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Verizon LG G3 Hands-on

We have already posted up our full review of the LG G3 on AT&T, but since we have now received the same device on Verizon, we wanted to go over the differences between the two devices. While they both feature the same exact hardware, slight changes have been made in the amount of bloatware, plus minor UI tweaks have also been baked in on Big Red’s model.

Apps such as Hotels.com, Slacker Radio, and Clash of Clans have been added in, but the most notable software change is the addition of sliders for volume and brightness in the notification shade. AT&T’s model left these sliders out, which was actually one of our pain points while using the device. Sliders are not a complete deal breaker, but it is nice to have them for the sake of convenience. 

The Verizon G3 runs Android 4.4.2 out of the box, same as AT&T’s, and as mentioned above they both come with matching hardware. The G3 features a 5.5″ QHD display, Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, 13MP rear-facing camera, and is powered by a 3,000mAh battery.

Below, we have a brief hands-on with the Verizon variant, but as you might have already guessed, there really is not too much different.

If you have any questions, drop them below.

  • Joel

    If anyone has a complete list (or knows a link to such a list) of all the apps that can be safely disabled for the LG G3, I’d really appreciate it.

  • maclv

    FYI the Verizon G3 can switch between list and tab view in the settings.

  • Chase

    I picked up the G3 last Thursday and so far it’s been nothing short of spectacular. I haven’t experienced any of the lag that people are talking about. I’m sure there will be a little bit as I install some more apps (only installed about ten so far), but it’s still buttery smooth for me. The battery life is about average when it comes to using it with the screen on (I think my S3 sipped more slowly when I first got it), but pushing this many pixels, it doesn’t come as a surprise. However, standby time has been excellent. Camera quality is top notch too. No complaints whatsoever. Looking forward to rooting this thing when I have time.

  • teebone

    Well, I played with the G3 for 2 days and decided I didn’t like it. The screen was washed out compared to my Galaxy’s super amoled screen and the data connection didn’t seem very fast to me. The G3 was fairly fast all in all but again, I missed the colorful/brighter screen with the deeper blacks of the super amoled screen, which to me is superior to the LCD.

    These are the only pluses I liked on the LG over the Samsung GS5:

    The design, it is one sexy design, but I want more than that on my phone.
    3 gig of ram, though it seemed sluggish at times with the UI.
    quad hd/5.5 inch, screenQuad hd screen, though you had to mess with the settings to try to make the G3 not look so washed out.

    The GS5 has these features that better the G3 to me anyway:

    Supoeramoled display, far superior to the LCD. Also, I can see the phone rather clearly in the Sun, the LG not so much,
    Water, dust resistant, not that I set my phone outside in the rain but it’s a nice feature to have.
    Charging, the charging of the GS5 is the biggest thing that people seem to forget..I can literally charge the phone from say 85% to 95% in like 15 minutes..LG took 3, 4 times longer for that same feat.

    The GS5 was noticeably faster at most all things, the UI, web browsing, you name it. I used both phones at my place and my data speeds are typically around 40 to 50 + mbps down so I know it wasn’t a speed issue.
    Battery life, the battery life is better on the GS5 than the G3.

    The LG G3 is a nice phone with some cool features and albeit washed out LCD, it’s still a nice display. A few other things are nice as well, but I’m finding the GS5 to be a superior phone in most other aspects. Call me a fanboy or whatever it may be, but I’m extremely happy that I took the LG back to get the GS5. I can’t forget the GS5 design has grown on me compared to when it 1st came out cause I was expecting a quad hd screen with a different form factor.

    Both phones are cool so whatever you decided to get I’m sure you’l be happy with it.


    • Chase

      Really??? I know AMOLED is better for viewing outside, but the LG G3 isn’t exactly a slouch. I’m easily able to see my display in sunlight at only 50% brightness…

      • teebone

        Yeah it was OK but the GS5 blows it away in my opinion. The LG screen was too dull in my eyes.

  • cking

    Will the wireless charging work through an otterbox case?

  • legalkill

    Verizon Navigator saved me once, on my LG Voyager. I paid for one time use, $2.99 then a few years back. Its currently listed as $4.99/month. Verizon lives/loves to nickel and dime you. You can change the settings to tab view in Verizon, and yeah Tony said below, no stock browser only Chrome. I don’t remember having hotels.com on mine. The one useless thing that was missing on mine that I actually use was the daydream photo table. I had to take it from my Galaxy S3.

  • alexander307

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  • Tony Kuligowski

    I’m surprised nothing is mentioned about the browser. The Verizon version seems to be using Chrome instead of the stock LG browser. I think its the same on the G2 as well.

  • Matt_350z

    I work for Verizon and ya a lot of my coworkers don’t even care about phones just money. But there are a select few who actually like and pay attention to the New toys and what not!

  • Teddy Chen

    Clash of Clans should come with all carrier bloatware.

  • LOOMfreek

    I visited my local VZW store last Saturday around 3pm. It had a small crowd. But no one was looking at the G3 at all. Everyone was waiting for help and the one person that was actually looking at a phone was looking at a Motorola Moto G.

    Better for us, I’m thinking. No need to fight the crowds and having a tough time looking for one. I’m just waiting for my local Costco to get it in. Should be any day now. The rep there showed me the dum demo unit that came in this week. He told me when they get the demo units in, stock usually follows shortly. I was pleasantly surprised too. Looks like Costco is getting a dark metallic grey color which I haven’t seen yet.

  • Buzzy42

    LOVE my Verizon G3. I only rarely see anything I would describe as “lag” (and honestly, that is pushing the definition of “lag” in my mind and I’m usually really picky) and the battery life has been fantastic. It really seems like there must be a bad batch of units out there, maybe that overheat and throttle easily, to give it such a weird reputation as a laggy phone. I DO notice that the GPU seems a bit underpowered for the number of pixels while gaming, but for day to day use with just normal apps, it’s been perfect.

    My camera definitely could be better; I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the “oversmoothing” of images and I see that on mine as well. That said it feels like it could be improved with updates. But for how much I love how the rest of it works, I’m trying not to care.

    Now I just need to decide when to root it, especially as it seems unclear on the Verizon version if unrooting it resets a root counter or anything.

    I paid full price (thank you Best Buy financing– sure, I could’ve paid for it in full, but why when Best Buy is willing to float me the money for 12 months at 0%?) and kept my unlimited, by the time I added a second bogus line, paid for it for 2 years, etc, I would’ve been close to the same amount out of pocket as just buying the phone. Now if Verizon ever does force us grandfathered off unlimited I still have a potential upgrade if I stay. (although I’d likely run far, far away from Verizon if I lost unlimited data)

  • SG

    how much actual storage is available on the verizon model out of the 32gb? anyone know?

    • Buzzy42

      I’m trying to remember, I think mine was around 20gb or so..? (it says 14.20gb free now on Day 5 that I’ve owned it, with 4gb of apps and 6gb of videos/photos– it comes with a couple preloaded videos showing off the display so those aren’t all “mine”)

      • SG

        damn..thats less than 50% .. can you remove the preloaded photos / videos ?

        • Buzzy42

          Yeah, you can. There weren’t any preloaded photos, and I’ve shot a lot of test video to get the feel for the camera/video, so that’s why so much has been used on mine.

          • SG

            ah ok .. well thats somewhat good .. although 20 gb left after a 32gb card? makes you wonder how much bloatware there really is in addition to whatever 4.4.2 takes up .. 12 gigs is quite a lot

  • Aaron

    Is the Verizon version sim card unlocked?

  • LaRocKa1158

    I picked up the G3 on Verizon yesterday. I have been experiencing an incredible amount of lag trying to unlock the screen. It is to the point where I think the phone might actually be defective. Has anyone else experienced the same thing? (I had the G2 and absolutely loved it. So I am a fan of LG so this troubles me)

    • legalkill

      I noticed that when I first got it. It went away and I have not seen lag since on the lock screen. I do not use any lock security. Try changing animations and see if that helps.

    • Justin Strong

      The first two weeks with the phone had no issues with lag. Now it seems like if i let the phone sit for awhile and then press the unlock button or double tap the screen it takes a couple seconds to turn on and then lags a good amount until im at the home screen. Seems to go away when i turn the lock screen off completely and just go directly to the home screen when i unlock it. Im really hoping verizon fixes this soon with a software update cause its starting to really bother me.

  • wr450man

    Switching over to ART made the phone freeze up and die every hour or so on my Verizon model.

    I thought it would be time to go back to Android with the release of this phone, and I haven’t decided if I have made the right choice or not.

    The new iPhone is coming out soon and to me, as simple and boring iOS is, it works with no bugs or crashes.

    The top reasons for me wanting to come back to Android after almost 2 years on an iPhone 5 was because;

    -No quick dial for contacts through the dial pad

    -Seeing the Nexus 5 pull up local businesses through the dialer

    -Lack of customization on the home screen(i.e. no widgets or shortcuts)

    -Keyboard is lacking swipe, word prediction like android phones

    Anyone have a good case for me to stick with this phone and not go back to the Big Apple?

    • ShadowCodeGaming

      ART is experimental (read: inherently broken) and has been reported buggy on the Verizon model. In the next android version (L) it is stable. So just wait. And switch back to dalvik.

      • wr450man

        10-4. Thanks.

  • wr450man

    Switching over to ART made the phone freeze up and die every hour or so on my Verizon model.

    I thought it would be time to go back to Android with the release of this phone, and I haven’t decided if I have made the right choice or not.

    The new iPhone is coming out soon and to me, as simple and boring iOS is, it works with no bugs or crashes.

    The top reasons for me wanting to come back to Android after almost 2 years on an iPhone 5 was because;

    -No quick dial for contacts through the dial pad
    -Seeing the Nexus 5 pull up local businesses through the dialer
    -Lack of customization on the home screen(i.e. no widgets or shortcuts)
    -Keyboard is lacking swipe, word prediction like android phones

    Anyone have a good case for me to stick with this phone and not go back to the Big Apple?

    • joejoe5709

      Ummm don’t use ART then if that’s the issue. Dalvik is plenty powerful and smooth. And this phone is destined to get whatever Android L turns into which will make the Android experience even better. But no one is going to stop you from going to Apple. Have fun, buddy.

  • Carlos Lopez

    Idk i might be wrong but if you scroll all the way to the right on the toggles isnt there an edit option that lets you enable the slider?

  • “…but as you might have already guessed, there really is not too much different.”

    Uh, how about the ass-ugly Verizon tramp stamps everywhere?!?

  • 2001400ex

    What’s the battery life difference? Better or worse on Verizon then ATT? I ask because I wasn’t impressed with the battery life test on the review and I’m curious if Verizon is better.

  • Guest

    Craigslist in my area (North New Jersey, close to NYC) has multiple listings for $450 already (less than a week of the release), contacted a seller to test the demand and he is bugging me all day if i want to buy, this tells that there is no demand even at that price.

    laG3 is a big flop (lag every where, feels like you are using a phone with Froyo, dim screen, difficult to use under sun light, poor viewing angles, poor signal..).

    • PoisonApple31

      For the Verizon variant, the screen is dim (although I like auto-brightness), and viewing angles are poor compared to my Note 3 – everything else I disagree with you.

    • Mark Mann

      I’m sitting outside in bright sunlight as I type this, what difficulty are you speaking of… I’ve got better signal on this phone than I’ve ever had in anything else, the viewing angles are incredible, and the lag is there but not bad and doesn’t ruin the experience … If you’re going to trash a phone at least read and or form an unbiased opinion

    • Charlie

      Why do I get a feeling that this guy is the one who’s trying to sell the phone at Craigslist? (specifying exact area and post multiple post)

  • DC_Guy


    Isn’t there a setting that allows you to switch the “settings menu” between tabbed and list view? I think the AT&T defaulted to the tabbed view and Verizon defaulted to gtf list view, but don’t both phones have both options available?

  • LosttsoL

    ATT is 77F and partly sunny. Verizon is 59F with light rain. I think ATT wins this battle.

  • Jkdem85

    anyone have luck finding wireless charging circle cover case for verizon (sh*t thats a mouthfull.)

    • No_wireless_4_u

      I bought the circle case through Verizon and thought it had it built in. I guess there are 2 versions.

  • mcdonsco

    Still wondering if this is worth a full retail upgrade from the G2???

    • NeilGeorge

      depends on the person .. 🙂

    • G3

      Definitely! Much better screen (resolution on pics/videos is crazy), build quality is top notch (no more cheap, shiny plastic), camera is way better (no more dark photos in low light), SD card, removable battery. There are too many reasons not to upgrade. If you liked the G2, you are going to love the G3.

  • Moises

    Does it comes with wireless charging?Anyone

    • PoisonApple31

      No, it does not.

    • you can order a replacement back though and it enables wireless charging, still waiting on mine.

    • NeilGeorge

      If you are in US, Nope..

  • ModernMan

    Anybody know how to add a browser icon in the Q-Slide on Verizon (w/o root)? All in all this device is top notch. With some people commenting about battery / lag / brightness makes me wonder if they even own the device or used it for a few days. Thing screams thru anything I throw at it.

  • Why does BestBuy still not have this available for shipping??? I want to keep my unlimited data so I can’t pick it up at the store!!

    • kilbasar

      Does that trick still work? My sister did that a while back for her Note 3 and it was fine, but I was paranoid so I did the dumbphone upgrade trick. Was actually very easy, did it entirely online without speaking to a person.

      • From what I understand it still works, but I can’t even try it as the LG G3 is not available for shipping. If it doesn’t work I plan on adding a dumbphone to my plan to use that for upgrading but I would rather not increase the cost of my plan if I don’t have to.

    • NeilGeorge

      Bestbuy (for VZ) has the phone for pickup.You should be able to say you will do your own activation at home if the salesperson is nice enough or clueless. I think they are forced to activate the phone before you leave the store.
      If you are able to take it out of the store, you should be able to transfer your UDP plan from your old to your new phone with no problem

      • Tried that and they said they have to activate it at the store. So I’m still waiting 🙁

        • NeilGeorge

          They would not le you take it home? What are you still waiting for ? 🙂

          Try going a different time and day so that a different person is at the desk?

          • Tried that twice saying I didn’t have time the to wait for activation (truth was on lunch break) then cancelled the order the 3rd time. I’m waiting so I can get it shipped to my house.

    • selvin

      I got mine from Best buy. they activate it for me. buying a full price will let you keep your unlimited data

  • That logo, damn.

    It would be awesome if screen protector makers would black out the top bezel to hide that god awful Verizon logo.

    • kilbasar

      Ha, good idea. You might be able to do that yourself with a sharpie on the underside of the screen protector. I just might have to try that…

      • I’ve thought this for years because Verizon’s branding has always been so terrible on the front. A sharpie on the underside of the screen protector should do the trick.

    • Rodeojones000

      Actually, there are some that do that very thing. I have a tempered glass screen protector for my G2 and the areas that aren’t actual screen real estate are covered but are solid black. Wish I could take a picture to show you what I mean. But my Verizon logo is completely covered. The LG logo, however, is still visible. I imagine something similar will be made available for the G3.

      • That’s awesome. Do you remember what brand it is?

        • Rodeojones000

          I don’t. It’s been forever since I bought it.

  • S.Ober

    VZ Navigator sucks ass!

    • Just Lou

      It’s the first thing I disable, along with just about every other Verizon app.

  • Bigsike

    Must be the angle the Vzw model on the right looks smaller, ok that’s all I got.

  • Tommysmallss

    Anyone else have a touch of lag on the lock screen when swiping?

    • jnt

      There’s a touch of lag across the entire device to be honest. It comes and goes, but it’s definitely got some stutters. I switched mine to ART (so far stable) and that definitely helps. But I’ll say the S5 is smoother overall.

      • Tommysmallss

        I probably won’t switch until I see some real bad lag issues.

        • jnt

          Yeah it hasn’t prompted me to yet. It’s a great device overall, though I’m still struggling deciding between the two. I love the S5’s camera outside, but the G3 wins hands down in other scenarios. But that’s just me, I’m big on having a great camera.

          • Tommysmallss

            The selfie camera on the G3 knocks me out with its quality and the ‘fist timer’. Plus, the quick remote and the little things like ‘Q-slide’ I like a lot. But I’m easily pleased.

      • Fozzybare

        I thought I saw a lag fix on XDA…

        • jnt

          Oh yeah? Would love to know…. will go lookin’. I haven’t rooted, though, so hopefully it doesn’t require that.

      • Chris Stuart

        I guess I am lucky because I have noticed 0 lag on mine

        • jnt

          This is strictly a curiosity question, but what device did you have before the G3?

          • Chris Stuart

            Galaxy S3

    • j

      I did when demoing it. Has to be the super high resolution, and the SoC not being able to keep up 100%. Unfortunate, but we saw it coming, no?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “Hotels.com, Slacker Radio, and Clash of Clans have been added ” which would be quikcly romved upon root.

    • Fozzybare

      Or, you know, disabled without root…

      • PoisonApple31

        I believe Hotels.com and Clash of Clans can be uninstalled without root.

  • teebone

    I decided to give the LG G3 a whirl (Samsung fanboy) I have 14 days to return it for my GS5 if I don’t like it. A few things….the GS5 gives you awesome in ear headphones for you to listen to music with..they sound fantastic..LG does no…the new charge for the GS5 apparently charges much faster than the LG and even the GS4 that I have, different charger point…the LG doesn’t do the 2 finger drop down to view all of the shortcuts to things such as wifi, bluetooth and others, only gives you a single line of items..the LCD screen seems washed out compared to the superamoled of the S4 and S5.
    Pluses on the G3, more ram (3) versus (2), (32) internal memory versus (16), (8) usable for the GS4, not sure about the GS5)… quadhd screen albeit not superamoled. I like it so far so we’ll see how it goes 🙂

    • PoisonApple31

      Under the Accessibility menu, you can adjust the screen colors, you can get rid of that washed out look. There was a previous post here on DL about it.

      • teebone

        I’ve tried it looks pretty good. Nothing that a custom rom can’t fix either hehe

    • Chris Stuart

      I’m in the same boat, but thus far I am liking the G3. The design just feels like a complete package. Plus I think the camera will be more useful because of better low light photos. The only thing I wish the G3 had is that super awesome ultra battery saver mode.

      • G_man

        I agree, the G3 is way better in low light photos and the build quality is awesome. Big upgrade over the G2.

    • jnt

      Agree on the charging. Though the G3 isn’t slow. But the S5 is crazy fast – it’s an overlooked feature which is really nice.

      • G2_vs_G3

        Yes, my G2 actually charged faster then my G3.

    • wtd2009

      hey man, i just picked up the S5 5 weeks ago (was actually waiting on the G3 but needed something that was actually available at the time), so i can vouch for some of the things you pointed out…

      – i can charge in less than an hour, usually around 50-55 minutes. often around 40 minutes if i throw it in airplane mode.
      -the headphones are actually quite decent, sound quality is very good. i find them most useful for driving since the have a mic answers/hang up button built in with them.
      -2 finger drop down is nice but i never use those settings.
      -the screen is excellent, the amoled quality is miles beyond my old razr, and the color accuracy is actually very good and adjustable.
      – then there’s the camera, i can’t say enough good things about the camera. the pictures this thing can produce are second to none in my opinion, at least as far as phones go. to be honest, the camera wasn’t all that important to me until i got this phone and realized how much fun it is to be able to take amazing shots without a lot of effort. needless to say i have taken a lot more photos than i used to on my razr.
      -i’ve not had any ram issues, especially after disabling the samsung bloatware.
      -the SD card solves any internal memory issues i might have had.
      -also an extra, this phone flies. it is so damn fast, and it was honestly one of the only things i was worried about before purchasing (based on some of the droid life review). not an issue.

      I was also waiting on the G3, and it seems like an awesome phone as well. i can only vouch for the GS5, personally, but i can only say good things about my experience iwht it the last 5 weeks. regardless of what you end up with, i think they’re both top notch phones. hope you enjoy whichever you finally decide on!

  • Sean

    Whats about the wireless charging? Also I played with this phone the other day…compared to the S5…I thought the screen on the G3 was amazing. When I was playing with it…it was like the screen was almost 3D like floating. I get the sharpness but I really thought the screen difference was noticiable…anyone else?

    • jnt

      It has some quirks, but every time I pick it up after using my S5, there’s clearly a “wow” factor that must be the resolution. And I love the S5’s screen, too.

  • kilbasar

    Only had my Verizon G3 for three days, but I love it. Not too big (might change once it has a case on it), screen is great, LG overlay isn’t bad. I rooted and customized the heck out of it, but that’s totally optional, it’s a great phone even if you don’t.

    I haven’t noticed any UI lag. I’m using Nova Launcher if that matters.

    The best part so far is the battery life. Even using it pretty intensively the first few days, I haven’t been able to get it below 40% after being off the charger for 12 hours.

    • NeilGeorge

      @kilbasar Was it easy to root? Once rooted could you remove the bloatware?

      • kilbasar

        You can “remove” the bloatware even without root, all the bloat apps are disable-able in the app manager. That’s the first thing I did, took a minute or two.

        However, yes, once rooted you can freeze or remove any app you like.

        It was extremely easy to root. Not towelroot easy (that works on the AT&T G3 but not the VZ one), but close, if you’ve ever used adb. You use “ioroot”. It’s basically just a zip you send over with ADB, so the entire process is two commands, “adb reboot recovery” and “adb sideload datroot.zip”. Took about 5 minutes start to finish.

        Once rooted, Xposed Framework + G3 TweaksBox let you customize pretty much every aspect of the phone.

        • NeilGeorge

          I am just afraid of bricking it.. I loved the one button root with the nexus..

    • teebone

      So tell me what do you use to root these and rom these guys? I’m use to odin and the sammy goodies 🙂 Is it easy to do without bricking the phone?

      • kilbasar

        Look two comments down 😉

        If you’ve ever used ADB, it is very easy.

        There are currently no ROMs, at least for the VZ G3, and AFAIK the bootloader is currently locked. However, Xposed lets you customize the stock ROM as much as any custom ROM out there.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    I was under the impression that settings Tabbed vs. List was adjustable…. if you press the “…” in the corner you can switch. I have the G2 and it worked like that.

    • It is interchangeable, it’s just that Verizon decides to go with List out of the box while AT&T does Tab.

  • Just Lou

    I had the Verizon LG G3 in my hands ready for purchase, but went with the HTC One M8. Despite the Quad HD Screen, the M8’s screen looks much better to me. I also saw a little lag on the G3, and is very slightly wider. The M8 just fit in my hand better.

    • Chris Stuart

      I was choosing between the G3, M8 and S5. I just couldn’t get over the camera on the M8. The G3 just seems to be a jack of all trades, while with the M8 and S5 there are tradeoffs. I ended up with the G3, my dad got the S5, and my younger brother got the M8. Different srokes for different folks. One of the best parts of android,

      • Just Lou

        Yeah. I hear ya. I quickly eliminated the S5 because I hated the Samsung software that is on it. The camera on the M8 is not nearly as poor as some people make it out to be. My results have all come out quite good. I think too many people are knocking it because of “megapixel hype”. The camera was not high on my list of priorities anyway, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it.

        • Chris Stuart

          Yeah the camera is one of the most important things to me. And I have no doubt that the M8 is adequate in that area, it just isn’t up to S5/G3/5s standards.

  • dcdttu

    But the matching hardware isn’t totally true, right? Verizon’s uses Qi inductive charging, and the AT&T one uses something else… Oh, and that awful Verizon logo on the front could almost be considered hardware.

  • bob

    Any word on when Best Buy will distribute Verizon LGs direct? Going into the store gives me a rash.

    • NeilGeorge

      it is through their mobile dept you will get the phone..

      • bob

        Mobile department will ship direct for AT&T and T-Mo, and will ship direct other non-LG G3 Verizon units (Samsung, etc.).

        LG G3 Vz is available pickup in-store only. Just wondering if that will shift.

        Because stores give me rashes.

  • ZakW

    You can have the tabbed settings view with the VZW model you need to go to the drop down menu in the settings page and it gives you the option to switch to tab view.

  • Dan Bonebright

    Can’t confirm with the AT&T model, but you should be able to add sliders by swiping to “Edit” all the way to the right in the quick toggles. There should be check boxes for brightness and volume.

    • Trust me, they’re not there. 🙂

      • Dan Bonebright

        Right on! I played with a G3 ROM on my Verizon G2 and remember the sliders being an option. Glad I could help 😛 /s

  • pd240

    The dark color on Verizon doesn’t have the color difference between the top and bottom like other carrier models. Ended up going with the white. I am not fond of the logo on front but at least it’s aligned in some way unlike the g2. It has been a great upgrade over the g2.

  • James_Kernicky

    Anyone switch to ART and have reboot problems?

    • NeilGeorge

      It is a known issue..

    • Mech_Engr_09

      Mine didn’t reboot but it drained this isssh out of my battery, like crazy fast.

      • James_Kernicky

        I’m back on dalvik, nothing would work correctly when my phone wasn’t rebooting. Widgets wouldn’t respond when selected, and if I clicked on a notification it wouldn’t do anything either.

  • Xavier_NYC

    I actually hated the sliders because it takes up too much space on the notification pull down so you can’t see as many notifications.

    • James_Kernicky

      You can turn them off, did you do that?

      • Xavier_NYC

        Not with the G2 last year. You had to have your phone rooted and load an add-on that removes it.. I don’t have a G3 yet but I’m on ATT so I won’t have to worry about it

        • kilbasar

          On the G3, you do not have to root your phone to disable either or both sliders (at least on the VZ version). Just click the “Edit” button to the right of the notification quick toggles, there are checkboxes for them at the top.

        • KleenDroid

          Lol, you won’t have to worry about it on the Verizon version either.

          They are very easily turned off.

          I thought the same as you and turned them off. Then after a day or so I realized I actually found them useful so I turned y them back on.

        • Clift

          No you can remove them on the G2 as well. Not sure if it was possible with Jelly Bean ROM the phone shipped with but definitely with the KitKat update.

  • guest

    You adjust the sliders in edit on the far right notification panel

  • Roubaix

    Just got mine and have been having problems. The phone freezing up then going into a boot loop. Had to do a battery pull to fix it. Finally did a factory reset and sends to be working now.

    • Make sure dalvik is set, not ART.. ART freezes my G3.

      • Mech_Engr_09

        Hopefully they fix this in an update or get L to it as quickly as possible once it’s out so that we don’t have to worry about art vs dalvik anymore

        • Yea I’m wonder how long it will take to get L on this device or if it’ll even get it. I’ll have the Note 4 by then though

  • ynotbike

    You can remove the sliders, drop down Notification Panel > scroll all the way over to Edit > and uncheck Brightness and Volume

  • Jason Downing

    Mine literally just got dropped off by Fedex

    • RoadsterHD1

      Tell us your first impressions.

      • Jason Downing

        First impressions are this phone is awesome. UI is actually quite beautiful stock. Camera is amazing. Size is great for me as I am a bigger guy. Form factor all around is great. Screen clarity is amazing. I don’t have one complaint so far. There is blaotware, but what Verizon phone doesn’t have it. Going to root and remove what I don’t want, but other than that I am not going to change anything for a while. I have rooted and rom’d every phone I’ve had but will wait a while on this. Granted there are no custom roms to flash at the moment.

  • King of Nynex

    I went to my local VZW store right when it opened on launch day to get one. When I got there, there were already a bunch of people in line, and I wondered if I wouldn’t be able to get one. I quickly realized that the other people were there because of stuff like their email wouldn’t work. Going to this site makes me forget that we are a minority of Big Red’s customer base.

    • allansm

      Yep… There are a bunch of clueless individuals out there.

      Sometimes I envy them. Wish I wasn’t addicted to tech.

      • Tony Byatt

        I wouldn’t call them “clueless individuals”…

        Tech is just not their thing…

        • Mech_Engr_09

          But tech is getting to be in everything so either get on-board of sink the fcuk down.

          • Tony Byatt

            We are still the minority by a wide margin…

            So no…Not everyone wants to be or needs to be into tech like those who visit this and other tech sites…

          • Mech_Engr_09

            I’m not saying you have to be into tech, but whether they like it or not it’s going to be in their life. I mean we have freaking thermostats that we control with our phones. Before we know it, there won’t be much that we can’t do with our phones or some other type of tech that is with us all the time.

          • jnt

            You’re very right, but the majority still doesn’t give a crap about the details, all they want is their tech handed to them and working the way it’s supposed to. So we’re still in the minority by just following blogs like these and staying up to speed on the latest info.

          • TopXKiller


        • compujas

          That’s kind of the point. How can you be a reputable tech salesperson if “tech is not their thing”? If you’re not a tech person, how can you be taken seriously while selling tech?

          • Tony Byatt

            What are you talking about?

            I was talking about the customers not being into tech…

          • compujas

            You’re right, my apologies. I’m not sure where I got the impression that you were referring to the salespeople rather than customers.

          • flosserelli

            Retail phone sales doesn’t require a “reputable tech salesperson”. They just need someone that can fog a mirror. Most customers walk into the store already expecting to buy an iPhone or Galaxy.

          • Intelligence Quotient

            Because people with half a brain and smart enough to tell technical differences in similar things are smart enough to get a job that doesn’t pay minimum wage like a sales rep at Verizon

          • Daniel Wolfy

            You OBVIOUSLY don’t know that… working for corporate Verizon as a full timer is a guaranteed salaried job. Wouldn’t call that minimum wage…

          • Mibmobile

            You really should research before you comment. I worked for Verizon years ago and as a rep and took home over 50K. My wife worked for them as an manager for 9 years and took home over 80k per year regularly. Please research before making dumb comments.

          • Nreeldeep

            Because its not necessary to be technically advanced to sell mobile phones to the masses. All you have to know are the features that appeal to the customers, just like the commercials do. Only repair staff need to be techno nerds.

    • jnt

      Yeah every store I’ve been in, so far they’re hardly selling them – still selling iPhones and “Galaxies”. Marketing, LG, marketing…

      • Chris Stuart

        Went there Saturday to grab mine. I had a GS3, I told the associate I wanted a G3, and he looked at me funny and said “that’s the phone you have.” They didn’t even have a display G3 set up.

        • jnt

          Mine at least have that, and the reps have at least known about it and have really been impressed by it, as opposed to “yeah I don’t know much about that… it’s big with a big screen or somethin’ “…

        • It makes me a little sad inside when I go to the VZW store and I know more about the phones they’re selling than they do lol

          • Chris Stuart

            That happens every time. The other rep in the store knew about it though and seemed knowledgeable enough.. He started showing me his G2. Then a 90 yo (no exaggeration) woman came in and wanted to know if she could get a new battery for her feature phone circa 2009. The guy had to tell her no and upgrade her to a new feature phone. She was very upset that the phones don’t have “cradles” and this new phone wouldn’t work with her old cradle. She was concerned about “just sticking the plug in there”. Sometimes I hate the guys that work there because they can be douchey, but other times I get reminded with the **** they have to put up with on a daily basis.

          • M3D1T8R

            It’s a good point though, for a lot of older people or people with poor eyesight, plugging in the USB cable can be quite a hassle. It’s one thing Apple got right with their “lightning” connector, plugs in very easily, and from either direction. Wireless charging is another good solution. But I can’t wait until usb-whatever starts taking over, with similar functionality as Apple’s plug. As an Android user, it’s literally the one thing I came away impressed with when I played with the Iphone 5 when it came out.

          • Jen

            They must have lives.

          • flosserelli

            Maybe you should take a commission off your own sale.

          • PoisonApple31

            They are sales people first, so many of them don’t even know how to use the stuff they sell.

          • chris125

            Reason I stay clear of Verizon stores. Most people working there just do it for the paycheck

          • Tyrone_83


        • Tyrone_83

          At times when I go and buy a phone outright and I ask for it they give me that same exact funny look and then they say why dont you get this phone or the 5S and I give them that stupid look back and tell them right to their face if I wanted that phone I would have asked for it but I didn’t I want that phone I pointed out. I don’t mean to be rude but you didn’t to me the first time.

        • Art Holguin

          I walked in to the store and asked to see the G3 and the CSR says “Oh, I think its on the back wall over there”

      • Nate Loos

        Went to my local best buy to grab it, they said it was the last one, they were selling like hot cakes. Of course it was the AT&T variant, but still

      • Bryan Mills

        LG doesn’t need dumb followers like Samsung.

        • jnt

          While that sounds good in principal, they’re going to need “dumb” followers if they want to compete from a sales standpoint.

          • Guest

            lol, principal, No student you need to go to English 101, it’s Principle

          • jnt

            hah, nice catch, thanks… was busy when I typed that and didn’t even notice!

          • Nreeldeep

            You might need to go to grammar school. There should a period after ‘principal’, ‘101’ and ‘principle.’ And ‘it’s’ should be capitalized.

      • Carelesshottie1

        I went into a local VZ store with my mom to make sure she got a G3 and not some horrible low grade android device (they always con her into stuff like that). Anyways I showed the salesman my new G3 and he looked at it and was like “where did you get that?”. I told him that I had preordered it. This was only 2 days after the phone came out…. It amazes me how stupid these people can be.

    • Bryan Mills
      • Alex Boro

        wow might need to get one

      • kilbasar

        Yeah, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by how good the battery life is, even when using the screen a bunch. No issues getting a full 12+ hours out of this phone, even with very heavy use.

    • Guest

      laG3 is a big flop (lag every where, feels like you are using a phone with Froyo, dim screen, difficult to use under sun light, poor viewing angles, poor signal..).

      Craigslist in my area (North New Jersey, close to NYC) has multiple listings for $450 already (less than a week of the release), contacted a seller to test the demand and he is bugging me all day if i want to buy, this tells that there is no demand even at that price.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        If they bought it and its within the 14 window .. can’t they just return the phone? If they bought it from a place they can’t return it .. well, go figure.

        • Guest

          Some people want cash, upgraded for $99 and sell for $400+, continue using old phone

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Poor choice of phone in that case. If resale is all someone is interested in, an iPhone should be the choice just about every time.

          • Nreeldeep

            Noone is going to buy a brand new LG g3 on Craigslist because it looks suspicious. Plus the LG g3 cannot command that much resale value.

      • Tillmorn

        Out of morbid curiosity. Have you used the device you’re talking down about for any real length of time? I mean actually taken it home and lived with it for a few days, not simply played with the display model or a friend’s. I ask because I came from a Galaxy S4, and I can unequivocally say that the signal, battery, speaker and camera are better on the G3 than my S4 ever was (even when running Hyperdrive). The lag is not near as noticeable or hindering as it was on the stock Touchwiz experience. That was before switching over to ART, which has made things even smoother. And the screen is actually better for viewing in direct sunlight than the S4 was, even when I am wearing polarized sunglasses.

        As to the lack of demand? As others have echoed time and time again, LG does not market well here in the US. When the S4 was released, the iPhone 5, the S5, the HTC One, etc. you could hardly go one commercial break without seeing an ad for those manufacturers’ latest and greatest device. I have seen a grand total of one LG G3 commercial, and I never saw one for the G2 when it was released. Much like the G2 was, this is a device that is currently flying under the mainstream radar while being praised and bought up like crazy by people who write for and read mobile tech sites such as Droid-Life. Personally, I’m ok with that.

        • Guest

          Lol, you are comparing with the worst (S4 with touchwiz), compare with HTC M8 or Moto X, even G2 all of these are lag free out of the box.

          • Tillmorn

            Way to dodge my question, but ok, let us go with that. Did you pick all three of those devices up, when they launched, and notice that there was absolutely no problem with them whatsoever that did not need to be fixed through an OTA from the manufacturer? If so, that’s quite remarkable, as I’ve never heard of a newly released device on the Android side of life that did not require a little tinkering here and there when first released after going through the crap Verizon puts them through. Perhaps you got lucky with those devices as I have gotten with the G3.

            Yet again I feel the need to ask…have you spent any real time with the device in which to form your own opinions, or are you simply regurgitating what you are hearing from other tech sites, forums and people?

      • Nreeldeep

        Uh, less than a week of release? You just told on yourself. They are still within the 14 day return period. What are they doing trying to sell them on Craigslist when they can return them at the store and get all their money back or an exchange? Doesn’t make sense does it? Try again.

      • teebone

        Yep and that’s why I took mine back and got the GS5, much much faster in all aspects than the G3!!!

    • Brycel N.

      I got one.It’s cool. Also bought a nice case for my LG G3.http://www.casecoco.com/personalized-cases-for-others/lg-g3-casecoco-cases-183

  • Thomas

    mmmmmmm…..sliders 😉

    • Dumb joke, but man.. Now I’m hungry.

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