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Deal: TYLT Offers 50% Off Battery Power Packs and Cases for the 4th

TYLT, makers of all sorts of premium-designed accessories like the TYLT Vu charger, are offering up a 50% discount on portable battery packs and battery cases for the holiday weekend. You will find battery banks like the 5,200mAh Power Plant for $35 (regularly $70) and 3,000mAh Energi 3K for $30 (regularly $60). They also have battery cases for devices like the Galaxy S4 that hold 2,350mAh of juice and have been discounted to $40 from $80.

If you need some portable battery power, use the promo code “fireworks” at checkout.

The deal runs through July 9. 


  • Yaritza Miranda

    Led Lampen is less expensive and better

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  • Alex

    I think this is kind of expensive, but it may work for ledlampen

  • saimin

    Tylt Qi charger is pretty good, but overpriced and apparently not included in this sale. Rest of their stuff is meh.

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  • jmiranda3983

    I’ll stick with my truesmart and other like it until someone else realizes the importance or a true stand alone device even if it just has wifi.

  • landon
    • Maxim∑

      Its 99$

      • EraserXIV

        29.99 here

      • landon


    • evelynfmorrison

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  • still more expensive than the best ones on amazon

    • Alec
      • you can do even cheaper and still get a 4.5/5 star rated battery pack for $25.

      • EraserXIV

        I recommend Anker chargers with PowerIQ, their technology allows you to plug in any device into any outlet and it’ll automatically determine how much to output. No more trying to figure out which outlet is the 2A one, and which is the 1A one.

        Also, in my experience, a lot of the “2A outlets” are only made for iPads, and won’t output 2A into an android tablet. You don’t have this issue with PowerIQ.

        • sski66

          Absolutely, I have 1 charger from Anker & it never failed me but I did have a issue with the usb cable, I got in touch with Anker they sent me a new one , great customer service & that’s important to me. Also there prices are way better, u get more for your $ even with this sale. I did purchase a TYLT wireless charger, the red one shown just above when they had a sale last year, still working & looks pretty good.

          • virginiacferguson

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    • Ajzen

      yes, it’s true. I got one of 10400mAh from RAVPower for $25 through a promotion. The regular price is also very good. http://www.amazon.com/RAVPower-PORTABLE-10400mAh-Thunderbolt-Incredible/dp/B009V5X1CE

  • RayLovesick

    I can’t ever recommend the Tylt Vu charger. Sure, it looks great, and is a fantastic concept, but it has a tendency to overheat some devices, namely the Nexus 5 (admittedly, this is the only device I use with it besides the Nexus 7 2013). I sent them a support request about it and they didn’t even bother responding. A user on XDA actually did get a response, and if I recall, the issue has to do with the Vu activating both charging coils, depending on how you set the device down (I believe it had to do with the magnets in the Nexus 5 backplate). I learned this the hard way after frying my Nexus 5 a few times: if you are going to use this charger with the Nexus 5, the safest bet is to set it in the cradle in “landscape” mode.

    • interesting, i use my Vu all the time. gets a little hot but not too hot

    • JasonS

      Ray, check out the link below. According to Tylt you can use the charger in portrait mode placing the N5 on the charger a certain way.


    • Maxim∑

      If the nexus 5 overheats that’s actually the nexus 5’s problem. Nexus is known to overheat anyway. Thank LG

      • Justin Kos

        There was a post on XDA about it and from what I remember it has to do with the wrong charging coil being activated if you just plop it down

      • RayLovesick

        While I realize that my experience with this issue has been specific to the Nexus 5, it is caused by the use of metal in the backplate (according to the notice from Tylt themselves, linked by JasonS above). Any device with metal in its backplate could possibly experience this same issue. It is the charger itself that is mistakenly activating two coils at once, which, to me, says this is a problem specific to the Vu.

        Also, my Nexus 5 has never overheated in any other circumstance.

  • Brent Cooper

    Happy (almost) 4th!

  • Jared Denman

    I want 50% wireless chargers!

    • ZoeDonbavandmuf

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    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      That deal already passed. And was posted on here

    • Dude

      I need 50% off portable speakers

      Think Android Central has a sale of 20% off this weekend