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Sprint Rolling Out Android 4.4.3 Update to HTC One (M8)

It may not technically be the latest version of Android, which is currently Android 4.4.4, but HTC One (M8) users on Sprint will be pleased to hear their devices are receiving a minor update to the next best thing, plus a few other goodies.

The new firmware released today, 2.16.651.4, is based on Android 4.4.3, which packs miscellaneous improvements and fixes. In addition, the update adds an HD Voice indicator and support for WiFi Calling. 

Own the Sprint variant of the HTC One (M8), but don’t see a notification to update? Not to worry! Sprint typically rolls these types of upgrades out gradually.

Still, if you would like to manually check for the update, navigate to Settings > About > Software update.

Via: Sprint
  • Vermin_Cain

    4.4.3? LOL..

  • Cael

    [Comment about how the Moto X should have 4.4.4 by now]

  • Eric R.

    Where’s the Verizon M8 Power Saver update HTC?

    • James

      Ask Verizon.

      • jordanchernandez

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  • guest

    Why not wait, save the money from this update and do 4.4.4 or Android L. This isnt really that big of a deal. I would think HTC would rather save the money.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Save money? there’s no money to be saved from not pushing updates.

    • htcman

      HTC has annouced already that an android L update will be available 90 days after sdk drops


    • Zach

      This actually is a huge deal, 4.4.3 fixed a ton of issues with 4.4.2 and according to Mo Versi HTC incorporated all the security fixes from 4.4.4 into this 4.4.3 update.

  • Mark

    Good to see them catching up to speed with Veriz-OH WAIT.

  • Suicide_Note

    Congrats, M8 owners.