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Thursday Poll: Who is Your Current Wireless Carrier?

Choosing a wireless provider is important. Depending on where you live, you probably have multiple choices when making your selection, with most customers primarily concerned about pricing and network coverage.

From experience, we know that AT&T and Verizon offer the most in terms of coverage, but going beyond just having bars in your home, you want a phone you enjoy, too. Verizon is the exclusive carrier of the DROID lineup, while AT&T and Sprint have their fair share of exclusive colors and handsets gracing their networks. Many factors, including the ones we just listed, weigh in on a person or family’s decision to opt for a specific carrier.

The last time we asked this question back in September of 2013, Verizon customers showed up in force with 75% of the vote, beating out T-Mobile with 11% and AT&T with 6%. Surprisingly, only 4% of voters selected prepaid or other, which we hope has changed since September. After all, we have gone over the benefits of prepaid a few times.

Once you have answered the question, take a second to tell us why you are sticking with your current provider. Is it their coverage? Pricing? Device selection?

Who is Your Current Wireless Carrier?

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  • Fred

    I ditched Verizon back in November for Republic Wireless. After taxes I pay $12.50/month for unlimited minutes and texts. It’s awesome I’m with them for the price!!!

  • roseman

    Had absolutely ZERO coverage with AT&T at home which is very near downtown in urban area. Verizon gives me coverage at home and elsewhere, plus i can even hear what the person on the other end is saying (unlike with AT&T). I like having coverage 🙂

  • Marcus

    Verizon simply for coverage where I am. Been really wanting to leave for the nice phones “oneplus” with others carrier’s but what good is nice phones with no signal

  • SaintMike

    Sprint…..underwhelmed but putting up with it. the idea shopping around for a new carrier is about as appealing to me as going car-shopping

  • Hbk

    Verizon, unlimited data, lg g2, got that using the best buy glitch.

  • retrospeck

    Surprised Republic Wireless isn’t a choice, I was lumped in with prepaid users.

  • BillySuede

    verizon. i’m willing to pay for quality service and don’t need a nexus.

  • malcmilli

    coverage is overrated.

  • Grayson

    I’m shocked there are so many Verizon users and so few AT&T users. Unlike 5 years ago, AT&T now has coverage very comparable to Verizon, it’s cheaper, and you can use any damn phone you want. I couldn’t live without the option to use a Nexus phone, or a OnePlus One, or an international phone like the Z2 that hasn’t yet launched in the States, or just an unlocked phone without any carrier bloat. I would kill myself if I was forced to use only what Verizon provides, full of their bloat and restrictions no less. My wife and I went to Yosemite a couple weeks ago and I felt sorry for her parents, who have Verizon. They had no coverage the entire trip. Meanwhile, coverage was fine on AT&T. Like I said, Verizon isn’t the king of coverage that they were 5 or 10 years ago. They are good, but no better than AT&T in my experience. And even if they were the king of coverage, an evil corporation dictating what phones I can buy and when? F that. You guys are nuts.

    • Some guy

      Its because this blog site started based on droid devices from verizon, so there are a lot of verizon peeps on here. While ATT coverage has improved a ton they are really just as d-bag a company to consumers as verizon is.

  • tiev

    Verizon with grandfathered Unlimited Data on a postpaid Moto G. Waiting for the Moto X2 or hoping for a Droid 5 QWERTY

  • Wanting to Switch

    Verizon currently (out of contract), but will be switching to T-Mobile with the release of the next Nexus. Better pricing, international ability, the choice is easy.

  • Frank Bostick

    I’m in the same boat as Raj. After ages with Verizon (and Alltel before Verizon bought them) I moved to T-Mobile back in January 2014. Coverage isn’t perfect but I’m all for supporting anyone looking to shake up the market. Besides Verizon ditched the unlimited plan and didn’t offer the Nexus 5. I’m very sure that was very much Google not offering Verizon the Nexus line after the Galaxy Nexus fiasco.
    So far, I’m liking T-Mobile and suggest it to anyone tired of Verizon.

  • SeeScottRock

    I mean, I love big red’s coverage, but my folks are moving to a tiered plan to save money, and probably to sprint at that, so I’m shopping my prepaid options. Currently on T-mo 30 dollar plan, and pleasantly surprised so far.

  • Wilsonian

    Switched to AT&T for my family when they came out with their family share plans. I’m paying roughly $50 a month less on AT&T for three phones than I was paying on Verizon for two phones. I also have phone freedom where I can pick and choose virtually any phone anywhere that’ll work with AT&T. We have 10 gb shared (used to be unlimited on Verizon) and haven’t even come close to hitting that yet. I don’t regret it at all. Sometimes we lose a little coverage in the podunk areas around here, but for the most part, it’s only losing LTE or it’s losing coverage where Verizon is shotty, too.

  • Davros

    This is my last month with Verizon and I’m more than happy to give up my unlimited data to get away from them. Going to try and cut the chord so to speak and not have a phone for a while. Then I’ll probably go with a Nexus on straight talk or go to at&t.

  • Ks Montoya

    Dumped Verizon to Tmobile after 16 years, couldn’t be happier, I wish I had done the move a year ago, I personally will save over $1k a year from this move. On par coverage, and at times better coverage than Verizon. Work in Manhattan, Live in the boogie down. The price of the plans are exceptional, and the international for free has come in handy with my last 2 vacations.

  • Ed Waters

    I’m on Verizon, mainly because of how good the coverage area is.

  • Stephen

    Got on with Verizon and have Unlimited data. Not going anywhere for the conceivable future. 2 yr contract we had is done ,but I have gotten new phones last year and this year (bought out of my pocket) and just did hardware swap. Not happy with the price I pay but that is what it is since I want to keep that unlimited data.

  • paul_cus

    Happy with AT&T.

  • Jason Kahn

    I think the poll numbers show for themselves the vast majority of Droid Life user still use Verizon, but the percentage has dropped 15%, with T-Mobile, AT&T, Prepaid picking up the slack. Although the percentage drop of Verizon is smaller than the percentage gain by the other groups, so it’s possible that newer subscribers are opting towards other carriers.

  • Alex Niehaus

    I almost jumped ship to tmo from Verizon after being with them for 10 years, but after financing the phones and adding the data I need it was only $11 cheaper a month after my wife’s work discount. Not worth switching for that and spotty coverage on my sales route with tmo since I’m out in the sticks of SW Ohio for it.

  • Jim Davis

    I’m with AIO Cricket wireless and have been since January. Great coverage, great price, no problems. I have 3 friends that have switched as well and 2 others that plan to switch when their current contract runs out.

    • Pitahson

      Does cricket give you discounts for referral? That’s why I love Solavei. Referrals are powerful. Those 5 friends on Solavei are $25 off your bill every month. Great stuff though!

  • yummy

    I need that nasty shampoo that washes Furizons off your scalp.
    Now with automatons for custserv!

  • bionicwaffle

    I’m on Verizon for the coverage and I do like their device selection. The price got decent when I changed to the “save” plan a number of months ago. It’s 2GB of data with unlimited voice and text/photo/video messaging. I don’t need unlimited data so I’m pretty happy with this though I think I could still save money on other carriers.

    • Pitahson

      If you pay more than $70 a month for that, yeah there are cheaper options. Att has fantastic coverage too

  • Jeff

    Verizon.. Great coverage, speed, reliability and UNLIMITED DATA!!!!!

  • objektiv_one

    Straight Talk(AT&T) in North Jersey. Great service, can’t beat $45 bucks a month.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    Been with AT&T since 2000 and I’m not going anywhere 🙂

  • ilovetechnology

    Cricket (previously Aio) has been working great for me and my wife for the last six months. Unbeatable deal for our needs.

  • MetroPCS Prepaid. Reason? $60 (including tax) Unlimited LTE (non-throttled) on T-Mobile’s network.

  • crussell

    Switched from VZW to TMO 6 months ago – signal is not as good but saving 1/2 on monthly bill is beyond worth it! TMO – not bending you over….

  • dan

    t-mobile – Sticking with it cause of the nexus phones and price.

    • dan

      and unlimited data

  • monkeybutts

    Switched from AT&T to T-mobile earlier this year, coverage is roughly the same for where I live but call quality is much better on T-mobile than it ever was on AT&T.

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  • Nick V

    Was with Verizon for many years, maybe a decade, and jumped to T-Mobile for the Nexus 4. I couldn’t be happier.

  • Magistos

    Verizon. Honestly, it’s the coverage and strength. I can even get signal in a freaking vault underground, it seems like (not complete hyperbole, I’ve been surprised where I can get signal), while I’ve watched other network users lose their signal in elevators and whatnot. So, that’s it. I turn it on and “We got signal”.
    Also, the hassle to switch right now outweighs any benefits for me at this point. If the cost/benefit analysis changes, I’ll change.
    I have a Samsung GS3 that’s due for upgrade in October. I follow Android changes with a passion, but don’t feel the need to upgrade phones more often.

  • creed

    I won’t even consider leaving Verizon until they take away my unlimited data. I’m month to month now, so we’ll see how much longer I have. If/when I leave, it will be to a carrier with a nexus device.

  • Specter597

    Currently stuck on Verizon. The coverage is excellent … but that’s it. Looking to move to T-Mobile when our phones bite it.

  • Randy Lee Martin

    I’m staying with Verizon mainly because I have the now extinct unlimited plan. The coverage has been great compared to AT&T where I live. The monthly bill isn’t exorbitant and I like their choices of phones…sans the Nexus line. IF I were to ever leave, it would be for T-Mobile…(can’t believe I’m even saying that) I’ve kept my unlimited by buying the Moto X from Motomaker. I will get the X2 from them as well. I’m not giving back unlimited willingly!!

  • d790

    After 6 years i switched from Verizon to T-Mobile in order to get the Lg G3. So far T-Mobile’s network has been better than expected, 10 times out of 10 i actually had a stronger/faster signal with T-mobile than i had with Verizon (Houston, Tx), i did the test drive in order to try the network and it was enough to get me to switch.

  • HotRodJohnson


  • Kyle Cordiano

    Been with AT&T since 2000. Great service.

  • Havoktek

    I gave up on T-Mobile years back when we used to travel from Cleveland to Maryland almost every Holiday/Summer. Google Maps would just die in those mountains and across Pennsylvania, Etc.. Got back with AT&T to get a particular device….(so many don’t remember) haven’t looked back and my prices are good and tolerable..

  • Zach B.

    For such a Verizon-centric site (historically, anyways), the results of this poll are encouraging when compared to the last one.

  • archercc

    Sticking with Straight Talk for now, but dont have to. The moment my feelings change I could jump. But the T-Mobile coverage has been good to me and the 3.5GB of data is sufficient since I am no longer a power user. Its all about the Benjamins (although I can afford Verizon I would rather spend my money somewhere else, like craft beer).

    Crossing my fingers for a Nexus 6. I have got to think that, at some point, my N4 is going to slow down or the battery is going to stop holding a good charge.

  • deanie

    It is the only provider that has coverage in Hudson, NY. And coverage is hit and miss. We need towers in Southern Columbia County.

  • GM

    The “New” Cricket aka ATT.

  • ChuckG73

    I moved from Verizon too after about 14 years. I tried T-Mobile but signal strength was too sketchy. So now I am with AT&T and am sporting a Nexus 5. I love that I now can have any phone I want and no longer under Verizon’s thumb.

    • Grayson

      That’s honestly the best thing about AT&T. I don’t like their business practices, but I love that I can bring any phone and don’t have to use a bloated, restricted, dumbed down phone that they provide.

  • flosserelli

    T-Mobile is up from 11% to 20%. This poll reflects just a small sample of all subscribers, but I think it’s safe to say John Legere has shaken things up over the last year.

  • Moto X on T-Mobile in Phoenix, AZ. Been pretty happy with it since I switched from Verizon. Speeds have been significantly better, I’ve gotten more consistent 4G coverage (my Droid 4 kept dropping to 3G), and our monthly bill has been about 40-50 bucks cheaper each month. No real complaints here.

  • ChristianPasquariello

    Verizon for about 4 years now. $60 a month loyalty plan, 2gigs unlimited talk/text. I like Edge for the no up front phone cost, plus ability to upgrade whenever, not liking it as much since it’s now 60% pay/20 month pay off or the fact that they switched to that right after they got everyone to sign up by offering a upgrade anytime to Edge.

  • Bob Dole

    I have T-Mobile but I have no signal at my home, so guess I’m switching to AT&T, so I can have signal.

  • krt2005

    Verizon’s coverage and speeds are crazy. Since they added the extra spectrum I’ve hit 80mbps on my HTC one. Plus my cost per line is running my roughly $65. That extra $15 is worth to get coverage. I live in eastern oregon and honestly Verizon’s really the only one that gets the coverage in the spots I need it. I hit the higher speed in Seattle

  • Roya1

    I’m switching to AT&T’s GSM soon as my contract is up with Sprint I’m tired of missing out on GSM only Phones and lousy network.

  • I switched from Verizon (almost a decade – my entire mobile “career”) to T-Mobile for the Nexus 4. Bought a Nexus 5 and converted another Big Red customer by selling him the N4. I’d do it again in a heartbeat – Verizon’s excellent covereage isn’t worth the extra cost and lack of consumer options.

  • CapnShiner

    Why does US Cellular get a listing but Metro PCS does not? I thought they had about the same number of customers. (Full disclosure: I did no research before making this claim. I was basing it on what I think I remember from previous DL posts.)

    • Quint

      MetroPCS is owned by T-Mobile; perhaps it falls under “prepaid”.

      • CapnShiner

        Oh. I guess I forgot that. That’s how Verizon got the aws spectrum, right?

        • Quint

          IIRC, the metroPCS acquisition and the Verizon AWS spectrum swaps with T-Mobile are 2 independent transactions. One has nothing to do with the other.

          • CapnShiner

            I thought giving up that aws spectrum was one of the conditions of the acquisition. For FTC approval or something.

  • Droidtommy

    With unlimited data, and such widespread coverage, as well as a 20% corporate discount, the choice still is Verizon for me.

  • ThomasMoneyhon

    AT&T, best median of price and features. I get faster speeds than Verizon, better coverage than T-Mobile or sprint, better coverage than Verizon where I live (Texas) and no BS because I’m on a GSM carrier and can use the phones I please as I want.

  • Josep Reyes

    ive got metro-pcs, which is basically t-mo. Pay $60 for unlimited everything. pretty sweet deal.

  • Vanquishgc

    Been with VZW for about nine years. No way could I switch. Maybe to AT&T if I were forced to. But signal has never been an issue (Galaxy Nexus notwithstanding), customer service has always treated me very well, even going so far as to replace one of my phones with a completely different model because of a known issue. So they got rid of unlimited data. OK, well I use WiFi more now. Problem solved. First to have a full LTE network up, and even EXPANDING it to XLTE (yes I did a speed test and there’s a difference). Plus the best selection of phones of any carrier. I can do without the S5 Active or Galaxy Mega thanks. And now with Edge, I don’t even need to be in contract and can get a new phone or tablet every year with just taxes up front. So they’re not the cheapest. They never claimed to be. But you get what you pay for, and I’m getting a lot. Got my M8 for 37 bucks up front (no upgrade fee), and am getting an Xperia Z2 tablet for about the same money. And…. My bill will barely be changing because I jumped to 10 gigs and get a monster line access discount for it. I see no downside here….

  • Artune

    I knew the answer before I even answered the Poll. Droid-life is a Verizon Wireless website full of people (Like me) who for the most part had the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Upgraded to the LG G2/Moto X/ Note 3 thanks to the glitch in the Fall and currently bought the LG G3.

  • Deon Idlett

    I choose T-Mobile not only because of they’re relatively cheap prices for data and voice plans, but mainly because of the option to upgrade every six months and the ability to finance the device. Until any of the other carriers start offering similar or better services combined with cheap prices, I’ll stick with T-Mobile.

  • Kaitlin Smith

    Have my Nexus 5 on Straight Talk. $45 a month for unlimited everything. Best decision I’ve made.

  • John Friend

    Verizon. They have blanketed nearly the entire state of Illinois with 4G. I can be visiting family in the boon docks and get faster speeds than their only option of dsl.

    I also pay a premium to have verizon. I easily would switch to Republic Wireless if my unlimited plan was revoked. I hope verizon doesn’t be mean to the few remaining. I mean they never have forced someone to ditch their super old legacy calling plan so why would they do it to a data plan.

    I’ve got it lucky. 105mbps Internet at home with no data cap. And only pay 180 a month for xfinity triple play premier. Now if I had no other outlets I’m sure my data use with vzw would be above 5 gigs a month.

    Part of me feels more responsible to not abuse my plan. It makes me feel like if I don’t abuse it it won’t be taken away.

    All I know is if the current Internet situation doesn’t change and fast, the days of being able to watch what I want wherever I want will be numbered.

    Back to the topic I do hope verizon continues their droid line. I probably could use my droid maxx another year. I just hate the lack of accessory options with a carrier exclusive device. It’s sure saving me money. Have you seen the Incipio line for the galaxy s5?! It’s crazy!

    They do need the nexus line though. Please bring it back!

  • h_f_m

    Been on T-Mo for about 10 years…

  • Reed Kerr

    Rocking a Moto X on Republic Wireless, and I couldn’t be happier. I usually use the $10/month plan, because everywhere I go in town has wifi. When I travel I switch to the $25/month 3G plan or the $40/month 4G plan, depending on what Sprint has available at my destination. Everything is always unlimited including roaming (which is on Verizon’s network). Between wifi, Sprint, and roaming on Verizon, I’ve never been without a signal when I needed one. Customer service is great too.

    I don’t understand why more people don’t use Republic, unless they want a specific phone (outside of the Moto line) or are determined to use a custom ROM.

  • Cesar

    VZW. Though, as soon as my contract is up, I’m switching to T-Mo.

  • Minsterman

    I was with Alltel originally years ago and after Verizon purchased them, I was with Verizon for probably another 8 years. Verizon does have the best coverage but their selection of phones is poor and so is their customer service. I have been with T Mobile for almost a year now and have been much happier than when I was with Verizon. Better phones, plans, and customer service. Glad I made the change

  • Marsg

    Verizon lol only because of the coverage, everything else sucks though.

  • PrivacyDebugging

    Tmobile’s US coverage is not that great but free intl roaming is such a paradigm shift from typical sleazy telco behavior…

  • Droid-Lifer

    I’ve been on Vzw for ~10 years cause I get a 20% discount through work and I’m still grandfathered in to unlimited data on my line (my wife only get 2GB, but I use her upgrade to get a new phone ever 2 years). I’ll stay with Vzw until I lose either the discount or the unlimited data. Then it will be a tough choice for who gets my money.

  • Big rob

    unlimited data plan with the fastest network

  • crazed_z06

    Verizon of course. Best coverage and unlimited data with no throttling or other BS.

    Haters gonna hate, but you generally get what you pay for. Big deal if Verizon is 30 bucks more than scumbag Tmobile. 30 bucks isnt THAT much and it’s worth having good service and unlimited 4G LTE data.

    • Vanquishgc

      That and the new Edge program allowing you to upgrade every year makes it even better. Now I don’t have unlimited, but I did put myself on 10 gigs to get the $25 line discount on each of my three lines. Still don’t hit half that. Feel bad for those poor peeps on Sprint. I get a lot of angry people switching to us from them not just because of coverage but it’s the hidden charges that piss them off.

  • T_Dizzle

    Solely based on Verizon’s coverage but I can’t wait to leave.

  • Incognegro

    I ran the gamut of wireless providers in my area and still came back to VZ. AT&T is great in my area, but not worth paying for both my wifes verizon account (left her there as a door opener to go back to VZ) and my AT&T account. Overall coverage and phone selection lead me back to big red.


    Verizon may have the best network and signal but damn you pay the highest fees of any carrier. I will stick w my Straight Talk ATT $45 plan.

    Ian B

  • Quint

    Been with Verizon for the last 9 years. I was approved for postpaid service despite my credit issues at the time. I stay because I have an unlimited data plan. Coverage is good for the most part; Sprint was a pain back then (and still is from what I hear).

  • Lucky Armpit

    I’ve been with Verizon since they were 360 Communications, and a big-ass Motorola flip phone, which is probably before most of you young pups were alive. 360 became Alltel, which became Verizon.

  • T S

    ditched verizon for t-mobile about 6 months ago and have to say definitely worth it. the cost savings is great and the service in my area is fantastic. only downside is when i travel through wisconsin. signal is horrible. overall i’m happy with the switch.

    • flosserelli

      Same here. I switched in April and have absolutely no regrets. But I tested T-Mobile service for a month before switching. I rarely leave the metro area, so service is always equal to (or better than) Verizon. T-Mobile just needs to get more access outside of big cities.

  • BoFiS

    Verizon since I still have Unlimited Data on my Droid 4 and refuse to give up either since I can’t even get a Z1 Compact or something as small and good to replace it :-

    • ultravisitor

      So you would rather be using a Droid 4 than a Moto X. Um, okay.

  • TMO Happy

    I had Verizon for 16 years (worked there) and switched to T-MO. I have been very happy with the LTE service and coverage. I was unable to use my phone one time when I was in a small town in Ohio. It was Thanksgiving so I spent the time with family and not on my phone! O ya and my bill is $50 cheaper every month with unlimited data.

  • Nick

    Verizon has the best coverage, you get what you pay for. I’m just lucky to be grandfathered into unlimited data.

  • Rob Wisz

    Welp, that explains the massive moto x support.

  • Michael Dickson

    was with Verizon for at least 6 years or more. Was on my tail end of my two yr contract ,having issues with my droid phone. asked for a early upgrade . I was told no I will have to buy you a new phone, full price. so I persevered for the next 6 months, and purchased a new phone at full price. Now I have a nexus 5, on Straight Talk service using AT&T sim. Phone and data service have been great.

  • Scott Capodice

    Will be giving up unlimited on vzw when contract is up and moving to at&t 10gb family share plan for $160. T-mo is just not an option where i live.

    • Vanquishgc

      You can do the same on Verizon with Edge, and for the same money. See what they don’t tell you on the commercial is that’s just the cost of the service. You have to then add in the monthly cost of the phones. It’s their Next program. Verizon’s is Edge. Great way to do it actually, but AT&T conveniently leaves out device cost in advertising just to get you in the door. I work in wireless, and love phones to death, but I HATE carrier advertising, no matter who it is.

  • T-Mobile is the best! Unlimited data is the best, and fast speeds. Great coverage, can’t beat the plans and pricing. Been with them for going on 19 years. Been through the good and the not so good, but stuck with them all the way.

    • Vanquishgc

      Where is this great coverage you speak of? Not in most of PA, or many other states for that matter. Along with Sprint, they fight for the smallest coverage map. And I’m guessing you’ve never hit over 10 Mbps on that awesome fast speed. Or say, I don’t know….. 34.86 Mbps like I just got on Speedtest? If they work great for you, cool man. But they’re no where near the best, my friend

      • JC

        I get up to 35 down and 25 up in my home in Riverside Ca. on T Mobile and have gotten up to 75 down in the city. T Mobile has great coverage and speed all through out So Cal. Coverage does suck when driving from So Cal to Vegas though, all 2G from Barstow to Vegas.

  • mjpado

    StraighTalk all the way. 4 years and zero complaints. In fact, they just bumped data to 3gb a month from 2.5gb. Not bad for $47 with taxes. BTW I use an AT&T 4g SIM for my Nexus 5. Same plan with AT&T would be over $90 with taxes.

    • Jim Davis

      I’m getting a similar deal with AIO Cricket wireless. 2.5GB of data for $45. I don’t think you can go wrong with either provider.

  • Kerb

    Unless I loose my unlimited data plan I will stay with Verizon, they still have the best coverage and not to mention they have been working with me via email to extend their reach. Every time I come across a spot that sucks in 4G area or a friend tells me, I email my friend and they fix it within a few days!!!

    • Dave Amburn

      Verizon unlimited data!!

  • nosedive94

    Verizon. As Kafkaesque and determined to screw each and every customer as they may be, they still offer the best coverage and speeds.

  • jasonlee1

    Best service available and I’m on a family plan with 4 of my friends so i only pay $75 a month total after tax and fees. We split 1400 min, unlimited text, and I have the max data plan.

    • jasonlee1

      Sorry I have verizon

  • Yannis

    Here in Miami, T-Mobile is the best

  • hoosiercub88

    57% of the people who’ve answered thus far have the same carrier as me, and I’m betting are on it for the same reason. Nobody offers network coverage like Verizon.

  • Jonathan Williams

    Verizzle fo shizzle….

  • Donald Motley

    T-Mo, for the unlimited-everything plan, with the phone I want.

  • NexusMan

    Verizon. Simply the best coverage and service in my area. Grandfathered unlimited data and a corporate discount that sees me paying close to T Mobile prices.

  • CHRIS42060

    I absolutely love prepaid now that I have left Sprint! I will never have a contract again!

  • Droid Ronin

    Been with T-Mobile for the last 9 years and I’ll be damned if I’m going to switch now, especially since I get LTE most of the day.

  • mike

    Verizon. You get what you pay for, SERVICE. Unlimited data helps.
    I might use only 2 or 3GB a month, but what good is a data plan without service? LTE is great in most of New England area, 3G is everywhere. I usually get 10-20+Mbps speeds in downtown Boston on my GNEX (CM 10.1.3). Off-peak hours and that can double. It’s not uncommon to go to NH with friends for the weekend and have our T-MO buddies use our VZW phones to call home… they don’t have cell service, nevermind data. We’re not out in the woods camping either, we’re at a hotel just off Rt. 3. My butthole feels just fine, too, thanks for asking. $74.81 after taxes.

    • Vanquishgc

      Glad to hear your butthole is alright lol. Have four lines on Edge, so just being able swap phones at least every year is worth it. And I just ran a Speedtest in Harrisburg, PA with my M8 and got 34.86 Mbps, thanks to XLTE. That’s just nuts. Yeah I’m never leaving big red….

  • ROR1997

    When I am paying my own phone bill I might jump to mobile lol

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    Left Verizon for AT&T earlier this year and I’m happy. Better coverage where I live and less annoying logos and bloatware

    • morgan boyle

      is bloatware really an issue anymore? now that you can disable system apps it doesn’t seem like it should even be a discussion.

      • Nicholas Ruiz

        It’s still taking up space and a reminder that in an ideal situation the carriers should be dumb pipes and nothing more.

  • morgan boyle

    i will walk away when i lose unlimted verizon data. i dont use 18 gigs a month like a used to but i still use 5-6.

    • Vanquishgc

      Go on Edge with ten gigs of data. You might find it works out better in many ways. Plus you’re not in contract.

      • morgan boyle

        i am paying $65 a month as part of my family plan. and if the new Moto X+1 comes out as a developer edition, i’ll get that and be rooted again an spraying wifi on all my devices.

  • eprisencc

    I had to give up T-Mobile and return to AT&T because T-Mobile’s coverage sucked. I will only choose T-Mobile and AT&T because they are both GSM, I hate CDMA.

    • Trevor

      Agree, CDMA blows.

      • Grayson


        Carriers dictating what bloated phones you can buy and when FTL

  • For me, coverage is a big deal. Verizon has that down pretty good.

  • Richard Guadagno

    I Jumped ship from Verizon to T-Mobile. I now have a Nexus 5 and so far the coverage has been pretty good. There are places I get very weak signal, Verizon does have the best coverage, but their Customer Service is horrible, and they nickel and dime you for everything. I can live with the lower signal strength in some areas…

  • I clicked “other” since I’m outside the US.

  • Mickey A Valentine

    The day T-Mobile covers areas near death valley and the national forest, places where I go camping off the 5 freeway and the 101 and the mountains near hemet and mammoth. Then I MAY consider them, until then I’ll stick to my unlimited on Verizon so I don’t have to pull out my dads collection of Thomas guides to find good fishing spots. 2 years ago Verizon didn’t cover that area with 3g now I usually get 3 to 5 bars 4g LTE out there which blew me away. My girlfriends AT&T nexus 5 admittedly got 3 bars 3g and 1 bar 4g LTE.

  • ceejw

    Verizon because I’m on a corporate plan and still have access unlimited data.

  • derbo904

    Can’t leave cause I have unlimited data on VZW

  • Unlimited data on my g2 vzw

  • David Dudovitz

    Good ol’ grandpa unlimited data on Verizon

  • Kree Terry

    Staying on Verizon until they either drop unlimited completely or tmo gets coverage in my little town. I hate Verizon with a passion but just can’t switch due to complete lack of coverage on T-Mobiles part. Come on tmo bring this guy to the dark side.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Verizon’s coverage puts me in a strong hold. Love the 4G LTE when its not over saturated and my unlimited data. However, oh how I hate their 3G speeds with a passion.


    Verizon the coverage an the unlimited data.

  • Bassenza

    GS4 Verizon. Holding onto my Unlimited Data until Verizon rips it from my hands.

  • Wesley Barton

    I want nexus Verizon

    • Christopher Bement

      No you don’t.

  • abhele

    lg g3 att

  • Brenden Keene

    Switched to AT&T from Verizon because of the Nexus 5. Just as good in my area if not better AND they aren’t phone Nazis. T-mobile sucks altogether.

  • Jason Williamson

    Had sprint for years because I worked for them but couldn’t no longer deal with the data and voice problems and now I’m with AT&T and wouldn’t give it up for anything!
    Fort Lauderdale Florida.

  • GolfOx

    Verizon is the only one that has a reliable signal in the areas that I travel and live in.

    • Dan

      That’s it for me too. Tried att again recently but had to many holes in the area I travel almost weekly, where Verizon has coverage the whole way. I may switch to their prepaid when our second line contact us up later this year, would save me around 30 a month, now that you can get lte it should work.

  • acashe42

    Verizon: Coverage, reliability, and grandfathered ud plan.

  • 6ftjesus

    Verizon 4 lines 1400 minutes unlimited data still 189 a month 8 years best coverage 4G Columbia River Gorge Oregon

  • Lex_407

    Been with AT&T for over 11 years, still have my grandfather unlimited data plan. Coverage has always been spot on for me and I’ve done plenty of conventions and been to many different cities. Never had a problem with their service. 4 family plan lines and only pay $245 (tax included) for all 4 lines.

  • Jesse Torres

    I more than anything I want to drop verizon and get straight talk. My roommate got st and loves it. But I dont know if I can take the risk.

    • Braden Abbott

      There’s no risk. Buy a phone from walmart, test the coverage, and return it within 15 days for a full refund.

      • Gary Hicks

        There is too a risk. It’s called getting heavily throttled after using 2gb of data.

        • Jim Davis


      • Jesse Torres

        Yea I know I could do that. Ive heard stores though. Like itll work great for awhile then something goes wrong. Then your on the phone for two hours talking to some guy named edward in india. There is a sense of security with a carrier. But I do think im gunna give it stop.

  • StankyChikin

    T-Mo and I have a great paying JOB 😉

  • Ryan

    Verizon, for two reasons: unlimited plan, and coverage.

  • BrianC

    Cricket Wireless (AT&T) best choice I ever made about a year ago switching from Verizon. Nearly halfed my bill and i’ve had ZERO signal issues

  • This poll can just be re-written as “HOW POOR ARE YOU?”

    Anybody with a JOB chooses Verizon.

    • Pitahson

      Excuse you…

    • ApplesNAndroids

      Anybody with a brain will realize what an ignorant comment that is.

    • fillyo75

      Lol…. this is funny. I do have Verizon and you are partially correct here, haters gonna hate.

    • Jim Davis

      That’s funny. I was with Verizon for about 4 years (switched from AT&T to get the original Motorola Droid). I ended up paying about $80/month and that’s with a discount. I switched to AIO Cricket in January and now I’m paying $45/month. My coverage is excellent since they use AT&T’s network.

      Anyone with a brain chooses the lowest cost option with acceptable service.

  • Fahad Beg

    I hate sprint so much :'(

    • Pitahson

      it’s a struggle :-/

  • Eddie Spageddie

    VZW with my new metallic black LG G3 which arrived today! Yeah…haters gonna hate indeed.

  • Richard Giordano

    Still rocking Verizon currently with my Droid Maxx loving this phone since the day it was released almost stock android n pretty fast updates like a nexus except with Verizon’s DROID branding which I love .

  • Matthew Mascarenas

    Everybody that uses the “cold dead hands” analogy has to come up with something better than your “cold dead hands” is old as your unlimited data plan. Everyone already knows that your better than us…… My rant is done… I just wasted my teired data writing this post…

    • Dark_Laser

      I have unlimited data on Verizon, but I was never grandfathered. I bought someone else’s contract on Graigslist. It wasn’t that hard.

  • Scott in MA

    I live in Massachusetts and Verizon has the best network and coverage. I am interested in what T-Mobile is doing, but they only have 2G where we live while Verizon has 4G everywhere I go. (As a side note, when I used another line to get my S3 upgraded to the S5 at Best Buy the tech there said that moving the upgrade line to my phone number was easy on Verizon and hard on everyone else.)

  • Disqus_n00b

    You should have 2 options for Verizon – Unlimited or Share Everything 😉

  • DanWazz

    With T-Mobile cause Brightspot couldn’t get their act together switching my # and activating my account (gave them over a month). Have about the same signal as I did with Verizon, get to use my Nexus 5, and when I call another TMo subscriber, the HD voice/VoLTE is awesome.

    • Pitahson

      yup. HD Voice sounds great

  • s38uqsid

    Too many years trapped with VZW contracts, bloatware, CDMA, high costs, inability to test international SIMs while in USA (VZW locks you out of AT&T and T-Mobile connections), inability to use phones overseas without ability to test here first, etc.

    Now using unlocked GSM Moto X on T-Mobile while saving $50 + per month for two lines, including much more data than we need. So far very satisfied with T-Mobile, especially since they paid my two VZW Early Termination Fees. Looking forward to MUCH LOWER costs to use phones overseas too.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Verizon and sticking with it. I never had a signal problem.

  • slvfox

    I have 5 lines, all smart phones with unlimited data. A couple years ago, CS gave me $20 per line credit with a expiration date of 2025. Along with my 22% corp discount, I can’t go wrong.

    • Braden Abbott

      And yet they still make a truckload of money off you because they don’t have to subsidize new phones for you.

    • picaso86

      How did you get that $20 credit until 2025?

  • Trysta

    I love T-Mobile and what they have done for the US wireless market but I have to admit that while on vacation in San Francisco this summer I found their limits. T-Mobile service definitely wasn’t so good in the bay area at least compared to the northeast. Really hoping they keep working on that…

    To top it off my smartphone noob of a boyfriend has Verizon and got amazing service everywhere but barely knows how to use his phone (moto x).

  • Jared Denman

    Nexus 5 on Cricket with unlimited high speed (never throttled). I found a glitch and they haven’t caught on yet.

  • Unless you are a Fire phone owner, Verizon is the ONLY choice.

    • Gary Hicks

      I didn’t think you could be any more retarded, until I read this comment.

      • RUDE 🙁

      • jimt

        I think he works for Verizon, he made a stupid statement up above this stupid statement also.

        • Gary Hicks

          That’s what I meant lol. After his other comment, I didn’t think he could be any more retarded……. then I saw this one lol.

      • Trevor

        “Retarded” isn’t an insult; it’s a mental illness. Just an FYI.

  • James Keleman

    Verizon…. coverage is the best in my area and Droid lineup every year

  • 6stringslinger

    Verizon since 2000. Unlimited data, renewed contract last Sept, got Note 3 for $230, kept the data promo, too! ($20 credit on every bill)

  • trumpet444

    VZW for the Unlimited data + coverage

  • Pitahson

    Rocking and loving Solavei, T-Mobile MVNO. Unlimited talk, Text (including international), 2GB of HSPA+, Unlimited 2G after and voice and text roaming. $49 monthly or lower thanks to referrals. I have referred 18 in a little over a year and have had free service for 7 months now. one less bill to worry about

  • Sergio Meraz

    1. Coverage
    2. Unlimited Data

  • Adam Nazare

    AT&T family plan of 6 and a 25% discount, plan to stay with them.

  • Doug Plowden

    T-Mobile ftw! We just switched from Verizon. I had unlimited still and thought I would miss it, but I discovered that 3gb is plenty for me. Don’t miss unlimited at all.

    Two lines with unlimited talk/text, and 1gb data on one and 3gb on the other for $116/month after taxes is far greater than spending $200/month on Verizon for the same thing except for 2gb and unlimited data on the 2 lines respectively. Like I said, I don’t miss unlimited, and that 2gb on the other line was $30. 3gb on T-Mobile is $10. Oh, and coverage is actually pretty damn good in the Portland/Vancouver metro area. I actually get LTE in the foothills around here where I never got anything with Verizon.

    I understand Verizon is still the way to go for some, but for me, it’s a no brainer. T-Mobile rocks!

  • SuperTongue

    Just jumped ship from Verizon to T-Mobile last month and it’s been pretty good so far. So happy to be back on a Nexus phone as well!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    VZW. Since before they were even VZW. Since the days of the Darth Vader moto flip.

    Not sure why I stay. Pricing is average. Coverage is not as awesome at my house as they like to think. Maybe unlimited data I guess – but I expect to loose that on my next phone change. Maybe because I get to talk to other VZW peeps for free (and I know a lot on VZW). Maybe because I read even more horror stories from ATT for example.

  • Jason B

    Verizon, but I’m jumping ship to T-Mobile and will only go GSM unlocked from here on out. When Verizon gets rid of CDMA, I may consider them again, but I’m pretty much done with Big Red.

  • Mike Waldon

    I only have Verizon because my alternative is alltel and no one wants that anymore. But I would not mind switching to t-mobile for their no data caps unlimited plan

  • Trevor

    AT&T prepaid. $60 for unlimited talk/text and 2.5GB of data. And I’m free to use any device running AOSP:-)

  • TC Infantino

    VZW, because so much better coverage in my area, and of course my Unlimited plan.

  • Inquizitor

    Unfortunately still stuck with VZW for at least one more cycle. :

  • Seth Mitchell

    Verizon, Coverage and unlimited data.

  • MacNificent

    I just love to see how many people here complain about Verizon.
    But it’s still VZ logos for the win!

    • Haters Gonna Hate

      Exactly. Haters will always find a way to hate. Complain. Bitc*. Moan. Whine like little kids.

      Yeah, we get it, you hate Verizon. We don’t care. Now go play in traffic so the complaining can stop. Douches.

  • Jeremiah Hawkins

    Only with VZW because of unlimited data.

  • Brandon

    I have T-Mobile, which I’m surprised is in second place!

  • Steve Hadlick

    Reformed Verizon Wireless junkie. Republic Wireless Moto X and loving it.

  • T.C.

    Problem with Prepaid, as far as I can tell, is no roaming. Go a little out of the way and boom…..no service (experienced recently with goPhone)

    • Pitahson

      not all prepaid don’t have roaming.

      • T.C.

        Enlighten me.

        • Pitahson

          Solavei has roaming, thats what I personally use and countless others

        • Pitahson

          net 10 also roams

          • T.C.

            May have to look into Net10, don’t like the vague stance Solavei has on roaming.

          • Pitahson

            Solavei roams on att. just voice and text though

        • 6stringslinger

          Cricket now includes roaming everywhere. I just talked to them about a week ago.

    • teebone

      Yeah prepaid sucks ass. No service in most places and the 4G is sloooow compared to VZW!!

    • Patrick Crumpler

      I don’t think Cricket has those problems either. Not that I have noticed anyway.

  • Captain_Doug

    Using simple mobile which is an mvno using T-Mobile towers. It’s prepaid but I selected T-Mobile.

    • jimt

      Who do you roam to, if anybody? I believe T-mo roams to AT&T not so sure with mvno.

      • Captain_Doug

        Not sure. Service really isn’t that good but the price is right. Verizon pre paid is looking better now that there’s LTE though.

  • HonKudasai

    Aio/Cricket. 5GB of data for $55/mo

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Ive been on Sprint A&t and Verizon. Just dumped Verizon a few months back for a second time to go prepaid Gophone… Love the freedom.

  • Bruce

    Verizon for the coverage, nobody has the coverage outside metro areas where Steelhead rivers are found that Verizon does.

  • Matthew

    Why people are crying about verizon(“Verizon is horrible!@!@!@!@!2!@!!”,”Verizon has 99 bloatware apps etc”) and most popular is verizon?

    • teebone

      I aint crying VZW is the bomb woooooo hands down the best service provider 🙂

  • Pdiddy187

    Prepaid on T-Mobile. Coverage has been great in LA and Orange County.

  • 0ctavian

    I pick verizon for coverage….I travel alot in the U.S for work…..but I would switch in a heartbeat if I could find guarantee coverage like they do….but man the charge u just to turn the phone on @$&!#

  • Guest

    Who else but Verizon? Yeah, idioctic dumb@$$ haters are always gonna
    hate. They should just go play in some traffic and get hit.

  • Colin Huber

    I’ve always believed you pay for what you get with Verizon. Can’t count how many times I’ve had service in areas other carriers didn’t. Ultimately, we all need good service to use our devices and Verizon, unfortunately, has nailed step one.

    • Grayson

      Went to Yosemite a couple weeks ago with the in-laws and they had no service the entire time on Verizon. My wife and I had coverage on AT&T. And in my experience, Verizon tends to be slower than AT&T in places where they both have coverage. Meh, I don’t understand the Verizon lovefest. My wife used to be on Verizon for our first year of marriage, while I was on AT&T. It provided a lot of comparison points and coverage seemed about equal on both, but usually AT&T was faster. So I switched her to my AT&T account.

  • I’m on T-Mobile with the older $70 truly unlimited plan, before they changed the $70 plan to be only 5 GB.

    • teebone

      And even before then it wasn’t truly unlimited. VZW has truly unlimited data. On other carriers, you’d get slowed waaaayyy down after 2 gig!!!

      • Matthew DiGiacomo

        Can you walk into VZW and buy unlimited data? No. Can you on T-Mobile? Yes.

        And T-Mobile’s unlimited data isn’t throttled.

        • teebone

          I sure can…Did an alternate upgrade from my unlimited line to the 2 gig line. Then asked the rep to do a device only change where I moved my new phone to the unlimited line and my sim card from my unlimited phone (old up-gradable line) into my new phone. Then again asked the rep to put the 2 gig line back on it’s original line. walla..unlimited data via an alternative upgrade. A VZW re did tell me that August 1st we will no longer be able to upgrade this way. Still you’ll be able to keep unlimited but you’ll have to pay full price. As pricey as that sounds, it isn’t cause you can always sell your old phone and probably end up only paying half for a full price phone. That’s what I did going from the GS3 to the GS4, sold my S3 for 400 got a new S4 for the price of what a discounted phone would be 🙂

          • Patrick Crumpler

            Viola August 1st. Lol

        • jnt

          Verizon never throttles data. They just make you pay for it…

  • Kyle Bailey

    Straight Talk

    • JMonkeYJ

      I’ve been on Net10/Straight Talk (same company) for 2 years now, and I love it. BUT…for the first time ever, they throttled me last month. I’ve gone over the supposed limit off and on over the 2 years and never been throttled. So I’ve been looking around at other prepaid carriers. Nothing has caught my eye yet, but if I start getting regularly throttled I will have to switch.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I mean this website is historically a website for Verizon customers/Droid devices. Back when there was also “an.droidlife”… So I expect the base/majority of readers to be Verizon customers.

    • r0l

      Quite a drop from 10 months ago though (last poll). At this rate in another 18 months or so there will be much more parity.

  • verzion the only option with good 4g coverage *sigh*

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Not much difference between VZW and AT&T coverage wise for LTE

    • jimt

      It really depends where you are. In Vermont your better off with AT&T when you leave the big cities.

  • matt

    T mobile 30 dollar a month plan. I have LTE in most areas and hspa in most buildings in my area. Great pairing with my nexus 5 and I can tether for free with my nexus 7 if I want

  • regkilla

    None. Wifi baby!

    • primarchlion

      When I first got a smartphone (Pixi and Pre2) I went this route. When Verizon takes my unlimited data away I’ll probably give it another shot for a while.

      • jonzey231

        I remember they offered unlimited tethering to me when I bought my Pre because they were selling so bad. Sucks for them I really wanted it lol. I used to switch between my Droid X and Pre on the weekends when wewoild go camping so I could provide the WiFi that weekend haha.

    • teebone

      VZW unlimited data. I don’t pay for another bill, a high speed internet at home baby!!!! lol

    • jimt

      I guess you are hoping AT&T turns on wifi on everybody’s router might not need an isp if that happens.

  • Arnold

    Verizon Unlimited. Still paying what I would at T Mobile. They’re going to have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    • Guest


    • Pitahson


  • antwonw

    So, T-Mobile is it’s own, but you’re also calling it Prepaid? That doesn’t make sense…

  • gadget_hero

    Though if the Softbank/Sprint and T-Mobile thing happens I will strongly reconsider a new carrier. Sprint=The Black Death to me.

  • Raj Bhatt

    Jumped ship from Verizon after 15 years with them to T-Mobile for the Nexus 5. I’m mostly happy. The signal strength tradeoff was worth it for a Nexus device.

    • Burger

      I agree!! I did the same thing and gave up my unlimited. I love my Nexus 5 and T-Mobile, their service isnt that bad in the South Jersey area!!

      • Mech_Engr_09

        What kind of plan do you have

        • Burger

          I have a family plan Unlimited everything..

        • Brenda David


          ▋▋▋ ▋�▋▋ ▋▋▋ ▋▋�▋ ▋▋▋ ▋▋▋ ▋▋▋

        • Nick V

          I am prepaid with unlimited everything (T-Mobile), and my wife and son are under a contract plan with unlimited as well (T-Mobile). Neither plan uses throttling either.

      • Eric

        Where in South Jersey? I live on the shore and tried the test drive and the coverage was terrible.

        • Alex Boro

          Hmm… anyone know if they have good coverage in Central Jersey?

          • Richard Guadagno

            Woodbridge, Old Bridge, and Matawan/Aberdeen I usually get very good-great signal. The south of Matawan/Aberdeen you have spots that you loose signal.

            Use their Test Drive program to see if you like them before you buy….

          • Pitahson

            Linden, Elizabeth, Newark, hillside, Rahway, roselle. Great coverage.

          • Pitahson

            Heck yeah. But every exactly?

          • Zim

            Moto X in the Bridgewater NJ area had great coverage outdoors. The biggest issue with tmo is the building penetration. The second you walk inside I would lose signal. Switched to ST(att) and have been very happy now for 6 months.

        • Justin Kos

          In bergen county tmo is spotty there’s dead zones in random places I frequent ..also my basement is a deadzone unlile vzw and atnt

        • uninterrupted commentary

          Eric, I have TMo with a G3, previously a N5. I also have a work phone that is ATT iPhone 5S. Down the shore, tmo sucks anywhere on an island in Cape May County or Atlantic County. The only place I get legit reception with TMo is Avalon/Stone Harbor. Everywhere else is hit or miss.

        • spursrchamps2007

          Im in Rockland County in NY (just on the border of bergen) and have Tmobile also after being a Verizon customer for years. Service here is spotty also and not great in my house but Tmo gives you free WIFI calling which means the service in my house doesn’t matter. In fact in areas we visit Tmo is better because neither they or Verizon have service there, but Tmo has the free WiFi calling. Also the WiFi calling works internationally for calling just not receiving. Ill take the lower cost and overall worst coverage when you add those features in.

        • Aardvark99

          The Jersey shore was always bad for broadcasting. No one wants to waste coverage over the ocean, so the shore points were traditionally right on the edge of the range of towers (TV, radio, etc). While I live on the other side of the state now (outside of Philly) when I’m back at the shore lately Verizon seems really, really good.

        • Burger

          South Jersey close to Philly.

      • Nick V

        I am in SOuth Jersey, near Philly.

    • Prime7

      I did the same thing and feel the same way. Signal strength is definitely weaker, but it’s still decent enough (except between San Bernadino and Las Vegas, where it’s straight-up dead).

    • Synacks

      I love the Nexus 5 but I honestly couldn’t handle the battery life.

      • ThomasMoneyhon

        Most people have no issues.

        • Justin Kos

          My note 3 spoiled me but it’s not terrible on the n5

        • Synacks

          I’m not saying you guys have issues but your battery life doesn’t even come close to that of GS4 GS5 M7 or M8. I came from an M7 therefore I would be downgrading if I bought a N5

      • JRomeo

        the Nexus5 lasts longer than an iPhone 5, therefore, I am satisfied.

      • Nick V

        No issues with my battery

    • Rob5321

      Did the same thing, very happy with my Nexus 5 on T-Mo in NYC!

      • prometheus1010

        TMO has been great for me in NYC. I’m on prepaid, can’t beat the insane value of the $30 plan for those of us who don’t use lots of minutes.

        • Chris Hannan

          Especially when speed tests and music streaming with some services don’t count against your 5GB full speed data. Just need GPMAA added to the list.

      • radiohead14

        how is signal when inside buildings?

    • Justin Kos

      After over 8 years with Verizon I’m on straight talk (atnt) with a nexus 5. I get amazing coverage and LTE for 45 a month.

    • OreoMan

      I did the same thing after 14 years (except I grabbed the G2)!

      • Raj Bhatt

        I actually bought the G2 on VZW at full retail when it came out so I could keep my VZW Unlimited Data. It is a beautiful phone, but it was all turning out to be too expensive for me.

    • I’d never switch to another network simply for a phone. Don’t get the mentality.

      • guest

        I don’t understand, living in the age we do now, why on earth you would give up unlimited data for a phone on another network. Not only another network but a network which couldn’t hold a match to the other coverage wise.

        • BCoils

          A few reasons for ME: I don’t use over 2-3gig a month as i’m on wifi at home/work and I like to pay, in my case, a considerable % less than when i was on verizon. Greater flexibility (IMO) with carriers and phones.

        • Colts5609

          T-Mobile has unlimited data. Used to be $20 but now it is $30, but at least their is an option.

          I switched from VZW in January, lost my VZW crapped data plan :(, picked up T-Mobiles unlimited data and a Nexus 5 for a fraction of the price of what I used to pay for VZW. My bill includes financing two Nexus 5’s, it is still cheaper than Verizon. I live in a big city and I feel like I have made very few compromises, the benefits highly outweigh the negatives.

        • Justin Kos

          Saving money is a start

        • SeeScottRock

          I’m freeing myself from my folks’ family plan. That’s about it.

        • malcmilli

          not every one needs nationwide coverage. I need coverage in my City. That is all.

      • Raj Bhatt

        Pure Android, no bloatware, fastest updates, and FREEDOM.

        • FREEdoom

          I have freedom too, the freedom to leave an unpopulated area and still have coverage. Is that the freedom you’re talking about?

          • jnt

            Now that was good.

    • KiranDugganoet

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    • ArclightX

      Yep, $30/mo for 5Gigs of data.

      What else needs to be said.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    AT&T/Cricket. $55 5 gig LTE unlimited after. Not bad. Put my AT&T G3 on it. Can’t do VZW ever again. Way overpriced.

    Plus the world is my oyster in regards to phones. Win win.

    • teebone

      Wait if you do that is go over 2 gig or whatever it is, Cricket will slow you down big time. I have truly unlimited at VZW and it’s the only data plan to have!

      • Patrick Crumpler

        If I go over 5 gig then I my speeds reduce. I average about 3 gigs per month so a good deal for me. With Verizon I was paying $50 for service and $30/ month for unlimited. Plus tax and fees was about $100/month. Not a good deal for me at all. Considering I have WiFi at home that blows any mobile carrier out if the water, I am on WiFi when not out and about.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Does Cricket have that 8MB cap?

          • Jim Davis

            They have an 8Mb/s speed cap for LTE. In practice, I never notice it. I don’t do anything on my Nexus 5 that requires super speed.

          • MustWarnOthers

            I use Watch ESPN to stream all the time, and most of the time I don’t even need LTE for it. The HSPA will stream HD quality fine in most areas. I’ve liked my experience so far on Cricket. The 45 dollar price tag is so much more comfortable than the 70+ I’d pay just about anywhere else.

  • Poor Verizon customers.
    Better lube up real good!

    • regkilla


    • Arnold

      Sorry my unlimited data can’t hear you.

      • So how many arms and legs are you paying for it? And how many hoops have you jumped through to keep it? Who knows if they’ll let you keep it for much longer. No problems here on T-Mobile though!

        • Ralph Bretz

          I’d go with T-Mobile but their coverage is way too small.

        • Arnold

          $130 for two unlimited data lines, 1400 minutes and unlimited texts. I use the phone a lot for work, so I need the minutes.

          A comparable plan on T Mobile would cost $150. Yikes. Plus their coverage still isn’t close to par with Verizon. Maybe one day.

          • Haters Gonna Hate

            He’s just a deadbeat hater trying to stir sh*t up. Deadbeat haters are always gonna hate.

          • Eric

            How are u getting that rate??? I call BS. I have 2 unlimited data lines with 700 minutes and pay 145. Also Verizon only offers unlimited texting on the more everything plans.

          • Arnold

            It’s called “grandfathered”, dude. Don’t get mad.

          • Eric

            I am to been with them for 15 years so ur BSing.

          • Arnold

            Sucks for you bud. Looks like you never took advantage of employer discounts or work the managers. I’d jump ship if you’re paying too much.

          • Mickey A Valentine

            Your plans what, 5 years old? You got it when they first offered it huh? Then a good 20-40% discount from work

          • Arnold


          • Mickey A Valentine


          • jlsushman

            Not necessarily. I get 2 lines unlimited data,450 min, unlimitext for $140. I’m sure I’ll get booted off sooner or later, but till then I will be raping and pillaging this data at 140gb a month!

          • kerb

            I have 4 lines 2 with unlimited data, and 2 with out! I pay $200 for all 4 with 1400 minutes and unlimited text, pic, and flix for all!!!! I have been using this since them became Verizon….I still haven’t been disappointed with my family plan yet! I have thought about leaving but no company can campare to there Coverage!

          • Ralph Bretz

            I have two lines. 700 minutes, unlimited texting, and unlimited data. Signed the contract originally in 2010. After employee discount I pay about $153.

          • Higher_Ground

            I have one unlimited line and my bill’s $73 for unlimited data + unlimited text msgs (which I think costs $10/mo – what a rip-off) and that’s with the corporate discount 🙁

          • Noob

            Verizon had unlimited Text plans before their Tiered plans for $20-30 a month

          • chris125

            False. I have unlimited texting on all my lines and I’m not on the more everything plans

          • moew

            $40 for unlimited data here on VZW, oh and add the 20% discount. You do the math and I hope you don’t get a bad furball.

          • Braden Abbott

            Yeah but you’re losing out on a subsidy every two years because you have to buy your own phones now. Two $650 phones over 24 months is $54 a month. Yikes!

          • mo

            I pay half that on my phones. Plus phones are at the point where they’re still good past 2 years.

          • Jon Nieves

            Please… there are many ways around that. I just got two G3’s at the promo price and still have unlimited data.

          • Arnold

            Not with my 3rd line. I upgrade on that line. Gotta love loopholes.

          • mo

            I get around the same price for 2 unlimited data lines. It’s mostly due to my discount. Good thing VZW didn’t go TMo and get rid of discounts.

          • wh1te_mag1c

            I have unlimited everything on t mobile and i pay only $75. Coverage is great in Seattle, where I live.

          • Arnold

            Double that for two lines and you’re at $150. That’s my point.

          • xsoldier2000

            I have the exact same plan…and not changing.

          • athorax

            Two unlimited lines on Tmo is $140 fyi (unless you are including tax)

        • tu3218

          You can’t argue the best network in the country and unlimited data. That is truly the ultimate package. I am fortunate enough to still have it.

          • Grayson

            Yes you can. A) It’s not the best network everywhere. AT&T is now as good or better in many places. B) You can only use phones that Verizon decides to sell, that are chock full of bloat and restrictions and often take forever to get updates. Want to use a Nexus, OnePlus One, Xperia Z2, or any other unlocked phone with no carrier bloat, resrictions, and delayed updates? You can forget it on Verizon. Verizon is not phone enthusiast friendly at all. I say you would be better off getting a 10 or 15GB plan from AT&T and use Wi-Fi more often if you need more data than that for whatever bonkers reason. AT&T coverage is similar these days and you can use whatever phone you want.

        • crazed_z06

          Haters have been predicting the end of unlimited data on Verizon for years now. Hasnt happen.

          There probably isnt that many unlimited holdouts left anyway on Verizon. Cant imagine it’s even that big of deal to them. THey figure we’ll break down and use and upgrade one day.

          We wont.

        • I pay $64/mo after taxes for 450 minutes, unlimited text, and unlimited data. T-Mobile can’t come close to that. Even if they did, their coverage sucks outside of major cities.

        • $85 a month after taxes…. yeah I’m about to file bankruptcy.

        • picaso86

          $80 a month.. unlimited texts / minutes and DATA! In addition to the best coverage in the nation 🙂 I dont see a better deal than that.

        • Grandfathered, U Bitches

          I pay $30 unlimited no throttle + 1400 minutes on 4 lines with original unlimited text, with employer discount around $210 a month

      • crazed_z06


    • Yeah, that unbeatable coverage really sucks.

    • Haters Gonna Hate

      Yeah, idioctic dumb@$$ haters are always gonna hate. They should just go play in some traffic and get hit. Real good.


    • Nasty Nate

      Pay $130 a month for two lines of unlimited. Helps that i’m grandfathered in and get a 20% discount through my work.

    • jnt

      Tell that to my wife who was stranded on the side of the road a few weeks ago with our kids and a flat tire in the middle of nowhere west of Austin. She was not happy that we were on T-Mobile that day…

      • ultravisitor

        That is exactly why I will not be switching to T-Mobile. Sure, I may not leave the city all that often, but if something happens on one of the occasions that I do leave the city, I want my phone to be working.

        • jnt

          Yeah, we’re back with Verizon now. 🙂

  • Alan Paone

    Bell. The only network that isn’t terrible!

  • AshtonTS

    Verizon. Has the best coverage, which is the important part for me. I’d love to have nexus phones and the oneplus one but I just can’t love without that coverage.

    • Ralph Bretz

      Doesn’t matter what network you’re on can’t get a OnePlus. Their “launch” has been a disaster.

      • Bodah

        I have a OPO. It is working great on straight talk with an att sim.

        • T_Dizzle

          I’m jealous

          • Bodah

            Still want an invite?

        • Mike

          How do you like the OPO? I trying to decide between it and the LG G3.

          • Bodah

            I am still getting used to it’s size, i’ve only had it a few days. It is huge compared to my old GNEX.
            I like being able to press something, and the phone doesn’t wait 30 seconds while it thinks about it. This phone basically flies.
            I also am getting 4+ hours of on screen time and still have battery. I don’t really know how long it will actually go. Ive charged it every night.

            I did have to disable the screen off gestures (double tap to wake, V for the torch) because it kept coming unlocked in my pocket and doing all kinds of stuff from my leg. Supposedly its fixed in the next update, by also checking the proximity sensor.

            If you have an invite, I say get it. If you don’t like it, there is always swappa. Looks like they are going for $450+ there.

      • AshtonTS

        I’m aware but on verizon it’ll never be a possibility to get one. Even if the launch is late whenever just anyone can but one it’ll still be an amazing deal.

      • Sqube

        I’ve got a OPO. I actually won an invite from AndroidCentral.

        Using Cricket Wireless. I miss uncapped data, but I’m a phone junkie. I switch a lot. I like not having to worry if I’m going to be able to use the latest and greatest or if VZW is going to decide they don’t want a device.

        • Ralph Bretz

          I’ve been thinking about ditching Verizon for Cricket. The capped data scares me cause I have to stream BBC shows over the net and to do it I have to go through a British VPN to get around the country block. Having Verizons fast speeds to tether with makes it possible. My internet is way to slow to do it. But on the other hand I’d save over $50 a month on Cricket and be able to increase my internet speed. AT&T rolled out 4G LTE in this are so I’d have it on Cricket. Also looking into Sprint’s Framily plan. Sprint will buy out my Verizon contract and give me $200 towards a new phone. $200 per line I bring plus an employee discount for each line we sent up seperate since everyone would have an employee discount plus another discount when signing up for being a memeber of a credit union. I know Sprint’s network is rated last and as of right now there is no 4G LTE in my area but the savings would be a lot.

          • Sqube

            You don’t want to be rely on CDMA speeds. Just… you don’t. Check out how much data you’re actually using per month I’m curious as to what kind of home internet you have where you can’t at least torrent a show (have it going overnight so you don’t ruin yourself) and then you could use something like Plex to keep it on your phone.

            There are alternatives, especially if the savings will allow you to increase your data speeds. Cricket pegs you with a ping of 250ms and a max speed of 8 Mb/s, but I really don’t feel limited in daily usage of my device.

          • Ralph Bretz

            Lately I only use about 2GB since I stared working from home but if they ever make me return to the office or I get a new job that requires you back in an office it will be close to 10GB.
            Right now my internet is 10MB/s. But when doing the british vpn thing the show would buffer constantly and freeze unless I tethered to my phone.

          • Sqube

            I think setting up some sort of download to run overnight would be a much better idea, unless you’ve got to stream it live for whatever reason. Even at that speed you should be able to get the show in plenty of time.

          • Ralph Bretz

            When just using Netflix the speed is fine but whenever we streamed the new season of Sherlock from the BBC using a UK VPN to get around location issue it would buffer constantly on regular internet.

        • Mike

          How do you like the OPO? I’ve got an invite but can’t decide between it and the LG G3.

          • Sqube

            Coming from the M7, the device is just as loud, if not a little bit louder. Performance is absolutely top notch and I haven’t seen any slowdown or hiccups anywhere. I could stand to see the screen be a little bit brighter when in direct sunlight and a little dimmer when in a dark room, but neither of those are issues that hinder me from enjoying the device. The size has taken a little getting used to, but on the whole? I recommend it. Hell, if nothing else, get it and give it a spin. If you don’t like it, you can apparently sell it on eBay for more than the purchase price.

            The two major issues I’m having are a volume issue with the mouth piece and a sensitivity issue with the screen. The volume issue is apparently going to be resolved with the next OTA that CM pushes, and the sensitivity issue doesn’t seem to be universal. It only happens when I’m typing (some touches aren’t registered if I type too quickly). Despite all that… I’d say get this phone unless you absolutely must have that microSD slot and a removable battery.

            But with 64GB of internal storage and me carrying a portable battery pack everywhere I go, I’m more than satisfied with this device.

          • mcdonsco

            I’ll take that invite off your hands!

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Att is the answer you need. Especially if you want to go prepaid.

      • T.C.

        As long as you never need to roam.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Roam?? Roam where?

        • r0l

          Family member has their Cricket prepaid and so far roams fine.

          • Sqube

            No int’l roaming, which was a huge nuisance when I was in Montreal.

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Where do you live? T-Mobile has so much better coverage and faster speeds in my area – Philly/SJ.

      • AshtonTS

        They only 2G in my area

        • Pitahson

          Oh alright, maybe by best year they’ll have everything done with 2G

        • Craig P

          I think it’s funny whenever I talk to non-geeks about signal strength, they think call/SMS signal strength, but whenever I read DL or talk to any other geek about signal strength, its always about data signals.

      • Nick V

        Where you located? I am in SJ, right across the WW Bridge

      • No T-Mo is not great

        T-Mo sucks in the midwest, no coverage anywhere outside of a city or half a mile off a major highway. I travel a lot throughout the whole country and T-Mo has the worst coverage of all 4 carriers.

        Sick of the same people spewing how great T-Mo is, do these idiots get paid to say that.

        • Colts5609

          I also live in the midwest, I agree that coverage outside of the city and in rural areas is no where near what Verizon has. But if you dont travel alot and you live in the city, it is kind of a moot point. I’ll deal with the occasional loss of signal, for all of the other benefits.

        • malcmilli

          No they don’t get paid for that, they just don’t live in the midwest. I live in New York City and T-mobile’s coverage is good here. The biggest issue i have with them is that sometimes I lose service when I go into the basement of a large building. But i’d gladly trade that random occurrence to save money on my phone bill monthly. Also I just upgraded from hspa+ only nexus 4 to an LG G3 two days ago, and 37 mbps down is nothing to sneeze at on LTE.

        • spursrchamps2007

          I dont get paid either and we travel from NY to rural western PA and Ohio a lot. Signal is non existent where we stay but free wifi calling takes care of that. Im saving almost 50 a month compared to what I was paying for Verizon and I still have unlimited data Ill take the extra 600 a year for less service but free wifi calling.

      • Bill Joyce

        I travel all over the country, including many rural areas, and need coverage. That means Verizon or AT&T, with Verizon having an edge. I know, I used to carry phones form both and now I carry mobile hotspots from both. T-Mobile definitely does not have the coverage, but it seems to be getting better than Sprint. Others traveling where I go that start with T-Mobile or Sprint, give up and change to the two big ones after finding no coverage too often. If they go prepaid, they make sure the network is Verizon or AT&T. Verizon just added 4G and 3G coverage to SW Washington state (Raymond, Long Beach, an area where you had to be AT&T or US Cellular to have much coverage before.

    • bobbyp

      I am sure you could still love without Verizon coverage. I have Verizon because I want me phone to work every where I go. And it normally does.

    • El Big CHIRS

      I’d love a nexus, but Im happy with my Blue One, unlimited with the $20 off $30 discount. Verizon will walk over my dead body before taking it from me 😛

      • CyHawk60

        I agree! I’d love to have a Nexus, however, the only reason I am still with Verizon is the unlimited data. Once that’s gone, I might switch.

    • r0l

      ATT probably has equal coverage.

      • unlemidit

        But not unlimited.

        • r0l

          But he said we would go to TMo for a Nexus but needs coverage. ATT would give him coverage and Nexus.

    • Raven

      Yes, Verizon and AT&T are my only choices where I live, no T-Mo, Sprint, etc. And, I have unlimited on Verizon so I currently have no compelling reason to leave for AT&T. Maybe when my daughter gets a phone in a few years I will reconsider things then when I have to add a 3rd line.

    • Neil Fujiwara

      I have a family plan with grandfathered data. However, my friend is rocking a VZW S3 and TMO OPO. It looks like coverage in the OC/LA is comparable. The OPO is a sick device.

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  • duoexo

    Stupid a** Verizon Wireless -__-