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Reported Photo of 2nd Generation Moto G Leaked

A photo has been uploaded to the web, claiming to show off Motorola’s 2nd generation Moto G smartphone. The name, which is reportedly to be Moto G 2nd Generation, appears to have about the same body and design as the current Moto G (the frontside, at least), but according to the source, this device could feature a slight upgrade in specifications. 

The 2nd Generation Moto G is reported to come with a quad-core ARMv7 processor, Adreno 305 GPU, display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 (320 dpi), 8MP rear-facing camera, and a dual-SIM setup.

As with the current Moto G, you can expect to see this device promoted heavily overseas, with not as much effort being put into the American market.

Anything in particular you would like to see in the Moto G to make you consider it as your next burner?

Moto G 2nd Gen

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  • saleem

    so what do I do with my MOTO G that I have ??

  • TC Infantino

    Moto G2G?

  • SharnaHayneskvl

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  • antwonw

    Ummm….isn’t this the 3rd generation Moto G? 1) G with 3G only 2) G 4G LTE and now 3) G 2nd G.

    I’m confused with all these Gs.

  • jamaall

    When I saw the link, I only read Moto and leak, thinking it was about the X+1, now I’m disappointed..

    • tdurden64111

      It’s about a new leek back plate.

  • chris_johns

    honestly love the idea of front speakers if they can keep the same footprint as the current x…but not that silver line nonsense they put on the g and e…i love my all black front moto x

  • chris_johns

    front speakers?

  • sr20s13

    So this looks exactly like the “leaked” moto x+1 picture with a case from back in june

    • M3D1T8R

      You’re right. I think a lot of people determined that couldn’t be the new X. Was probably this.

  • onthefence

    Give me a release date or leak of the next flagship or i buy a G3. Your move moto

    • Jason Downing

      Ordering my G3 today. Would have been last week, but at the mercy of my Verizon rep because she’s making sure I keep my unlimited data.

      • Eric

        Ok, I’ll bite. How are you keeping your unlimited data??? What are the magic words we need to say to have them offer it? To keep it?

        • Jason Downing

          It’s nothing that special. My dad has an upgrade, but he’s on a separate plan. I know someone that works at Verizon and she says that using your current SIM isn’t a 100% guarantee. She is going to do the upgrade on my dad’s line, activate the line/phone, take the phone off, give me the G3, I give my dad my G2 …. baddabing baddaboom

          • Eric

            Oh. Ha. Yeah, I’ve been thinking of adding a new line, putting a “dumb phone” dummy stop or whatever they call it for 10 bucks a month, and just switching the new phone over to my existing line. But then that’s still paying 240 bucks for a dead line.

            I have friends that were able to get new Iphones and keep their data. Apparently the rep took out the sims, then called apple saying it was defective, put it in, told apple to active this now, and voila… Or something close to that. This happened only a few months ago.

    • Kayungjoo

      Yeah you caught them. They were waiting specifically for one person to threaten to buy something else before they were gonna send out release dates. Thank you sir for doing this. I’m sure moto is going to come out with a release date today now that you have said this. Also just so that you aren’t mad they’ll probably give you two free moto x’s and 360’s just because you have been patiently waiting for so long.

      • Higher_Ground

        he’s not the only one by any means…

        • El Big CHRIS

          Yeah seriously. I want to see what they have but this wait is annoying

          • Brett Crowley

            This is what’s stopping me from getting the g3. Granted my purchase won’t be soon, when I’m in the market in the next few upcoming months it’s either moto’s new x+1 or a surprise new Droid line. One can wish. Or its the g3, the note 4 doesn’t partake my taste. Plus I want info on the 360 now.

    • M3D1T8R

      A lot of people in the same boat. I’m still waiting for anything more on the possible Verizon Sony Z2/3? as well. But the Moto X+1 especially. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some more substantial leaks/release info within the next week or so. They better… I mean the original Moto X was released August 1! It’s going to be over a year now. Maybe they’re just trying to dump a little more X inventory first, hence the latest coupon sale now.

  • hkklife

    They are well on the right track with the unexpected addition of LTE and a microSD slot to the current model’s refresh. I would just say to bump up internal storage to 16GB, keep the microSD slot, and improve the cameras and battery life. MAYBE try to squeeze a 4.6″ or 4.7″ screen into the same formfactor but that’s absolutely it. Just don’t go hog wild and price this thing out of sight. Incremental changes for Moto E & G are the name of the game, all while holding the line on the price.
    The X is where Moto needs to really spend some major $. With Lenovo’s $ behind them, it’s time for Moto to get serious and produce something that’s a proper flagship on par with the best of LG, Samsung, Sony and HTC.

    • jxcgunrunna

      Battery life is great on the current Moto G. I was easily making it 20+ hours on a charge.

      • Dominic Powell

        Agreed the Moto G has some of the best battery life on the market, at a budget no less.

        • hkklife

          But doesn’t the LTE version hit the battery a lot harder than the 3G EVDO/HSPA variants?

    • M3D1T8R

      I agree Moto needs to get it right with the new Moto X. But Lenovo isn’t behind them yet. The deal will take several more months at minimum to go through, assuming it passes review. All Moto devices this year are/will be still firmly under Google’s ownership/influence.

  • Scott Van Maldegiam

    2Gb memory

  • chris125

    Better camera and I may pick one up as a back up for on Verizon if it’s as cheap as the original moto g

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    Ya killing me Moto.

    No reliable info about the Moto 360, the next Moto X, or even a whisper of a release date or press event. Instead we get an image of your next mid-range device.

    +10 for great information security, -100000 as a fan torn between wanting all the info now and wanting to be surprised/blown away later 🙁

    • hkklife

      Yeah….and the G is newer than the X and it’s already been the recipient of a midlife refresh (LTE + microSD slot) just a few months ago!

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        In their defense, the Moto G is supposedly their best selling smartphone of all time.

        Pretty thin shield though.

    • Dominic Powell

      Moto 360 will have info probably First week of AUgust, Same with the Moto X +1

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        I fully expect a full announcement within the next two weeks, which just makes the current lack of info all the more impressive. We have rumors of a possible screen size, resolution, SoC, and camera resolution…..and that’s it.

        Either leakers don’t feel it is valuable (highly unlikely), or Motorola has been excrutiatingly careful about who they let have access to either device.

        • jamaall

          Yep, we’ve had that one leak that showed the full spec list, though it may not be reliable. They’re really killin me

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            That page sounded like a guess based on previous leaks (all of those specs had leaked previously, or were fairly safe bets). Nothing new, and it even stated that it needed confirmation from Moto. And as we’ve seen with the Moto X, the specs don’t tell even 10% of the story.

            That’s mainly what’s killing me. We know for a fact that there will be way more to it than the specs could possibly ever say. And exactly zero even vague rumors as to what they may be working on in that direction.

          • jamaall

            Exactly. I would believe those specs, but you’re right. They’re doing something great with the Moto X8 System, and the software tweaks they do is great, I expect a new version of active display to come out along with the next X+1

        • r0l

          Or we won’t see it until the very last day of summer.

          Getting hard to put off the urge to get a G3.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Or it could be held until the L release. We simply don’t know.

            My advice for technology purchasing is that something new is always around the corner. If you need something now, get the best currently available, and be happy with your decision. New devices coming out won’t make it any less awesome than it was the day you got it. Most likely, it will only get more awesome with new software and app updates. If you are happy with what you have, or can stand to wait until the “next thing” comes around, then do so.

          • r0l

            I know, I know. 🙂 I really like my X, but I also like trying the different OEMs. I actually wanted to try out Sony’s Z2 but it took too long and now I can’t see choosing it over the X+1 or G3.

    • Droid Ronin

      To add insult to injury, wouldn’t it be funny if the next gen Moto E comes out a week later?

    • cjohn4043

      They are doing a better job than Apple is with their iPhone 6 leaks. Tell me that 3 years ago and I wouldn’t believe you.

  • Tyrone Biggums
  • M3D1T8R

    I just hope the new moto x has front facing speaker(s).

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Ya know, I’m kind of torn. I actually think the current Moto X speaker is quite good. Front-facing would be nice, but only if they don’t sacrifice the overall size of the handset to do so. Most of the appeal of the Moto X is how compact it is for the screen size; front-facing speakers would be a tough sell for me if they make the device larger.

      Keep the same-size bezels or less than 1mm increase with ff stereo? Sold.

      • Dominic Powell

        it could be a Little taller device once the width remains the same.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          I don’t see how they could increase the screen size (as rumored) without increasing the width as least a little. That said, I think I could tolerate a few mm at that point, if it were proportional to the increase in width. Just not like the M8.

      • M3D1T8R

        Yeah I agree it’s a tradeoff. I think they could at least do a single (non stereo) front speaker, with a much smaller impact on vertical size than dual, and it would be worth it, on any device. Stereo for a small increase, sure. But looking at the One M8 and Sony Z2, it seems those large top/bottom bezels are necessary to achieve that.
        So Moto could for now go with just one.
        Incidentally, I have much less of a problem with top/bottom bezels, especially if they house nice speakers, than side bezels. If the M8 had just a mm or two less _width_ I probably would have bought it, despite it’s height.