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LG Announces Puppy Pop Game for G3 QuickCircle Case Users

I’ve never understood so-called glance-able smartphone cases. HTC’s Dot View and Samsung’s S-View cover seem like transient novelties to me, forms in search of function. How much time do they really save you, anyway, when you are still required to fish out your device from your pocket?

My biases aside, I think most will agree that LG’s announcement of a game designed for its QuickCircle case is a little ridiculous. Puppy Pop is a time-based match-three game, won by drawing lines through identical puppies. Scores can be shared on social networks.

I’m struggling to think up a use case or target demographic for this, but perhaps if you are obsessively concerned about the cleanliness of your touchscreen, prefer playing games in a circular window as opposed to your entire phone’s display, or just really need to justify your purchase of a QuickCircle case, this app might be for you.

Puppy Pop will be made available to download for free from Google Play starting sometime today, the first game to leverage a cut-out case. Once the link is available, we will update this post.

Hopefully, it’s the first and last of its kind.

Via: LG
  • feztheforeigner

    Sounds like a good game for the Moto 360 :p

  • TingedSeven

    Love these off the wall ideas. Nice to see innovation even if it’s a little silly.

  • Aooga

    The things companies are wasting their money on these days.

  • km75sr

    I think you are missing at least one point of these type of covers. They actually offer screen protection. That’s why I purchased one at least. Bcuz I hate using screen protectors. Most cases protect everything but the screen.

  • dannyWHITE

    Geez Kyle…so much hate for the window cases. The Quick Circle case for the G3 is actually pretty sweet. I like the lighting effect it does when closing the case. These types of cases also come in handy when holding the phone up to your face while on a call to prevent the smudge on your screen. Music features are nice too. Only complaint is the price. But I can’t wait to see how this game plays.

  • r0l

    I would assume for those who want to know if they have notifications which allows them to put the phone back in there pocket if there aren’t any and not get sucked in. However that’s just a guess.

    Edit: in regards to the case, not the game.

  • hkklife

    I have no clue how LG implements their case but I have had the S-View Wireless Charging case for my Note 3 since before it was officially available (ordered an imported one from Ebay) so I can chime in on its pros and cons. Also, a colleague has an OG Optimus G Pro with the older (no window) LG flip case and loves it as well.

    -Fully protects screen and the extra lip around the edge protects all of the corners of the phone’s body
    -Looks very discrete and professional
    -Doesn’t add much thickness
    -I cannot live without wireless charging now so that’s huge BUT I still say it should be standard across the board now on flagship devices!
    -Allows me to use the cover camera in places without making it as obvious that I am taking pictures (a shopping mall or somewhere they frown upon taking pictures) and also makes for easier one handed picture taking.
    -Finally, the S-View case allows me to tap the power button and see the temperature, date, time, missed call status and how many steps I’ve walked without having to flip it open. Basically, it allows you to use an unwieldy large phablet sized device like the Note 3 one-handed a bit better.
    -Walking Mate is almost a killer app for using the S-View case.

    -The phone becomes almost too wide to hold when the case front is “wrapped” around to the back
    -Yet another screen to keep clean & wiped down
    -The window distorts the camera and causes glare when trying to take a photo w/ flash through it (I have to either use 2 hands or manually disable flash)
    -Picture taking in general becomes a bit more tedious and tricky (ie 2-handed use is a necessity)
    -It’s like a throwback to a bad old resistive touchscreen because interacting with the capacitive screen through the S-View window requires multiple jabs and more pressure

    • Jonbo298

      This is basically what I can exactly say on pro’s and con’s with the S-View case when I used it (minus wireless charging since I didn’t have that one). It’s great for quick glances, just like a smartwatch, but Samsung should have been more open to 3rd party apps taking advantage of it.

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    Sure it’s unnecessary but hey the thing we all love about Android is options

  • Kitt

    I assume this is satire.

  • AJ Ishaque

    At least it adds a little more functionality and entertainment to the case rather than just time, messages, and other limited features.

  • Mech_Engr_09

    It’s free. I can see bashing and complaining if it were like $2.99, but come on. I wouldn’t call it innovative, but it certainly shows that there could be some possibilities with these cases besides checking the time, messages, etc.

    • joe23521

      I complete agree. The bashing is unnecessary. Plus, it does help justify my purchase of the circle case at half price. 🙂

      Seriously though, I do hope LG will develop more uses for the circle case. It has potential. The ability to open notifications would be a good place to start.

      • MichaelFranz

        Also agree, better to have more use out of it. To be honest it would be nice to see them implement their Android Wear UI into it. It basically is supposed to be a circular watch face. You could technically use it for the same features….

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        • Andy Stetson

          Agree completely. This would be an excellent use case for the case…

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  • This is something I can see my gf and her kid going crazy over.

    • TopXKiller

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