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The Droid Life Show: Episode 64

The DL crew is back at it tonight for Episode 64 of The Droid Life Show, taking place at its usual time of 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern. Our show this evening will consist heavily of LG G3 talk, along with more discussion of Android Wear and the wearable market in general. Now that we have posted our complete Android Wear reviews for the G Watch and Gear Live, we have a few parting words for these devices and anyone thinking about picking one up.

Along with the G3 and Android Wear talk, we will also host a viewer Q&A session where anyone can send us questions, which we will then answer live on air. That would be a perfect time to ask us which Android Wear device you should buy or if you should purchase an LG G3 over any other device currently available. Or maybe you should wait for the Moto X+1? We shall see.

We are live tonight at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). 

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  • monkeybutts

    The Z3 is also rumored to be one of the first high end band 12 phones for T-mobile according to FCC documentation.

  • sski66

    Wow I could be wrong but that’s a big change for Kellen liking the G3 software better then the M8.

  • needa

    i was on att last night trying to figure out what it would cost for a byob plan with two peeps. the pricing is extremely confusing. with asterisks and such. $40 for the plan. and $40 per smartphone. but the $40 per phone changes with discounts depending on the data etc. and there was never an actual price to be found. after fifteen or twenty minutes of frustration because i could not find a price, i finally gave up and clicked the chat button.

    i was pleasantly surprised to find that we can switch back to att and pay the same price we are paying now on straighttalk att. $90 for two phones. unlimited talk text and 2gb shared data. it will be a pain not to have pseudo unlimited data anymore, but the lag time going through st servers will cease.

  • AmeliaMardleiyf

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  • XvierX

    Holy moly! I hate that drop box uploads screenshots too!

    Ignore all the haters Tim. Haters gon hate.

  • Jaxon Wright

    Thanks so much for featuring nowPaper, Tim!

  • Carlos Lopez

    At two bars on tmo i get like 30down and 20-ish up

  • Travis Oakshott

    My contract with Verizon just ended, so I’m looking for what phone to get next. Should I even stick with Verizon anymore? I live in the Bay Area in CA, so would T-Mobile be a good alt. even though I hear from my friends that service isn’t that great?

    • Carlos Lopez

      T-mobile would be great I live in the more rural area of SoCal and get great reception everywhere but my work.. but I’m pretty sure that has something to do with it being in an old building though. And when I was up near the bay area in december I still had great service. I’ve never regretted my switch from Verizon to T-Mo. So hope that helps

  • Arian

    I won’t be able to watch the show live but I hope you guys will answer whether or not it’s worth it to wait for the MotoX + 1, especially given how Motorola never has had that great of a camera and LG and Samsung are at peak camera right now.

    • Orion

      I’m really hoping moto improves on that camera.

    • Brady

      good point, but i don’t think the DL crew (or anyone outside of motorola) knows whether it’s worth the wait. i have a hard time believing that any motorola branded phone will have a camera that stands up to the G3 or GS4/5. regardless, i’m waiting (and still using a moto x).

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