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HTC Dot View Application Receives Update, Brings Themes and Notification Options

One of the more interesting Android accessories that we have seen over the past year came when HTC introduced the Dot View Case for the One M8. A weird looking accessory that is also strangely functional, it certainly gives the One M8 a distinctive look in comparison to other “smart” cases and covers.

Today, the app that controls the Dot View Case received an update through Google Play that brings a few new features inside. 

First up is the addition of personalized backgrounds for your Dot Case. You can either upload personal photos from your gallery to be dot-i-fied or you can choose from HTC’s pre-loaded screens that look pretty good on the case.

Secondly, you can also re-dial numbers that have called you in case you missed them right from the cover, and HTC has added new notifications to the screen as well. This update is definitely worth grabbing if you have the Dot Case.

Head on over to Google Play to grab the update.

Play Link

Dot View

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  • JoshHenry

    The dot view case does make it difficult to use your phone one handed. its also difficult to take pictures when the case is on the phone. Luckily its easy to remove. But I do love the case. And this update gives it some extra umph!

    • YompStomp

      Why? Open the cover and put it behind the phone, then hold it with one hand. I do it with my girlfriend’s phone all the time…

      • fritzo2162

        The back of the phone is curved, so it does’t sit flush. It’s pretty awkward.

  • fritzo2162

    I bought the case when it was released and returned in a few days later. It didn’t lock in place, and it made the phone nearly impossible to type on because the door didn’t fold all the way around the back of the phone. It is a cool concept, but the design needs a lot of work.

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  • Tim Kazzee

    The only thing I don’t like about the dot case is it doesn’t close well, no magnetic lock. So it always felt like it was going to break off.

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  • Allen Kowal

    Okay… So they added new themes but you still can’t have it show notifications from apps other than the default ones. Still no good functionality. I’m using sliding messenger so this update still does nothing for me.

    Thank God there’s an xposed module that actually allows for any app to show notifications, music controls, etc on the dot view.

  • dejackamo


  • Suicide_Note

    Some of those designs look pretty sweet. While the M8 wasn’t the phone for me, this is a pretty neat accessory for those who like the phone.

  • Robert

    I order the G3 and they drop this update on me!

    • Mike Aurin

      Reallly? Was this your game changer lol?

      • Robert

        Haha no. Just a joke.