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Quick Tip: How to Enable Developer Options and Debugging on Android Wear

What kind of Android device would an Android Wear watch be without the ability to enable developer options? Not much of one, that’s for sure. Thankfully, you can enable developer options and ADB debugging pretty easily, just like you would on a regular Android phone or tablet.

Once you have ADB debugging setup, you can do fun things like take screenshots, unlock the bootloader, think about rooting your Android Wear watch, and almost anything else that comes along, like a ROM (yes, there are ROMs for these watches already).



wear tip2

  1. Say “OK, Google” to your watch, then “settings” to bring up the settings menu.
  2. Scroll down to About, and tap on it.
  3. Find the build number and tap on it multiple times.
  4. A countdown will tell you that you are becoming a developer.
  5. Once tapped enough, you will unlock the developer options menu.
  6. Swipe back once (a swipe to the right) and you should see a new option under About for Developer options.
  7. Tap on Developer options.
  8. Find ADB debugging, tap on it, then tap the green check to enable it.

wear tip1

You are now a developer of Android Wear, sort of.

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  • Guy Pierce

    Yet another reason to love Android!!!

  • Kevin

    Droid Life’s “Just the Tip” Series

  • Aooga

    Dat backlight bleed tho.

    • Daistaar

      Looks more like glare unless you’re talking top right which looks tolerable.

  • Aldr01d

    Wow the NSA has a new toy to spy on…..will they be able to tell if youre masturbating with watch on?

    • JoshGroff

      Not if you use the other hand.

  • coolsilver

    You can turn on ADB Debugging without pairing the device with reset button on LG G Watch menu. However, you will need to pair, enable bluetooth debugging through watch and wear app for the prompt to appear on your phone to allow the connection to a pc via usb cradle

    At least in my case this was true.

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    • Jake

      I actually found this really helpful.

    • Jason Downing

      No reason not to. If this were my business, I’d be doing the same thing.

  • Maxim∑

    does it even ART?

  • T4rd

    Moar Android Wear quick tips! =p

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