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Expansys Hosting Major Sale on Select Google Play Edition Devices

In likely an attempt to clear their shelves, Expansys is hosting a deal on select Google Play Edition devices. As of right now, customers can pick up the G Pad 8.3 GPE, Galaxy S4 GPE, One (M7) GPE, and Z Ultra GPE with big savings. 

These four devices are no longer listed on Google Play, so Expansys might be one of the last retailers to even have them available for purchase. The G Pad is priced at $225, One (M7) at $399, Z Ultra at $349, and the Galaxy S4 is available for $399.

All devices are new, so don’t expect to see refurbished or reconditioned labels. If you have ever cared to own a GPE device, which receive updates to the newest versions of Android quicker than a lot of other devices, now is the time.

To grab yourself a device, hit up the links below.

Expansys Link

Cheers Nathan!
  • Rakesh Prajapat

    Nice Article. You are right say the all devices are new, so don’t expect to see refurbished or reconditioned labels. people also get here more about iPhone feature. http://iphone6update.com/

  • zurginator

    I’m actually interested in the Z Ultra…. Guess I’ll look into the return policy.

  • cynthiawallen

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  • Keith Taylor

    Darn. Just bought a Dell Venue 8 for 200. It’s the new one, with full 1080p. It’s screen looks good and it seems speedy enough. It has some bloatware but not much. Camera sucks though

  • Brian Menius

    Anyone able to tell me how far behind the Nexus devices the GPad GPE has been running for updates? Considering picking one up in lieu of Google finally releasing an N8…

  • Richard Gao

    I love how the GPe G Pad 8.3 is cheaper than the regular one from LG on Expansys

  • GloriaPThorne

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  • Al-Burrit0

    The G Pad is tempting but I want to wait to see the next nexus tablet.

  • just bought an lg g2 vzw off ebay for $250. barely used and in great condition… what a deal! stock rooted 24A rom running xposed!

  • guest

    How long Google will provide OS updates, any one know? Also any idea what kind of warranty these have?

  • kselby

    Picked up a G Pad based off of all the positive reviews of it. Hopefully it’s worth it. Finally getting my first Android tablet…finally.

  • RoboCop

    Does the google play edition One work on Verizon?

    • xpyroxcorex

      No gsm only

      • RoboCop

        Bought the G Pad. Need a tablet and wanted a Nexus but this is practically the same price compared to the 32GB

  • Ben Landwehr

    Great seal on the G Pad. Thank you!

  • Carlos Lopez

    Would’ve been great if the m8 was there 🙁 haha

  • MichaelFranz

    G Pad is a really good deal, too bad i need an LTE one

    • Ben Landwehr

      So fortunate I have unlimited still with moble Hotspot.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    Very tempting

  • Jonathan Bunch

    that picture in the promo graphic has a picture of the m8, not cool

  • BoFiS

    Great deal for the G Pad, which vanished from the Play Store sadly as it’s a fantastic, STOCK, tablet with 1920×1200 screen that’s the same res, but slightly larger than the Nexus 7 without the whole tablet feeling too much bigger. Also MicroSD slot, which the Nexus 7 lacks is most appreciated if you’re like me and fill your tablet up with TV shows and movies for flights.

    • What are the best tablet roms for android?

      I think stock is AWFUL on a tablet (but nice on a phone).

      I just got a Kindle Fire HDX and that is THE BEST tablet interface I’ve used so far (the others being ios and stock android).

      Any roms you can recommend that are really built to be intuitive and functional on a tablet? Thanks.

      • Carlos Lopez

        I want to say paranoid android but that’s the only one I’ve used and it’s been a while since I’ve rommed a tabled

  • Wilsonian

    If I pick up the G-Pad, will I be able to use the Google Play warranty on the device? Or what happens when things go wrong?

    • Raven

      I am not sure about that, but there is always SquareTrade.

  • Bryan Mills

    Only good deal is the G Pad. For me, at least.

  • Alex Boro

    Hmm.. Should I get that g pad 8.3? Looks really tempting.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I heard it’s nice. Been thinking about getting it for a while

    • Boblank84

      also very tempted to get the 8.3, been looking for something a little bigger than the nexus 7. I have no experience w/ expansys, anyone have any insight?

      • Alex Boro

        Heard they’re legit.

        • DenisTM

          I have one and love it except for the absolutely pitiful speakers. also no write to the sd kinda sucks.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            What do you mean no write to SD?

          • DenisTM

            Stock android doesn’t let your device write apps or edit any data on the SD card. You can read any of the data on it like watching movies or listening to music. Anything on the card has to be put there by plugging it into a computer.

          • sagisarius

            Well… it’s not no write to the SD card, it’s “you have to use the super special interface to write to the SD card” which all of a handful of apps support.

          • Ckburks

            I’ve had no problems writing to my SD card through the tablet.

          • 19manny85

            I totally agree about the sad speakers. Having to take my phone completely out of the case to hear things on my speakers, and then the quality is so poor.

            I can’t believe someone hasn’t done something about putting the speakers on the front of the phone.

    • As someone who owns the G Pad GPE, it’s an awesome device.

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