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Netflix to Introduce Gift Cards, Talks Android TV Platform

Netflix released Q2 financials this afternoon, but while the company’s bottom line is usually not of our concern in the slightest, they did talk two important topics in the press release that concerns our readership.

Firstly, Netflix announced that it is to introduce gift cards, allowing consumers to purchase subscriptions from local US retailers. These cards will more than likely range in value from a couple of months to a full year of Netflix streaming. To find these gift cards, Netflix has not yet announced exact availability, but when they are available, you can probably find them anywhere other major gift card purchases can be made (e.g. Safeway, Fred Meyer, etc.).

Lastly, and most importantly, Netflix discussed the Android TV platform. The company spoke on the investment to ensure that Netflix is broadly available on Smart TVs and Android TV, ultimately delivering a “consistently first-rate experience.”

The Netflix app for Google’s Android TV platform will appear on TVs from Sony, Sharp, and others in the coming months. Widespread adoption of Android TV can reduce the number of different platforms we need to support to ensure Netflix is broadly available on Smart TVs delivering a consistently first-rate experience, no matter the vendor. Android TV incorporates Google’s “cast” feature, allowing content discovery on mobile devices and laptops with streaming delivered to the big screen.

Netflix is probably one of the most widely used applications on Google Play, and has been since it was first released for the platform years ago. As Android has grown, Netflix has grown right alongside it.

Once those gift cards are made available, we will be sure to keep you posted.

Via: Netflix
  • Silver Veloz

    I just wish they would have more updated movies.

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  • Patrick Crumpler

    Waiting for Android tv to replace my Chrome Cast in the living room. Not so much anywhere else. Although I should just use my XBox One more efficiently.

  • Anthony Tyson

    Should say “REintroduce gift cards” they had these years ago and then they disappeared.

  • Mike Gates

    Most Netflix.stuff is run on Amazon servers…web services

  • Kevin T

    I don’t pay for anything I can get for free. No thanks, netflix.

  • StankyChikin

    I know he didn’t put Fred Meyer on the list lol

  • Drooblz

    As long as it’s better than the Netflix app on the Amazon Fire TV (which wouldn’t take much) then no complaints here.

  • hkklife

    Please, Netflix, introduce a “premium” tier for $10 more per month that has a handful of LIVE streaming TV channels (Bloomberg & NBA TV would be 2 that make sense) and an additional batch of movies & TV shows. You are leaving good $ on the table by not coming out with some kind of additional offerings to appease all of the cord-cutters out there in the aftermath of the Aereo shutdown.

    • T4rd

      That would just make ISPs/Cable Providers extort more money from Netflix for “more bandwidth” allocation for their service (which would in turn be forwarded to our bill). Because obviously we can’t all be using the bandwidth we already paid for..

      • Bertha

        Are you on a metered plan with your Cable Provider. If not, I’d rather have the cable company charge Netflix than spread the cost against all customer in a set rate plan. Or the Cable company shoud just put everyone on a metered plan. Use more pay more. i don’t want my base rate to cover the cost of some loser sitting in the basement all day watching videos on his crappy laptop screen.

        • athom07

          The more Netflix gets charged, the more they will have to charge you. In the end the customer always pays.

  • tylerc23

    Anyone here like the new Netflix logo more than the last one?

    • Simon Belmont

      Yup. Not surprising either.

      The old logo dated back to 1999, I believe. It was due for a refresh and the new one looks much more modern, IMO.

      • tylerc23

        Agreed. I like it much better and I feel you can do more with it

        Tim, how come you didn’t use it for the article image? Because you have the old one saved with the correct dimensions or something? or do you like this one better?

        • NewUpdate

          I’d rather not have Netflix show what I’ve been watching as I share my account with others.

          Netflix says in the Next update they finally will allow people to hide watch you recently watched. Don’t want people to know I watched JailBait

    • Deez

      It’s nothing more than a more plain version of their old logo. Doesn’t look all that different at all and I don’t know what has everyone in an uproar saying how much they hate or like it. It’s really just the same old sh!t lol

      • Deez

        I mean really all they did was remove the fake drop shadow, made the font’s weight a little heavier and turn the lettering red. Big whoop. Looks almost exactly the same.

      • tylerc23

        Yeah I agree with that too, but it’s different for the promotional purposes, like the commercials with that rough white looking style

        • maryjlay

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    • Hoff16

      The old logo blown up to desktop resolution actually hurts my eyes.

  • guest

    Safeway and Fred Meyer…I miss washington and oregon…..damn CA and this expensive living situation lol

    • Randy

      Exactly what I was thinking as a PNW native in LA.