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Motorola Connect App Updated in Google Play, Brings “New Look and Feel”

The Motorola Connect application looks to have received an update this afternoon through Google Play, bringing with it what Motorola is calling a “new look and feel.” What exactly that means, we don’t know, but users should expect to see a somewhat refined user interface once having updated the app through the Play Store. 

On top of a fancy new look and feel, users can now find the application in the app drawer, which is actually new. Apparently, before this update, Motorola Connect was not in the app drawer, so folks looking for quick access to the app through their drawer can now do so.

Lastly, Motorola has introduced a new feature called Ring My Phone. With this, users can call their phones from a desktop computer, allowing them to find their phones if they have been misplaced. Good looking out, Moto.

Go grab the update through Google Play, and don’t forget to grab the updated Chrome extension as well.

Play Link | Chrome Store Link

Cheers Michael and Aaron!
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  • SHunter

    This needs to be built into chrome and available for all android devices.

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  • Finire

    Maybe this will fix the random disconnects on the Chrome extension. I really like it, but reliability has been mediocre on Chrome.

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  • peekle

    sadly, my poor old droid razr HD isn’t supported. Oh well

  • BrianC

    The new version gives me a lot more connection issues. Seems to come unhooked every 30 seconds or so, and it told me that the connection to my phone was very weak and I needed to move to a better signal area even though I’m on wifi with a great signal.

  • MikeSaver

    what would be cooler is if it didn’t continuously sign me out on my desktop all the time, or just not connect to my phone for no apparent reason.

    When it works it’s great. But for me that hasn’t been terribly often. Granted, I regularly use three different computer (1 work, 1 home laptop, 1 chromebook, I know I’m crazy).

    • niuguy

      That’s pretty typical I think (having more than one computer)

  • gregmr

    This is one of the most under-rated reasons to buy a Moto X

  • bboyairwreck

    Was really curious when Hangouts was gonna implement MotoConnect like features. I was always convinced that Moto Connect was a test before Hangouts has text from Computer capabilities. Nonetheless I love this extension with my Maxx! =]

    • dominguez619

      You can use the chat function in Gmail to send and receive hangouts messages. No extension required.

      • bboyairwreck

        you’re missing the point. I’m talking about texting on my computer with my cell phone number. Also the extensions (hangouts or moto connect) make it convenient vs in the confined web browser.

        • dominguez619

          You’re right. That point was clearly conveyed in your comment

  • GarHIII

    Not re-installing this until the battery usage becomes closer to reasonable.

    • tu3218

      I have tried disabling moto connect to see how it effects battery and I haven’t noticed any difference. I’ve done this test several times as well.

      • GarHIII

        The effect is certainly not as bad as Android Device Manager, but disabling the moto services altogether (the gps/lost phone service they offer as well) greatly increased my battery life

        • tu3218

          See, I did that one too! Hoping it would help my battery but nothing. Now, if I turn off all location services(not even having it on battery saver option), I see a little gain. But nothing that noticeable, surprisingly. I wanted to disable android device manager altogether and use the moto service of it, but it never works and says I’m never connected.

      • Champion1229

        Is your battery life really so bad that you have to disable things most never even have to think about disabling?

        • tu3218

          Not at all. In fact I have everything enabled. But its nice to see what helps improve battery life am what doesn’t. That way when I’m out am we’ll be away for awhile from a charger, I can turn those certain items off knowing I’ll save battery.

          • Champion1229

            Oh gotcha, JW because I have a Moto X and have been getting pretty much all day battery life out of it since I took it out of the box.

  • No mention of the new drive update that’s supposed to feature a new UI this week?

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    Doesn’t send group messages as group messages. you can respond, but it’ll send as individual conversations. 🙁 Sticking with MightText until this can be fixed.

    • tu3218

      Any other reason to try mightytext? I’m pretty happy with moto connect except sometimes it just doesn’t send on the computer or there’s a big delay.

      • Jeremy Sheehan

        1. Supports group messages (sends as a group – moto connect sends as individual convos)
        2. Can send pics from computer/tablet (tablet companion app required)
        3. Supports emoji’s
        4. If you text a lot to multiple people, power-text view is awesome!

        1. Web interface is a little buggy.
        a. Not all messages come in (esp when you get quite a few messages at once)
        b. Group messages do not show up in your texting app when sent from web (some limitation of the texting api says MightyText)
        2. 3rd party texting apps on Android 4.2.x and lower are not recommended
        3. Chrome extension is wonky. Just use the website – don’t bother with the extension.

        Despite some of it’s short comings, I love this app/service. It is great when I’m at work and don’t want to pick up my phone whenever I get a text message.

  • chris kilps

    when will I be able to call from my pc with this app?

  • Average DL User

    Funny, non-moto articles get tons of moto talk, yet non-DLsheep don’t spam moto articles with non-moto things…

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      If you did less complaining you might be able to enjoy your day. Take DL for what it’s worth, it’s a great tech site but none of them are perfect to everyone, especially when it comes to reader comments.

  • Giving this a try after the last update to add MMS seemingly butchered the reliability & stability of the Chrome Extension.

  • Good old Aaron Baker! Phonedog ain’t the same with out you

  • Jason Purp

    That 7:28 in the screenshots is Photoshopped into the status bar for some reason. We need to make outlandish assumptions!!!

    • DanSan

      Half-Life 3… Confirmed!

      • chris kilps

        2+8=10 10-7= 3 you are so right

    • Chris

      Yes! July 28th! Moto 360… and more?

      • monkey082506

        I like your style.