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Video: LG G3 vs. Galaxy S5 vs. HTC One (M8)

Our LG G3 review is on the way, don’t worry, but as we put our final touches on it, we wanted to continue showing you all there is to see about this incredible phone. We gave you our 25+ tips and tricks for the LG G3 yesterday, ran through a series of features on Monday, and now have a better comparison of the device to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One (M8) to show off.

At this time, these are the three flagships of the moment. Sure, the new Moto X is still on the way, as is the Note 4, but for now, if you are considering a smartphone purchase, these are the three phones you would look at. 

Each carries top-of-the-line specs, though at least on paper, the G3 tops the other two. It has a Quad HD display compared to their full HD displays, 3GB RAM versus 2GB, and a 13MP camera with OIS+. The build is still plastic, but has been given a brushed metal coating that feels much better than the Galaxy S5’s dimples and is also not as slippery as the One (M8)’s real metal exterior. It packs the same processor as the Galaxy S5, uses a rear button placement for volume and power, utilizes unique software features, and isn’t all that much bigger than the other two even with its 5.5-inch front panel.

With that said, there are a couple of things that could be downers for potential G3 owners. First, the display, even though it weighs in with a resolution of 2560×1440, is not as good as the Super AMOLED on the GS5 or the Super LCD 3 on the One (M8). That’s not to say that it is bad, it just isn’t as good in terms of color reproduction as the others. The UI tends to experience a stutter here and there as well, but so does the GS5.

Overall, the G3 is the ultimate smartphone package, one that we can’t wait to tell you more about in our review. For now, check out the full comparison of Android’s three best phones of the moment.

  • Lilith_Black

    I was actually waiting for Note 4 and after S5 and the no rooting or permanent void on warranty KNOX, I seriously want to give up on it (Samsung phones need to be rooted to remove all those bloat and Greenify the apps for the phone to work properly…otherwise they lag, overheat and kill the battery within the hour)

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  • Stin

    Getting the LG G3 because I hate Samsung. They make themselves look like idiots with their ads lol Making fun of the iPhone is fun but Samsung is just retarded and I’d rather not have a phone that looks like a huge bandaid.

    • Kate Perry

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  • JoshHenry

    Kellen, You should have just made this video the G3 review. Thats all you talked about. Didnt key in on any of the killer features of the M8 except the design. Maybe the M8 should have been left out of the video all together. You treated it like the ugly stepchild, When really It was the best piece of modern tech that you had on the table.

  • HipSlip

    I have the G3 and M8 and I love both for different reasons. I had the S5 for about a week and returned it. It just seemed so mediocre when compared to the M8. Now I have the G3 and I love it for it’s camera and form factor.

  • Dave

    I love these new android phones. To me having a replaceable battery is the most important feature as that is usually the first thing to go. Samsung is my favorite but I would definitely buy a LGG3.

  • average joe

    Who doesn’t buy a cover for their $700 phone? Why put so much time into discussing something so irrelevent? Instead of disecting the things us average users been asking for. Waterproof, super charge usb takes a little over an hour to fully charge your battery, 10% battery shutdown giving days more to use phone, camera icon to open phone to directly to 16 megapixels…list goes on…but hey I guess you couldnt hide the screen comparison, because its a laughable difference. Sure makes me wonder who really wrote this blog/analysis. This coming from someone who is a basic phone user, and just decided after reading these waste of time blogs, how easy it was to choose in the end, based basic usage. Oh yeah, couldnt be any happier, not sure how much clearer who is top, just look at the display, that one function we use most everytime you turn your phone on.

  • Gussy2000

    So is the HTC “stutter” free? The comments above seem to allude to that fact.

    • mrpete987

      It truly is. I can fully attest to that.

  • AmeliaMardleiyf

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  • angelaesoto

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  • DanThompson87

    But are the phones Janky like the S5??

  • Mine is not laggy at all…yet

  • The last LG phone I had was the Fusic! Loved it. The last Samsung I’ve had was the Instinct (dubbed the iPhone killer). I’ve had htc phones since then all EVOs. Been looking at the competition and I played around with these three phones ended up with The M8 Harman Kardon edition!

  • ratnok

    Great phones, but I would never give up my OnePlus One for any one of them.

  • Paul McNaney

    I bought a Galaxy s5 and returned it because the LG g3 looked better on paper. Well, the Galaxy s5 felt way better to use and I’m getting more lag with the LG g3. I can only hope Verizon will let me return the G3 so I can get the Galaxy s5 back. The phones are very similar except the Galaxy s5 is waterproof/dust-resistant while the G3 isn’t. That’s very important to me, as I use my phone outside.a lot and I don’t want something as simple as rain to destroy my awesome phone. Plus, the lag issue on the G3 shouldn’t be such an issue for such an expensive phone. The Galaxy s5 was something I could use one-handed. The G3 is barely out of the one-handed size, which was disappointing as well.

    • Furnaceboy

      More lag? your g3 lagged and your s5 lag? lol wut. I’ve not experienced any lag on either

    • jpxa

      Do you really pull out your phone and try to text amidst a thunderstorm? Personally, I’m more concerned with getting inside, as dry as possible.

      • jnt

        I think there are quite a few more use cases than pulling it out in a thunderstorm to text where having the dust/water resistance would come in handy…

  • charliehill

    G3 improved battery, which is very wise, hope it still works well with WIWOFIT WIRELESS CHARGER

  • Chocolate Rain

    how do you think the galaxy “alpha” will compare to the G3?

  • freddy medina

    Why isn’t the oppo find 7 in the mix ? LG g3’s competition

  • mrpete987

    I think the press is going gaga for the G3 because on paper it is apparently the “ultimate” package (as this article states).

    The M8 does not have as good a camera, yes, but it rarely ever frustrates me. Everything else about the actual experience of using the M8, to me, is superior. The OS is so silky smooth, and is optimized perfectly for the processor so that there is basically zero lag, even with tons of programs open and running. The phone feels incredible, the screen is amazingly clear and bright, and at this size, you really don’t need more than 1080p.In fact, it seems that the 4k screen of the G3 is slowing the phone down, because the processor is working overtime just to support the resolution.

    And to top it off, Sense UI has probably become the best cell phone OS to date, rivaling iOS levels of polish and usability. Blinkfeed is incredible and actually seamlessly improves your ability to stay in the loop both with the news, your interests, and your social networks.

    The M8 is the best phone you can own on Android right now, even if on paper it no longer seems so. But it’s more about the experience, anyway, isn’t it?

  • Joe J

    And the winner is …..
    The consumer
    We are getting spoiled

    • c.k. lester

      Not when they make my decision too difficult! LOL

  • itsacardigan

    I have a M8 and was wondering how you get the time and weather in blinkfeed?

    • grumpyfuzz

      you have to set blinkfeed as your homescreen

      • itsacardigan


  • Gotta love the pee yellow/white on the s5 compared to the g3 lol

  • Those bezels on the S5 lol

  • Gasaraki

    The AMOLED display’s color “pops” because the color is saturated.

    • Joe J

      It pops because its Organic hence Oled which lcd led can not match. Alomed is amazing

      • MicroNix

        Which is better in sunlight? Because as much as I love Samsung displays, they sorta suck in the sunlight.

        • Joe J

          I think the S5 is the best or one of the best outdoor

  • Arian

    I understand the Moto X has perfect Android experience and whatnot, but is there even a point to wait for it if the Motorola camera is never as good as LG or Samsung’s?

  • Chippah

    the g3 is kinda “meh” if your running a G2 with G3 ported rom on it..
    the battery is bigger too.

    • Joe J

      I keep switching back and forth from my g2 with g3 rom debloated to my g3. G2 is that damn good and still is a top device for 2014

  • RoadsterHD1

    Kellex if you are going to compare the screens please use the same wallpaper for your comparison. It makes it a fair test of displays.

  • We’ve reached device parity.

  • shooter50

    Now after 2 weeks with the G3 and S5, I’ve changed to using the G3 as my daily driver. The screen is definitely dimmer compared to S5, but as a stand alone device, you can’t beat the neutral color and clarity. Biggest downside to G3 vs S5 is very slow charge times. Painfully slow in comparison, but I carry a spare, so no problem.To confuse myself more, I picked up a One Plus One on Ebay and received it yesterday. My initial impression is that it’s far better than I expected. Bright neutral screen and smooth operation. Sooo many freakin customizations it makes my head spin, but I’m very impressed after one day

    • jnt

      The fast charging of the S5 is often ignored. It comes in really handy.

      • Art Holguin

        the fast charging is awesome on the S5 i would usualy charge while I sleep now I just plug in on my drive to and from work. that time alone lets the phone last me throughout the day.

    • Joe J

      What is the charge time for the g3. It is painfully slow. Mine takes like 4-5+ hours to charge? Checking out my second g3 right now. The g2 with g3 rom charges the phone in 2 1/2 hours

      • jnt

        Wow, that seems awfully slow. The S5 is under 2 hours. 4-5 hours seems like there might be a problem with that device – assuming you were using the OEM charger/cable?

  • guest

    M8 = Zero stutter/lag, G3 = whole OS feels like it’s trying hard to fill the QHD screen, i mean every transition and animation

    • KleenDroid

      Lol… Except for the fact that the whole OS doesn’t have anything to do with “filling the screen”.

      Second time you posted this so it must be very important to you… 🙂

      • Joe J

        Are you talking about the g3 feeling like it’s trying hard to fill the qhd? Well thats false because the g3 is very fast. Side by side on my nexus 5 with animations down to .5 they are the same. I’ve become bored of sense because,i’ve used it for years and its closer to a vanilla experience. Sense use to be my favorite and is great but simple like ios.

    • Joe J

      M8 is fast because its very light and simple. The g3 is much more robust and is still very fast after a few tweaks.

  • Steve T

    The only thing holding me back from getting the G3 is the lack of developers. I was checking xda-developers yesterday, looked at the G2 and Flex forums and there was very little rom development. Is that the case with LG or am I just looking in the wrong places?

    • Joe J

      G3 just got release in the US so most devs have been waiting for US models. Trust me all the g2 devs will move on to the g3 soon

  • Joshua English

    I got the G3 for at&t last thursday and i love it. Easy to use and i love that it doesn’t seem overloaded with LG apps and apps i’ll never use like my s4 had. phone looks and feels amazing. honestly think it’s the the best android phone to date this year.

  • MikeD675

    Can you comment on the visibility of the screen outdoors?

    • grumpyfuzz

      from what I’ve heard, the one m8’s screen is better outdoors than the gs5, and the lg g3 has a pretty dim screen, so I would say the one m8.

  • Anthony Wilen

    Hey Kellen, can you post a close-up photo of all three phones with the same background image at full brightness so we can get a good comparison of the screens?

  • Colin Huber

    I’d like to see it compared to the Note 3.

  • Chris

    I know it’s a phone with last year’s specs and there’s a new one a few months out, but do you guys have any plans on comparing the G3 to the GN3?

    • CaptM

      For people that are not in the semi-conductor industry, every phone/tablet/computer that is release is in fact released with “last years specs”, it is all about certification, just because “X” company says that it is releasing “X” chip with these specs today, don’t expect to see it until next year. The manufacturer of that chip has to go through a certification process before any other company will even see it, then it must pass certification for any company wants to use it before it can even be considered in the R&D process and if anything interrupts that certification process, it could delay the entire process or a manufacturer may have to go with a competitor’s chip or earlier designed chip to meet timelines. I know that everyone wants the latest and greatest right now, but that is never going to happen.

      • Chris

        Was more stating that the GN3 no longer has the most recent specs as presented in the GS5, M8, and G3. And since it’s only slightly larger in dimensions and screen size, it would be nice to see how they compare for someone who isn’t willing to wait until sometime in Oct/Nov when the GN4 is released.

  • ROR1997

    LG were kings of the Feature phones. Have a real shot here to do the same with smartphones.

    • LosttsoL

      Oh ya, my LG Chocolate was a great little phone.

      • Joe J

        Love me some of those chocolates. I had the white and black ones. First capacitive buttons in a stylish futuristic slider

  • d-rock

    Love my G3….now to try and figure out how to get QI charging on the AT&T variant…seems like it would be supported…we’ll see!

  • fallsgable

    Ordered the G3 yesterday at the 50% off $99 deal….billed it to my account….
    When it arrives, I walk into VZW and wipe my G2, and trade it in for the $95 VZW trade-in value…apply that to my account immediately, and the G3 ends up costing me $4 ….

    Now all I need is the LG G3 Slim Guard case for wireless charging….when it ever comes out….and my world is complete!!

    • d-rock

      Except you could have sold the G2 for probably $200 on CL or eBay lol

    • Dave

      Or sell your G2 on eBay and get 250.00 for it. That’s 150.00 profit for you right there !

    • OneForTheGoodDays

      Wait, you can trade-in a device in the store? I thought you have to do it on-line?

    • Guest

      I almost made the mistake of trading it in, until my wife reminded me that they are going for $200+ on Ebay.

    • Joe J

      They raped you on your g2

  • fritzo2162

    I love the people of these forums 🙂

    When the M8 came out: I’m waiting for the S5!
    When the S5 came out: I’m waiting for the G3!
    Now the G3 is out: I’m waiting for The Moto X!

    o/`It’s the ciiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiife…..o/`

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      To be fair the Moto people have been holding steady… everyone else just gets caught up in the hype…..until the reviews come out

    • Luis Santiago

      And then there’s the Note 4 coming down the line. There’s always a better phone in the works just a few months away.

      • jeanettekavant

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    • Fresh360

      I was stuck in this vicious cycle until my GNEX totally died on me and I was forced to upgrade, stay strong my friend…

    • BenG

      I have a G2 and I’m just pretty much tapped out on specs don’t see the need to upgrade to a 801 so I’m waiting for Moto to see what they do on the software front or hope the Droid Maxx has a 4000 mah battery. Also crossing my fingers that they’ll package the 360 in with their phones.

    • Nikuliai

      TBH I only cared about the G3 and the next X, when they’re both out I’ll decide what to buy or even IF I’m buying anything this year, tbh the G3 is a beast, but I don’t need a beast with the phone I have, it doesn’t hype me enough to open my wallet right now

    • DonEmu

      The hype resets back to zero when the next Nexus phone comes out and then starts all over again with the next round of flagships.

    • G3PO

      I’m waiting for the G3 Prime. No lag and no overheating.

      • ratnok

        That’s called the OnePlus One.

        • Mike

          I’d like to see the OnePlus One compared to the G3 by DroidLife. They are sending out more invitations now. I got one. I claimed the notification. It said I had 24 hours to buy the phone. That expired yesterday, but this morning I went to there web site and was able to add it to my cart. So maybe they have opened it up. Not sure. Anyway, Droid Life could you please compare the OnePlus One compared to the G3 as well. My biggest gripe about the One Plus One is how big it is. Other than that I think it is a good phone.

          • guy trying to make a quick buk

            is it worth buying and re-selling ?

    • fackwors

      Nexus users be like.. smh

  • CharlesJorgenson

    I’m holding out to see about the Moto X2, but if that doesnt pan out, ill be getting the G3

    • ROR1997

      Only phone i would hold out for is the Note4 i think. But im not, my g3 is being shipped to my house as we speak..errr.. type.

      • Pdewet

        I am very indecisive. I have a Note 3, the Note 4 sounds like a beast but i am so tired of the touchwiz jank. The G3 looks awesome but coming from the Note 3 I am scared of similar jank due to LG’s skin. That makes me want to consider the Moto x+1 cause it will be basically stock android, but then you will most certainly deal with a subpar camera and camera is important to me. Decisions decisions

      • CharlesJorgenson

        Well i just finally got an Invite for the One+ one, so maybe ill get that instead! Ill get it anyways and then if i dont like it ill sell it.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Sense 6…… Still my love. I love it. . . . only reason I haven’t just gotten the M8 is because of the Camera….but still

    • fritzo2162

      The camera is not bad at all. Seriously.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I know it’s probably not terrible, but being a nexus guy (mostly) i’m kind of sick of half ass cameras.

        • John Kitchen

          My wife and I take a lot of pictures of our kids, and I’ve yet to think her S5 is substantially better than my M8. The M8 obviously is the king of front cameras if you use your front camera at all. It’s ridiculous how good the front cam is.

        • fritzo2162

          It’s actually a few notches above “not terrible” 🙂 It’s pretty damned decent, and all of the filters you can add are a bonus. The only downside is if you’re one of those “zoom and crop” people.

    • ROR1997

      Camera is actually pretty bad lol.

    • cizzlen

      Stick with the M7 bro. I wasn’t all that impressed by the M8 as I thought I would be and imo the M7 feels much better in hand especially with Sense 6 now running on it.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Well I sold my m7 a while back when I dumped VZW and went prepaid. So Nexus5… For now.

  • SHunter

    Can you please start including the spec Wireless Charging or No Wireless Charging when reviewing?

  • Shadowstare

    HTC has really won me over with the DNA, M7 and M8, but that LG G3 is a VERY compelling package that might be too good to pass up when I’m due for an upgrade. But that’s not until November, so we shall see.

    • ROR1997

      In november, the m9 (?) will likely be 4-5 months away. G3 seems like the best route unless you’re into the Note

      • Shadowstare

        I thought of that too. I might wait to see what comes out Q1 2015, and make THAT my next phone. My DNA is still pretty good.

        • ROR1997

          My Dad has the DNA. No complaints from him. Im surprised he went with an HTC after having the Tbolt for 2 years. HTC lost me on the TBolt lol

          • Shadowstare

            Its kind of funny, HTC lost me to Samsung after the Tilt, but got me back with the DNA.

          • ROR1997

            Coming of the Fascinate, went with the Tbolt. Had it for maybe 10 days before i returned it for a Droid Charge. Probably wouldve went s3 but the Razr Maxx (OG) won me over. lol now im onto LG

          • Joe J

            Tilt windows phone for the ….. Stupid ass microsoft heads. Owning the smartphone market with 90 pecent share and then giving it all away for years because, you know “cell phones” arent important

          • Charlie

            LOL the Blunderbolt is precisely why i haven’t even considered a HTC phone. …that, and the fact that HTC is losing money and people faster than the Miami Heat.

          • ROR1997

            You know its bad when the company apologizes for releasing a terrible phone

  • Tiago Serafim

    Do LG update their phones, will it be updated to android L and will they fix some lag problems?

    • jnt

      Don’t ask that here… do not question the holiness of the G3… 😛

      • malcmilli

        that’s funny because 2 weeks ago, everyone was complaining that this site was fully of Moto fanboys, and then 2 months before that they were being paid under the table by HTC. You gotta pick a story and stick with it.

        • jnt

          My story hasn’t changed. All I ask for is unbiased comparisons regardless of the OEMs. Is that so bad?

          • malcmilli

            What’s your definition of bias. If they show they love all the oems then they show they aren’t holding any grudges or favor towards anyone. They are literally judging their preference based solely on the device at hand. Isn’t that what we want

          • jnt

            We’re probably going to end up disagreeing on this, but no, that’s not what I want.

            Samsung is a perfect example. The G3 has been given high praise for doing things Samsung has done for years. The G3 also shares in certain weaknesses that the S5 has. But when you read about the G3, the focus is on the positives while dismissing the negatives. When you read about the S5, the focus is on the negatives while dismissing the positives. It paints an overly positive picture in one scenario and an overly negative picture in the other.

          • malcmilli

            I understand what you are saying. And the good thing is that we can disagree respectfully without it turning into a flame war.

            I would be with you if it was just this site. But most sites seem to have a consensus. These constantly ranked Samsung number one or number 2 always. For example with the g3 you can talk about. But since mention that it’s worse on the s5. I just got a g3 and i will admit its probably about the same speed as my nexus 4. But so was the gs5. The m8 is a beast. A lot of Times they’ll mention negatives but everything isn’t always black or white there’s a lot of grey and degree to how bad or how good something is. Everything is personal preference so theyll tell you the facts and then theyll tell you how they feel about the overall user experience. Is the experience greater. Or lower than sum of its parts. I actually want to hear that side of the story. I want to know how the phone makes them feel, not just a spec list and sample canera photos. But maybe thats just me.

          • jnt

            You bring up good points. I’m a very “black & white” guy – I don’t like grey and there’s definitely grey involved in these comparisons b/c personal preference is inevitable. I guess my problem is DL and other sites are in a position of strong influence within our little enthusiast community, so IMHO their personal preference better not be riddled too much with historical bias (e.g. the lag in the G3 vs the S5).

            And yes, it’s nice having a discussion with a disagreement where it doesn’t turn into a flame war.

          • jnt

            I found both of these reviews and comparisons to be much more accurate and helpful than DL’s, but I think this just points to our differences in opinion 🙂



          • It’s an interesting impression. I’d been reading reviews of the current available flagships for the last month or so (bought the Spiderman app for my existing handset a few months back 🙁 ) and, while I had initially been leaning toward the Xperia Z2, a month of hype and praise for the S5 had me planning on buying that yesterday when I went to the store.

            I think it’d be helpful for the conversation to list the things G3 is being credited with that Samsung has been doing for years. You seem to be the one voice of dissent against the G3 in the comment thread, I’d be curious to know what you’re referring to.

          • jnt

            Definitely not dissent – the G3 looks awesome, I just want to balance things out.

            – external sd card
            – improved plastic backing
            – flattened out and toned down UI
            – both of the last two came because LG “listened to its customers” but Samsung clearly doesn’t
            – various software features like one handed operation

            That’s just off the top of my head.

            Again, I’m not trying to bash the G3, I’m just trying to balance out what, IMHO, is strong bias, either for LG or against Samsung and HTC.

            Edit: did you end up with the S5 or something else? 🙂

    • Shadowstare

      That’s a great question. With HTC and Samsung there’s a certainty that L is coming, with LG, I don’t know.

      • mudsnowh2o

        I swore off HTC following the abysmal update record and broken promises on the Rezound. Going to give LG a shot this time around.

        • Shadowstare

          Did you miss that HTC now has completely revamped their Android update policy and now has possibly the best update policy across all android OEM’s not owned by Google? My DNA shipped with 4.1, in 17 months, I’m up to 4.4.2. No root. If android updates are a question for you, you can do FAR worse than HTC.

          • mudsnowh2o

            That may be true but HTC could have done FAR better in the past to protect their customer loyalty. It is not about how their updates are now, for me, they took too long to figure it out. Maybe LG will maybe they won’t, but I like the G3 and I am giving them the chance.

          • malcmilli

            thats funny because you have a bunch of people swearing off different OEMs because of how their android phones were 3 few years ago. I know people who will never buy LG after their G2X;s, and people who will never buy HTC after the Thunderbolt, and people who will never buy Samsung after the Droid Charge.

          • mudsnowh2o

            No, not really funny, just reality. Everyone has had their own experiences and reasons for switching to another vendor. Does that mean any one of them is right or wrong, no. I just stated a fact that was true in my experience. If LG sucks and HTC is still around and proves they have changed for the long term (in my opinion), then I may very well have another HTC sometime down the road.

          • malcmilli

            i never said you were wrong, I simply said that it was funny because every OEM has a customer base that swears off them for one device or another.

          • mudsnowh2o

            Yes, that is true. I think the smartphone market is so aggravating to the power users because it changes so fast, that as soon as you get your new “coolest” device, it is replaced my something better (usually).

          • MicroNix

            And people who will never buy Motorola after the D3

        • MicroNix

          I still wonder, why on a skinned Android device, that updates to the OS version really matter at all? We’ve seen all sorts of devices actually do worse in one category or another after updates. Even Motorola. I would be happier if the original Android OS version (JB, KK, etc.) was taken to its highest Google version and the software the vendor supplies perfected for the best experience rather than trying to make it work with the next major version of Android. Unless you have pure stock Android, updates to the OS are way overrated and blown out of proportion to their importance. Period.

    • They are certainly not the best when it comes to updates, that’s for sure. This device is their flagship, so it will get updates, it just might be slower to get.

    • Charlie

      i echo the sentiment – good question. this will only be my second LG device (the first being N5, where updates weren’t an issue). i understand LG has a history of being slow with updates. but, i have to think that with LG making such a push to be a player in the premium flagship market, they have to understand that pushing updates is important – at least for customer loyalty. this may be misguided optimism, but i’m betting the G3 will see L within a few months after release. it may not be as quick to update as the other OEMs, but i’m betting (sheer speculation, of course) that it will come fairly soon on the heels of the others.

      i’m also hoping that updates won’t be an issue for me, personally – i’m banking on unlocking/bypassing the bootloader (VZW) and flashing roms. while custom roms aren’t as critical as in the past (because stock Android has advanced so far), i’ve been flashing since the OG days and just can’t seem to stop……

      • KleenDroid

        I’m with ya Charlie!

    • d-rock

      LG was a “little” slow on KK on the G2, but overall wasn’t horrible and really the device was so nice on JB, it wasn’t a big deal. I’m sure they will. They know how necessary that is now to be relevant.

  • Wow, the G3 is by far the best looking phone out of the current flagships. The S5 just looks cheap and the M8 looks ridiculous with all that bezel. Nice job LG.

  • jnt

    “The G3 is the ultimate smartphone package”

    As are the M8 and the S5… just depends on the kind of package you prefer.

    • Bryan Mills

      Good camera? LG check. Samsung? Maybe. HTC? Oh no.

      Battery size? LG check. Samsung? No. HTC? No.

      Storage and ram? LG 32/3 Samsung 16/2 HTC 32/2

      • Nailed it.

      • jnt

        Numerous reviews have said the G3’s camera does not best the S5 – they’re close with their own strengths and weaknesses.

        Anandtech’s review showed the G3’s battery life to be the same if not a bit worse than the S5’s, so who cares about battery size.

        Storage and ram, you’re right. Though Samsung is flexible with moving stuff to the SD card.

        But how about this…
        Premium materials? HTC check. G3 eh. S5 meh.
        Viewable outside? HTC check. S5 check. G3 eh?
        Lag? HTC check. S5 meh. G3 eh?
        Durability? HTC meh. G3 meh. S5 check.

        My point was simply that the G3 is no better than the other two, it has its own strengths, just as the S5 and M8 do. The G3 is just the android community’s latest fanboy subject…

        • Bryan Mills

          5.5in in a body close to the S5 and smaller than a Note2/3. That’s already a win.

          • jnt

            That is impressive, no doubt.

        • LionStone

          You missed one… Durability – HTC check.

          • jnt

            I don’t know. The M8 nicks up pretty easy with that aluminum, at least on the “gunmetal” version. But it *is* solid as a rock and they have that warranty for the glass, and I guess a low IP rating as well. So I guess I’ll go with you on that – somewhere between the S5 and G3.

          • malcmilli

            i’ve seen the g3 dropped and it doesn’t look any different from an m8 when that’s dropped/

        • I upgraded from my old HTC One S yesterday to a G3.

          Not in response to this, but as I was walking into my office a few minutes ago, I wanted to see how the screen brightness compared to the old phone. So I pulled it out, turned around so the sun was directly on it, and I could read it just fine, no strain. Same with the sun at different angles of incident.

          The G3 is a “check” for outside viewing.

          • jboogie1289

            “They” say until it (the handset) gets hot internally and then it limits (if not threatens to power down) to limit the brightness until that decreases. Other handsets don’t have this issue. IJS……..

      • grumpyfuzz

        battery size: the size of the battery doesn’t matter, it’s how actual usage is. The m8 and the GS5 have pretty good battery life.
        Storage and ram: you forgot the sd card slot on the gs5 and m8

        • D. Sharer

          Which the G3 also has…

          • grumpyfuzz

            my bad, but the point I made about the battery still stands.

        • STICKY

          And the G3 has one too, so your point?

          • grumpyfuzz

            Maybe read the comment below you?

    • When we say ultimate, that’s what we mean. It’s the package we would recommend over the GS5 and the One (M8).

      • PoisonApple31

        You go girl!

      • jnt

        Unless you want to see your phone outside easier, or have water/dust resistance, or have a slightly more “one-handable” device, or have MUCH faster charging time… etc etc.

      • jnt

        Let me also add that y’all brush off the “occasional stutter” on the G3, yet rake the S5 over the coals for all the Touchwiz lag. Just admit there’s some historical bias behind these G3 opinions… 🙂

        • The S5’s lag doesn’t compare to the minor stutter you might experience on the G3. 🙂

          • guest

            t’s not minor stutter when whole OS feels like it’s trying hard to fill the QHD screen, i mean every transition and animation

          • jnt

            We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. The G3 has some serious stutter / lag issues at times, likely due to the screen. The S5 simply created poor animation speeds. If you bump the speeds in dev options to .5x, it flies and rarely hesitates.

          • RoadsterHD1

            Good point. Some people just don’t know how to set up their phones. Two people can have the same phone but one of these people is tech savvy and the other is not. The tech savvy person;s phone will run better. People ask me to set their phones up all the time. I make them run more efficient and with little to no lag depending on the phone.

          • malcmilli

            same for the g3.

          • Robert Delaporte

            If these settings produce lag shouldn’t they have been changed before being put in the hands of users?

          • malcmilli

            Yes however it’s so minimal it’s only not rely noticeable to power users… Usually those are also the ones who know how to do something about t

          • Deez


          • sj0808

            Now you are just trolling lol. Great journalism dude

          • Maxim∑

            S5 really doesnt lag besides in the stupid my magazine transition

          • Robert Delaporte

            I had several phones before getting the HTC m8 and this phone shows no lag at all. The battery life is much better than the note 3 that that I got rid of ti get this. Personally think that the kit Kat update did something to the note 3 that hurt it in almost all aspects.

        • James

          I think the bigger point here is that in the current point of development in smartphones, stutter and lag should be nonexistent. The processors in both the G3 and S5 should have no problem handling the pixels they each push. In the rush to market, the software simply hasn’t been fully optimized to the hardware.

          • jnt


      • Charlie

        i pre-ordered a G3, and it will be here tomorrow (a little disappointed that pre-ordering didn’t get me the phone a little earlier, but that’s another issue). i’m really excited for the device, and think it will be an outstanding phone. i do have to say, tho, after seeing the side by side comparison, i’m a little disappointed in the G3 display as compared to the GS5. with the G3’s display being such a big selling point, i was hoping that it would be a little more sharper and much more akin to the GS5 in terms of vibrancy and sharpness. but, for the overall package, i’m pretty excited to get my hands on it!!

  • wut

    wooo verizon messages + !!

  • D. Sharer

    My T-Mobile G3 got here yesterday, and after 24 hours of using i can say it blew away my initial expectations. Overall it is just an awesome devicce, be it that gorgeous screen, amazing camera, convenience of knock code, or the surprisingly good stock LG launcher and skin. As someone who has been a long time user of AOSP based ROMs (I am running PA on my N7 2013 and Moto X DevEd) my fondness of the stock UI is a huge surprise to me, but does say something about how manfacturers like HTC and LG have reversed their usual course of action when it comes to skinning Android in to something unrecognizable Highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a new phone, you will not be disappointed!!!

    • El Big CHRIS

      Thats good to hear. Im on the fence about it, and I was hoping someone would do a lg ui/aosp ui rom mashup for it. Thats the first thing i try to do when i had my s3 and my m7.

    • snowblind64

      I fully agree. The G3 is a pretty amazing phone.

      As a bonus, the T-Mobile variant has an unlocked bootloader. I believe a TWRP recovery is already in the making.

    • James

      Just wondering – have you experienced the stutter referenced in the article?

      It’s amazing to me that even with such horsepower, stutter is still an issue (albeit even a small one). I guess that’s where the importance of software optimization comes in.

      • I’m waiting for mine to come in tomorrow but I went to the store today and tested one out and was worried about stutter but I didn’t see any issues on the one in the store when pulling up video or switching between tasks. Granted nothing was really installed on it so that could be why as well.
        I was also really impressed with how quickly the camera focused. Granted I’m coming from a Droid Razr Maxx which has been having issues now for 6 months at least.

      • BAM1789

        I’ve never experienced any shutter on my D850. Have had it since Saturday. But I did root and debloat right away. That might be a big help.

      • barry

        the only stutter I have noticed is certain graphics heavy web pages loading.
        I switch to Verizon from AT&T about 2 weeks ago and picked up the galaxy s5 . I was upgrading from an Optimus pro G which was a great phone but a lot of things just didn’t work all the time. On the s5 I found a lot of features worked much better Bluetooth headsets wifi connections etc and I really like the phone overall. I wasn’t happy with the way Verizon data worked. And I had been grandfathered in on AT&T for unlimited data from the ten dollars more than the verizon plan I’d switch to.I was planning on switching back to AT&T and learned the g3 had come out. When I purchase the s5 nobody knew when the g3 was coming out. I picked up a g3 and switch back to AT&T with unlimited data.my download speeds on LTE average from about 15 megabytes per seconds to 35.when I’m at my girlfriends house in Scarborough Maine my LTE speeds are 5 to 10 times faster than her cable internet speeds through Warner Cable. Overall I love the g3. Many reviewers have said that the screen resolution only makes a difference in videos and pictures. I think everything I do is enhanced by the screen. Even just scrolling through music the detail on the album covers is much better.surfing the internet is incredible. And the interface of the g3 is just intuitive. I love everything about it. The way the screen responds to touch. Not having buttons around the side or on the front off the phone. I used to always have trouble mounting and dismounting my phone from the car because I would hit certain buttons and screw stuff up. The power button on the back is difficult to find if you cant see it and I always worry about messing up the camera lens because it’s right next to it.but once you realize the knock on feature turns the phone on by just tapping the screen you don’t need to touch the power button you can also turn it off by tapping the screen.after having the samsung galaxy s5 for 10 days and now the LG g3 for about 5 days I’d have to say the s5 pales in comparison to the g3. everyone that sees this phone loves it.another big concern of everybody is as well as mine is battery life. I have had no issues with this the g3 does a great job with battery management. after only having the phone for 5 days to have to say this is the best phone experience I’ve ever had. There is always a learning curve but this phone is been the easiest to deal with and adjust to. Even with the drastic change in the button layout.if you plan on picking up a new phone in the near future I would strongly recommend this one. Best Buy has a couple of different deals in with a2 year contract you can easily get it for $99. I strongly recommend the Best Buy Mobile store as I have gotten incredible deals in the salesman really seems to know what they’re doing. I know this response was a bit long winded but I really like this phone and I hope it helps you make your decision.

        • fackwors

          Wall of text crits you for 1337.
          You die.

      • Gussy2000

        If you open the app drawer and swipe fast you sometimes get stutter. Understand this if you are using the phone you are not going to be annoyed by it. If you are looking for it, yes it is there but the phone is still fast (using the AT&T variant). Textra is much faster on it than my LGOG. Tapping the Cozi widget immediately opens AND loads (cloud syncs) the Cozi app.

        I think if you really want to appreciate this phone (or the HTC or Samsung for that matter) you need to go back a few generations of processors and versions of Android to see just where we’ve come. Also, this phone is pushing a lot of fricken pixels and for the most part does it well. Just be mindful of the power hungry display. My type of use has gotten me 21 hours on a full charge but I wouldn’t say I have tons of screen up time over the course of the day.

        Oh and I’d keep in mind that Android L is on the way and preliminary test show a marked improvement in battery life. That won’t do much for the power needed by the display but if it saves juice on the backend that is still a good thing.

    • Robert

      I received this phone about three days ago from T-mobile and I can confirm all of this is true.

    • DCowboys

      Imo opinion LG is the best smart phone on the market right now with the new UI on the G3. Even tho I don’t have the G3 I did port the Rom over to my G2 and it’s great! For my daily use the G2 specs are still good for me but I was in the market for a new phone it would definitely be the G3

  • HTC One (M8) master race reporting

    • Maxim∑

      if you dont care for external speakers… not really a master race

      • malcmilli

        that phone is more than just the speakers.

  • King of Nynex

    The current 50% deal at Verizon has solidified me in getting the G3. The Note 4 will most likely debut at 3x the price at $299. I highly doubt that it will be 3x better.

    • PoisonApple31

      It’d be 3x worse if it rocks that YOUM display. Still I’ll be paying attention to the Note 4.

    • Mech_Engr_09

      I was gonna get the phone then verizon had to be a bunch diks and kill DPP

    • Maxim∑

      lol… please…
      “50%” off 199$ but dont forget the ~2400$ plan after that.

      • King of Nynex

        I pay $84 per month, including taxes. I don’t pay for home internet or television. I say that’s a pretty good deal.

        • Bruce

          $84 per month is exorbitant and so the savings of $100 or $200 on the initial price of the phone pales in comparison to the $2000 you are paying over the 2 year period.

        • Paul McNaney

          $84 a month is a lot, especially since a good portion of that bill is there to pay off the phone bit by bit, monthly.

  • I’m a Samsung guy, but I passed on the Note 3 for Knox, and passed on the S5 because it wasn’t worth the upgrade from the S4. I just purchased the G3 and I’m really impressed and satisfied. I never thought I’d appreciate any phone other than a Samsung device. And I have no feeling to throw a ROM on here either. Stock Root is good enough. Battery life is like any other phone and I can’t tell the difference between the screen on my 4 and this device.

    • Morris

      The only thing holding me back is the battery. The S5 battery I’ve enjoyed. The G3 is smaller and the bigger resolution will use more battery. .

      • PoisonApple31

        Battery life will be interesting. I am used to about 40 hours on a charge with my usage on my Verizon Note 3. I understand the G3 will be less, but I can’t wait to see how much less.

        I’m a spare battery kind of guy, so I’ll be rocking one of those at home just in case.

      • OreoMan

        The G3’s battery is bigger than the S5’s battery.

        • Morris

          ok let me rephrase, I’ve read many reviews the S5 lasts two more hours and that’s with regular everything on.

          • OreoMan

            That makes more sense. We’ll get better battery comparisons here soon, now that the masses have access to the G3 this week.

  • frhow

    I want the G3 mainly for the 5.5 inch screen in a typical 5″ body

    • malcmilli

      i can confirm it is surprisingly comfy in my hand. I can ALMOST reach the first column of letters on the keyboard with one hand comfortably. I have to stretch a bit to hit that first column, and my hands aren’t big.

    • Gussy2000

      Ha! That was a big part of my rationale too. I really liked my LG Optimus G but it was never going to see anything beyond JB and I wanted a Note sized display. The camera is fantastic (in terms of focus and low light) by the way.

  • Paul Hansen


    Tellin you the same thing I told Tim. Take the sticker off the G3’s volume/power keys lol

    • Travis Erickson

      First thing I did when mine came in yesterday

    • I did just after shooting this video heh. I am normally super anal about stickers, but this one…it snuck by me. 🙁

      • FACKWORS

        unless there’s obtrusive labeling on the stickers ex.. DONT TEXT AND DRIVE i wait as long as possible.. lol

    • Mr. Mister

      HTC One M8 FTW!!

  • Bryan Mills

    That G3 is sexy. But seeing how the Z3 just passed through the FCC and band 13. I’m holding out for it.

    • compujas

      There’s always going to be something new and better just around the corner.

      • PoisonApple31

        He’s interested in the SD 805 after all!

        • Bryan Mills

          No, I want a Sony on Verizon.

      • Bryan Mills

        Of course, breh. Everybody knows that.

    • d-rock

      Except Sony belongs to the patent troll RockStar and will never get a dime of my $$ as long as they are in cahoots with Apple against Google and Android.