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Reminder: LG G3, Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, and ALLSET Prepaid With 4G LTE Launch Today at Verizon

As a quick reminder to kick off this beautiful Thursday, we wanted to point out that the LG G3 and Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet are both available at Verizon in-store and online. Also, Verizon’s new ALLSET prepaid plan that includes 4G LTE connectivity can be signed up for as of this morning. Finally, Big Red is still running a 50% smartphone deal that drops all sorts of devices to $99 or lower, but those have to be purchased on-contract. Today is Verizon’s big day, which we first reported on a couple of weeks back

To recap, the LG G3 can be picked up for $99 on-contract, $29.99 per month with Edge, or $599 at full retail. If you are at all considering this phone (and you should be), you will want to take a look at our 25+ tips and tricks for the G3, comparison to the Galaxy S5 and One (M8), and quick look at Spigen’s line of cases. We should have our full review up shortly, but if you can’t tell, both Tim and I are really excited about the G3.

The Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet is Sony’s latest flagship slate with a 10.1-inch FHD display, water and dust resistance, 6,000mAh battery, 8.1MP rear camera, 2.2MP front camera, 4G LTE connectivity, 32GB internal storage, micro SD slot for storage expansion, 3GB RAM, and Android 4.4, all wrapped in a package that is just .25-inches thick. The Xperia Z2 Tablet can be had for $499  with 2-year contract, $29.99 per month on Edge, or $599 at full retail.

As for the ALLSET prepaid plan, the entire plan hasn’t changed, you can just now connect to Verizon’s 4G LTE network. The plans, which we have detailed a couple of times, allow you to get into a base plan for $45 that includes 500MB of data plus unlimited talk and text. From there, you can add on 500MB ($5), 1GB ($10), or 3GB ($20) in data. Verizon will also toss in an extra 500MB per month if you sign-up for auto pay. The example I keep using is if you sign-up for ALLSET, then sign-up for auto pay, and then add on the 3GB data package, you would have 4GB of 4G LTE data and unlimited talk/text for $65. That is a pretty solid deal.

Verizon Links:  LG G3 | Xperia Z2 Tablet | ALLSET Prepaid

  • mike zimmerman

    i want z3 by sony

  • teebone

    I got to look at the phone at my local VZW phone. It was still in the package yet, they took it out of the package for me but couldn’t turn it on. The phone feels solid in the hand. I might do the ole switch aroonie keep unlimited to get it then sell it when the Note 4 comes out if I don’t like it lol

  • Jeffrey Fazal

    So the long wait comes to an end to experience the LG G3 that is available on Verizon. I will definitely consider buying it along with qi car charger in order to keep its 3000mAh battery fully charged even on the go to explore more apps and features of it.

  • world problems

    Don’t know if its me or what but the screen on the G3 kind of reminds me of the thunderbolt screen.

  • tdi_indy

    Fedex delivered mine from Verizon. It has the brightness slider – Sorry Tim-o

  • El Big CHRIS

    Nice try …

  • Shawn Spring

    As I’ve said to anyone who will listen to my rantings, I’m excited to go pick one up at the VZW store local here when they open at 10am. I fully intend to keep my unlimited plan using the swap upgrade to dummy line option. I’ll report back when mission is accomplished!

    • Shawn Spring

      So – after 2 VZW retail stores and 2 “yellow and blue” merchants, I finally got done what I wanted. At least, I think I did. For some reason I’m unable to log into the Verizon Website to confirm my data plan…weird. But the guy at the “yellow and blue” place was super nice and helpful.

      The only dig I’ve got so far is compared to my G2, the screen of the G3 looks to have a yellow-ish tint. Whites don’t look crisp and white. Hoping that root and a color balance app in the future will take care of that.

  • Reporter Gen

    Many people has already got one, and I found there is an unboxing video, it’s quite expensive. http://www.unboxx.net/contents/2014/7/17/lg-g3-unboxing-video

  • RoboCop

    With L coming out on at least 3 805 phones in a few months and a new Motorola soon, plus the Note 4 (notes to me always feel smoother than the Galaxy’s) I guess the G3 is the phone to get if you NEED a phone now, I just don’t see how people wouldn’t wait 2 months. I guess if you have an S4 or S3 or iPhone and want something much better.

    • Bryan Mills

      The 805 isn’t worth the wait. The 900+ Super Charged Qualcomm SnapGodzilla will be out shortly after.

      • grayson360

        Actually it probably will be just for the new GPU. When games start running at 2560×1440 instead of an upscaled resolution, the 330 is going to crumble.

        • Bryan Mills

          Said nobody ever.

          • grayson360

            Why did I even feed you……

    • ROR1997

      i waited 2 months while using a tbolt. G3 is the phone to get and could be phone of the year

      • Buzzy42

        I’m still using a Day 1 Thunderbolt. I’m thinking it’s time to get a G3. 😉 Even at full price to keep unlimited. 😉

  • jones8808

    Can’t wait to pick up the G3 this afternoon

    • AmeliaMardleiyf

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    • Just picked mine up yesterday, love it!

    • KiranDugganoet

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    • picaso86

      I bought my G2 in May. Is there any way to exchange it for the G3?

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    ALLSET actually isn’t a terrible plan. $50 for 1GB data is equivalent to T-mobile, so if you don’t need a ton of data you get a larger network for the same price. If you need more data, you can buy it in chunks on an as-needed basis. Plus that “extra” data sticks with your account for up to 90 days, so you can essentially pay $56.67/mo for 2 GB of data, or $70 /mo for 4GB of data, or any other split/combination.

    Well played, Verizon. Wow, never thought I’d use those words.

    Now, we just need to have a little chat about VoLTE and locking bootloaders….

    • hkklife

      No it’s not bad at all, all things considered. And a G2 for $299 is a heckuva deal too. I am thinking that I’ll switch my wife over to it when her contract is up in 11 months. She usually uses about 2.6 to 3GB of data per month so she’s in the awkward spot where 2GB is too little but 4GB is overkill.

    • Eddie Jr

      Don’t worry about VoLTE. Verizon is the only one in position to do a massive volte rollout. They will crush everyone else.

  • Bryan Mills

    Yeah, that Z2 at $499 is not happening, Verizon.

  • RoboCop

    Idk whats wrong with me but I’m just not as impressed as everyone else. The build isn’t anything special, the screen is nice but not noticeably better than others, the camera doesn’t have as many cool features, and the LG interface feels too muted with colors. Maybe I just gotta play with it more idk.

    • RoboCop

      I think one of the biggest things about it I didn’t like is something that other people here don’t care about. When I took the phone out of the box of course the battery wasn’t in it yet and it was just so light and plastic feeling and idk…cheap. When I powered it on all I could think about was how Samsung felt the same way on my S3. When I got the One it was a solid metal hefty thing that I instantly felt matched with the words “flagship device”. I can’t stand the iPhone but you know when you pick up the 5S you just know its a premium product worth $650-$700. Idk if it was this site but I remember reading somewhere that a guy doing his Moto X review said that sometimes he just picks it up just to hold it since the curves and dimple and size just feel good. I agree. When I first grabbed the Moto X I went “wow this is really different”, when I grabbed the G3 I went “um, this feels like my S3 did…siiigh”

  • HoosierDaddy

    Just received mine from VZW and activated. So far I’m lovin’ it. The bloat is already killing me though..

  • MikeCiggy

    Sooooo, I’ve had the S5 for like 2 months on the edge plan. How can I get them to take it back and give me a g3? Anyone have any good tricks or ideas?

    • NeilGeorge

      Well sell the phone on swappa??

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      The easiest way? Buyout the rest of the GS5, then start a new Edge plan with a G3, and sell the GS5 on ebay or swappa. But Verizon won’t do anything with it for the first 6 months, and you would need to have it half-paid to swap devices.

      • tromply

        Not quite. After 30 days, just go in and exchange it. You’ll have an out of pocket cost, and it will continue the edge, but you won’t have to wait.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          I thought you had to wait 6 months.

          That’s kinda awesome, actually.

          • RyanAndTammy

            Yep, you just need to have had the phone for at least 30 days and have paid 60% of the phone then you’re free to get a new Edge plan.

          • savage

            You have to have HALF the S5 paid off to be able to EDGE up and renew EDGE with a G3. That requires you to send back your S5 to Verizon so you wont be able to sell it!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Not a bad prepaid deal. Though the fact that I have to specifically buy a vzw device for prepaid defeats the whole purpose for me. Sure it’ll be a great deal for a lot of people though.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Those seem like giving people out of contract a solid prepaid option, which isn’t a bad thing (yay options!). All in all, a tentative step in the right direction.

      Plus, I fully expect Nexus-7-like compatible devices to start popping up with Verizon’s LTE bands over the next year. They could even include Verizon-compatible CDMA, just like Nexus 5 working on Sprint’s CDMA network in addition to all the GSM frequencies.

  • yummy

    VZW was so anxious to sell me a G3, custserv hung up on me. Why should they cate about selling me a phone, as long as they can gauge me on data.
    A Verizon special is like your mugger passing out candy.

    • Eddie Jr

      Proofread much?

  • Went to check out the G3 at both AT&T and T-Mobile yesterday. Both had it on display but surprisingly both were sold out here in SF. Initial impressions…it’s a beast.

    • Bryan Mills

      Of course it is

      • Mech_Engr_09

        Did you get the G3? If so, did you also get the G Watch? I’m thinking about going to Verizon today and picking them both up. If they don’t have the G Watch, the AT&T store down the street has them.

  • jimt

    It’s Verizon beware, use caution, it’s a trap!