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Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Now Officially Available to US Customers for $550

American buyers know that Sony doesn’t have a major presence here in the States anymore. Even if we do want one of the OEM’s devices, say the Xperia Z2 for example, we have to wait months upon months before having even limited access on carriers through exclusivity deals. As a consumer, it blows.

Finally, Sony has made the Xperia Z1 Compact available for US buyers, purchasable from their website for the price of $549.99. 

If you end up buying this device, you can expect 4G LTE connectivity on AT&T and T-Mobile, but you probably shouldn’t bother trying on Sprint or Verizon.

As for specs, the Z1 Compact is a little champ. We spent a bit of time with this device, with Kellen actually coming away pretty impressed with his overall impressions. The device features a 4.3″ 720p display, Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, a massive 20.7MP rear-facing camera, 2,300mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0, and runs Android 4.3 out of the box. Users can probably expect an update to Android 4.4+ at some point.

Hit up the Sony Store link below if you are interested.

Sony Store Link ($549.99)

  • flosserelli

    Why pay $550 when you can get it for $431 on Amazon

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  • Sean Walton

    What I don’t get is why the US would have to wait so long for the Z2 but us in Canada have it on Bell?

  • shamatuu


  • Cael

    This should really be $350-450 since they are releasing it so late.

  • yankeesusa

    Why pay $549 for this when you can pay $579 and get the latest and greatest in the LG G3?

    • T4rd

      Because they’re two completely different form factors and this can be much more appealing to a lot of people who don’t want a 5.5″ phablet even if it has thin bezels.

      • yankeesusa

        The form factor is definitely something to think about, very true. I guess for those that don’t have an issue with form factor there are other choices.

  • Steveo

    Ah, looks like the LG Dare is back. Cool.

  • Gustavo

    For that price I’d get a 32gb nexus ..

  • bogy25

    Holy Big Bezels Batman!

  • ahhh yes

    Too much $ the international one is $100 less from everywhere. And the same bands, att/tmo

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  • Sameul

    I recently bought one in white as a gift for for my sister. Quite the compact device and perfect for her as she finds larger screen phones unwieldy to use. It is quite the powerhouse as well. I reckon this is the Android equivalent to the iPhone, and so, perfect for those looking to make the switch.

  • Roxie Lemus

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  • Wall Breaker

    Their tablets are pretty nice but I am just not a fan of their phones or the glass build.

  • Kerry Davies

    I bought an unlocked one a few month back in yellow/green. I have made it my daily phone, I still switch back to my Nexus from time to time, but over all its my favorite phone. For anyone looking to get the phone, there are a few things that bug me. First the glass is so reflective that it can make my eyes hurt due to all the other things like objects behind me and light, my eyes are pulled too. The screen is gorgeous and bright in the sun. As for the other thing i dislike about the phone is how long the camera takes to open at times, this isn’t always a problem but it can cost you that shot you wanted. Other than that is been great and i see amazing LTE speeds on Tmobile.

  • dstaley

    Just a heads up: this doesn’t support Band 17, which is a primary LTE band used by AT&T.

  • BoFiS

    Oh man, if this was on Verizon I’d pay full price in an instant. There has yet to be a compact device to match or better these specs on any carrier from any company and it’s really sad!!!!! Why am I the only one who wants a 4.3″ 720p phone with camera button, microSD slot, and Snapdragon 800 (or better would be fine heh)

    • Wall Breaker

      5 inches is compact a lot of it depends on how thin the bezels are not just the size of the screen.

  • Steve Rosner

    Link is dead now? It was working fine for me but now it’s returning 404s.

  • Johny M

    I bought an LG flex a few weeks ago and now cant see how people can only use a 4.3″ screen. But hey, choice is never a bad thing.

    • Pakmann2k

      Back in the day I was one of the first people to fall in love with the Droid X. (first ever 4.3″ screen) The OG Droid was still pretty hot at the time and there was some major hate to my “monster sized” giant phone. People really gave me grief about that thing. Nowadays, it is comical to think that 4.3 is a little on the small side. I was rummaging through some junk the other day and picked up an Original Droid. I really had forgotten how small that thing was. Funny the way that works.

      • Wall Breaker

        I started at 4 then 4.3 then 4.5 then 4.7 then 5.0 then 5.2 now I’m back to 5 with the Nexus 5.

        Anything between 5-5.5 is perfect to me as long as the bezels are thin like the Nexus 5, LG G3 or moto X.

  • paul_cus

    The Z3 Compact is going to come out soon. It’s like Sony doesn’t think any of us pay attention.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Didn’t this one come out around CES? OR earlier?

      • paul_cus

        Announced at CES. Released shortly after.

        • Birear

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    • calculatorwatch

      Interesting, I guess my new pipe dream is that the Z3 Compact comes to the US shortly after it’s released.

    • patriciacyamamoto123

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    • Very true, but Sony did say that it was committed to establish a better relationship with US carriers in 2015. There’s hope for the future.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    The device was a hot number when it came out. No compromise compact device. But it’s still a little too pricey if you ask me. For $450 It would have me a little interested. Always wanted to give a Sony device a run.

    • RandomZ1cOwner

      Personally, I got my Z1c on Ebay for around $450 (imported). Definately worth the money! It works really well on T-Mobile.

  • Carlos Lopez

    Tempting, but lets see what moto brings in a month or two

    • Bryan Mills

      Don’t dream too much