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Google Maps 8.2.0 Adds Bicycle Elevation, Voice Actions in Navigation

A Google Maps update to version 8.2.0 showed up last night and actually includes new goodies for you to look forward to. Once updated, you will find that bicycle directions now include elevation and a comparison of elevation between multiple routes to get you to a destination with less strain. You will notice that the profile button in the search bar has been replaced by a voice actions button, with the profile information moving into the slideout menu under a “Your places” section.

Finally, and probably most notably, a voice actions button has been added to navigation, so as you are traveling along, you can speak commands to Maps to get important information back. For example, you could say “Show traffic” to get an overview of the current traffic situation, or “how long until I get there” to get a status update.

8.2.0 is a sneaky good update from Google. Update through Google Play if you can or sideload the apk below.

Play Link | Download Link

Via:  Android Police
  • Higher_Ground

    I really like the elevation data, here’s to hoping it’s halfway accurate.
    Is it just me, or does google maps seem to have a hard time loading place data unless you’re searching for it? I used to use google maps a lot to find businesses and restaurants that were located in expansive outdoor malls, and it was pretty good at loading all of them at one zoom level. Now I find that whenever I need to find something, I zoom in on the group of businesses and only a few show up. I zoom in a little further and then two disappear, and two different ones show up instead, sometimes in the parking lot. Guess I’ll be reinstalling yelp, but it seems like google maps handled this a lot better several versions ago.

  • Tomek G

    Seems like they could be merging MyTracks features into Maps

  • yummy

    On my bike all day, like this.
    One point for googoo.

  • Will Oren

    Would still be nice to add waypoints or more than one destination like the web version of Google Maps

  • Droid Ronin

    Hopefully Google will implement the “OK Google” voice trigger into Maps so you won’t have to take your eyes off the road when driving.

    • Jason Kahn

      It would need be something different like OK google maps otherwise you would get a standard google voice search. If you have voice commands active everywhere.

      I agree though it needs to be completely hands free, and understand names when navigating to someone in your contacts.

  • Stephen D

    That notification bar….

    • Droid Ronin

      Holy status bar, Batman!

  • Pakmann2k

    Still can’t navigate with waypoints. Its only been years! Can we please get a feature that my 7yo TomTom has.

    • coolsilver

      Yea. This would be nice to plan a trip with defined stops and total travel time with that in mind.

      • James

        Yes! This remains a huge omission.

    • HarvesterX

      Yeah that bites, but can you just set up multiple navigations and fake the waypoints by just switching which navigation point you’re heading to once you reach your first waypoint? Not the best solution but .(I’m guessing you can do this since it stores searches in memory )

  • Daistaar

    Need to be able to access the additional voice commands without hitting the button the way Google Now does.

  • Daniel Garcia

    Proper destination search is proper. I too would like to know how long it is from my location to Deschutes Brewing. If you are ever in Houston come visit me at Buffalo Bayou Brewing.

    • HarvesterX

      Awesome spot; I used to work at JSC and lived in south Harris County (bout a mile from Bay Area Mall on El Dorado Blvs

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    The “Your Places” in the slide out is a godsend. . . .

    • James

      I find this a good time/effort saver as well.

    • JRomeo

      too bad they didn’t add the “My Maps” in the slideout

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  • “OK Google… Inject PEDs now” – Lance Armstrong

  • Jarred Sutherland

    So as much as Google irritates me right now with several things they have done recently .. I still love Google Maps.


    Something I didn’t really think I needed because everything else worked great

  • JSo

    Damn, I love Google. I know I will use those voice commands.

  • James

    Nice! Hopefully a good number of useful voice actions will be included.

    And for those of us who get around by bike much of the time, the elevation is great for knowing how much deodorant to wear…

    • James

      Not to mention a great update for the future Android Auto.

      • JSo

        Speaking of Android auto…I don’t know why they can’t just put all that in an app so everyone could use it with their phone and a dock. Hopefully one day.

        • James

          Agreed. We should not have to buy a new car or an expensive aftermarket system to get the goods. I’m sure cheaper options will come out eventually, but it would be nice to see Google take the lead in making it easy to choose Android Auto. Not to mention it could really help them gain traction in what is shaping up to be another competitive space.

          • TC Infantino

            I think the best solution for integrating the smartphone ecosystem into auto infotainment systems would be:
            1) Have a modular interface, including an in-console mount, that would be designed for either an iPad or an Android tablet
            2) The choice of Apple or Android would be the choice of the purchaser of the vehicle
            3) The tablets would be designed specifically for use in this modular Auto system by the tablet manufacturers, and thus have a specific set of UIs designed for use in the vehicle only (when the tablet is in the modular dock)
            4) The tablet would, through the modular interface, control all the functions that the auto manufacturers currently have their navigation/infotainment screens control.
            5) The modular interface would allow the vehicle owners to switch out the current tablet with either the other OS, or an updated/newer version.
            6) The tablet would be easily removable from the interface/mount in the vehicle, and be able to be used as any normal tablet. (This versatility adds to the value proposition for the customer by both increasing the usefullness of the $1000 or so option added to the price of the auto, and helping to prevent vehicle break-ins by removing expensive electronics)
            7) The tablet will of course be 4G LTE capable, with subscription plans possibly being offered with discounts such as free connectivity for a set period, similar and actually replacing the need for On-Star and other manufacturers in-car connectivity subscriptions.
            I know, very long post, but I think it is a good idea. Here’s to hoping that auto manufacturers come to the same conclusion.