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Verizon Begins Training Employees for Launch of Sony Xperia Z2 (Updated)

No matter how many times Sony denies it, leaks have the Xperia Z2 pegged as a Verizon exclusive on American shores. When it will exactly hit retail, however, is another matter entirely.

Thanks to new information courtesy of PhoneArena, there is reason to hope that a launch is just around the corner. A screenshot of a Verizon employee training module shows an online course for the Xperia Z2. That’s a far cry from confirmation, but could be a sign that an announcement is imminent. 

Last we heard, the Xperia Z2 was held up in Verizon’s certification process, thanks to its support for LTE-Advanced. The source of that leak also indicated the handset will debut during Q4 as the Sony Sirius Viv.

Update:  Sources of ours have indicated that this training was in reference to the Xperia Z2 Tablet, not the phone.

Anyone still holding out for Sony’s killer smartphone?


Via: PhoneArena
  • lacima44

    I want Sony Xperia Z3 … Nice phone …good network

  • Lily

    I would kill to have the Z2. Or at least play with it. I hope it does end up coming to Verizon soon.

  • Joshua Sandler

    I would be… If rumors for the z3 weren’t already leaking out…

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  • Marissa Niles

    4th quarter release means it will be virtually a year old by the time it comes to the U.S. I don’t know about you, but who wants to buy year old technology when something better will undoubtedly be released with brand new technology?

  • Humberto Yi

    So Verizon is getting this in…what…September? After the Z3 comes out? makes perfect sense for Verizon

  • Chris Gaton

    This isn’t what you think it is……

  • Mickey A Valentine

    Well that’s the last time I listen to a company rather than a leak. I like my M8 but that Zev2 mate…

  • Jon

    I saw this phone for the first time in Spain today. It really is a beautiful phone with an amazing screen. If this were to come to T-Mobile…I might have to consider it over the G3. But I’m not going to wait long. As soon as I’m back in the US i’m going for the G3.

  • Richard

    I can’t wait. The camera!!! The camera!!!!

  • schlanz

    Its for the z2 tablet, sorry guys

  • paul_cus

    Wake me up when the Z3 Compact hits.

  • Joeygueez

    Sony clearly feels defeated in the US, Because Companies like Samsung, HTC and LG have taken most of the market. This is a BIG mistake on their end, Because people are Bored with Samsung and it’s Sonys chance to take it from them. It’s clear, Sony has no Balls.

  • flosserelli

    So Verizon plans to launch the Z2 in “Q4” (which could be the last week of the year), while the Z3 is expected to launch in Europe in August/September.

  • Joeygueez

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is for the Tablet, Not the phone. I will check tomorrow when i get in to confirm.

  • S.Ober

    Just in time for my upgrade, Big plus that Im moving to a city with XLTE

  • akuma

    This is for the Sony Xperia Tablet not the phone.

  • Annonn

    As someone who has taken the course, I hate to bring you bad news, but this is the tablet not the phone. There is no sony phone coming to verizon

  • duke69111

    I didn’t know you needed trained to be clueless.

    • cizzlen

      needed trained

    • Joeygueez

      Not every Verizon Employee is clueless, Not every Verizon Employee has the passion for technology like we do. At my store, Most of my employee’s are EXTREMELY knowledgeable. What a lot of people on here don’t understand is, When we are asked about phones that aren’t released or things that haven’t went public, We have to sign that we don’t share any info or we could lose our job. I have 2 kids and a wife and i don’t plan on losing them, Because people like you NEED to know when a phone is released.

      • duke69111

        Sorry, but my last two phone purchases from the Verizon Corporate store went like this.

        Galaxy Nexus – I had to show the sales rep where to put the sim card in the phone, because he didn’t know to take the battery out to get to the sim slot.

        LG G2 – The sales rep couldn’t figure out how to turn on the screen. He didn’t know about the double tap or that the power button was on the back of the phone. I bought the g2 1+ month after release day.

        These are obvious things the employee’s should know about the phones they sale, hence my reason for calling them clueless. This may not happen at your store, but from many years of reading this site and the comments, this stuff seems to happen a lot.

        • pyro74boy .

          I agree with you because the last time I was in my local Verizon store the person I was dealing with told me that I was going to lose my unlimited data plan regardless of what I did and was trying to talk me into getting a two year contract with them again. But what he did now know was that I have already done my homework and he lost a sale because I had cash on me and was ready to buy a phone at full retail price. Shame on that guy.

        • MC

          Problem here is that your buying your phones in the store. Much cheaper if you purchase through the online store. Plus free overnight shipping. I haven’t stepped in a Verizon store in 3 years. And I get an upgrade every 6 months. 5 lines on the account all have upgrades at different times.

    • flosserelli

      Verizon employees get extra clueless training so their customers give up quickly and sign up for anything just to get out the door.

    • flosserelli

      Verizon employees get extra clueless training so their customers give up quickly and sign up for anything just to get out the door or hang up.

  • patrick

    Wait possible Q4 release? Forget it. not waiting that long. I mean the GS6 will be out by then.

  • TSY87

    I’m so conflicted. I really wanted this phone when it first came out. But now I’m leaning toward the g3.. Quite heavily I might add. But still… There are aspects of this phone that make it really stand out from the rest…

  • chris125

    Too late sony. Maybe next year

    • T4rd

      Obviously they don’t really care about the US market. Else they would launch it here along with the rest of the world and not restrict their phones to 1 or two carriers. I can’t blame them too much for it though, the carriers here are pretty screwed up compared to everywhere else. I’m amazed they chose Verizon of all carriers to launch their phone on, in that regard.

      • chris125

        My thoughts exactly

  • omgitzjose

    That name is horrible! What was wrong with Z2?

    • Bryan Mills

      They aren’t changing it. Its a codename.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Sony Sirius Viv is a codename? I doubt that. Sounds like a stupid name Verizon would use.

        • Bryan Mills

          Lol they aren’t using Sirius bullish!t whatever they are calling it

    • Cael

      Verizon never got the Z or Z1. So how can there be a Z2? lulz

      • redragn5

        I think it’s just their desire to name things for “exclusives” and not the lack of a predecessor, Verizon never got the Galaxy S2 but carried the S3 without changing the name. They only do it because they can

      • MC

        Z3 will be out next month

    • Maxim∑

      dont worry, Sony is joining the Samsung trend, a new phone and name comes out weekly

  • John Davids

    Yeah, seems really clunky to have your wireless ISP get trained on, sell, and support individual devices. Especially given that a new one comes out on average every 3 weeks. I wonder why your local electric company isn’t forced to stay current on the latest Maytags or why your water utility doesn’t try to sell you the latest Moen faucet.


  • pyro74boy .

    The Z2 is a great phone and it might be my next phone . One of the best phones of 2014.

  • Danmheadache

    Should have come like a month or two earlier…

  • Bryan Mills

    Inside word says release could be later this month. They are starting soon.

    • James_Kernicky

      So are you getting this or the G3?

      • Bryan Mills

        Not sure. I need a rugged device but at the same time, want the G3. Still haven’t quite figured it out.

        • EdubE24

          Is there a giant leap between the G2 and the G3?

          • Maxim∑

            No in fact if battery is what you need, the G3 is a step down

        • woozawuzzle

          what’s up with Verizon altering the G3?

        • MicroNix

          But Narrator, I thought it was the G3 for sure? What happened?

  • JSo

    Yet the sales people still won’t know anything about the device.

    • PoisonApple31

      They never do, they are just there to sell.

  • Sir Wilhelm

    When will Verizon train upper management to stop screwing up the designs on LG’s phones? G3 chrome accents…

    • Bryan Mills

      Sony = LG now?


    • Moosc

      The Chrome looks good. What is wrong with a little blig

  • EdubE24

    This years flagships haven’t really excited me. This is something new to try out. Its coming to Verizon, so I’m thinking it’s a yes!

    • PoisonApple31

      A decent Sony phone on Verizon is pretty exciting.

      • Bryan Mills

        Decent? lol

        • PoisonApple31

          Sony hasn’t ever had anything stand out on Verizon.

          • Bryan Mills

            It’s more than a decent phone. Outnumbers many flagships in number of features. 3gb of ram to start. Fully waterproof. Front facing speakers. Etc. LTE Advanced

          • PoisonApple31

            I’ll definitely be checking it out, but I couldn’t care less about being fully waterproof and having front facing speakers. 3 GB of RAM is nothing new to me either, but I wouldn’t want to go back down to 2 GB.

          • Maxim∑

            I notice people defend the smaller less popular phones, but when/if those phones become popular thats when you bash. Its a cycle.

            Just look at Apple and Samsung hate vs several years ago

            Z2 isnt to amazing.. brings nothing new either

          • PoisonApple31

            Very true. I have never had a Sony smartphone before, it’d be nice to try something other than Samsung and HTC.

          • MicroNix

            No new smart phone is going to be “amazing” anymore. The Z2 however brings best in class camera and a rare 3gb of ram. With most standard items of smart phones being perfected, there’s not much left to stand out in a new phone. Batteries and somewhat cameras are the final frontiers that can still be vastly improved upon.

          • JMonkeYJ

            The front-facing speakers are slightly disappointing (not very loud and one quieter than the other due to smaller driver), but it is a very minor complaint and still better than rear facing speakers. The phone is great and I highly recommend it.

          • Mike

            My LG G2 is LTE advanced.

          • Zach Cline

            It’s also coming to its end of life cycle one the G3 lands .

        • Derrick Jefferson

          You have never seen the “trailor park boys?” Decent is a fair amount of praise for some people. Swayze express!

      • lacima44

        Right … but I want the Xperia Z3 ;]

    • Serious

      As an employee who has taken the course, I can confirm that this actually for the Xperia Z2 tablet, not the phone.

      • pyro74boy .

        Is the LG G3 coming to Verizon on July 17th?

        • Bryan Mills

          Yes yes yes yes yesyesyesysysysysyshshshshs

        • serious

          Thats been the rumored dates, internal documents still say coming soon. Although a LG rep did come into our store to let us play with it so we must be close by. The phone looks, feels, and performs exceptional.

      • EdubE24

        Man that stinks…

      • Bryan Mills

        The Z2 phone is still coming

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    By then in will be outdated! Too late VZW.. Like always!!

    • PoisonApple31

      This is going to be as late as the m7 was on Verizon.

    • Rashad

      Not outdated spec wise. Especially since Sony releases flagships every 6 months.

  • OreoMan

    Super bezel phone!