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Deal: Cheap 32GB Nexus 7 (2013) is Back for $159.99, $110 Off

Nexus 7 (2013) deals seem to be showing up almost daily at pretty incredible prices. Today, is yet another example of the 2013 7-incher seeing a significant discount that you may want to consider if you have yet to jump into the tablet game. For $159.99, with free shipping, you can have the 32GB variant of Google’s popular tablet, which would save you around $110 (regularly $269) over the Google Play retail price. Actually, it will save you more since Google’s shipping costs are never cheap.

The tablet is “manufacturer refurbished,” though, so you are not looking at a brand new device. With that said, keep in mind that some consider refurbished devices to be quite good, since manufacturers have had a chance to button up long-standing issues.

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  • Owen Brady

    mine was $279 new almost a year ago…. makes sense for a refurb but either way a good deal only issue with it was the tv out and slimport garbage but a reliable tablet that is fast and has great battery life and support.

  • socalrailroader

    This listing has ended.

  • Frothy

    Just bought one. Can’t wait.

  • GloriaPThorne

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  • Sam’s Club has a deal on brand new ones right now. It’s in store only and I know Sam’s Clubs aren’t every where, but hey, spread the word, right? They are $169.91 at my club in GA right now. The link will show you a price in a club nearest you. (16GB only, originally $230)


    • yvonnerchandler

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  • jerflash

    I got the lg g pad 8.3 recently for this price…non GPE and it rocks. This is a great price though. good for a gift

  • Silver Veloz

    If I didn’t already have one, I would jump on this deal. Love this tablet.

  • blarz

    Just got my 16GB today, bought from eBay for $129 last week to replace my lost Nexus 7. Was tired of going on business trips without a tablet, and tired of waiting for the next Nexus tablet to come out. Also, so I have something to put Android L on.

  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    I’m sure this is an excellent device… Even still. But those bezels. Please 2014 be the end of them!

  • James Geist

    My kids just broke our 3 year old Asus Transformer (which had become a sluggish beast anyway.) Why did you have to post this today, dammit.