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Friday Poll: Which Google App Would You Like to See Receive a Material Design Makeover Next?

While cruising through /r/Android on reddit, we came across an interesting poll, asking folks which Google app they would like to see receive a Material Design makeover next.

Now that we have Google+, Chrome Beta, and a bit of Google Play updated with the new UI, there is a long list of other Google applications that could use it. While all of these apps are completely functional in their current state, the inner fanboy in all of us would love to see all of them updated with the Material Design look, but the only question is, which one do we want next?

While my personal request would be for Google Play Music, Hangouts, and Gmail (maybe not in that order), we know that eventually all of these apps will receive a massive facelift.

Answer the poll below, then go ahead and give us a brief explanation as to why in the comments section.

Which Google app would you like to see receive a Material Design makeover next?

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  • Digi

    None. Material Design looks like garbage.

  • so… what is happening with blogger? the app never works anymore at all…

  • Paul

    The Calendar needs a proper makeover but after discovering Sunrise I don’t think I can come back.

  • Samfortal

    Youtube is so bad yet. When Google will make it a real app?

  • James Vincent

    Gmail & Calendar next. ‘Cos they’re what I use on a daily basis.

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  • Fred

    Play music :”

  • Matthew Merrick

    Also, even moreso than voice, the Google Blogger App needs some serious love

  • Matthew Merrick

    Looking at g+, and leaks, I’m honestly not looking forwards to material Gmail at all. I’m wary of material Drive. Material hangouts and YouTube will be nice.

    But what I really want is Material ChromeOS

  • I can guarantee google will “dumb down” (aka remove useful features) the new “google voice” hangouts. They did it with maps, gmail, alerts, everything. The key aspect is to “hide” functions making it harder to see what you are really doing (and to require more steps to do the same function) and to make everything with big clunky buttons and “cute” hipster shapes. The other is to break off functions that were once unified (like my maps in maps 6.14) and break it into “maps engine”. I know they just want to make all apps work the same on both android and desktop regardless of screen size. not a good approach. Didn’t Microsoft loose that bet with win 8 metro look?

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  • Prox


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  • Brian Winning Jr.

    Hangouts for sure. Not a fan of the current design, they could do a lot better. Perhaps even put the threads front and center instead of a slide out!

  • Lap

    Wheres the option for ” i use none of them”


    I’m sick of the redesigns. If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

  • EzzeldinKandeel

    By the way, Google docs, spreadsheets, slides got the material design

  • EzzeldinKandeel

    Google calendar app looks awful.. It needs a face-lift

  • ineptone

    “None” should be an option because, so far, what I’ve see of Material Design is kind of hideous.

  • DKDigitally

    Play Music needs the biggest redesign IMO, it’s not nearly as user friendly or intuitive as Spotify or Rdio, They have it down.

  • saradduclos

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  • miri

    Play Music followed by YouTube, then Maps, then… All of them.

  • Sjschwar

    Dark or black theme on gmail and hangouts

  • dro

    Why don’t they fix the stupidity of listening to music on the YouTube app, and when the app is minimized or the phone is locked, the music stops.

    • JSo

      Because its a video app and not a music app?

  • danix180


  • Felipe

    google chrome for pc/mac 😉

  • ABerry5

    Voice hasn’t been updated in 5 years it’s the only app that should be on this poll

    • JSo

      Probably because they are eventually going to get rid of it.

    • cadtek91

      It’s been updated since then.

  • Erik

    Really want an updated Google Play Music that shows the full album artwork rather than a blown up 16:9 vertical portion of the artwork. Have always hated that.

    • Aaron C

      I’d settle for it allowing us to display our own artist on the artist page. Still broken.

  • Octopus

    Just one? I voted Play Music, but why not Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Drive, Keep, Calendar, and all the rest?

  • droidrazredge

    I vote for Google Voice because this UI has been like this since Android 2.3. It’s in need of a dire makeover because it look so out of place compared to how the other Google Apps / Services look, but hopefully when Google Voice is integrated into Hangouts it’ll get the Material Design in Android L.

  • Disqus_n00b

    The G+ redesign is terrible

  • ArXiLaMaS

    What about Google Now?

    • JSo

      Google Now? What needs to be updated in that?

  • Menger40

    Holo fo lyfe

  • Jake L

    Really thought that Youtube would run away with this poll

  • Cael

    I voted for Hangouts because I actually use it a lot and I want it to look better.

  • Justin Kos

    As I clicked hangouts I was like, this is totally going to be the one the DL community votes up… just because it says G. Voice =)

  • Jasonics

    Hangouts. I use it a lot now mixed with the stock messenger of my M8, would love to see some customization options to play with layout, styles, colors, etc. Not a huge fan of the layouts of the HTC messenger styles, but at least you can change colors around. First world problems I know….

  • saradduclos

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  • Justin W
  • turdbogls

    I voted Play music…..but why not materialize all the things!

  • Cesar

    Play Music for sure. I’ve never really cared for its current look.

    • Suicide_Note

      Every time I open it, it’s like someone drank a gallon of Sunkist and puked all over my screen.

      • miri

        Then you’ll love the material update. 3x more orange!

        • Suicide_Note

          Perhaps a fluorescent orange?

  • really no G+ option ?

    • JSo

      I think G+ is kinda already there.

      • JSo

        Although, the Photos app that is bundled with the G+ app is due for one isn’t it? Did they show off a new Photos app at I/O?

    • Cesar

      G+ was the first app to get the Material Design makeover…

    • turdbogls

      it pretty much already is.

    • Mike Aurin

      So you haven’t opened G+ within the last month?

  • Mike Aurin

    People are only voting for Hangouts/Google Voice because they want to see integration. Not the best choice for an option…

    • cadtek91

      Yeah, the option should say “Hangouts”

    • Justin Kos

      Exactly my thoughts

    • JSo

      Yeah, I only use Google Voice for Voicemail. I could care less about integration.

    • Yea I’m sure that’s the reason for most people but I voted for Hangouts not for the GV integration but because it’s the most used app on my phone.

    • Kevin

      I agree teribble poll options. Do over Tim? Please 🙂

    • JohnBergman

      I voted Hangouts regardless of whether or not Google Voice is integrated. It is the app I use most by far.

    • Tommy Huuf

      Have you looked at google voice ui lately?

    • MrSonicBoom

      I voted for the one I use the most. In this case it was Hangouts.

    • Guis

      Also the options don’t say “Mobile” technically, but I guess it’s an assumption. Gmail and Drive need it the most

    • tdurden64111

      Not sure what this integration things is, but I want Hangouts to have a better looking layout. Why is white the only background option? I want to customize it, damn it! The M8’s text app blows so big of balls.

  • BoFiS

    I’d say Hangouts, just because I want them to integrate Voice finally, and also maybe allow you to see a list of contacts by STATUS or even set status again like gTalk …

    • Mike Aurin

      You’re missing the point of the question if you’re voting “just because you want them to integrate”….

  • Ryan N

    Play music. Absolutely. It can be made more user friendly and visually appealing.

    Now we play… The waiting game…

    • I see what you did there. PLAY…

      • Nick Beyersdorf

        It was a PLAY-on words.


    • Justin Kos

      I think so too, I use it every day so I am used to it, but I can see it having a learning curve to a first time user.

      • JSo

        I don’t see how it’s not user friendly. It seems like a straight forward music app to me.

        • Justin Kos

          I feel the same way but I have a friend who’s not too tech savvy tell me it was a little tricky to figure out initially.. Personally I love it

          • JSo

            I find that funny. Everything is organized in “My Library” just like any other Music app. lol

  • Luxferro

    Hangouts & Google Voice! We want our Intergration !!!

    • Mike Aurin

      You missed the point of the question ther…this has nothing to do with integration.

      • Luxferro

        I understand what the question is. You fail to understand the POV of GV users.

        • Mike Aurin

          Seriously? Where does a material design update to both applications promise an integration?

          • Luxferro

            It doesn’t. Duh. Neither does a poll on a website. Just because you don’t like someone’s opinion or possible agenda, it doesn’t invalidate their vote, or choice of picking one of the options.

          • Suicide_Note

            Just a guess, but I think he meant that he wants Hangouts+GV to receive a Material Design makeover next, and for the integration to be completed as well.

  • ChrispyAndroid

    Are people voting for Hangouts + Google Voice because they want to see Material Design, or because they want Hangouts + Google Voice to actually exist?

    • Luxferro

      Both, they probably come hand in hand.

      • Mike Aurin

        Ballsy assumption.

        • turdbogls

          people are going to Flip a lid if it gets materialized and doesn’t get integration….lol. it’ll be funny.

    • Cesar

      The latter, which is missing the entire point of the poll.

    • Jordan Webb

      It’s the Google App I spend the most time staring at (except maybe Chrome), so I voted Hangouts.

    • jrbmed08

      I want both, but I voted for GV because I’d like to see it looking nicer.

    • Chris Hannan

      I want Google Voice to get Material Design. Since the only way that’s happening is with Hangouts integration, I want the integration.

  • JSo

    Google Play Music. I use it every day and would love an update. Hopefully they revamp the web player as well.

    • cadtek91

      They will be; they’ll be updating all of the Google web apps to Material Design.

      • Justin W

        I want a different view for when it’s Chromecasted.

        • JSo

          Out of curiosity, what would you like to see?

          • Justin W

            Maybe a visualizer of some sort. Just something other than the album art appearing randomly across the screen or a fireplace (it’s a lab option in the web player). I really would like the full screen album art that is seen in the Play Music web player when you full screen it (it fullscreens the album art and moves it slowly across the screen).

          • JSo

            Yeah, a little update to that would be nice. Maybe when the Chromecast gets an update we will see small stuff like that.

          • Justin W

            I’m wondering if they’ll release an updated model of the Chromecast with dual band WiFi. There are some fantastic benefits with just that one update that are missed out on, and my Chromecast is the only reason I’m not fully using 5GHz.

          • JSo

            I don’t know if we will see that this year. I think they are pushing Android TV for now.

          • Justin W

            Good point. I was thinking about picking up an Android TV when it arrives this fall to use on my main TV and just use my Chromecasts as supplementary devices on my other TVs. Do the dev units for Android TV support 5GHz?

    • BobButtons

      I just want them to add the ability to change the ever-so-frequently-inaccurate artist images.

      • JSo

        You have inaccurate artist images? I don’t think I have seen inaccurate ones. Some music I upload have no artist images but I can’t remember seeing inaccurate ones.

        • BobButtons

          Hugh Laurie for example instead of a picture of him shows a solid color with some random crazy album cover on it. He’s probably on that album in some way which I’m assuming is why it’s linked but I don’t even have it as part of the library and the image isn’t even of him. This is just one example but as you said, them being missing completely is part of the problem as well.

      • Mo ZedEl

        If I remember correctly, it can be done through the web app

        • BobButtons

          It’ll let you update the album art but not artist images. There are a bunch of people complaining about it in the forums too. I believe only the artists (or whoever manages their page) can change it because the only info I can find about doing it talks as if it’s done by the owner of the content, not the customer.

        • JSo

          The album art yes, the artist art no.

    • nosedive94

      When they showed off the material version of Play Music at I/O, I practically wet myself. The web player needs it pronto as well. Damn thing never works.

  • OGshoestrings


  • MacGyver

    Where is the “I don’t give a sh!t” option??

    • That would be “Other” 😀

      • MacGyver Jr.

        Nope, sorry Timmy boy… Other means that I would like a different app to be updated. It does not mean “I honestly don’t care about Material Design”

        • Same place the Disqus down votes for you comment went…

  • Open1Your1Eyes0

    It’s a real split decision for me between Hangouts and Google Play Music. But honestly because I dislike GPM’s UI more than Hangouts’ I selected that.

    Orange must go!

    • turdbogls

      I completely agree with this. I use both quite a bit every single day. I dont mind the UI on hangouts, but I would LOVE to have talk integration.
      but the UI on GPM is getting old, quick. if it looks like the one they demoed at I/O I will be drooling over it until all other apps are updated….haha

    • miri

      The Material update for Play Music shown at I/O has about 3x more orange XD

    • Chris Hannan

      I don’t really care how GPM looks since it’s running in the background during 99% of its usage.

  • 213ninja


    • TouchPiss

      Be careful, that stuff is toxic, Got it on my clothing once, and had to burn the clothes, and bury it at the toxic waste dump in Arizona salt mine

      • Matthew Merrick

        I didn’t read that properly at first, and I was trying to process the concept of touchwiz running on an Amazon fire tablet. It would honestly be an improvement.

    • maysider

      god NO!
      Material Design = zero customization = zero ergonomics = zero features using = zero innovations
      Google will be surprised soon why we do not use all the lost and hidden features under never-ending swyping 🙂
      which will cause never-ending feature removing because “this and that and this feature” uses just 10 % of users 🙂

      Material designer should be fired for this huge step back