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Samsung Reminds iPhone Users That They Have Been Waiting Years for a Bigger Screen

Samsung, in its latest ad targeted directly at iPhone owners getting excited about the larger display that has been rumored to finally arrive in the next phone from Apple, took the chance to remind those users that it has been at least two years now without that display, and yet a bigger, better display was right in front of them this whole time. Of course, Samsung is talking about the display in the Galaxy S5 or a number of other Galaxy products.

I think we will all laugh when Apple revolutionizes the big display. As Samsung points out, it will likely be “awesome” and “blow your mind.”

What Hummers? 

  • James Burkett

    Apple makes a larger iPhone…. This. Is. Revolutionary.

  • JeffColorado

    Still smiling Steve?

  • thepowerof

    I don’t understand why Samsung disses the costumers and not the company itself. I thought they wanted more costumers?

    • Sharkh20

      I think they try to shame them into switching.

      • thepowerof

        I guess so. Lol

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  • bsinc1962

    When Apple launched the 5 didn’t Tim Cook talk about how awful and awkward a big screen was and how their designers created the “perfect” size?

  • Deez

    This commercial isn’t bad.

    Nothing could ever be as bad as that horribly wack LG Curve commercial with the bearded talking hand. That had to be the worst phone spot I’ve ever seen for a phone…

  • scotch1337

    So yeah people are waiting for a big screen iPhone. I am one of those waiting for that to happen. I have been exclusively an Android fan and I still love the potential behind it. However I am tired of having 10-15 phones to choose from where the biggest difference between them is which has the least bloatware. Yes I can root my phone, but I shouldn’t have to do that. I just want a stock phone in which I can enjoy it for what it is and I don’t get that with Android. I would like to get the Nexus and I would have picked up the Nexus 5 but I have Verizon and, of course, they have bloatware that MUST go on it. So what does Google do, and rightfully so, they don’t produce a phone for Verizon. Quality is also an issue, there is just something about the quality of the iPhone that most devices for Android have not achieved. Because of that my wife has gone through 2 Droid Bionics and only had issues. I had my Droid X brick on me after Gingerbread. My GS3 is beginning to geek out.

    I just want Google to be like, “so yeah we have this free OS for phones that you can use, BUT you have to meet criteria.” I don’t think Nexus is good enough of a push on this idea, it cannot just be the Nexus like that does that and I believe that Google is in a position where they can force the cell phone companies and the phone manufactures to make the adjustments.

    In the end I will get a Nexus phone IF they come out with one for Verizon before the iPhone 5.5

    • SkyCode

      I have to disagree with the build quality of Apple Products. I does feel good in the hand but it is not durable. Scratch and shatters easy. My Moto X can take 2x the abuse and survive.

      • zurginator

        Build quality and survivability are completely different fields. One is engineering, one is design.

        And you’ll start seeing phones be more and more easy to break because of this whole thin bezel craze.

  • Dave

    I don’t envy an iphone or 5.7 inches….

  • Alex Boro

    As a huge Android guy with a Nexus 5; I would gladly take an iPhone over a Galaxy device. I hate touchwiz and iOS is so much better than touchwiz. I maybe would still had my note 3 if it was rootable.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      You mean people don’t root and get rid of touchwiz? If you still use touchwiz, it is your own fault.

      • SG

        exactly.. its completely pointless when people comment on their hatred for an OEM skin .. if the OS is customizable, why wouldn’t you change it?

      • Alex Boro

        Before when I had the note 3, it was unrootable on att

      • scotch1337

        I should not have to root to have a phone that works. Rooting should be for power userd who want to tinker.. It should be stock OS with minimal bloatware if an.

    • SG

      iOS hasn’t changed in years.. and the times it has changed, its copied directly from android os .. so what you’re saying is you basically want a smoother flowing android OS skin .. why not just change it…who actually uses the skin that comes with a phone (not counting nexus devices) ?? if you do, thats your own fault for not changing it when you have the ability to do so, so easily.

      • Maxim∑

        “iOS hasn’t changed in years”


        “and the times it has changed”

        make up your mind.

        “its copied directly from android os”

        Lets use a recent example…….Go look at material design and the adaptive status bar on L and we will talk.
        Hint: View iOS 6 design guidelines for status bar and iOS 7 design guidelines for animations that transition to other parts of the UI

  • Jeremy Gross

    a lot of people still dont want a big s5 nor a small 5s, right in between like the moto x

    • Deez

      And even more people than those combined don’t even know or give a fcuk about the Moto X.

  • DC_Guy

    Too bad the tiny-screened iPhone still outsold the S5 though…

    • glimmerman76

      hate to say it android controls 78% of the global smart phone market.

      • DC_Guy

        Hate to say it but we’re talking about Samsung, not Android.

        • glimmerman76

          does not mater which company your talking about. Android is still the market leader

          • DC_Guy

            Your comment might make more sense and be relevant if this article or MY original comment was about iOS vs Android, however NO!

    • SkyCode

      I Sheep

      • DC_Guy

        Nope, just stating facts.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    How does the guy taking the phone call show any value of a big screen? Poor way to end the commercial. It should have been him getting a text of his chicks nice fat azzzz and showing it to his buddy. That would have hit home the value of a big screen. A big screen on a phone call.. who cares.

  • tdurden64111

    #OhShit #ShartsFired #Android4Lyfe #INB4iPhoneSux #INB4ButtonsOnPhones?Why?

  • talkingshit

    I found Apple’s counter ad…

    Research firm Counterpoint’s survey of 35 markets accounting for nearly 90 percent of global sales found that sales for the eight-month-old iPhone 5s stood at 7 million in May, compared with about 5 million for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5, which was in just its second full month of sales after a late March release.

    • JSo
    • David Mann

      Oh you mean one Android device out of dozens/hundreds of popular, new Android devices didn’t sell as well as the single new iOS product Apple produced? Tell me more about this advanced market analysis.

      • Big EZ

        He’s saying that in 2 months the S5 has almost as many sales as the I5 has in 8 months.

        • Actually he’s saying that the S5 had 5 million in it’s second month of sales, but the 5s had 7 million sales in May alone, which is its 8th month of sales.

          • shutup

            counterpoint’s data has many loopholes in it. why didnt they release april figures as well?

      • talkingshit

        It was simply a response to the article posted. I believe that is an S5 in the commercial…

        • David Mann

          Sure but the commercial primarily points out that larger screens already exist in the marketplace, just not for iOS; the connection to the S5 is made at the end but to me it’s primarily comparing the diversity of Android devices to the iPhone.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      What they are neglecting to mention is that the Apple’s market share is in fact flat despite all of those sales, which means the vast majority of them are going to people who already had an iPhone and are getting a new one. Higher sales numbers do not necessarily mean your product is getting better market penetration – at this point Apple is still gaining ground at the expense of Blackberry, and that well is rapidly running dry.

      • scotch1337

        People are also waiting on the next iPhone before committing to a new phone. Lots of 4s users coming off of contact.

        • Jeremy Turnley

          Of course there are, but that won’t help Apple’s market share. Market share only grows when people who DON’T have an iPhone get one. There is something to be said for customer loyalty, but it doesn’t help your company growth numbers.

    • justinetime

      35 countries when there are more than 100 countries where the s5 was released and no data on the demographics of this country hardly a credible study where they claim 90%

  • Bryan Mills

    At least Apple builds quality products that are much better than Samsung’s plastic.

    • ButThenYouWokeUp

      I forgot the G3 was made of metal…

      • Bryan Mills

        Not talking about the G3. LG also doesn’t constantly try and bash Apple.

        • Cory S

          No…their head is too far up Samsungs ass to care about what Apple does.

          • Bryan Mills

            LG does what Samsung can’t.

          • Putzo

            Youre right, Samsung cat’s build “flagship” phones with washed out dim screens.

          • Bryan Mills

            Ignorance is bliss

        • DanSan

          They don’t bash Apple. They make fun of Apple owners. Make people realize how stupid they are until they switch. Genius plan!

          • Bryan Mills

            And they suck at it.

        • ButThenYouFellAsleep

          There is a DL article about LG bashing Apple (and Samsung).

          So, good job?

          • Bryan Mills

            One time.

    • Colin Huber

      And LG, Motorola.

      • Bryan Mills

        Not talking about companies who don’t try and bash Apple.

        • L Karson

          Just because in your infinite wisdom you touted what turned out to be a crappy phone (LaG3) is no reason to keep others from speaking the truth. Moto just sucks. LG (lag, dim screens, overheating, battery issues….)

          • Bryan Mills

            Crappy phone? Just shut up already. Your ignorance is showing.

          • glimmerman76

            I’ve had a g3 since launch and have had none of those problems. If you dont have the phone how do you know

        • Colin Huber

          Don’t backpedal too fast!

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      S5 is very nicely built.

      • Bryan Mills

        Still plastic and bloated.

        • Drink a glass of anti-freeze

          still nicely built

          • Bryan Mills

            Nah. Home button automatically renders it an ugly pos.

          • Bryan Mills.isgay.com

            Go get a job

          • T4rd

            Lol, indeed. If DL ran a poll for most annoying troll/poster, Bryan Mills/Tyler Durden/Narrator/Asshat would definitely top the poll.

          • Chris King

            Don’t forget Bionic and all that sarge stuff we had to sit through

          • hfoster52

            Apple has a big ols home button/finger printer scanner in the middle of their phone.

          • Gary Hicks

            Don’t you have somewhere else to troll?

          • tdurden64111

            Home button might be the worst thing ever about Samsung/Apple. But why are you agreeing with that?

          • Deez

            But then wouldn’t an iPhone also qualifr as an ugly P.O.S. since it has a home button too?

            You’re kind of contradicting yourself here. I know it’s hard to keep track of what you have said when you use 50 fake profile, but come on…

          • SG

            you do realize the 5s also has a home button right .. also an ugly pos by your definition for having a home button lol

          • Truf

            Unlike his mama.

        • Matthew DiGiacomo

          I’d rather have it than an iPhone that is so fragile people put these massive freaking cases on it that make it seem like a brick.

        • Open1Your1Eyes0

          Bloat? Blame carriers. Also materials has nothing to do with build quality, especially if they are picked for a purpose of design (and not to save money).

          • Bryan Mills

            Not talking about carrier bloat.

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            If you’re talking about Samsung’s customization on top of Android, that’s not bloatware. It’s Samsung choice to set themselves apart from everyone else when people ask “what does this phone do that mine can’t?”. If everyone made a stock Android phone why would anyone pick one over another? Design is not enough.

          • Bryan Mills

            10gb or less usable says otherwise.

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            Again…not defined as bloatware if it’s part of Samsung’s required software suite for the device. Sure it may take a bit more space than say a stock device, but this is exactly the reason why Samsung is fiercely sticking to expandable storage (even with Google’s continuous restrictions against it).

            FWIW on a personal opinion, I’ll take a 10GB usable device with expandable storage to my choosing rather than a 14GB usable (or 16GB if you want to get crazy) and nothing to expand beyond that.

          • Bryan Mills

            Samsung adds crap that nobody wants.

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            Yes…that clearly shows in their sales numbers doesn’t it?

          • Bryan Mills

            I don’t expect sheep to stray to far. So no, the fools keep buying it.

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            Like it or not, at the end of the day they’re doing something right and clearly people don’t hate this “bloatware” you speak of bad enough to look elsewhere. They just just don’t use what they don’t need and get on with their lives. Obviously it’s a matter of personal opinion but money talks louder than words.

          • SG

            ^ says the apple sheep .. smh

          • SkyCode

            We Need Innovation on Hardware

        • Truf

          Like your mama.

    • Oloff

      Yes, those Chinese are known for their build skills. Like B Mills is known for his tech knowledge.

      • Bryan Mills

        Bryan Mills is actually a badass who rescues his daughter.

        • balls

          Or the fat guy that plays wow on south park, i imagine you somewhat like that

    • MeCampbell30

      Shots fired!

    • onDroid

      Yes, the iPhone has an amazing build quality and is made out of some very nice materials. The only issue is that you would be hard pressed to ever actually see any of the build quality. Go take a look at someone’s iPhone. I guarantee 90% of the time it will have some huge ugly cover on it. Why? Because while the materials chosen to make the iPhone are nice to look at they also make the phone very fragile. Samsung has made their device out of materials that can handle abuse and will last a full contract period without a gaudy case to protect it. I’d much rather have a phone that I don’t need a case to make it functional.

      • hfoster52

        I agree. Maybe their sapphire screens will fix their shatter problem.

        • onDroid

          It’s not just that. I’ve owned an ipod video and an ipod touch and both of those had metal backs that I swear I could have scratched with my fingernail. The iPhone uses easily scratch metal trim and a glass back(at least the 4s did, not sure about the 5/5s). Also making the screen flush gives the phone so many more angles at which the phone can be dropped to disastrous effect. I can’t tell you how many people with iPhones I know that have shattered their screens and they even use cases. I do not know a single person who has shattered the screen on their Android. Maybe the people I know with iPhones are all just clumsy but I doubt that explains away the issue. Sapphire screens may help but unless Apple also makes some design changes I doubt it will fix the issue entirely

    • get a life

      its just a phone, relax guy

    • SG

      right. so is that why they build phones in China? Top notch quality in China right???

      • zurginator

        Just like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, or Moto….

        It’s not where it’s being manufactured, it’s how it was designed, engineered, and assembled. That’s what sets anything apart.

    • Michael Hammond

      You do realize that Samsung manufactures the glass screen on your precious iPhone, right? So you’re saying the iPhone is garbage too since Samsung had a part in making it’s most-utilized asset…..

      • Deez

        And Samsung makes a lot of Apple’s chips…

      • zurginator

        Entirely different division.
        That logic is like saying the PS4 sucks because the Xperia Z didn’t get an update.

        Argue all you want about the value of plastic (I agree), but Samsung devices don’t feel or look premium.

        Apple, HTC, LG, Moto, and Nokia have all shown it’s possible to build a premium looking and feeling plastic phone. Samsung Mobile* just can’t design worth a flip.

        *mobile specified because their Ultrabooks mop the floor with everything else when it comes to design.

  • MentatYP

    Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave at the thought of an iPhone with a massive screen.

    • Pratik Holla

      I doubt it. If he were alive today, he would do the same thing. He is the type of guy who would say one thing and do the other.
      Plus… the market has clearly shown that it prefers larger displays. Apple has placed way too much emphasis on one handed use with their phones.

      • Eric R.

        But remember, he said he was going to destroy Android

        • I believe the term he used was “Thermonuclear War”. I guess he got his pancreas too close to the fissile material…

          • Michael Hammond

            too soon

      • pappy53

        Actually’ larger displays are only about 35% of the market. The rest is 4″ and under.

    • John Davids

      Just wait until Apple starts to copy the Note series as a “business iPhone” and puts in a stylus.

    • iPhoneSucks


      But the smaller ones will be on time

  • Fahad Beg

    Oh Samsung, with their passive aggressive advertising.

  • James_75

    Oh sure, one more thing size related for the white guy to envy…. 😉

    • Alexander

      Damn. Someone beat me to the punch!

    • AndrewScottRox


    • Bryan Mills

      While white women become single mothers.

      • Mech_Engr_09

        She resents that remark 🙂

        • Sean Walton


          • Mech_Engr_09

            There’s plenty more where that came from.

        • jim

          hug one side then go around and hug the other side lol , looks like a ton of fun there

          • Mech_Engr_09

            It’s basically like having two girlfriends. Win win

          • jim

            have to be careful, remember , crack kills

          • maryjlay

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        • jim

          im guessing her bath tub has stretch marks lol

          • Mech_Engr_09

            Naw bro no bath tub for her.

      • GameChanger

        Better than having kids with their siblings.

      • OF

        You mad because we’re taking all your pretty white women away? 😉

        • Mech_Engr_09

          No lol. You get the leftovers that no respectable white male would want.

          • Collin Chapin

            Horribly incorrect. But whatever you know that already

          • Mech_Engr_09

            Hmm no. I actually think I’m right. I’ve seen this stereotype so many times that it’s honestly not even a stereotype anymore.

          • jim

            yep , brothers love the fat girls

          • Collin Chapin

            You must live near the ghetto.

          • Kisuk3

            Typical self hating black guy who chases ugly white chicks to validate himself

          • Collin Chapin

            Are you talking to me? I’m white… lol

        • jnt

          Yeah, I don’t think that’s what Bryan Mills was referring to, which is why it was “in moderation”, at least when I first saw it. 🙂

          • Bryan Mills

            No clue why my comment was deleted? I’m white.

          • jnt

            Well, I assumed your comment was making a joke referencing the statistics that point to African American families having the highest percentage of single parent families… which evidently, though a statistical reality, was too much?

    • SharnaHayneskvl

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    • John Jenness

      I bow to you and your wit.

    • Dave

      I don’t envy 5.7 inches….

    • jbworldwide1


    • Havoktek

      That’s frakkin’ right on time…..pure timing…

  • I think without Jobs, Apple will finally be able to properly listen to its customers and keep up with everyone else. And I think its finally showing with upcoming hardware releases.

    • Weee

      If only Apple opened up they would probably find a lot more success.

      But maybe low percent market share for OSX vs Windows and iOS vs Android is ok with them, if they wanted more though all they would have to do is let other people play in their playground.

      • Bryan Mills

        Same with Windows as with Samsung. Spam the market with crap.

        OSX is infinitely better than Windows.

        • Weee

          For grandma maybe, Steam’s OSX section is lacking compared to Windows (and even Linux).

          • Bryan Mills

            Windows is crap and always will be.

          • gg

            your crap, go suck on a tail pipe

          • Abe

            Good analysis, Bry. Keep it up.

          • SirCharlesNorris

            Wait so you came to an android only website to say how awesome OSX is… Good work. Also congrats on how much time you must have to do so…

          • Jarred Sutherland

            So Android is running on your desktop? As Kellen has showed in the past, this site has quite a bit of traffic from OS X systems….

        • tspx23

          Someone is riding Apple hard. I keep coming back to windows because of productivity and applications. They recently caught up in screen mirroring which is a very basic function and it’s still lacking in comparison to its windows alternatives. If you are in design/casual user apple may be better, but in terms of multi-tasking and the workplace there is no competition.

          • Bryan Mills

            I love android but use OSX because there’s a less chance of it dying a year later.

          • tspx23

            There’s a less chance of it dying a year later? Is there some sort of proof for your absurd comments. Most Windows workstations at large organizations are nearly a decade old and they just update the internals. You are SO limited with a mac and buy into their hardware, not to mention once you get a failure it’s nearly impossible to get it back–After a year my MBP wouldn’t boot and I was out of luck. Maybe the failure rates on windows may be higher but they are far easier to fix.

            OSX is great but even when running basic scripts/changing file formats it’s incompatible or requires 2x the steps in Windows. Messing with custom roms and even accessing the android file system is a chore on OSX; you need Windows. Open your eyes there’s a reason why they will continue to hold less than 10 percent of marketshare. Great hardware no doubt, just severe, severe, limitations.

          • Bryan Mills

            My opinion . don’t like it? Who cares. Its America.

          • OBAMA

            government now regulates your opinion in america,

          • ThomasMoneyhon

            I loled

          • Jarred Sutherland

            You’re not allowed to have a dissenting view here Mr Mills! I think most of the people here forget that the guys that develop the OS they froth at the mouth over frequently use OS X.

          • zurginator

            Actually it’s the internet.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            “Running basic scripts/changing file formats” .. what are you even talking about? You DO realize it is a totally different OS, right? Were you trying to run Powershell commands at a bash terminal or something? And the file format thing is a joke, that hasn’t been an issue since OS 9. If you’re going to make a comment, you might want to educate yourself just a teeny tiny bit.

          • tspx23

            Editing video file formats has been a struggle for me in OSX it doesn’t pick up everything. I have/had mkv/mpeg2/wmv files that simply won’t play and take forever to convert or resort to 3rd party software to get these videos to play. Rooting/running scripts in terminal has been more difficult time and again, some devices aren’t even compatible with OSX. File format? Really? I have a 500gb hard drive and it’s split partitioned between WBFS/NTFS and because of that it doesn’t show up on OSX…. if you can educate me any further please do. Just because you haven’t tried any of the above doesn’t mean you need to attempt to call me out.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            First off, you DO need you educate yourself more. MKV, MPEG2, WMV are all containers, the video inside those requires the proper codecs to play on ANY system. If you do not have the codecs, they won’t play, try VLC or another like program. By default, Windows does NOT play MKV files, never has and who knows if Microsoft will ever adopt it as a standard they play. Rooting? Seriously? You do not “root” a Unix OS, you can become ROOT (sudo, etc) to run commands as a privileged user. What you term as “file format” is actually called a filesystem, NTFS is a filesystem as is HFS, EXT4, etc. Loading a kernel module such as FUSE allows you to do great things like mount NTFS partitions in OSX with no problem, granted there are restrictions .. have fun doing the reverse in Windows. So again, you DO need to educate yourself. You wouldn’t just get into a car without learning how to drive first would you?

            Edit : Or if the car thing doesn’t work for you, you wouldn’t travel to another country and just get in and start driving .. expecting everything to be the same. Anyways, I am really not trying to be rude, but when you make claims as you have you should really know the facts.

          • tspx23

            I said converting video file formats. MKV wasn’t supported in VLC on a mac until a year or two later on a mac. Yes you can become ROOT but you realize you need to go through about 60 mouse clicks on a MAC to do this? Do you have any short-cuts? And exactly what I’m saying it’s just not as universal or compatible as a Windows PC you need to resort to 3rd party apps, processes take longer to execute, and the entire system is locked down. You’re saying the same thing as I am things are slower to come to a mac (software support, codecs, etc), you can do it but ti will be more difficult, and I need to re-learn the wheel to execute the same functions on a windows coutner-part.

            It’s like this if I already know how to drive an automatic car, OSX makes certain processes like driving a shift. No way around it.

          • Gary Hicks

            Don’t it bother you at all that no one agrees with anything you say, except you?

        • qqpvpserver


        • qqpvpserver


        • Pete

          OSX is great is your only goal is life is to surf the net. However, if you need to get work down, time for Windows. But who wants to pay $2k for a laptop that is only good for surfing…but does have an apple that lights up. Don’t get me wrong, windows blows like your mother, but it is better than OSX.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I take it you have actually never used OS X.

          • Susit

            Right now i am playing on my Mac, Civ 5. And i can Work. Not everyone is mental limited like you .

          • cjohn4043

            Both are great at different things. Using OSX for Adobe Creative Suite and Autodesk programs just seem to work better than running them on Windows 7. Windows 7 is better for business related things though, but Windows 8…that’s an entirely different story.

          • DainLaguna

            This is the worst fanboy comment I’ve ever seen…and you see plenty here

        • ThomasMoneyhon

          And the surface is better than any hardware apple has released to date. When apple is ready to drop a product on stage and mount skateboard wheels to ahow its beauty and durability then ill be interested. #cantinnovatemyass

        • landon

          Hell, even at school when I have to use Macs for graphics design, it’s still better on PC. I have used Windows, Linux, and OS X (Hackintosh) on my rig and at the end of the day I prefer Windows.

      • Dominic Powell

        Not necessarily, That didn’t work for Windows (one manufacturer had 85% market share (Nokia). It would probably be the same with iOS, everyone would just stick to the apple devices.) At Samsung’s peak (which probably was Q3 2013) they had 65% of the Android Market. Apple being open may not really help its profitability at all and may sully the brand and reduce its veblen good status

        • Eeew

          If you are talking about Windows the desktop OS, being able to install it on any hardware did work. It is why MS beat Apple a decade ago.

      • Im sure it is though, and I’m sure their billions of dollars isn’t complaining. They’re numbers do continue to grow though. Also, since they are their only hardware manufacturer, its always hard to truly gauge their success. While Android as a whole holds a higher market share, If you were to pit iPhone 5s verse a single competitor, like the S5, iPhone numbers would be higher, and probably higher against any singular model from a specific manufacturer.

        • Weee

          Well they aren’t even a hardware manufacturer, Foxcon and Samsung build their hardware. Eventually (hopefully) people who buy based on brand name and not important specifications will educate themselves and make better buying decisions, but then again we have people who defend people who leave their kids in the car on a hot day so maybe not. Maybe there will just always be sheep that Apple can take control of and they won’t need to compete on merit.

          • You knew what I meant though, iOS only goes on Apple created devices, where as Android goes on devices created my many manufacturers, thus organically creating an environment where Android marketshare is going to be higher. Same thing with desktop operating systems. OS X only goes on Apple computers, where as Windows goes on many more computers, thus creating a larger market share.

            While Apple has a closed a ecosystem, they’re doing something right.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Perhaps those “sheep” believe the product IS better. For them, it quite possibly IS better. Do you die hard Android guys ever think of that?

          • zurginator

            So we shouldn’t buy HTC or Motorola devices either then, right? They don’t manufacture them either (though Motorola did experiment with final assembly).

    • Colin Huber

      Great point.

    • MBat

      Lol, Jobs actual strategy was not to listen customers, it was a clear point, and instead convince them their way is the right way.

      • It worked for a little while though when the iPhone was the only worthy smartphone on the market. But as options came out and consumers realized they had options, Jobs failed to keep up with the consumer, in a way of sorts, but somehow still managed to sell millions upon millions of devices. Jobs was doing something right, gotta give him that.