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Reported Photos of Samsung Galaxy Alpha Leaked, Show Off Refined Design (Updated)

A few photos of Samsung’s reportedly upcoming Galaxy Alpha device have surfaced, showing off a quite refined hardware design. From the story the photos tell, the device will feature a metallic band around its outside, minor side bezel (plenty on top and bottom of the display, though), blackened backside with a slight texture added, frontside Home button, a large camera on the back, and it appears that the flash and heart rate monitor have been placed on the side of the camera. 

To us, the Galaxy Alpha brings up fond memories of the Galaxy S2, a device we absolutely cherished back in the day. It is reported that the Galaxy Alpha will be launched as a competitor to the iPhone 6, which means Samsung should be putting a ton of effort into the design and UX of the device.

While specs are so far limited, it is rumored that the Alpha will come with a QHD display, 3GB of RAM, and Snapdragon 805 processor. How does that sound for a souped-up Galaxy S5?

Give your thoughts on the Galaxy Alpha below.

Update: Thanks to SamMobile, we are getting even more photos of the Galaxy Alpha, but it appears that initial reports of the device being an ultra premium Galaxy smartphone may have been incorrect.

While nothing is confirmed, SamMobile reports that the Galaxy Alpha features a 4.7″ HD display, 32GB of storage, no microSD, fingerprint scanner, and Exynos processor for select markets. The device will reportedly be marketed as a watered-down version of the Galaxy S5.

Here are more photos.

Galaxy Alpha - 1 Galaxy Alpha - 2 Galaxy Alpha - 3 Galaxy Alpha - 4 Galaxy Alpha - 5

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  • sdfasf

    why is there no microSD ? that’s the only reason i won’t buy this. 32gb? I’ll fill that in apps alone. wtf


    Death Knell of Samsung Mobile. Stop using low quality plastic already!

  • TR1

    Another boring Samsung phone with a stupid home button that looks like the rest of them (cheap)

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  • Phillip Pugh

    Don’t worry this is not the prime galaxy that will compete with the iPhone 6 this looks more like the mini gs5

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  • Guest

    I’m a fan of Android, but will honestly say Samsung took one too many pages out of Apples book and keep recycling this dated design. Particularly the home button. At this point for me its an eyesore that needs to be completely redesigned or better yet done away with. Kudos to LG to stepping outside of the box and releasing a fantastic device both from a hardware design and spec standpoint

  • disastrousrainbow

    I love rumors. It’s always “Breaking News: Website says all this,” then “Update: Another website says that.” Meanwhile what’s actually in the works ends up being none of those things. 😛

  • Gary Hicks

    Haters gonna hate, that phone is elegant and sexy.

  • Justin Merithew

    This phone definitely isn’t for me, but if it keeps the camera of the S5 with a smaller display/form factor it would be perfect for my fiance.

  • nim aa

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  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Looks like a iPhone 5S lol. Samsung spams the market way too much. They need to really work on the software side of the business side. I really get annoyed when iphone people ask if i have a Samsung (in my head yelling at them ” its an android”) when i was showing my G3.

  • cizzlen

    I was honestly impressed when I saw and held the S5 in person. It looks like this Alpha device is sort of a step up.

  • hkklife

    No MicroSD? I find that awfully hard to believe. TW and expandable storage go hand in hand! Sammy hasnt released a device without microSD since the original Tab 10.1 and 8.9 (GNex and Nexus 10 aside, of course).

  • John

    I guess the poorer than expected sales performance of the S5 wasn’t enough of a wakeup call that Sammy still using the same design on their phone. They will once the icrap 6 comes out where even their Note line will start to struggle.

  • Jon D

    Damn the size is perfect… why not put good hardware in it 🙁

  • Joseph De La Cruz

    Depending on the SOC, this could be the phone Kelly was looking for 😛 I wonder if he’d put CM on it or something to get rid of the inevitable bloatware.

  • Matt Groff

    Strange that they’d go back to micro USB 2.0!

  • Ibrahim

    Not a convincing design at all…it looks much like what’s already around. Samsung really needs to get back to the drawing board.

    • 213ninja

      why? what’s already around sells billions…i’d only see them needing to go back to the drawing board if they flopped on a device…

      i’m not saying i love this design, i’m just saying why they aren’t doing what you suggest.

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    We’ve published photos of the standard variant with some details over on SamMobile: http://www.sammobile.com/2014/07/23/exclusive-live-photos-of-the-metallic-samsung-galaxy-alpha-sm-g850/

  • blahblahblah

    I love how people post here, solely to complain and cry about it. If you don’t like it, then move on. No reason to post here.

    • Adrynalyne

      I know, right? Its as annoying as the people who post here solely to complain about those crying about it.

      • Gary Hicks

        Says the person complaining about me complaining about people complaining.

        • Adrynalyne

          Says the person complaining about me complaining about you who is complaining about others.

          At least I wasn’t anonymous on any of my postings 😉

          • Gary Hicks

            Good for you! Would you like a cookie? lol

          • Adrynalyne

            Chocolate chip or gtfoh.

          • Barry S

            No, but you are ghey.

          • Adrynalyne

            An anonymous poster with no balls hiding. What a shock.

  • Pootis Man

    Looks no different from an S5….

  • Neil Fujiwara

    I hope the build quality improves from the S5. I think internals have plateaued and for 99% having all these bells and whistles aren’t necessary. I hope that this phone can rock no case 🙂

  • gambit07

    This doesn’t scream refined design to me, looks like more of the same from sammy imo

  • frankyblike


  • Daistaar

    Just a bit too tall. Needs to shorten the bezels on top and bottom, center that home button since it sits low on the bezel, and remove the Samsun logo on the front to thin out the top bezel. This will make the phone shorter while keeping the screen large. Also don’t see why the back cover can’t meet up to the camera without that beveling. The flash does it; why not the camera?

    • 213ninja

      something tells me the samsung logo on the top isn’t what’s making that bezel larger than you’d like…

      as well, the camera is likely recessed (beveled) to prevent lense damage.

  • If this is for the Korean market… What’s the difference between this and the S5 LTE-A they just released?

  • Droid Ronin

    I’d say that it’s high time that Samsung does a complete overhaul of TouchWiz with this next phone with a flatter minimal UI, less Samsung bloat, and navigation that makes sense.

    • Daistaar

      They really did with the S5. Kit Kat on the S5 and Kit Kat on the S4 look drastically different. For the better I’d say. I think Google has actually done a pretty good job of reining them in.

      • hkklife

        It looks a lot better but is still resource-intensive (battery, CPU and storage). Time for a major ground-up rewrite of TW and the extra fluff, if remaining at all, need to be made downloadable extras.

      • Stephen D

        I went Note 2 to Note 3 to S5 to G3. TW on the S5 was very different from the N2 and N3, and was much closer to stock. It could definitely be better, but the S5 is definitely a step in the right direction for Samsung.

    • chris125

      Agree, touchwiz really needs refined so it is not such a hog of resources and causes so much lag.

    • Adrynalyne

      Redesign maybe, but less bloat? Why do that when you can just increase specs?

      • Droid Ronin

        Because nobody likes an OS that takes up 8 GB of storage space.

        • Adrynalyne

          Most consumers don’t care or even know that.

    • Julian Coronado

      I’d like to see their physical home button gone!

      • robertkoa


        The physical HOME button really does not need to be there.

        Looks old fashioned on a 2014-2015 Device.

        IF the Alpha is as powerful as an S4 or more so in a smaller more durable size, I am IN.

    • Samsnoob

      I’d love for samsung to do a new UI, make it minimal, like Vanilla Android

  • As much as I love the design and onscreen buttons on my G3 I cannot wait until the Note 4 drops. I will get it first day no question. Hopefully they changed up the design a bit, I still expect a hardware button being they invested so much in fingerprint scanner technology. But either way it’s a definite buy for me.

  • Daistaar

    At this point I’d just call it a Galaxy S6 and say it comes with Android L.

  • rfranken

    that looks really ugly. the design seems very 2010 ish

    • PoisonApple31

      It looks 2014 to me, like the Galaxy S5 with the flash/heartbeat sensor moved to the side of the camera instead of underneath it.

  • I have the s4 now and I like the idea of the Alpha. I don’t really experience all the “lag” from touchwiz as everyone suggests, but I guess that’s just me. My only true complaint with Samsung is that I REALLY want on screen navbar. That’s it. Otherwise, I love my s4 to death. Rooted to remove bloat and Nova launcher.

    ps- my removal of bloat might be the reason I don’t see the lag everyone complains about.

    • PoisonApple31

      Nova Launcher does good too even without root on Samsung devices. Take that “lag” out of the homescreens and app drawer.

      • Yeah I just like to keep my setup simple so I abandoned the Touchwiz launcher haha

      • Big EZ

        No, even with Nova I have plenty of lag on my Note 2.

        • PoisonApple31

          No issues with my S4 or Note 3, can’t speak for a Note 2.

  • jnt

    LTE-A = not likely coming to America

  • Jprime

    This phone just looks so dated

  • Alex Boro

    Looks like the Galaxy S5 with some thought put into it. Still looks pretty cheap and ugly though.

  • chris_johns

    um…looks like an iphone3/4 lmao…going back to the old drawingboard are we samsung loll

    • John Davids

      In the 7+ years that the iPhone has been around, it has gone through only 1 major design change. That change occurred in the jump from the 3GS to the 4. Are you seeing the issue with your statement?

  • hater

    looks like the original galaxy s to me…..enough with the chrome ring already.

  • brkshr

    Is it really a metal band around the outside? Or is it chrome plated plastic?

    I can’t stand chrome plated plastic anymore. It eventually chips off.

  • Chris Stuart

    Dat top bezel doh

  • T4rd

    It’s hard to be excited about a new Samsung device nowadays, with how much they saturate the market in every segment.

    • Samsnoob

      Yep can’t wait for the Galaxy Beta to come out a month after the Note

  • Bryan Mills

    And it looks just like any of their other products.

    • Is there anything you do like? Honest question.

      • Bryan Mills

        I like boobs.

        • But this isn’t Boob Life. I mean in terms of Android, tech, etc.

          • Bryan Mills

            I like Sony, LG, if HTC would get rid of the ugly bezels and get a better camera id like them more.

            I like all the Nexus products. I make money marketing them.

          • Alright, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!

          • Ian

            I think he works at like Best Buy or something.

          • Bryan Mills

            In a Beat Buy, not for them. Glorious $21/Hr.

          • Peter Blanco

            Why don’t you get off your ego trip while you’re at it?

          • ?

            so.. 40k a year w/o taxes? not so glorious unless you live with your parents or something

          • Bryan Mills

            No kids, no bills, pay all cash, rich parents who left me money. Sorry your life consists of being jealous of others.

          • Thomas

            Boob Life??? I think your on to something here. I need to talk to Kellen ASAP about this 😉

          • Jprime


        • James

          And I hope you get to see some in person someday (without paying).

      • chris125

        He sure likes to complain and troll tech sites it appears

        • Bryan Mills

          Voicing an opinion isn’t trolling. Thanks for your comment, though.

          • JSo

            Well people can say what they want but I am with you. Samsung has ugly hardware and ugly software. I don’t know why people like it.

          • Dave

            ” I don’t know why people like Samsung”. It’s like saying why do people like to complain? Exactly!

          • JSo

            Well that doesn’t make sense. But ok…

          • James

            Trolls still voice an opinion. They are just ignorant, selfish pricks in how they do it.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        I like tech in general but it’s hard to be excited about the next iteration of product from Sammy. I thought this was supposed to be the “premium” device? The fact is, they have a billion products and nothing separates them except size. It’s like getting excited because you found one rock bigger than the others. Sorry, but size increases and CPU/RAM bumps are hardly anything to drool over.

        • crazed_z06

          So Nothing seperates a Note 3 from a GS3 other than size?
          Do you even smartphone, bro?

          • RavageSavage

            Even if he didnt have a smartphone, anyone can perform a google search, and see that samsung has maintained the same form factor over the last several years. The square look, physical/capacitive buttons etc etc. Other than specs, where is the evolution? TouchWiz still looks the same, regardless of performance improvements. Their phones look like bricks, IMO. As I understand not everyone wants a sleek or sexy phone, I never understood the hype surrounding Samsung. Theyre basically the iPhones of the android world. And, to add insult to injury, their build quality sucks. Id rather have a subpar “spec” phone such as the MotoX, that is sleek in design, customizable, great build quality and probably performs better than any other phone around. Do you have 2 eyes to realize what myself and Jarred mentioned is true, bro??

      • Dave

        He also likes to catfish!

      • guest

        he is MKBHD…Kinda sad….

    • Lu Ching

      As much as I hate to agree with that douchebag “Bryan”, he is correct in this case. Samsung phones are getting uglier and uglier. That home button, the “leather”/skin pore backs, the square camera. Ugliest frigging phones on the planet. It’s almost enough to drive me back to Apple. Almost.

  • Marikel

    I forget what website I saw it on but I read that the Galaxy Alpha is supposed to have a 4.7 inch screen. I wonder how that would work with the rumored QHD.

    • PoisonApple31

      SamMobile is showing it next to a Galaxy S5, the screen is definitely smaller, and matches the rumored 4.7″.

  • Bryan Mills

    lol , go ahead and try Samsung. Apple is going to murder you.

  • Thomas

    Tomorrow they will announce the Galaxy Omega 😉

    • Well, maybe down the road. First we need Beta, Delta, Epsilon, Gamma, Kappa, etc etc etc etc. Lots of Sammy devices! 😀

  • Carlos Lopez

    I really don’t like the chrome surround it really brings down the design imo