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IFTTT Introduces Android Wear Channel, Automation Now Begins on Your Wrist

IFTTT is truly handy for automating bothersome tasks. By creating “recipes” with “channels” that plug into third-party apps, it can silence your phone when you arrive home, for instance, or e-mail you the latest news from Droid-Life (shameless plug). Now, it will be able to perform the same chores, but on your wrist – IFTTT is the latest of many apps to receive Android Wear support.

With the new Android Wear channel, the folks behind IFTTT have introduced several smartwatch-specific features to support Google’s wearable platform. You can program tasks like turning off your Philips Hue lights, uploading a map of where you are to Facebook, automatically checking in with Foursquare, and get reminders about your calorie goals. Awesome, right?

To use the Android Wear channel, simply download and install IFTTT on your smartphone.

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  • Yaritza Miranda

    Led Lampen is better

  • Paulie

    IFTTT is a huge data hog. Great app and concept, but killed my plan last month.

  • Alex

    hmm in my wrist huh >_> reminds me of ledlampen

  • mariajlandreth

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  • SpiderDice

    I have a G Watch and I am wondering how I use this recipe: https://ifttt.com/recipes/186942-get-an-email-with-a-map-of-where-you-are

    I am not sure what I tap. Thanks for your help!

    • @disqus_UfhvbvrFOA:disqus After you use that Recipe, say “Start IFTTT” or “Start If This Then That” then choose which Recipe to trigger. (You can also open IFTTT like so: http://ift.tt/wear-gif)

  • Ray

    Droid-life on my wrist

  • Jason

    Anyone know of any Android automation apps that allows you to write actual scripts (ie. Bash, Python, etc.). I have Tasker and the whole GUI based way of essentially writing lines of code is very cumbersome especially when you start using loops, external commands, piping standard input/output/error of external commands, etc. Tasker actions can use JavaScript but that’s not really good for OS automation. You can run Python scripts via SL4A but then you have to manually pass all the variables you need to it and it wont’ have the built-in Tasker functions.

    • ZoeDonbavandmuf

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    • MikeKorby


      Not exactly what you are looking for, but at least this seems a bit closer to what you are describing, I think.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Awesome. I use IFTTT for a plethora of tasks.

  • markgbe

    come onnnnnn moto 360

  • r0l

    This does a lot of cool things easily but lacks the scope of Tasker. I’m not bashing this app whatsoever is probably good enough for many. I just can’t see running both unless there’s some killer feature of implementing this with Wear.

    • gbenj

      I’m a big tasker user but for now IFTTT has android wear support and tasker doesn’t really. (I’m sure that will change with time. (PUN!))

      For now, the workaround with tasker is to have it create notifications with buttons that allow you to activate tasks, but IFTTT being a standalone app that you can swipe through whatever tasks you want is an “on demand” feature that Tasker is missing for now.

      Clearly IFTTT doesn’t allow me to do as much as tasker does but for now its easier to do things with IFTTT than tasker.

      • ApplesNAndroids

        Does tasker allow turning on your home lights when you arrive home, or turning them off when leaving? How about setting my thermostat to away when I walk of the premisis or watching my nest protects? Make my sonos play music by itself when I turn off the master suite lights? I only ask because I’m not aware and is the reason (amongst others) that I use IFTTT

        • Alan

          It can do all that except you have to create the script for it while IFTTT provides you with a library of scripts to do things. That’s the main difference I see between Tasker and other automation apps. Tasker is mostly for people who are almost able to just write their own apps but don’t while the other automation apps are for people who don’t know much about programming by providing pre-written scripts.

          Personally, I prefer Tasker due to the lower level of control.

          • ApplesNAndroids

            Ah. Thank you. Seems I will stick with IFTTT for time being lol.