loyal you are to a platform I suppose.

      • Where else would I be talking.

        • jer85008

          Ever use a high-end Lumia’s camera? They are unreal. I had a Lumia 928 for a few months and the camera would take pictures in the dark. Not kidding.

          • evltwn

            All cameras can take pictures in the dark… 😉

          • kg2105

            Ever use a LUMIA? They are unreal in a bad way, not kidding.

          • jer85008

            Did you read my comment? I was pretty clear that I owned one for a few months. And while I prefer Android, WP 8 is nowhere near “unreal in a bad way”.

        • Adrynalyne

          You gave a false absolute and were corrected accordingly.

          Cellphone and android are two different things.

          • Idk, I figured since we were on Droid-Life people would automatically know I’d be referring to an Android device. I don’t know anything about Nokia, (nor could you give me one for free) had an iPhone wasn’t impressed. So for future reference I only speak Android. Capiche?

          • Adrynalyne

            As long as you don’t lump all cell phones to be android.

          • Point taken. I have a bad habit of always thinking people know what Im talking about and I hate explaining things. People always complain about that with me. Lol.

      • ClickFire_

        iPhone 5s camera is highly overrated I owned it for a month and I could not understand everyone praising the camera saying it was the best.

        • Adrynalyne

          I wasn’t talking about iPhone.

        • Mike hunt

          My pinhole cardboard camera takes better pictures than iPhones with higher resolution!

      • MicroNix

        Being that this is an Android specific site, I believe his statement applies.

        • Adrynalyne

          He used cell phone as a blanket statement. It doesn’t matter WHAT site you are on for that to be incorrect.

          If you are on a Nissan site, does that mean Lexus does not exist?

      • master94

        True, Nokia beats all, followed by Sammy than Apple and LG tie. Moto just sucks in camera

    • Colin Huber

      I’ve been impressed with how quickly they’ve caught up to and surpassed the camera capabilities of the iPhone. I always thought Apple would rule that category.

  • sj0808

    Apart from this being a commercial, this video is a masterpiece. Must be awesome to be a professional in this area 🙂

  • For the people questioning the video … read the small print at the end; you’ll see that they’ve made changes here and there. They’re allowed to do so as the video doesn’t represent a device that you may own according to this small print … they’ve covered their asses big time for some reason 😛

  • jb

    To me, that video doesn’t prove much. The lighting is practically ideal in every shot and they had a professional (team) do it. Ask any photographer worth their salt… Photographer > Light > Lens > Camera/Sensor
    I do believe this was filmed entirely with a cell phone. One of the major limits of cell phones is the ability to achieve a shallow depth of field (which is why companies are working on dual cameras and software effects for it) and NONE of these shots illustrate a shallow depth of field – because it’s not possible. So, the person/team making this film decided to use settings where a deep depth of field would be advantageous (mostly landscapes/architecture).
    You want to impress me Samsung, show me something any modern cell phone can’t do.
    /rant from S4 owner.

    • sj0808

      Why do you need shallow depth of field when filming landscape?

      • jb

        You don’t. That’s what I’m saying. They picked settings where a deep depth of field would work to their advantage.

    • jnt

      Trust me, there’s no smartphone out that can match the quality of the S5 outdoors in really good light. In other scenes, the S5 has competition and is worse the less light you get, and is worse than some other phones (G3, M8, etc). But outdoors in good light, the S5 is still ahead of the rest.

      Cue Nokia fans…

      • jb

        I don’t pay much attention to phone cameras as I never use them. I’m willing to carry my DSLR. So I’ll take your word for it. But I have a feeling the advantage of the S5 “in good light” is probably minimal as most cameras perform admirably in good light. It’s the other scenarios where differentiation is important to most photographers.

        • jnt

          Maybe so – but I guess I’m extremely nitpicky about cameras on phones b/c I use them all the time with my kids, and the sharpness and color quality on the S5 outside is second to none right now. I’m sure it’s a situation where some people couldn’t care less and the differences are negligible at times, but b/c I’m nitpicky I notice it. 🙂

          • jb

            I hear ya!
            Sony is working on a curved sensor cell camera that should best everything else out there, at least for sharpness (no idea good or bad about color). Keep an eye out for it. Sony supplies imaging sensors to a LOT of companies so it probably won’t be limited to Sony phones as time goes on. Also, consider investing in a “large sensor compact camera”, especially one with wifi so you can instantly transfer pics to your cell. Image quality will be greatly improved in all situations and many of them offer a zooming lens which exponentially increases the usability, especially with kids. They’re not cheap, but hey, memories are priceless, right? 🙂

          • jnt

            I’ll have to look for something like that. We have a DSLR but don’t always take it everywhere we go. Something compact that can provide even better quality would be great. Thanks!

            And yes, memories are priceless!

          • jb

            The Sony RX100 II or RX100 III would be great choices. They’re very different cameras despite one being the successor of the other.

          • sski66

            Your right they are great choices, I have the RX100m2 & it’s great, & it’s really easy with nfc to transfer pics to my phone or tablet to upload.

          • jnt

            Finally got around to looking those up… I might recant my remark about memories being pricesless… 😉 Those are more than our Nikon DSLR was – but look absolutely awesome.

          • jb

            Keep an eye on them. The RX100 (the first one) was originally priced similarly. It’s currently going for $400. So, if you’ve got time to wait, just keep it in the back of your mind and when you find the deal you like (a year, 2, 3?), pull the trigger 🙂

        • ripz

          Does Noone read where it says..photos are enhanced?

      • wtd2009

        completely agree. makes me feel like im awesome at taking pictures, but i know its just how good the camera is =)

    • Guest

      I thought so too that u couldn’t get any DOF but I was surprised when I took this pic yesterday with my HTC ONE M7, not too bad.

    • sski66

      I thought so too that u couldn’t get any DOF from a cell phone camera. I took this shot yesterday with my HTC ONE M7 & I was pretty surprised, granted it’s no dslr but it’s not too shabby.

      • jb

        Yeah, you can force it in close up situations, but that’s about it. Try doing that with an upper body portrait of a person with good composition 🙂

    • joe23521

      Completely agree. This reel shows off the skills of the crew much more than the camera itself.

  • Now if only I had some nice architecture nearby…

  • Ryan N

    I’ve got to hand it to Samsung…

    I’m surprised they’re still promoting a phone if theirs that is 4 months old… That’s got to be some sort of record for them.

    • What are you talking about? Apple is still promoting the iPhone 5s.

      • alex

        Some people on this site have some strange mental processing and see the word Apple where it doesn’t exist. And of course have an immediate negative reaction.

        • Ryan N

          Thank you.

  • hyperbeatser

    looks down at Moto X *tear rolls down face*

    • staticx57

      You don’t buy a Motorola phone for its camera…ever

      • sj0808

        That’s why i never buy motorola phone. Ever.

        • patt

          especially Moto X 😀 no thanks ;]

          • sj0808

            Well moto x is their flagship and takes pretty crappy pictures.. so im sure other motorola phone take sub par pictures as well.

            I have a Nexus 5 and it takes really crappy picture, especially in low light.

          • FTW

            Too bad Moto doesn’t use sony cameras, They sell them to other manufacturer’s for phones.

            Still going to buy the Moto X +1, I’ll never use TW again or any skin on top of android. I want stock or close to it even if it means an average camera.

            Also I wish Kellen or Tim would have shot videos with the S5 instead of regurgitating a Samsung commercial where Samsung Hire’s an Ad firm to do this and they probably don’t even use the Camera on the phone most of the time. Most commercials don’t actually use the phone’s camera I read over a year ago.

            . I would rather see real world use by people I trust on DL, even thought K & T probably are better at Using cameras than the average person.

          • sj0808

            Oh god I think you have some trust issues lol

      • Andy

        My Motorola Droid Mini takes pretty good pictures. Not when compared to a DSLR, but way better than my last phone which had a 2MP camera and no autofocus.

        • staticx57

          Well, enjoy it for what it is and your next upgrade will be equally as large. 🙂

      • Nate

        Lord! I had EVERY Motorola Phone from the Droid 1 to the Droid 4 and all the Razr line, Bionic. They were all very poor at cameras.

    • 4n1m4L

      I must be a minority liking the moto x camera. Of course I came from a gnex.

      • Greyhame

        I thought it was fine, until I looked at the pictures on a larger screen. Not very good. The recent updates have helped, but software can’t overcome poor optics.

    • Chris

      I returned my Moto X because it literally had the worst camera I have ever seen in a smartphone. Not even kidding, my HTC Eris and Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate beat the X……lol

  • Rafael

    Let’s suppose they actually recorded that with an S5. The important thing would be, how easy can a normal user achieve such quality shots without messing too much with settings? Or without having plenty of time to shoot countless times? Those are the things that matter (at least in my opinion) in a smartphone’s camera.

    • EP_2012

      Why does that matter? Even pro video equipment costing tens of thousands of dollars still need to be calibrated, tweaked, corrected, edited, adjusted and messed around with to get great video. This applies to DSLR camera’s too, where just about every photo needs some kind of setting to be adjusted or tweak to be applied in post-processing.

      • Rafael

        Thanks for the objective reply (not like others here). I know pro equipment also need tweaks and adjustment, but they’re being operated by photography pros, which (in most occasions) is not the case with smartphones. A lot of people just want to point at shoot. My point was not to put down the S5 capabilities, because I admit it, that video quality is huge.

        • EP_2012

          I think there’s a fine line to be drawn when you’re a manufacturer and you need to keep as many people happy as possible. Some smartphones over-process images, making them look too sharp or too vibrant, but that might be something that appeals to people. And others make look perfectly accurate, but amateur photographers will say it looks “dull”.

          I find Samsung to be pretty good overall (not quite there with low-light photos), but video’s tend to look more like a Hollywood film with a little post processing 🙂

    • sj0808

      The ad is showing what galaxy s5 camera is capable of, not showing how to take those shots. This is coming from a jealous nexus 5 user who has a mediocre camera.

      • Rafael

        What you said about the ad is totally true. And my comments is comming from a user that has never liked (nor pretending to learn) to tweak camera’s settings to get good shots in smartphones.

    • wtd2009

      It’s easy, trust me. I suck at taking pictures and I continue to be impressed by the photos I get on this phone

    • jnt

      Actually quite easily. Clearly some mounting equipment is used in some of those video shots, but in general (especially with the easy/fast HDR mode), it’s pretty darn easy to achieve those results.

    • MicroNix

      Samsung is the real deal with smart phone photos. Even my S3 took amazing shots that could easily be entered into competitions. I’ve also found the G3 to be a worthy competitor taking spectacular photos as well.

  • T4rd

    Why did they only do it in 720p, when it can do 4k or at least 1080p?

    • sj0808

      It is available in 1080p…

    • Note 4 will most likely have 4K

      • 213ninja

        Note 3 shoots in 4k.

    • jnt

      4k videos are incredibly choppy, even with stabilization on. 720 probably provided the smoothest experience.

    • maysider

      4k does not apply HDR 😉

  • itsacardigan

    I call BS. Maybe set up another S5 aimed at this S5 for proof.

    • Ryan N

      At the end of the video “Certain images may be enhanced”. So in other words, sammy has really good editing software.

      • joe23521

        You mean Adobe has really good editing software.

  • gueat

    This is a joke…right?

  • Dpalm

    Processional? Lol.

    • Mario Williams

      Didn’t you see the funeral in the middle of the video? =P

    • Meh, fixed. 😛