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Samsung Reportedly Preparing Galaxy Alpha Smartphone to Combat Apple’s iPhone 6

In a report posted early this morning, Samsung may be preparing a competitor device to the iPhone 6. Given Apple’s reputation for excellent hardware, it was specifically stated that Samsung is working on a metal-based device, going by the name of Galaxy Alpha.

According to sources, who spoke directly to Korean outlet ETNews, the Galaxy Alpha could be ready to launch as soon as next month in select markets. 

As of right now, no specifications have been rumored for the Galaxy Alpha, except for its metal body. Since the beginning of time, Samsung fans have longed for a Galaxy flagship device with a metal exterior, so this could possibly be the time.

Given Samsung’s history with leaks, we find it hard to imagine that we will go much longer without hearing more about this device, especially if the company intends to launch within the next month or two.

Samsung wanting to take the limelight away from Apple is nothing new, but the company better have something incredible up its sleeve to take any type of attention away from the upcoming iPhone 6.


Via: SamMobile | ETNews
  • Woodsalways

    Well im a samsung galaxy lover of the S4 and S5 models and have use this device for work and play, how ever im going with the apple 4.5” or larger if it takes place.

  • Hatori Hanzo

    In my humble opinion the best looking phone of the last few years has to be the Nexus 4. The only metal thing visible on the outside is the USB port.

  • nhaj

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    It’s like Kayak but for electronic devices that show you all the offers in one spot.

  • Jeremy

    Samsung should stop using fake metal finishes on their plastics and start using solid colors just like copying Nokia Lumia and/or iPhone 5C.
    There is no way we can ever feel more happier as long as Samsung makes plastic look like metal, because it doesn’t look good on plastic.
    F*ck you, Samsung. F*ck you.

  • Steven

    No replaceable battery?!

  • jim

    metal ? no I don’t want a brick in my pocket , or a phone that dents

  • Fer

    Alphalag, like all the things Samsung does

  • Kris Smith

    If i could build a phone, htc/apple hardware/build quality hands down. 805, Removable battery, external SD support, LG bezels, 4.7-5.2 QHD display, waterproof, decent camera with OIS, onscreen navigation buttons and of course. Stock Android 5.0….is this asking too much

  • Dee

    Yep, I’m waiting for this though I am starting to lean towards the Note 4 when it comes hopefully August or September. If any company is given apple a run for its money,( meaning out showing them with a new product) it’ll be Samsung. Don’t get me wrong LG, Sony and Moto all make good products but c’mon Samsung is doing it up. Yeah the their phones are made of a plastic material, people still buy it so it’s really no problem. Yeah Samsung packs in their bloatwear,(plz Sammy kill that) but who doesn’t. All in all I think Samsung’s new S or Alpha or even Note is gonna out shine Apple iPhone this year and it won’t be Moto,LG or Sony that will. Give them credit when its do!

  • mariyaw

    I’ve had apple and family with apple, now have the note 2 and will not go back to apple for anything. The design isn’t the issue as much as the processor, market, and size. Overall in my home I have samsung which was started by my cell phone, the brand is quality. My device has been dropped in water and run through the wringer and still works great. I don’t care about the materials, let’s face it smart owners will use a case anyway. Apple just doesn’t compare with my needs and the productivity I require from my device.

  • NexusMan

    Bring it on!

  • Deez

    Wouldn’t be a DL Samsung article without some hate sprinkled on it by the writer…

    If this was a Moto article it would be like, “Zomg Moto is About to KILL the iPhone with it’s Upcoming Ultra Uber Cool Super Premium Metal Body Like a Knight in Shining Armor Cellular Unit!!!! Let’s Write 50 More Articles on it Now!!!!!!”

    I will give him credit for not labeling this device the prime however. I’m actually shocked they didn’t lol

    • NexusMan

      I seem to have missed the hate.

      • Deez

        The overall tone of the article is negative with him implying that Apple makes great hardware and Samsung better come with something more incredible up it’s sleeve than a metal body to take any attention away from the iPhone 6.

        Also throwing in the quip of everyone longing for a metal body on a Samsung device like they aren’t happy with the plastics.

        All that kind of sh!t. Hating on the sly type of stuff.

        • hoodieNation

          LOL. People have complained about the cheap plastic feel of Samsung phones since as long as I can remember. There is nothing wrong with this article.

          • Deez

            Maybe, but people haven’t been longing for a metal body on a Samsung since the beginning of time. That’s kind of where the b.s. and sly hating come in.

            Don’t believe me? All you got to do is scroll up and look at the most popular post on the page. No one’s running around wishing on metal housings.

  • Alfredo Manuel Gonzalez II

    About time

  • Dave

    At least every one of these sold is one less iphone on the streets. Glass half full approach 🙂

  • Chris Stuart

    Everyone is saying that this won’t launch in the US, but it is meant to go up against the iPhone. Isn’t the US the biggest market for the iPhone?

  • Dave

    Galaxy Alpha Prime will probably be a little better.

  • RoboCop

    Moto X+1 combo’d with the 360 is really all I want…come Motorola lets release some info!!!!!

    • The Highlander

      There is always one…

  • Ryan

    Yay Samsung is putting another copy cat device out.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Alpha? Don’t most TouchWiz devices run “Alpha” software anyway . . . . ?

    • PoisonApple31

      Just too difficult for stock Android users?

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Just too Janky

        • PoisonApple31

          Can’t argue there – love Nova Launcher!

  • crazed_z06

    “Since the beginning of time, Samsung fans have longed for a Galaxy flagship device with a metal exterior,” …. WAT!?

    I’ve never once heard a Galaxy owner complain about their phone not being metal. This metal obsession is a thing for tech blogs.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      They want better materials…even better plastics… metal usually comes up in those conversations because of Apple and HTC

      • rawr

        Better plastics would be great but the metal conversation is never by galaxy owners but galaxy haters (read. Bryan).

      • crazed_z06

        Once again, that comes from tech blogs comparing the Samsung construction to HTC and Apple. In practical use, Samsung’s materials work very well. I will concede that they dont feel as “solid,” as the iphone, but the Samsung phones are more durable . Metal construction would be nice, but I’d rather a more solid plastic construction.. Similar to the Nokia Lumia phones

        • Dave

          An iphone shatters if dropped naked from about 4 feet. My plastic Note2 has taken a trip down a 13 stair flight with nothing more than a reset.

          • Scott Tucker

            Last I checked, neither aluminum or sapphire can shatter, troll.

          • Dave

            Aluminum can dent inward and damage internal components. Quite common on “solid” devices. Plastic usually just cracks. Not trolling, just stating facts from 20 years of industial material QC and composite injection mold testing.

          • atokosch

            You are correct, they can dent but if they dent they don’t always do anything harmful to the phone. I used to be a repair tech and have seen it multiple times where it dents and nothing happens but i will say I’ve seen them dent and shatter the screen but rarely have i seen them completely messed up from a drop at about 5 to 6 feet. Not just iPhones but plastic phones too. The way the Galaxies are made with the thin plastic bezel if it hits just right it will dent and you cant undent plastic without having to cut it out, on iPhones they have a tool call a G tool and you can straighten out anything very easily and nicely. (http://gtool.com/16/icorner%205%2c%205s%20corner%20tool%20g1203.aspx) The business i got was mainly Apple. In my area I would say we saw more iPhones but thats because the phone is more popular than the standard Galaxy S3/S4 and Note Series. We did see a lot of Galaxies though for them not being the most popular in the area.

            From your claim above though, i will agree that you can drop an iPhone and it will shatter from 4 feet, but my old iPhone 4S is living proof of not shattering from tumbling down 25 steps in my house on hardwood without a case. It is all about how it hits, any phone can shatter from a 4 foot drop.

          • Dave

            You are right, where it hits is actually more important than the material. So as we get thinner and thinner bezels, I’d expect cracked screens to increase. My only iphone was a aluminum 3G, it could take a punt across the yard and only get small chips and dents from the cement. We used to design, test, and build cases for fixed mount and handheld Raytheon electronics for the military. The US contract was real big on all metal for about 2 years, and it was the worst durability rate for them ever. The problem was/is the metal has to be so thin to avoid signal block and RF interference, that quality was clearly jeopardizes. People just use the word “plastic” vaguely, there are many types and blends that can have different characteristics and qualities. A Galaxy phone isn’t made of the same garbage as a 20 year old super Nintendo shell….LoL.

          • Don’t you know, by having any type of background in the subject being discussed these days on the internet means you’re a troll………


            Why immediately jump to call someone a troll without knowing a damn thing about them? Because you simply disagree with them? WTH….

          • Daistaar

            Where did he mention Aluminum or Sapphire? Not nice to call names, troll lol. jk. I’ve seen plenty of shattered screens on everything from 4S’ to 5S’, excluding 5Cs.

          • Gaurav Mehta

            Sapphire – the only thing holding people back besides the cost is the rigidity, low transparency and high reflectivity. Link to a recent engadget article – don’t miss it.


          • zurginator

            Sapphire Crystal actually cracks easier than tempered glass – for the same reason tempered glass cracks easier than normal glass.

            It’s incredibly hard and rigid. This is why it’s so hard to scratch, but it also makes it easier to shatter. Kinda like a Diamond.

          • omgitzjose

            I have an iPhone 5 after having about six or seven android phones which were all pretty great. I had one samsung the galaxy nexus and first drop the screen shattered. My iphone I can’t count the times I’ve dropped it and not even a scratch. If Apple does anything right it’s built quality. Well maybe except for their buttons lol

          • Dave

            I always hear rumors of Apple and other OEM making a shatterproof display, and I quickly think of all the shops that do nothing all day but replace screens. I live in a city of about 200,000 and I can think of at least 10-12 around here. They’d all start disappearing one by one as old phones slowly phase out.

          • zurginator

            There is only one way to make a shatter-proof display: use plastic.

            The displays themselves almost never shatter, and now we’ve got flexible displays. The problem is the glass, which is getting harder and harder so that it won’t scratch – the tradeoff being it’s becoming easier to shatter.

            Thin bezels aren’t helping in the matter. A 2-3mm plastic bezel (like on the moto x) will do wonders for drop protection.

          • EdubE24

            I’m not sure if my wife’s iPhone spends more time in her hands or the ground. Hasn’t broken yet, really amazed by that!!

          • EdubE24

            A few people that I know must have gotten some bad ones….

            They all freaking break if you drop them!!

          • Dave

            Well it is like 90% glass by weight, and around 88% glass by surface area, if I remember right.

      • Gaurav Mehta

        Better plastics? Polycarb is as good as it gets, and their pleather and s5 textured back are as good plastic can get.

    • PoisonApple31

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I have never heard any Samsung Galaxy owner talk about wanting a metal exterior.

    • Deez

      “Since the beginning of time”… made me laugh too. Isn’t this site metal body thing sort of new?

      I’ve never heard anyone IRL say they want a metal housing. In fact, most people when asked about the ugly design on the back of the S5 say, ” Yeah, I don’t like it, but I don’t care because it’s going in a case anyways.”

      • Havoktek

        It’s funny to read that, because my Cousin has had the HTC all metal M8 for a couple of months and that phone has been in a case since she walked out the store!

      • TrueFacts

        The BIGGEST complaint I’ve read about samsung is tied at TWO things: The Home Button/ soft keys and TouchWiz’s bloatedness & jankiness

        • Blue Sun

          True Story..

    • cruzfl0w

      It’s only the extremely tiny percentage of people who are phone geeks who complain. The average smartphone user who doesn’t know what version or android or iOS they are using could not care less. I mean, if you took a droid life pool Samsung would probably rank as the worst smartphone maker. Now go look at who sells the most in general.

    • Havoktek

      I second that….I’ve been a Samsung owner since the Vibrant dropped on TMO and we and my neighborhood never heard this talk of an all metal body…That talk just started coming up as I got more into these Tech blogs….

    • I disagree…. One of the biggest complaints when compared to the iPhone is the build quality… theres no question about it.

    • I copied that exact text and was about to post the same exact thing…… THIS Samsung fan has never wanted, needed, or cared for a metal bodied device, if it comes with it, good, if it doesn’t, so what, this isn’t a beauty contest, it’s about what’s inside and under hood that counts! Here we have DL doing their typical anti-Samsung biasing right from the beginning…. SAD! Not to mention the whole “Since the beginning of time” part of the quote too, since the Galaxy S? Since Samsung first made a cell phone? Since the Big Bang? What the hell, DL?

      • Deez

        I’m glad someone else noticed the sly hating that v was going on in the article besides me. Exactly the same impressions I got when reading this.

      • cizzlen

        Thank you for pointing out this noticeable problem not just on DL but also most other tech blogs/sites. Just because HTC took a risk and invented this metal fetish doesn’t mean OMG WE WANT ALL METAL [email protected]! It’s funny how much they bash anything that doesn’t resemble a stock Google experience. I am not loyal to any one brand. I had the M7 and M8 but now I’m a proud owner of a G3. If I don’t like it I’ll go pick up the S5 because I like the Touchwiz look and UI.

        Wait for it….. fanboy attacks in 3..2..

  • ROR1997

    Galaxy F, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Prime, Galaxy iPhone and Galaxy s5 II are all scheduled to be released by Q4

    • PoisonApple31

      Looks like one person already purchased the Galaxy Idiot here in Q3.

  • Zoloft_User

    It has become more obvious why Samsung didn’t report higher than expected sales and earnings in Q2, even with their GS5. Samsung continually OVER-SATURATES the market with a new phone/variant every 2-3 months with the exact same software and same boring home button…

    • rawr

      How many models does BMW have? Is it just the BMW Galaxy M3 and the larger BMW Galaxy X5?

      Or maybe different phones for different strokes.

    • Mike Aurin

      Valid argument until the “boring home button” comment. You ever look at the home button and think to yourself “man…this button is boring?” Me neither.

    • cruzfl0w

      I like the home button, lol.

      • 213ninja

        me too

      • Zoloft_User

        The home button isn’t a deal breaker for me. I am recently purchased and am trialing a Note 3 for my mother because she wants a phone with a bigger screen so she can read the text easier. The phone itself is great, but Touchwiz is terribly slow and lagged down, especially coming from a Moto X.

        • 213ninja

          my note 3 flies. and it’s stock. but i use Nova…

          • rawr

            So Nova does fix what is broken with manufacturer skins?

          • 213ninja

            i can’t say all that, i can’t even tell if you’re being sarcastic. all i can talk about is my own personal experience. i’ve had multiple S3’s (work and personal), a Note2, an S4, and now a Note3. the only place i’ve ever experienced lag is in the gallery app while scrolling thru pics, but this seems to be improved in Kit-Kit as i don’t have that issue any more.

            i always install Nova on every phone and turn off all animations and set the speed to ‘faster than light’. this seems to work very well for me.

            i do see lots of people talking about lag and jank or whatever, but i personally haven’t had to deal with these issues, and i crush my phone all day every day.

        • cruzfl0w

          Agreed, I love Samsung cameras and some of their software features but their skin needs to be toned way way down and optimized better. If they could simply run vanilla with their added features as options it would be amazing but that would never happen.

  • ROR1997

    Unless it runs stock android idgaf

    • 213ninja

      then why bother posting on anything unless it says “Nexus” or “Silver” or whatever Google programs are coming down the pipe?

      • ROR1997

        As in, samsung won’t rival the iPhone head to head with that touch wiz crap on there phone.

        • Deez

          And a cheap Nexus with midrange hardware and an unthrilling basic UI isn’t exactly crushing the iPhone either now is it?

          Seems like the Galaxy line has been doing a helluva better job then the Nexus line has….

          These stock Android elitists kill me. Here’s a news flash: most general consumers find stock Android very blah and boring and don’t want it or the hassle of installing a bunch of different apps to do what most skins come equipped to do. Only tech blog nerds care about stock Android. True story.

    • Dave

      I think we already know that’s an impossibility, but a great dream at least for us. A new launcher and some tweaks and TW is virtually undistinguished.

  • Suicide_Note

    If this phone ever comes stateside, here’s Sammy’s press release:

    Dear Galaxy S5 and iPhone owners,

    F**k you.


    • j

      Yea bro, or you could remedy your mental issue now and realize that new phones come out every 3-6 months from Samsung, every year.. ever year. every year. and stop bitching.

      • Suicide_Note

        Um, show me again where I was bitching about Samsung, because I’m not seeing it. I posted a hypothetical, obviously fake press release poking fun at Samsung. You know, a joke? I don’t see how that’s bitching.

        I couldn’t care less what they do or how often they do it unless they’re making another Nexus. Perhaps you should remedy your reading comprehension/grammar deficiencies?

        • cizzlen

          Cool story bro. Cause no one’s ever made that joke before. Ever.

          • Suicide_Note

            Thank you, white knight of the internet. Get back to me when you’ve pulled that stick out of your ass.

          • cizzlen

            lol this guy

  • Everybody is PMS’n and this phone won’t see the American market. But the amazing thing to me is they are directly going up against Apple, a thing none of the other Android OEM are able/capable of doing. Get em Samsung.

  • Omar Amer

    soo.. 4.7″ screen with prime specs? 1920×1080, snapdragon 805, 3GB RAM, and 32GB interior storage? also, dont forget that “Glorious” home button.

    • Dave

      An available Exynos version would be nice, since it already can outperform the not yet released 805.

    • hoodieNation

      get rid of the Glorious home button and I would look at Sammy again.

  • Shane Redman

    is this also to be confused with the Galaxy F? I’m confused. Why can’t they just make 1 or 2 really good things of one genre and let that stick in the minds of consumers?

    • EdubE24

      Someone has to make the phones that are sold at Family Dollar…why not them? There is a market for it.

      • What’s the market share of whatever competitor you’re using, again?

        THOUGHT SO.

  • Grayson

    Samsung doesn’t have the design chops to outdesign Apple, especially in the hardware department, so why even try? They’ll probably just end up proving themselves incompetant.

    • They fired their head of design months ago. So yeah.

      • Grayson

        I guess if they have a new guy in charge then they have a better chance, but I don’t think a single guy can completely change the design direction of a company in such a short time.

        • True. I don’t expect to see a design overhaul until maybe the S6.

        • M3D1T8R

          Yeah and the sad thing is the only big design change they need to do to completely reverse the ships course and head in the right direction, is fixing their buttons. So easy to do, and yet year after year, dozens of releases later, they still refuse to make this one crucial change. Until they do they’ll forever be stuck in 2011.

          • PoisonApple31

            By fixing buttons, do you mean getting rid of the hardware keys? I thought the Galaxy S5 did get rid of the legacy menu button.

          • M3D1T8R

            Yeah they did finally get rid of the menu button, but they still have back/recent backwards. And in particular I mean that godawful Apple-like physical home button. Even if they refuse to go on-screen (though they could easily make it an option), they should at minimum put the buttons in the correct order (back/home/recent), and make the home button capacitive like the other two.

          • PoisonApple31

            Spending most of my time with my phone in my right hand, I cannot stand having the back button over on the way left. The OG Droid may have started with the back button on the far left, but there were many phones after that all had the back button on the right. I look forward to switching that up with the G3. 🙂

      • Jarred Sutherland

        They will one up apple by designing the first phone using stone as a material. 😉

        • Samesung

          “Oh you have a sapphire screen? We have a diamond phone!”

        • Chris Stuart

          Hey we already have wood so why not?

    • Deez

      Doesn’t Samsung manufacturer a lot if the iPhone’s hardware? lulz

      • Grayson

        Some chips maybe. Those have nothing to do with hardware design.

  • King of Nynex

    Samsung seems to have a major problem with branding. They have a million different products that all sound the same. I can understand having one “regular” smartphone and one “phablet” smartphone, but all their tablets and other random versions of their phones make it hard for the consumer to decipher what to get, and if they should wait for the next version in like 3 weeks.

    • Colin Huber

      There are two names the average consumer associates with smartphones: iPhone and Galaxy. I think both have done just fine in branding. But yes, I do think Samsung sometimes tries a little too much to add to its line.

    • Deez

      Does the same apply to Moto too? I mean, they have the Moto X, the Moto E, the Moto G, the Moto G with LTE, etc. Are they not getting ridiculous too? Especially with very similar naming conventions and one device that has different network capabilities? AND they all damn near look the same lol

  • Ryan O’Neill

    I’ve never heard of anyone choosing an iPhone over a Galaxy phone because “it’s made of metal”. It’s other things, like “the iPhone fits in my hand” or “the UI looks better” or “it doesn’t have any lag”. I’ve never understood why Samsung thinks they can compete with Apple. Samsung phones, out of all Android devices, are the furthest thing from an iPhone.

    • Jeff C

      but samsung is the closest thing to apple out of all android manufactuers

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I think the Samsung mobile division has somewhat lost their marbles. Everything seems to be a knee jerk reaction to whatever Apple is rumored to be doing, so much so that it makes them look silly. Touchwiz has always been the worst part of the Samsung lineup (even the new UI, while it is faster, is terrible). Oh well, people will buy the product and Samsung will continue to make 40 different phones every year.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    must be the phone @evleaks has been talking about


    How many more devices are they going to make? They’ve got a new one every month with 2 or 3 variations of them.

    • Omar Amer

      their flagships are the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, this would be their 3rd flagship for a different target. Anything outside of that isnt really flagship like the Galaxy Active and MIni. Samsung firmly believes in the “Spray and Pray” Methodology of Smartphone design.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        I thought their main target was always Apple. From the “original” days of the Galaxy S and such, they were obviously vying for Apple users with the copying of some of the UI artwork. They just have ants in their pants.

      • Dave

        Android agent orange…

    • Christopher Moore

      Just stick with the flagships and ignore everything else. And I’ve always considered the Note series to be better than the more mainstream galaxy series. So this is perfect timing for Note owners contemplating between this and the Note 4.

    • Dave

      Well at least every one purchased is another iphone stuck on a shelf somewhere…

  • PoisonApple31

    The point to take away from this is “select markets.”

    • 213ninja

      might as well say “non-US markets” or just “Korea”

      • Dave

        It was most likely designed by Kim Jong Un.

        • calculatorwatch

          I’m pretty sure North Korea is still communicating through telegraph.

        • Mech_Engr_09

          Here’s a rough sketch he made

          • Dave

            Well his dad did invent hamburgers and golf. I recall hearing a story about him shooting a 28 on the innagural 18 hole, par 72 course a couple years ago. Of course the public took it as fact.

          • Dave

            It probably had a little more chin and bezel than that, more like a Sony Xperia.

  • KleenDroid