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Deal: LG G Watch From AT&T Available for $179 Through Accessory Promo

AT&T appears to be running an accessory promo at the moment that will land you 25% off your entire cart if you buy three or more products. Should you couple the newly released LG G Watch (since it is listed as an accessory) with two incredibly cheap, $5 Body Glove products, you could get into the G Watch for as little as $179. The G Watch currently retails for $229, so you are looking at $50 in savings.

We reviewed the G Watch last night and came away from it more looking to the future, than anything. The product isn’t bad, but the platform behind it is so new that it is tough to fully evaluate where it could be in a couple of months. At $179, it may just be worth a look if you love adopting new technology out of the gate. 

The deal recommended over at Slickdeals is as follows – add the G Watch to cart, plus these two $5 Body Glove cases and you should see the discount.

AT&T Link

lg g watch deal

Via:  Slickdeals
Cheers Scott and Drew!
  • Bill Newman

    Ordered mine this way yesterday. Anyone get a tracking number yet? Looks like they are prepping the cases for shipment, but not the watch?

  • Dom

    ProTip : those of us who ordered are most likely under a 48 hour review…. definition we are getting our orders cancelled.

    • Dom

      and im wrong. they finally just charged my card. woooo!

  • that guy

    returned the one i got from google play and grabbed this…

  • Dom

    probably not the most popular question.. but did anyone get a shipped confirmation?

  • Aaron

    For $170 I could just buy the OG Galaxy Gear. This watch isn’t any more attractive to look at. But I think I will just hold on to my money for now.

  • sonicemerald

    I can’t wait for motorola’s 50% accessory sales!

  • mcdonsco

    Anyone know how long this promo runs for?

    For $50 saved I would return my google play one *if* I indeed decide to keep the watch at all (hence my question)…?

  • paul_cus

    Still no.

  • epps720

    Actually if you purchase the G3 from AT&T and add the G Watch you get the G Watch for 50% off or just $114.50. I don’t love the watch but if you’re getting a G3, that’s not a bad price at all!

  • wheineman

    Can I stack this with a corporate discount?

  • Drew Galyen

    Hey DL picked up my tip! AC did NOT…Thanks, guys!

    • Extra

      I sent it a heads up two days ago. Get in line, Mr Tipster

      • Drew Galyen


  • Qbancelli

    I’ll get this watch when it is $100.

    In white, which I think looks way better than black.

    • Bryan Mills



      • Charles Francis

        lol ^

  • BeLogical

    That is a great price if you are in the market.

  • Ryan N

    $180 huh… I’ll wait for the watch that’s TWICE as good.

    Its the 360. That’s the math reference.

    Just so we’re clear…

    • Maxim∑

      Half life 3 confirmed

    • Bryan Mills

      Twice as good twice as much. $458 price confirmed.

      • Ryan N

        The more I see of it, the more I’m willing to pay 300 or more… The stainless with light brown leather strap.


        • Bryan Mills

          On a first run? Oh well. that’s your freedom to do so.

          • Ryan N

            Aside from battery life, which I’m hopeful for, what do you see as an issue in a first generation smart watch? No camera quality to worry about, build materials are DEFINITELY not an issue on the 360, no cell radios, doesn’t require a crazy processor…

          • Aaron

            Screen visibility in sunlight. That’s my only concern for the 360 and seems to be a big drawback for the Gear Live and G Watch.

          • Grayson

            Yeah, if it’s no more visible in sunlight, I may just settle for a Gear Live or G Watch, or just wait for second gen devices. At least half the time I’m looking at my Pebble, I am outside in the sun, or in my car without tinted windows. Sunlight visibility is a big deal and I wouldn’t pay $350+ for a watch without it.

    • Math is Hard

      Based on my math, it would then be the 358.

      • Ryan N

        Well if moto made a moto 358 I wouldn’t have rounded the 75¢. Lol. Thanks for having my back on that though.

    • Christopher Moore

      Twice as good in looks but the exact same experience. Makes perfect sense.

      • Grayson

        Not the same experience. If the Moto 360 is more comfortable, has better battery life, has a screen with better visibility outdoors, and garners more wows when people realize it’s a smartwatch, I would argue you will have a different experience. I think you meant same software experience.

        • Conor

          Wouldn’t the visibility be worse since the 360 is an AMOLED display?

        • Brian Wolfman

          Better battery life? Doubt it will be days…maybe 2. Visibility still will not be “great” or anything like a pebble. More wows? really? thats why youre buying it? But…the price may be twice as much! If the 360 comes out at $400+, you’ll still go buy one?

          • Ryan N

            Other smart watches aren’t water proof either. IP67 is water resistant. 30 minutes at 1 meter. I don’t see many people exposing it that deep for that long… But I guess to each their own.

          • Brian Wolfman

            It’s water proof to 1 meter. The 360 is water resistant meaning it can be “splashed” and get wet but not submerged. which means no shower (love using it in the shower so if i get a text or call i know it can wait) and defiantly no pool which is a little over a meter. I’d guess a lot of people swim with their watch.. Answer calls and texts in the pool?!? Awesome. Pebble is water proof to 5atm (~165 feet at sea level).

          • tdurden64111

            I see this argument often. Do people really wear their watches in the shower? I guess if you live in the south you spend a lot more time around water throughout the year, so the pool argument I will accept. But the “shower” thing I don’t get.

          • Brian Wolfman

            I live in the north/NJ and Im in the pool all the time. As for the shower, its great for me. I get paged sometimes and I need to know if its urgent or not. Get a call in the shower and not sure if its your wife to ask you something, now you know. It doesnt happen often but when it does, its great. Never got a phone call and wondered who it is, tried to jump out and dry your hand, answer it with a wet head and your phone is all wet, trying to dry it off…….try it once, youll see. Plus ill put on pandora and sometimes, and i can control the music.

          • tdurden64111

            The Pandora thing does interest me, actually.

          • Brian Wolfman

            Hmmm…looks like we have a convert lol.

        • tdurden64111

          Dude, why wear a watch that doesn’t look good? Watches are primarily for aesthetics today, so I’m not going to put one of those ugly ass squares on my wrist.

  • Wonder if AT&T will carry the 360 and if so will they have the same or similar promo.. Hopefully..

  • Shane Redman

    If after I get the 360, I see that it’s not the most active friendly….I may, MAY grab a GWatch, but only after.

    • What do you mean by active friendly?? Like workout/sports friendly?

      • Shane Redman

        yup, also want to see how that alloy around the edge holds up to scratches and stuff

        • Yea good point, something to look out for

          • Shane Redman

            but i’m still grabbing one asap, no questions asked haha

          • Same

  • Suicide_Note

    Thanks, but no, thanks. Moto 360 or bust.

    • Exactly..

    • DL Zombie

      You mean the Moto 360 will bust, just like the Moto X.

      Wait… Don’t bite me…




    • Maxim∑

      Every time there is a smart watch post unrelated to moto your going to drool about the 360

    • Bryan Mills

      Nah if android wear isn’t good now it won’t be good on the 360. I’ll wait for the Moto One.

      • tdurden64111

        Dude, why in the fk do you have a pic of me as your profile pic? That’s pretty creepy…

    • tdurden64111

      I’m really hoping the watch doesn’t feel too thick. I still want it and think it looks best with the metal band. Don’t think I’d do that leather one.