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Has Your LG G3 Pre-Order From Verizon Shipped?

verizon lg g3

If you pre-ordered an LG G3 from Verizon, I would assume that it has shipped? The device officially launches tomorrow in stores and online, so if it hasn’t, you may want to check to make sure your order still exists. Verizon is normally really good about shipping pre-ordered devices so that they arrive on launch day or even earlier in some cases. We have already heard from a number of readers who are expecting devices tomorrow, thanks to shipping notifications that were sent out within the last 24 hours.

Has yours shipped? 

If you are expecting your brand new G3 tomorrow, be sure to catch up on all of our coverage. We unboxed and went hands-on with the AT&T variant, ran through 25+ tips and tricks, and even compared it to the Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8).

Cheers Matt, Michael, Colin, and Chuck!
  • GC2

    Amazon just delayed my preordered LG G3, scheduled to arrive today on July 18th until August 5th – 7th.

    • ROR1997

      Can you cancel it and go to a VZW store?

  • XvierX

    This may be my first LG device. Maybe.

  • casuser

    Verizon rep told me the phone wouldn’t ship until the 17th with an expected delivery date of some time between the 18 & 21st. So I preordered mine through Best Buy hoping to avoid the longer wait. Unfortunately I had to travel out of town and will miss the store release but at least it wont be sitting on my door step till Monday.

  • Alex Griffith

    Got mine in hand and loving it!! Delivered by 1pm.

  • NeilGeorge

    Should have ordered mine from VZW 😛

  • Darren Meyers

    Mine was scheduled for delivery today (7/17/14) but Fed Ex refused to leave it on my porch, even after I asked them to do so. So now it’s off to the distribution center to pick it up after work. I don’t want to take a chance of missing them on the second attempt.

  • CD

    My 2 G3’s shipped Tuesday afternoon from Tennessee and I received them Wednesday afternoon here in New Orleans, Louisiana. Great job, Verizon.

    Awesome phone on a powerful network for a Sprint transplant!

  • PouxOnU

    Ordered mine on the 10th, and have been using since the 15th with no issues what-so-ever. Love it so far.

  • AmeliaMardleiyf

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  • mudsnowh2o

    Anyone know why BB is not at the party? Their site still shows the G3 as pre-order.

    • jiggad369

      Still waiting here….

  • James Heyneman

    I ordered one and they shipped me two. Obviously they charged me for both but I’m not complaining. I only had one upgrade available.

    • ROR1997

      woah, you paid 99 for each phone?