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Samsung Gear Live Review

Google threw us somewhat of a curveball at last week’s Google I/O developer conference, when they announced the Gear Live smartwatch from Samsung. This is Samsung’s first take on an Android Wear device, based around Google’s new wearable platform, which is only a couple of months old.

At the conference, Google gave us a choice to either take the Gear Live or LG G Watch home with us, and I opted for the Gear Live, basing my choice on the overall look of the device and the Super AMOLED display that was advertised.

I have had the watch for a solid week now, using it every day throughout my normal routine, which includes running errands, going out at night, walking the dogs, plus certain activities like bowling and billiards, so I feel pretty confident in delivering our full review of the device.

Here is our Samsung Gear Live review.

The Good


The Gear Live has a good list of specs for a smartwatch, which includes a 1.63″ Super AMOLED display (320×320), 1.2GHz processor, Bluetooth 4.0, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, heart rate monitor, and a 300mAh battery. While all of this is pretty decent for a beginner Android Wear smartwatch, the battery needs to be a bigger focus for any future iterations of this hardware. It just doesn’t last long enough. While I am happy Samsung wasn’t smoking anything wild and left out a camera on the Gear Live, I feel as if the specs are missing a certain “wow factor.” Nothing really stands out, but for a wearable device, does anything really need to?


Packed with plenty of processing power and 512MB of RAM, the Gear Live is a snappy little device. While scrolling through cards and giving it voice commands, the smartwatch is very responsive; so much so that I was actually quite impressed with its ability. Voice dictation seems to be spot on, even with longer commands, so I give Google and Samsung credit for not delivering a jank-filled wearable to slow me down. The watch is just as fast as I am. After stating “Ok Google,” the display quickly lights up and begins showing me my text, when at first I figured it would be sort of unresponsive and slow to catch on to commands. Given that Android Wear isn’t that deep or layered as an OS, it’s safe to say that the Gear Live can handle any type of task that it is compatible with.

Android Wear / Functionality

While I see a few people stating that Android Wear isn’t all that exciting, I actually think it’s exactly what I wanted from a smartwatch platform. Since the beginning of smartwatches breaking into the market, I was patiently waiting for Google to release its vision for a wearable OS. And now, with Google Now being so helpful and functional on smartphones, bringing it to a watch for your eyes to always glance at is totally awesome. Unlike other watches from Samsung for example, which try to do too much for their own good (like making calls and taking pictures), Android Wear is a minimal, yet seamless extension to your smartphone. We already use our phones so much, and with Android Wear, Google isn’t trying to take away from that experience. With this OS, they are simply extending where you view and interact with notifications. For me, that’s exactly what I was looking for. Android Wear is still young, so I am very excited to see where Google goes from here.

Gear Live Functionality


Available on Google Play for just $199, almost anyone with access to buying devices on the Internet through Google’s online store can purchase a Gear Live (still only available in select countries). That’s a good thing. Whether the Gear Live will hit retailers offline is still to be seen, but rumors point to Android Wear devices coming to US carrier stores soon. As of this writing, only the G Watch is rumored for that, though. Besides free marketing on Twitter, we have not seen Samsung push the Gear Live on TV or in magazines, as we see with the Gear 2 smartwatch, so it’s hard to tell how committed the company is to this device. Do they see Android Wear as a true moneymaker? Could it be more highly adopted than their own Tizen OS? With all industry analysts pointing to wearables being the future of tech, we would like to see these bigger companies show more of an effort in getting smartwatches onto the wrists of millions, not just fanboys and paid endorsees.



The Gear Live features a 1.63″ Super AMOLED display, with a resolution of 320 x 320. That’s quite a bit of pixels for such a tiny space. Unfortunately, the display just isn’t all that good. While colors are bright and there is plenty of contrast, where you view your watch is entirely dependent on lighting conditions. If you are indoors, you will have no problem at all, but once the sunlight begins to glisten upon the display, you can’t see much of anything. Since you don’t only want to look at your watch indoors, and should be able to view it anywhere at anytime, you are left a bit frustrated having to maneuver your wrist around to find a good viewing angle while in the sun.

(Below: Display on, full brightness)

Gear Live Sunlight

App Support

Android Wear is a baby platform. Having only been released a little while ago, developers are still working on bringing better app experiences to watches. So far, only a handful of good/useful applications are available for Android Wear, but more are coming. What makes Android Wear neat is the ability for it to instantly install extensions from applications already on your phone. As we are seeing, once applications are updated with Wear support through Google Play on your smartphone, they automatically begin popping up on your smartwatch. That is incredible. Thankfully, Android Wear can handle any type of notification, unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Gear where only a handful of applications were displaying important information at first. While the ecosystem has a ways to go, the future is looking very bright for Android Wear buyers.


When I think of a basic smartwatch, the Gear Live and G Watch are what come to mind. The designs are uninspired to say the least. Speaking just on the Gear Live, it’s as if Samsung took off Tizen from old Galaxy Gear bodies and threw on Android Wear. It’s very basic, minimal, and not very attractive. However, I do find the Gear Live to be a bit more handsome than the G Watch, which is probably one of the more unattractive devices to ever grace a wrist. You could make an argument that these watches are made for developers, and are only the beginning of better designs to come, but if you want the general public out there to get excited over this new platform called Android Wear, you need better designs.

I would have liked to see a bit more adventurous design for the Gear Live, but it’s Samsung, and hardware design just isn’t something they have been known for. They play it too safe with design, and whether a buyer would fault them for that, the feeling you get when looking at a material object is completely personal. Could it have been better? Yes. Is it really that bad? No.

Gear Live Design

Heart Rate Monitor

Similarly found in the Galaxy S5, Samsung’s heart rate monitor has made its way to the Gear Live smartwatch. Is it a must have, though? In my opinion, absolutely not. To use, wearers must be absolutely still, and any movement will throw off its calculations. While it makes sense to have one built in, it just doesn’t seem very practical in use to me. However, if someone does need it for health or exercise reasons and doesn’t mind holding still for 10 seconds, it does work when you need it to.

The Not-so-Good

Battery Life

Featuring a 300mAh battery, the Gear Live is capable of giving off a single day’s worth of usage. Every night, if you plan on wearing it repeated days, you will need the charger by your bedside. For anyone coming from a Qualcomm Toq or Pebble smartwatch, this will be quite upsetting, as you will probably be inconvenienced by its poor battery life. However, as someone who is used to charging plenty of devices overnight, I don’t find it to be that much of a pain. A bigger battery would have been appreciated from Samsung, though. If the LG G Watch could have a 400mAh battery, why not the Gear Live? As for the principle, having a smartwatch that lasts multiple days should have been a goal. Then again, with these watches running always-on Super AMOLED (Gear Live) and IPS displays (G Watch), long battery life just isn’t possible with such small batteries. But do not fear, users can disable the always-on feature, just in case they want even more life from their watches. On the bright side, future iterations can only get better, right? Let’s hope so.


Samsung Gear Live - 1 Samsung Gear Live - 2 Samsung Gear Live - 3 Samsung Gear Live - 4 Samsung Gear Live - 5

Samsung Gear Live - 6 Samsung Gear Live - 7 Samsung Gear Live - 8 Samsung Gear Live - 10 Samsung Gear Live - 1


The Verdict

Android Wear is a very exciting platform, but the Gear Live doesn’t do it justice. Seemingly slapped together from leftover parts of a Galaxy Gear and Gear 2, it’s rather apparent that Samsung didn’t feel like spending too much time on the design of this device. While functionality and performance are there, this watch only reminds me that I look like a total nerd while wearing it.

As Kellen has stated countless times, we want a fashion statement. We want something that is a watch first, then brings notifications and smart functionality second. It’s easy to make a tiny little display, hook it up to your phone, place it on your wrist, then have it display notifications. But where’s the innovation in that? Where is the excitement? Let me tell you, no one will care that your watch can count your heart beat. I have eight fingers and two thumbs that can do it without having to spend $200.

If there is one point I would like to get across, it’s that Android Wear is great. It’s still young, but has a ton of potential. All we need now is exciting hardware to match it to get more people interested in wearable computing. Help me, Motorola. You’re my only hope.

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  • atc-tech

    Are the watch bands on the Gear Live interchangeable like the G Watch, with just any standard 22mm watch band? That’s what I really wanted to know about this one in particular. Thanks!

  • nike5981

    early access to awesome electronics and “What the KD’s” on? You might be my hero…

  • matti861

    What the KD’s on your feet?

  • sj0808

    One day battery? This is just a complete failure on android wear. How power thirsty is this OS? Even tizen powered gear 2 lasts 3 days…

  • devkar

    When he said its” easy” to make these types of smart watches let me try and see how you guys do it since its so “easy” we will be waiting. People will not be impressed with the heart rate monitor of course but they will be impressed with the vivid screen the notifications etc in a device strapped to your wrist!

  • djdsf

    I wonder what we would honesty be saying about these 2 watches (gear live and G watch) if the Moto 360 did not exist. It’s honestly a good question because everyone just passes on these 2 devices by comparing them to hardware that we don’t even have in hand.

    Would people’s opinion be different if there was no moto 360 or if at least we didn’t know about it? The Gear Live is honestly not a bad looking piece.

    • frhow

      Easy the same thing I have been saying about smartwatches. Why doesnt someone make a circular high-end version that looks like well a watch. I have been saying that since the days of the calculator watch. So finally MOTO got it right! Finally after decades of those nerdy square computer watches.

  • wmsco1

    Custom watch face.

  • RoboCop

    How far away can you be from your phone and still get these to work? I haven’t found that out anywhere and it’s a huge selling point for me.

    • sisterQ

      it depends on the bluetooth connection so a few meters. My fit works across 2 rooms sometimes it doesnt lol

  • EngineerGunter

    Is this made with Gorilla Glass??

  • wmsco1

    Google now, Yes, Where am I? Walking across 35th and Main. Google? Yes. Send a Ambulance to the next stop, I got hit by a bus while talking to you. I’m stuck on the Windshield. CALLING…..

  • wmsco1

    Neither LG or Live have a speaker, so you can not answer the phone.! So I will wait until the next one that has that ability.

  • chris_johns

    kellen +1000 for the star wars reference…but all i can say about this watch is meh…like u said uninspired i prefer a watch on my wrist daily so if i got a smart watch i want it to look like a watch first just as you mentioned…this is why ima grab a 360

  • antoine

    this looks like a good watch but i already bought a gear fit

  • antoine

    tab S reviews?

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  • Munteanu Darius

    Do you need an internet connection to use the watch and voice commands, like Google Now?

    • Alix8821

      No, it’s connected to your phone

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  • Chris King

    I think this watch fits better on wrist size wise compared to 360 which looked absolutely huge on your wrist. Even if they are about the same size the 360 gives the illusion of being way bigger

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  • yummy

    I enjoy the reviews. They save me money, but more importantly, help me avoid being saddled with the wrong device. Thanks guys.

  • Wow I was so ready to hash out my money for a watch… but that screen visibility outside… not that I’m out often, but that is a deal breaker there… its 2014 most smartphones have solved this problem wtf

  • David Dudovitz

    I’m also looking to see what HTC has to offer.

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  • Ariel Enriquez

    As a Galaxy Gear owner i just gotta say these look kinda boring. To be fair though i haven’t had the opportunity to play with one (which i look forward to) and am incredibly interested in the round faced moto 360. Now for all the smart watch camera haters I ask this: why? They’re so convenient and they’re not as bad as everyone seems to make them out to be

  • Jason Smith

    Just got the email from Google, my 2 Pre-ordered Sammy Watches just shipped out!!!

  • 213ninja

    so android wear taxes the battery more heavily than tizen?? i mean, i crush my gear 2. maybe not as hard as a guy first playing with a new toy, but i definitely use it all day every day for notifications, music control, workouts/pedometer, occasionally taking calls…and I ALWAYS get at least 2 full days of use, but usually 3. is there a setting to turn off the ‘always on’ display on the live??

    • Jonbo298

      There is a setting to not make it always on. I think part of the reason it taxes the battery more is almost always listening for voice commands and in general, Android tends to be more battery hungry, even though it is slowly improving.

  • Dustin Gerlach

    I tried on a Gear 2 at Best Buy today just to see how it looked/felt on my wrist. Honestly, it didn’t look that nerdy/future-tech. It looked sleek and very light. I can’t wait for the G Watch to hit the shelves, I’d love to try that on too before I make a decision. And just like all the other commenters, more info on the 360 will definitely sway my decision.

    • 213ninja

      everyone hates on gear2, but i love it. not that it matters, because it doesn’t, but i get complements on it everywhere i go…so i think it’s more of a bias around these parts…they’re mad anti-samsung anything really…

  • Will HTC or won’t they…

    Looks like Samsung has kinda set the price bar (couldn’t have made it cheaper than the Gear 2 neo). Prices for “basic” smartwatches with Android Wear start at $200 with “premium” ones starting at $279-$299, and Apple’s iteration coming in at $329. Pretty much the same as Nexus 7 and iPad Mini pricing.

    Look for Gear 3 and Gear Live 2 (semi-based on Gear 3’s design) later this year in time for holidays.

    At some point, the curved display has to come into play.

    • 213ninja

      isn’t it already in play on the gear fit?

  • Daniel Walsh

    The Gear Live and G Watch are a disgrace to the Moto 360.

    • 213ninja

      that literally makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    • arpboy

      What if the Moto is $400, add some suggest?

    • Christopher Moore

      Only if the price is right but with all the hype expect to be disappointed. And I doubt battery life would be any better. At the end of the day it’s the same experience but in a different body.
      At least the Samsung and LG watches will hit the bargain bins in large numbers. I wouldn’t mind owning one if the price was too good to be true. These are first gen products so I would expect that.

  • James

    My gear live just shipped!!!! Got an email from Google! It said not till the 8th before!

    • Alix8821

      Really?! How soon did you order? I ordered 26th.

      Did yours says “on July 8th’ earlier today??

      I’m hoping mine gets to me ASAP. Not only bc I want it, but my Bday is Tuesday, would love to have it by then.

      Congrats…. I hate you. Hahaha

      • K

        Ordered mine on release day and got my confirmation a couple hours ago. Coming outta Louisville.

        • MRIANB

          Got shipping note also earlier this evening. Coming from Ky so should have it on Monday in Texas since tomorrow holiday.

          Ian B

    • Bryan Ott

      This post made me check my gmail, as I did it updated and I just got my confirmation that it shipped!!!

      • arpboy

        Me too! It will be here Monday afternoon.

  • Macalee Harlis Jr.

    Ill admit, from reading the review it seemed like everything was great until the verdict lol. I for one want the motorola 360 but I also want a everyday watch as well. I cant see myself wearing the 360 everywhere because of its design, its simply not made not made to be a everyday watch especially for activities like working out, which I do often. It seems like the gear live would fit the bill of my throw around everyday watch.

  • Rodeojones000

    What’s with the terrible tattoo on the forearm?

    • Rando

      You blew yourself didn’t you.

    • Michael Little

      I’d be careful with that one. It might be his kids hand print

      • Inquizitor

        That doesn’t explain anything, though. Just going “oh, I’ve got a kid and at some point his/her had was this big” is a pretty dumb reason for a tattoo, and tattoos are already pretty dumb on their own.

        • 213ninja

          it’s cool how you know exactly what it means and can put a value it for him like that…

          • Inquizitor

            That would be cool if I said “boy, that’s a pretty dumb tattoo for him”. Without that last qualifier, the default in English would be to assume that the opinion stated is a measure of the sentence subject’s value to the speaker, in this case me.

            tl;dr: I was stating its value to me, which is minimal, and not to him.

          • 213ninja

            You’re an idiot for you

        • George Davis

          Trying to pass off subjective opinion as fact is also pretty dumb.

          • Inquizitor

            The thing is, unless used specifically when talking about an individual whose intelligence can be measured/judged in some way, the word “dumb” itself implies an opinion or judgement on the character of an object or action, with little empiric basis. For instance saying the Galaxy Gear is a dumb watch is the same as saying his tattoo is dumb: it’s obviously a subjective opinion. For failing to realize this, however, you are clearly objectively dumb. See the difference?

          • George Davis

            Hurr durr

        • dreadnatty08

          Ah the old tattoo debate. Whelp it’s his body, he can do whatever he wants to it. I got my first tattoo a couple months ago and couldn’t be happier with it. If they weren’t so expensive, I’d have more by now!

          • Inquizitor

            Oh to be clear, much like he (or anyone else) can say whatever the hell he wants and I’m free to judge it, he can get a tattoo of whatever he wants and I can judge that too. I think tattoos are totally dumb, but I’ll defend to the death someone’s right to make a mistake like that. If you’re happy with yours then, honestly, good for you. No moral objection, just a matter of taste.

          • Hey guys, it’s my tattoo, and it’s not even finished. I happen to enjoy tattoos quite a lot. If you don’t, that’s fine. This is a smartwatch review, though. 🙂

    • 213ninja


  • Rando

    So between the Toq and Gear, which would you prefer? I wish the Toq ran Android wear.

  • Android_09

    Typical Droid life Samsung product review. Everything seems good then BAM. Verdict. Don’t buy this wah wah wah. So what if they just rehashed the gear product for wear. Why go through the hassle of a new design when the design is already better than the G watch

    • Daniel Walsh

      They put nothing into the design and I think it looks really bland and ugly.

  • Pookimonster

    anyone know if samsung with port the OG Galaxy Gear with the Android Wear platform? I vote yes, PLEASE SAMMY NO MORE TIZEN .

    • Maxim∑

      No they never will

  • kilbasar

    Is there any reason to believe the 360’s display will be better in sunlight? This was always one of my main concern about color displays on a smartwatch, the other being battery life. Even having to charge my pebble every 4-5 days bothers me.

    • Charlie R.

      Seriously doubt the 360 wlll be any better in sunlight than this.

      The Gear Live and G Watch are both getting slammed for this, but it’s not getting any better anytime soon. I will also be bothered by the one day battery life these watches have since I’ve been so used to my Pebble.

  • IanDickson

    Waiting (im)patiently for my Gear Live.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Looking forward to you guys doing an individual Android Wear (Software) Review.

    • It’s coming! 😀

      • Hilts

        Can you also tell us what these watches can do by themselves not connected to a device?

        • They can tell time. That’s it.

          • Shane Redman

            Oh, come on….please say pedometer.

          • Yeah, they can still count steps without a connection. So there’s that too

    • 213ninja


  • msk

    dealbreaker if you can’t see it in direct sunlight. I’ll wait for the 2nd gen.

    • 213ninja

      gear2 has an outdoor mode that i can see perfectly in bright ass direct sunlight. i’d imagine this would be similar given it’s the same screen and all…

  • Octotron

    Am I the only one who likes the G Watch design? I hate the look of the Gear Live.

    • Blake

      Nope. I prefer the G watch over the Gear Live myself.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Gear Live is too shiny with that metal…stands out too much and I don’t like how the bands connect under the metal. I prefer the understated design of the GWatch. Though I’m not buying any of them until I see them in person

    • Maxim∑

      You like a thick square block? Gwatch and design shouldn’t be used in the same sentence

      • 213ninja

        i just like saying gwatch.

    • Brian Wolfman

      I do…actually, I don’t like the circle face! Shocking I know! Feel like you loose screen space.

    • Christopher Moore

      If the price is right sure. But $30 over the Samsung model is a mistake. Should take just a few weeks to correct the issue. Needs to be $179.

    • sharongnewborn

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  • Kevin

    That little hand freaks me out.

    • Vino

      Let’s see the rest of that ink and the story behind it!!

      • Beavis

        No story needed. It’s creeper status.

        • Justin Kos

          Don’t hate on the ink.

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          most regrettable things in my life… this tattoo and (DAMN!) these shoes!

    • John Smith

      my guess is it’s a trace of the hand of his baby son/daughter? but where is the baby mama? teen mom? K-Fed?

      • Swayze for ever

        Maybe he is really into the movie Ghost and that is Patrick Swayze’s hands guiding him through life everyday as his shapes it

      • Haha I’ll take a picture of the whole unfinished piece, and no, definitely not an outline of daughter/son. 🙂

        • John Smith

          dude – you really need to have a smartwatch tatted on the baby’s wrist. that would be pretty sweet. and very META.

    • Jane

      It distracted me. It’s really creepy.

      • evelynfmorrison

        my Aunty
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    • Higher_Ground

      it needs a little watch

  • Ray

    I’m thinking about picking one up and throwing on a metal band.

    • Android_09

      It will make you look very FABULOUS.