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LG G3 Launches Through Sprint on July 18

LG may have somewhat hurt themselves by building so much anticipation around its newest flagship device, the G3, only to make people wait a month and a half before they could buy it. Thankfully, US consumers can finally start marking their calendars for launch dates through a few carriers, with Sprint being the most recent to announce pricing and availability.

Beginning July 18, customers can pick up the LG G3, capable of running on the company’s Spark LTE network. Pre-orders will also be available, with those going live on July 11. For those curious, Sprint’s Easy Pay will allow qualified buyers to purchase the device for $0 down, followed by 24 monthly payments of $25. 

Now that Sprint and T-Mobile have announced their dates, we are still awaiting official word from Verizon and AT&T. Although, a little birdy has told us that Verizon customers will be able to purchase the G3 through Big Red on July 17.

Are you still pumped for this device? We do realize that the hypebeast simmered down a bit, but this could be a lesson as to why you don’t announce devices a month and a half before they launch.

Via: Sprint
  • Kavin William

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  • John Mozelewski

    Got a m8 they took to long

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  • Tyrone_83

    Well you guys are lucky. I got word it hits Canada in August. Once I heard that I said nope going to Buffalo once T-Mobile has it no way I’m gonna wait another month to get it. I been waiting since they announced it. I was close to getting a S5 but didn’t

  • The anandtech review confirms that this phone is a dud! (which i predicted all long because of that screen).

    Throttles too much, you don’t notice the extra resolution, it taxes the system, etc.

    Too bad LG.

    • Frank Alegbe

      I ve owned this phone for two weeks, Its no dud! take it from a guy who´s owned all the smartphones since the Sonyericsson P900(seriously,name the smartphone i probably owned it, i change phones at least once in 5 months after maybe discovering a flaw or something i just cannot live with. But this phone ticks most things in my list!

  • Kenneth B.

    I’m still getting mine. I’m just annoyed I can’t have the Gold variant (on T-mobile) simply because I want to try something different besides Black/White.

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  • Jon Rojas

    AT&T… argh

  • MrSkinner

    Damn, is this Bryan dude annoying or what?

  • wtd2009

    Too late, bought a gs5. Surprisingly, I love it.

    • a) youth.in.asia

      Buyers remorse will set in on the 18th

      • wtd2009

        really? i already know enough about the g3, read the reviews, and decided it wasn’t worth the wait. picked this thing (GS5) up and was blown away by how much better it was than i was expecting. to think that i was hoping for a moto x or g3 before even considering the gs5, it was foolish of me to overlook this device. add to that the fact that it was available when i needed it, which was key. if i’m satisfied, how could i possibly experience buyer’s remorse?

      • wtd2009

        nah, i have another upgrade coming in december. buyer’s remorse, i think not =)

      • Wang Lee

        Yes, remorse for those who by the hot, dim, slow G3. It won’t take long to figure it out. Probably could return it right after purchase.

        • a) youth.in.asia

          Haha are we talking about the same phone? It was only the international G3 that was “getting too hot” wait for the one in the states before you start flappin your gums

          • Loo Wong

            Face it, the L3 is a flop already. Huge fail on LG’s part with that screen.

          • a) youth.in.asia

            It hasn’t even launched in the States, what is a flop is the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6C. They haven’t even sold a single device yet!

  • Mudokon83

    Has anymore information come out about MOTO X+1? it seems like LG G3 vs S5 are the two big phones of the summer.

  • Alexander Z Great

    One big important thing i want to know is which version is being released. I’ll be Passing on 2 gigs of ram and 16 gig internal version.

  • Bryan Mills

    Lol LG isn’t the only OEM to announce way early.


    • Nasty Nate

      LOL, Europe?

      Show something that is relevant!!

      • Europe usually launches first, so what’s the big deal?

        • mrjayviper

          agreed. most premium phones appear in european retailers like clove/handtec before anyone else.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I thought Tim had it confirmed as July 25th last night?

  • hkklife

    Does anyone have an idea what SKU they are going to offer on Sprint? T-Mo is rumored to be received an interesting 2GB RAM/32GB version, whereas overseas markets are a mix of 2/16 and 3/32.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Unlocked version please…..for us cool kids

  • GT C

    The G3 is not out yet? Is it waiting to be two gens behind in processor tech instead of just one?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Yes, it is.

    • Bryan Mills

      801 is the newest processor. The 805 isn’t coming to a US phone for a while.

      • 805 will be in the Note 4

        • Bryan Mills

          Which is October/November. 4+ months from now.

          And the 805 won’t make a big difference over the 801. Only in Benchmarks

          • True. You said for awhile though.

          • Roger

            September. Two months from now. Or one month after the G3 is available on all carriers.

            801 is an end of life processor with a crappy GPU. Enjoy your old tech. Qualcomm thanks you for clearing out their old stock.

  • Ben Murphy

    Happy Birthday to me! (Verizon…)

  • JSo

    Does it come with a slide out keyboard? lol

  • Matt G

    Sprints customer should be happy about this!

  • ceruleanblue

    I still plan to buy this phone. However, after hearing about a rumored GS5 Google Play Edition, I may voluntarily wait longer to see if the LG also releases a GPE. The only features that were missing from the G3 announcement were an unlocked bootloader, root-ability, stock OS.

  • Pedro

    Gawd, that looks like a huge phone. But the bezels are nice.
    Someone should make a rant post about bigger phones! 🙂

  • Nicholas Shaun

    Come on AT&T…..

    • Chris Dartois

      Seriously … Any day now …

  • Yep

    >”Are you still pumped for this device? We do realize that the hypebeast
    simmered down a bit, but this could be a lesson as to why you don’t
    announce devices a month and a half before they launch.”
    You know this is due to coverage here (as far as assuming no one on DL wants this device or whatever) right? You have been covering the Moto360 for months now yet you keep the hypebeasttrain choo chooing for it, does that not suffer the same effects? No? Is it because of your coverage? It is perhaps a lesson in why you don’t buy into the immediate gratification entitlement trend that many suffer here.

    G3 is still the best android phone when it releases, and still will be after the MotoX+1 releases. Nothing you can do to stop it DL. Though I’m wondering, will the fanboism continue after the acquisition? Will you rename the site “LenovoLife”. Pretty catchy I must say.

    • James_75

      So you’re blaming DL for killing the hype-beast via their reporting on it every time there’s actually something to report? You can’t blame a blog for the less than ideal go to market strategies of OEM’s and their partner carriers. Your post is full of misplaced blame. If you bothered to watch their show last night you’d have noticed they are pretty exited (still) for the release of this phone.

    • easy does it

      You mad Bro ?

    • “What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

      Finally, a use for that quote! 😀

      • dannyWHITE

        YESSSS to the Billy Madison quote! Awesome! Lol

      • bobbyp

        Really? That’s what you got for your site posters? I would think more of you guys by now.

    • malcmilli

      There’s quite a few differences. The G3 was announced and its taken a while for it to launch, now that it is SOON finally launching, rumors of bigger and badder phones (with snapdragon 805 processor) and a completely new OS that LG will take a while to update to, are right around the corner. THAT is why the hype was simmered.

      The Moto 360 is still hype worthy because there arent any inclinations that anything with a design so good looking is even on the horizon. If a new OEM launched a circular smartwatch with some new features then the hype beast for the Moto 360 would simmer as well.

      • Bryan Mills

        The 805 isn’t that much better. Calm down.

        • malcmilli

          I am calm. But I thought the problem was that everyone was too calm? Yeah the 805 isnt THAT much better, but it is better. And when a phone that has the latest and greatest specs is about to get one upped in the spec department, then hype will simmer. No one is saying the phone will be bad, but “hype will simmer”

          • Bryan Mills

            Doubt it. 805 won’t be here til November at the earliest.

          • malcmilli

            Possibly. My bet is September though.

          • Bryan Mills

            The Note 4 is announced in September. Guaranteeing that we won’t see it for a minimum of one month.

          • glimmerman76

            you may not even see a 805 some may go straight to the 810

          • hill

            805 will have better overall performance than the 810.

          • NorCalGuy

            So when the x+1 gets announced if it does and only has an 801 we should stop hearing about it here?? Haha that phone could be filled with poop and would still tecieve the biggest prise on this site kinda like the iPhone and the verge

          • malcmilli

            No its that anytime there’s a new phone hype for older ones tend to die down. No one is hype beasting the M8,gs5, or Z2 anymore. G3 was launched in parts of the world and they did their review so the hype lowered. Three are new phone in the horizon. What new interesting smart watch is on the horizon? None besides moto 360. Also prior are so quick to cry fanboy. Sometimes a site just prefers one phone over another after their extensive reviews.

            You think the droid life is the only one hype about moto 360? Did you see Google I/o? When they announced everyone would get free lg or Samsung watch people nodded quietly clapped. When they said also moto 360 the crowd cheered and applauded.

          • NorCalGuy

            Yes they are the only Ines hyping the moto watch yes people are interested but the people who run the site run the beast and everyone knows which phones they like and y. The screens are all too big and so was the N5 screen but now the rumors r saying that the x+1 will be bigger and everyone loves the x+1 still pretty sure that’s just people following the hypebest of this site. And as much as I really hope the 360 takes off it has been about as revealed as possible without actually hitting the market, and yet the beast is still going, this is the only site that I find to think the 360 will be gold.

          • malcmilli

            They aren’t the only ones hyping the watch. Every site is. Did you not see the reaction to the crowd at Google I/o? They kind of clapped for Samsung/lg watches and cheered for moto watches.

            Sure the screens might be too big for YOU. But that is neither here nor there. That is the tetrendnd of android smart phones as a whole. That has nothing to do with this site. If you think this Is the only site excited about the moto 360 then you haven’t looked very hard.

        • Warm and Laggy

          Review excerpts:
          “The G3 seems to trail the other S801 devices in web performance but it seems to depend upon the benchmark. This seems to be partially because of the G3’s willingness to throttle, or because of the display’s heat output. Either way, the trend is clear because of how often the display brightness is capped to 90 or 95 percent of the maximum to cool off the phone. ”
          “On the on-screen tests, the G3 does worse than the high-end competition, which suggests that QHD/1440p truly does need Snapdragon 805’s Adreno 420 in order to keep real-world performance from regressing relative to the Snapdragon 801, 1080p-screened counterparts.”

  • King of Nynex

    Take this for what it’s worth, but the rep at my local Verizon store said that they’re telling her July 17 officially.

    • Bryan Mills

      It’s July 17th. Confirmed by LG Reps and Verizon.

      • Alexander Z Great

        Heard you the first time!

        • afazel

          But did you hear it was coming out on Verizon on July 17th?

          • Tengo

            2 weeks? And Verizon hasn’t released a single press release? I have doubts.

  • Definitely

    Originally I went from 6 to midnight. Now I’m closer to 3ish.

  • indianafanatic

    To a point, anticipation is a great marketing tool. Trick is, you have to know when to actually make the product available before that anticipation becomes a sales liability. I think in this market sector, 30 days from announcement to store shelves is about the max.

    • Bryan Mills

      People waited 46 days for the GS5

      • bobbyp

        How how are those compatible sales numbers?

  • James_Kernicky

    Looking at you Verizon…

    • TSY87

      your avatar is appropriate for your comment.

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        • a) youth.in.asia

          How many John’s does that work out to be a day? She probably charges extra for no protection, too

    • compujas

      Would anyone here be surprised when Verizon trails the rest by a month? I know I won’t be. I’m on 5 months now sitting on an upgrade waiting for something that piques my interest, and if it’s not the G3, I don’t know what will be next. They’re lucky they’re the only one with good service in my area otherwise I would’ve switched ages ago.

      • Went to AT&T when Verizon didn’t get the first Note haven’t looked back since

      • Bryan Mills

        Verizon isn’t trailing anybody. It’s July 17th.

        • Alexander Z Great

          I hear an echo!

          • Bryan Mills

            Stupid people need to learn how to read.

          • indianafanatic

            No – stupid people need to realize that commenting on each 2 or 3 hour old post isn’t necessary.

      • evelynfmorrison

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    • Bryan Mills

      July 17th. Confirmed.

      • guest

        with free G Pad confirmed

      • James_Kernicky

        By you…not Verizon publicly yet

        • Bryan Mills

          And my many LG reps and Verizon employee friends.

      • indianafanatic

        Well, thank you very much for posting this to every comment in this story. You want your cookie now?

        • Bryan Mills

          Gotta get it through to the thickheads who can’t read and want to keep asking the same fuqing question.

      • TylerDurden

        S O U R C E ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

        • Jack

          Even DL has been wrong before, and they list no source as well, But DL owns their mistakes, unlike others on hear.

          • Dave

            I’ve seen M8 and S5 ads, but no G3 ads from Verizon. For a flagship phone it seems odd they would keep a lid on it since they are in business to sell phones and get people into contracts with new flagship devices.

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  • Jason Downing

    Definitely still pumped. I’m still very happy with my G2. I love new technology, but I can wait at this point.