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Samsung Updating, Renaming Samsung Apps to Galaxy Apps on Phones and Tablets

In an effort to further separate operating systems and devices, Samsung is currently pushing out a small update to devices with Samsung Apps installed, renaming it to Galaxy Apps. In addition to the name change, a new user interface is also inside, which reminds us a bit of the Google Play Store. 

With Samsung making devices powered by Android and Tizen, the company is only trying to save customers any type of confusion as to where they should be downloading their applications from.

While Galaxy Apps still won’t offer too much value to any Android user with access to Google Play, Samsung usually offers a few good deals/sales through their store that you can get lucky with.

You can wait for the update to hit your phone automatically or you can manually install the updated Galaxy Apps by going through the Version Info menu under Settings.

Via: SamMobile | SammyHub
  • sylviadavis8

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  • 213ninja

    my version says up to date…and it ain’t this one.

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  • JD

    Samsung is about to bail in the next year or 2 maybe 3 and Google knows it and I can feel it.

    1. 10 year patent deal between them

    2.Googles Android One for low end market

    3. Nexus for mid level market with its pricing also for devs

    4. Android Silver for High end market with carrier pricing, updates, and more consumer exposure of stock.

    5.Completion of ecosystem Android TV, wear and Auto to battle with iOS since Samsung makes up the majority of android users.

    6. Becoming more Strict with OEMS no skins on wear TV or auto.

    • Adrynalyne

      Mmm, no.

      Samsung likes their market share with Android.

      Starting from zero isn’t easy, especially when windows phone dwarfs the tizen app number.

      Which is sad.

      • Dan DeMarco

        I hope they TRY to go their own way and fail miserably.

  • Lumia Nexus

    If Samsung has so much influence on Android why cant Android or Google give a special section to Galaxy Apps in Google Play. what is the point of all these bloody app stores which has the same apps

    • hkklife

      The same reason everyone feels the need to flog their own media store…they somehow think that lock-in is a good thing. And unless you have Apple or Amazon’s ecosystems, it just pisses people off and drives up piracy

      • Lumia Nexus

        The galaxy app store is useless compare to all other app stores. It is only Android that should bring a system for apks to work only if they are downloaded from Google play and all other app stores should be declared as illegal

  • Would be nice to get a OS update after 10 months. DON’T BUY SAMSUNG. They do not care able the current customers. You pay a premium and they forget about you before the device somes out of the box. No updates in 10 months and I can’t even run the most simpliest of new Google apps.

    • jim

      cant run what ? what did you buy?

    • jim

      all those nice letters after your name and you cant figure out how to run a smart phone ? lol

    • crazed_z06

      What phone are you talking about?

      The S3 is like two years old and just got updated to Kit Kat.

  • jim

    love my note, wife has an S3 and her work just gave her an S5,,,, we be happy as can be

    • Lumia Nexus

      Happy with all the lags in the world ha? Wish Sony and LG find some money from somewhere and be able to advertise more than Samsung to decrease the popularity of lag world which Samsung has created

  • Eric

    Good thing i ditched samsung. It would talk alot for me to get another samsung device.

  • T4rd

    I’ve always thought the “Galaxy” name sounded dumb as hell.

  • Droid Ronin

    That third headline pic sums up the Samsung App Store perfectly.

  • Zachary Wood
  • mgamerz

    Do they contain broken english like the main OS does too?

    • Blue Sun

      What about poorly worded questions?

  • Bryan Mills

    Keep shoving that bloatware down the sheep’s throats.

    • Colin Huber

      Man, why?

    • jimt

      Same with the apple home button.

      • guest

        How is Samsung’s home button any different?

        • jimt

          It is not different, that is the point. They keep shoving their phones out with an apple home button. People buy them anyway, hence, sheep. When they lose the apple button is when they do something different.

  • AJ Ishaque

    Can someone post the apk here if they get it?

  • Kayungjoo

    Something something g3 rulz

  • I mean, at least they’re trying to improve them.

  • DC_Guy

    And most of them are still a mess, no matter what you call them.