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LG Mobile Sells Record 14.5 Million Smartphones in Q2, Turns A Profit for the First Time in Three Quarters

Life’s good for LG, if the company’s financials are anything to go by. The smartphone division had a record quarter (selling 14.5 million smartphones), leading to a Q2 net profit of KRW 412 billion ($399.8 million) and an operating profit of KRW 606 billion ($588.5 million). That’s a 165% and 26.5% increase year-over-year, respectively.

LG still makes a lion share of its profit from the sale of televisions, home appliances, and air condition units, but mobile was the big story here. LG’s smartphone division turned a profit for the first time in three quarters, raking in KRW 86.9 billion ($83.4 million). Sales increased to KRW 85.9 trillion ($3.51 billion), which LG lends to the popularity of the G3 in South Korea and “strong sales” of its L Series phones.

Looking ahead, LG isn’t putting all of its eggs in one basket. The company plans to launch additional variations of the G3 – such as the G3 Beat – in several markets, as well as additional L Series models.

We recently reviewed the LG G3 and found it to be the best Android smartphone currently on the market. LG’s profit is well deserved, and will hopefully encourage the same level of innovation this time next year.

Via: LG
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  • Jon

    I’ll be adding to their profits soon when I JUMP from Note 3 to G3 in a few days.

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  • hfoster52

    I am glad they turned around since the LG revolution!!

    • jnt

      The irony in that statement is strong… “turned around” … “Revolution”… or maybe they did it on purpose?!?

      • gg

        a lot of us DLers used to laugh at LG back in the day #memories

        • Deez

          Dysfunctional Learners?

  • Rich Robinson

    Absolutely love my G2 and GPad 8.3 GPE – Great job LG!

  • bboyairwreck

    I remember when we were all so happy with the OG Droid, Droid X, Galaxy Nexus (heh…), LG Nexus’s, HTC One, Moto X, etc. Like these phones were/are great for their time. And the LG G3 makes me feel that kind of excitement for a beeeaaasttt of a phone. Keeps reminding my why I love the DL community to just see us look at so many phones and we all get hyped or bitter about that one particular flagship. =] Thanks DL!

    • kg2105

      Was with you until you got to the Moto X, all the other devices you listed were pushing the limits of hardware and/or design. The Moto X did neither, “one of these things is not like the other.”

  • duke69111

    LG has really been advertising the G3 on TV and their ads actually show off the features and hardware of the phone in a useful way. Its good advertising.

    • Mech_Engr_09

      Yeah I think I’ve seen the commercial at least ten times since it was released for Verizon. I’m happy that they don’t have some nobody on it telling you to search the internet for any type of info on the device.

  • Jigga What

    the competition will hopefully boost innovation from all involved..now if HTC can get back in the game as well. Kudos to LG and G2/G3..

    • Robert Paulson

      All HTC would need to do is get rid of the black bezel logo bar and put in a normal camera and not a gimmick one.

      • RadicalPie

        You sir are 100% correct!!

      • Alex Niehaus

        I just bought an m8 on Monday and I have to take pictures all day for my job with my phone. Compared to my gs3 this thing blows it out of the water (I’d hope) but I also had a Lumia 928 that had an amazing camera and this thing takes even better pictures to be honest. Plus it focuses better and snaps them instantly.

        I’m sure other cameras are better, but for most people the camera is absolutely serviceable.

        • kg2105

          It is serviceable but they created a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist and are now stubbornly sticking to it. They should just get a standard 12MP+ camera with the best lens available. It will be much better than a ultrapixel 4MP camera.

  • I’m happy for LG. I have the G3 but when the Note 4 is released I’m going back to Samsung.

    • Bryan Mills

      For a bigger screen? Cant blame you. It’s hard to leave a big phone.

      • The stylus also even though I rarely use it it’s good to have. Plus I now that LG is making a little buzz Samsung will try to knock them out of the water so I see fierce competition and great Phablets coming from both LG and Samsung in the future. (Which is always a +1 for the customer)

        • Bryan Mills

          I don’t really see much changing until next year when the real Qualcomm processors come out.

      • Bowen9284

        Annnd the battery life. Having all day battery is new and exciting for me.

        • Bryan Mills

          My G3 gives me 4+ hours screen on. Note 4 won’t be much different.

          • Mech_Engr_09

            fcuk samsung. I hope everyone starts getting as sick of them as I am.

          • jnt

            I don’t hate Samsung nor am I sick of them. But I do LOVE seeing the other companies step it up to add competition. But the problem remains… MARKETING. These other companies have got to bite the bullet and eek out dollars in their budget to market the heck out of their phones, and do it in a smart way (unlike HTC’s). That’s how you get “brainshare” with the average consumer. A solid product will only take you so far.

          • plunderhead

            with more people liking phones other than samsung public awareness will help too, my buddy broke his gs4 and when i showed him my nexus5 he ordered on the next day.. he had no idea such a thing existed (hes not a tecchie like us)

          • Mark Aaron Collado

            I’m getting 15-17 hours and 4-4.5 hours of on screen time on my G3. #lifebeyondthegalaxy

          • note

            the note 3 (for me) was better, i would get 6+ mine was rooted and tweaked pretty heavily however

        • Big EZ

          They will have similar run times.

      • Free

        No he misses the Regional Lockout

      • flosserelli

        Maybe he misses the lag.

        • jnt

          Given that my S5 is smoother than My G3, I doubt it 😛

    • tu3218

      Then you can sell me your G3! Every 12 hours I’m searching craigslist lol I want the G3 so bad. Still hanging onto my Moto X and Unlimited data till I find one.

      • Passing it to my gf, I used her upgrade to get this and my upgrade will go on the 4. I’ve never really sale anything I just pass things on to friends and family. Selling is too much of a hassle. (to me anyway)

        • tu3218

          Fair enough. Its really not hard. Plus its worth it when you can’t upgrade because you still have unlimited data. My last upgrade was the galaxy nexus. From there I haven’t upgraded and through trades I’ve gotta the s3, s4, an now the X.

      • Mech_Engr_09

        Want to buy my htc one m8?

        • tu3218

          No thanks. Just really looking for the g3.

  • p4

    if i ever get sick of htc, this is probably the next company id buy from

  • Ryan Chapman

    got 2 from me!

  • Droid Ronin

    Good for LG. They’ve been making great phones since the G2 and hope that they keep it up.