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NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Spotted in Global Certification, Could This be the “Mocha” Tablet?

Back in May, details dropped of an NVIDIA tablet that was being worked on behind closed doors under the codename “Mocha.” Well, a few days ago, an NVIDIA tablet made its way through the Global Certification Forum, but under the SHIELD brand name.

There was a sparse amount of information listed for this device other than the company name. GSM bands listed point to it being functional on AT&T and T-Mobile, but no CDMA. There were LTE bands listed in this certification, but without more details, we can’t be sure if those are meant to be used in the US or elsewhere. 

For those who need a refresher on the Mocha’s specs, it is powered by a Tegra K1 quad-core processor, features a 7.9″ display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536, 2GB of RAM, 7MP rear-facing camera, 4.8MP front-facing camera, 16GB of on-board storage, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi connectivity, and runs Android 4.4.2.

Good news for us is, these wireless certifications mean the tablet is more likely to see the light of day instead of being another reference device like last year’s Phoenix phone. Adding the SHIELD brand to the tablet makes things more exciting as well.

We will keep you updated as we hear more.

Via: GCF | Netbookitalia
  • Samurninsai

    Awesome. 7″ is good, considering it is a gaming device. I would think, a controller dock, will be part of the deal. Meaning the system will be bigger, than just some tablet. Sure a 10″ is a nice idea, but @ that res, I think 7″ is great. Plus maybe, their options are limited. I would like it to be, between 5.5″ and 7.5″ anyways. I do take these things with me, everywhere I go. I am excited, not only because it’s a portable. I am excited because it’s a platform, Nintendo and Sony have lead so long. I am excited because there is a growing platform, for the game developers to work with. I am excited, to see the new titles. One last thing, will there be a list of launch titles? I’m guessing, it’s not like that.

  • Yaritza Miranda

    Led Lampen is the best tough

  • dstaley

    What’s interesting is those specs match the Xiaomi Mi Pad. Screen size, resolution, chipset, storage, RAM, camera (ish, Mi Pad has an 8MP and 5MP), and Bluetooth.

  • SheleneHowellbim

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  • Jeremiah Hawkins

    I could see an app that plays games, like put games on special cards and play them on the tablet. Or try over the cloud. A micro SD card style GTA v game. Explaining this pretty badly, but I see it happening

    • Justin W

      So… Gameboy-style cartridges, except on MicroSD cards? You can already do this, albeit not necessarily legal unless you own the games, and you don’t even need specific cartridges for it.

    • Samurninsai

      Xbox360 has 1,122 titles, PS3 has 795, Xbox has 999, GameCube has 648, Wii has 1,222, PS2 has 3,870, says wiki. GTA v fine, but the picture is much much bigger.

  • shamatuu

    This still is going to be expensive as hell.

  • j

    some people still want a 10″ tablet. unfortunate everything new is rumored to be 8 or 9″ it seems, or you’re stuck with a laggy samsung.

    • Keith Taylor

      Yep I still enjoy my Xoom however its getting long in tooth with constant crashes lately. I saw a 12inch Samsung on Groupon used for about 400 bucks. I am tempted to get it, but hearing about so much lag is disturbing. Thought about the TF 701 but heard there wi fi sucks as well as customer service. Sony is too dang expensive right now.

    • Keith Taylor

      Any suggestions?

      • AnettaGriffinynu

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  • Bryan Mills

    2gb of ram? Instant no buy.

    • Nathan Borup

      I wonder if there is any vRAM though…

      • Jeremiah Hawkins

        Probably like 512 or 768 mb of vram.

    • lensgrabber

      16gb = no buy for me. Come on Nvidia… should be at 32gb minimum.

      • The Narrator

        “I want tons of ram but old processors”
        -The Narrator

        • Bryan Mills

          801 isn’t old. And the 805 doesn’t do anything for performance. Only in benchmarks.

          • Richard Gao

            the 805 actually is a huge boost over the 800 and 801

      • Samurninsai

        Can you not get a SD card? Really 16gb for an OS, a few songs, maybe a movie is enough. With my list of games, I use 3TBs total, but this is a new platform. I think a 32gb SD will be enough for a while. If not then ill grab another. @ 1.5gb per game, that’s 10 games. I guess I didn’t expect Xbox360 or PS3 titles. Even then a 32gb SD could hold 3 or 4 of those titles.

    • Samurninsai

      Didn’t the PS3 have roughly 2gb ram? For a tablet that’s awesome. If companies are willing to port old games, I think this platform, will offer more titles than any.