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Leaked Screenshot Points to Upcoming OnePlus Tab (Updated)

Update:  Ignore. This was fake; @evleaks got “hoaxed.”

Could it be? Will OnePlus, in the midst of their current PR nightmare with the release (can we even call it a release?) of the One, even attempt to announce a new product? Let alone a OnePlus tablet? According to a leaked screenshot from @evleaks, the company may in fact have those exact plans. 

Spotted on an Alpha build of their website, it clearly shows mention of a OnePlus Tab, right next to the OnePlus One. This is the first murmur of any type of new product from the company, and now that a ton of people are continuously spewing hate in their forums over the company’s inability to launch their Flagship Killer device to the general public without the need of an invite system, who knows how the public would react to a OnePlus Tab.

There is no rumor for specifications or when OnePlus may decide to drop the news, but you can bet that we will keep you posted if we hear for information.

As for the release of the One, we would like to remind everyone that OnePlus is a new company, who was bound to have a few hiccups with the launch of their first product. We have had a One in house for a week now, and if I may speak for Kellen, I am pretty sure he has been enjoying his time with the device. Sometimes, you just have to be patient.

We need your thoughts on a possible OnePlus Tab below.

OnePlus Tab

Via: @evleaks
  • angel684260

    lollll, too much, i don’t belive, www.jersey-france.com

  • whys this phone even a discussion anymore? they must have had the worst attempts at contests, marketing, and phone release ive ever seen…not impressed by this remote sized phone

  • god do i miss the downvote button…

  • Alain Lafond

    Really, a tablet? As available as the phone? Another successfull marketing campaign… Cool!

  • Steveo

    I predict this post will be updated very soon, evleaks was HAD… http://goo.gl/uDai9i

    • TylerChappell

      LOL. kids these days…tsk tsk

  • Rick Anderson

    If i can’t purchase one without an invite, how is that getting the phone out to customers?

  • roxiedunn

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  • hoosiercub88

    I still don’t understand what all the hate is about. Yes, it kinda stinks, but when you complain about a small, first-time company trying to ration out their very first smartphone at launch because they may or may not have shipment issues and they don’t want to backlog orders for what may end up being months, you sound kind of silly and entitled.

  • ones_karen

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    • ones_karen
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  • True Radiant Free

    Horrible phone. Xperia Z2 beats this trash phone.

  • Rick Anderson

    They should probably focus on getting the phone to customers first…. idk, just a thought.

    • needa

      they are getting phones to customers.

  • Carlos

    Being a new company is somewhat understandable. However, to the general enthusiast, a release is a release. You can’t say you released a product when a large number of potential consumers can not purchase it. Then release statistics of releases from other companies and back pedal by implying your product is not really released. However use the original release date whenever it suits best for marketing. A company founded on excuses has personally left me wary of purchasing any future products despite the lack of shortcomings the product may have.

  • T_Dizzle

    If it’s as good as the phone, I’m in.

  • His Royal Highness of Whatever

    Dude if you are a farmer from medieval ages where you have to wait for autumn harvest, then waiting is okay for you; I am was willing to give these people MONEY, and they are stupid enough not to take it (I don’t care that they are new/old/owned/not owned by OPPO). In today’s market if you get any demand you are a winner; OPO on the other hand got people excited and then not only dropped the ball it threw it in opposite direction; people fleeing their cause like crazy, because in today’s market you pay not to wait.

    Besides people wait for Iphones and other phones because they know they will be able to get one on the day or at very least the week of release. OPO has been “selling” their phones for about a month, but their invite system destroyed their demand.

    Lastly OPO is a very sad case of great concept, great phone (but no one can really tell since not a lot of people have it), but horrific execution; and by the time they will able to truly sell to all, we will have better phones available.

  • Blake

    There’s a difference in making people wait to buy a device, like the Moto 360 for example, and putting them on sale through some invite system and doing contests etc. I’m not interested in having to ‘win’ a chance to buy something. It smacks of arrogance.

  • Dave

    I feel angry every time I see an article posted about this stupid hype machine. Sorry guys….quit feeding the machine.

  • DanielMena9

    Can someone give me an invite? xP

  • landon
    • K Doggg

      Unemployed morons who like overhyped cheap chino phones.

      • niuguy

        Are chino phones like khakis but not?

      • lmaoo

  • mickey4mice

    No thanks. Watching their forum self-implode is so much more interesting and informative than reading about their phantom phone/tablet. #NeverSell #NeverDeliver

  • I just downvoted every comment by one person on here.

    unrelated I know.

    • Bryan Mills

      Thanks brah means a lot. I’ll take a chocolate chip cookie

      • haha I go on upvote and downvote sprees, depends on the mood. I did enjoy your AP link!

  • Cael

    No thanks I’m waiting for the One Plus Two to fail at launching.

  • Lucky “Storm of Invites” winner. Have a One on the way. They told me I’d get 5 invites (3 for buying and 2 extra to make up for a 2 day shipping delay). I don’t mind handing them out here on the DL community that I love so much! First 5 who ask, can have them. (NOTE: They haven’t given them to me yet.)

    • Bane

      I will take one, by force if necessary.

      • got your email also. i’ll let you know when i get the invites.

    • Bryan Mills

      I love you

      • you’re one of the first 5. can you send me an email so i have your email to share the invite when i get it? baldypal at gmail dot com.

    • Grant Gregory

      May I have one please?

      • i got your email. i’ll let you know when i get the invites.

    • LSH99

      I’d love one!

      • one of the first 5. can you send me an email so i have your email to share the invite when i get it? baldypal at gmail dot com.

        • LSH99

          Sent you an email. Will definitely be back here with my invites if/when I get some. Thanks, again!

          • And that’s how you pay it forward!!! You’re a good man, Charlie Brown!

    • Shane Shahamat

      I’ll take one! 😀

      • got your email. i’ll let you know when i get the invites.

    • atc-tech

      Sure, I’ll take one

      • if one of the first 5 don’t reach out to me at all, i’ll come back here and reach out to you.

    • Gimme all teh Onez! 😀 /kidding

      • hey buddy! if one of the first 5 don’t reach out to me at all, i’ll come back here and reach out to you. i know your one of the editors and all, but i got to stay true to my word for the first 5 :D. nothing but love!

    • Trevor Hicken

      Yo I want an invite!

      • if one of the first 5 don’t reach out to me at all, i’ll come back here and reach out to you.

        • Trevor Hicken

          Okay, let me know bro.

    • Sum Ting Wong

      Let us know if it has a yellowish screen. Thanks.

      • @Timotato:disqus or @kellex:disqus should be able to answer that question.

    • beerme828

      I’d love one… despite the negativity rightfully associated with OnePlus, I’m intrigued and in the market for a new phone since my N5 screen is busted to hell.

      • hey buddy! if one of the first 5 don’t reach out to me at all, i’ll come back here and reach out to you.

        • beerme828

          thanks man! I’m guessing you won’t have any problems handing them out to the first five, but i’ll keep my fingers crossed! Just lemme know!

    • Here’s the email from OnePlus to show I’m supposed to have 5 coming my way. Hope this is OnePromise they can keep. Being a man of my word, the first 5 replies were @greyhulk:disqus, @disqus_MKgAmyLp0u:disqus, @grantgregory:disqus, @lsh99:disqus, and @shaneshahamat:disqus. If ya’ll feel comfortable leaving your email address in here, I’ll send them to you when they OneDeliver. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving email here, I don’t mind, email me at “baldypal at gmail dot com”.

      • Shane Shahamat

        Thanks for the follow up! One of the many reasons I love this community. Just sent you an email

      • renebi

        Oh I should be the sixth person. anyway, if you five luckier than me, get your invite and have extra one, please send me one renebi at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

    • CasperTFG

      I’ll take it one. Thanks.

      • i’ll go down the line if the others dont reply to me with their email address. so i’ll come back here IF that happens.

  • Blake

    I was excited for this company and for the One Plus One – I even followed the unveiling on Twitter. But the way they’ve handled launching the device is just bad, disrespectful even. Holding contests for the chance to even buy one? It reeks of arrogance and an attitude that’s a complete turn off. In a short time it went from a device I was eager to get to one I never want to own and damaged my impression of the company. Launching a new product when you can’t even get the first one right is a joke. Regardless of what this tablet turns out to be or the hype they managed to generate in the time leading up to it, I won’t be waiting with any form of anticipation.

    • Dominick White

      So you believe everything you read on the Internet?

      • Blake

        If you’re talking about the new tablet, I’m simply saying if it’s true I’m not going to be interested based on how they handled the previous launch.

  • Bane

    The OnePlus One Tab – The greatest, no compromise tablet you can’t buy.

    • I can only hear Bane’s voice in my head when I read your comments. Which is pretty bad because now it’s competing with all the others.

      • Bane

        If you’re going to have multiple voices in your head, one of them should always be Bane.

        • TC Infantino

          Win. Right there.

  • master94

    Meh, if they cant even sell one thing, probably wont be able to do two

  • Bryan Mills

    I welcome it. The OnePlus One is superior to many high end phones are at only $299/$349. If I wasn’t on Verizon, I’d be all over it.

    • Bane

      If you could actually buy one, you mean.

  • Ah So

    Does cheap Chinese junk come with Chicom spyware built in?

    • Bryan Mills

      Does assuming mean you’re stupid? Yep.

    • Miguel Angel Portela

      If it does, I’m sure it’ll be compatible with whatever the NSA is using these days.

    • Dominick White

      Then if I were you, I would not be using any kind of phones or computers, considering all or most of them are made in china

      • Ho Lee Fook

        I know I don’t.

    • CoreRooted

      Because your life is that interesting that the Chinese government would WANT to spy on you?

      • Dunce Sniffer

        What does “that” refer to?

        • CoreRooted

          Proper speech. “That” can be used as a verb after being used as a superlative adjective.

          • Top T

            I’m don’t believe “Proper speech” is a sentence, Professor. Were you public school educated, Professor?

          • droidan

            His explanation of “that” is clueless as well.

          • CoreRooted

            Superlative adjectives are clueless to you? Their use has been taught to children for decades.

          • CoreRooted

            You’re correct. I meant to say “Proper speech;”.

  • chris125

    Hopefully for this they don’t do the stupid smash your phone/invite system

    • Bane

      No, it’ll be smash your tablet. Duh!

  • Maxim∑

    Haha your going to release another phone when you can’t even fill orders on the first one. Incredible

    • Bryan Mills


      • Maxim∑

        You will live

  • JSo

    evleaks this, evleaks that. Who are the people behind evleaks and how do they get so many leaked info?

  • Tony Byatt

    ETA 2016…

  • truth_cutz

    I’m not messing with them… The OnePlus launch is a joke.

    • Bryan Mills

      Launch mess up means joke of a product? Your choice your loss.

      • Bane

        How is it his loss if he can’t buy one anyway? If he chose not to wait for a Vaporware product that he can never buy and buys another smartphone instead, that’s a win. Because now he has a phone he can actually use.

  • xsirxx

    Just so sick of this device. I wish everyone would just stop tweeting, stop writing about it and make a pact they wont until its ACTUALLY released.

    • Dominick White

      Sorry that people talking about things you not interested in. I will make sure to send every tech site and news outlet the memo that we only can post news on what user xsirxx likes /s

  • Alan Paone

    sign up now for a chance to smash your galaxy tab and receive an empty box!

    • Bryan Mills

      Yeah 1 person will get another empty box.

    • Dominick White

      Do know that person updated his video and showed that the issue was resolved

      • Alan Paone

        Oh, okay, in that case, I guess that means the whole situation isn’t hilarious anymore.

        • Dominick White

          Yes it does. Go back and view his update video

  • Gr8Ray

    The One Plus One was already the size of a tablet.

    • Bryan Mills

      Do you play that guy in the Burger King commercial? The one with really small hands?

  • monkeyboyep

    Hiccups are understandable, but it’s the over-hyping that has brought the dark cloud over One’s own self. They’ll need to do some pretty hard convincing to regain my trust for a tablet.

    • Bryan Mills

      The only people bashing this are people who can’t wait to get something. Rushing products is never the way to go. It’s better and cheaper than a Nexus 5.

      • monkeyboyep

        I was talking about One claiming to be independent of Oppo, then back tracking, the poorly thought out “Smash” promotion, and the inability to gauge demand when clearly it was there. I’ll wait for something that’s worth waiting for, but I also want to be able to trust the product I’m buying. When you buy a Nexus, you trust that Google will bet it’s name on the device. With a new company, you need to be forgiving but there’s a point were your smart consumer instincts take over and say, “I’m going to sit this one out.”

        I’m not saying the OnePlus or the tab are or will be bad, but I need to see One improve it’s track-record and consistently offer great support for its devices. I welcome any high end device that under cuts the Samsung/Apple monsters. I think devices like these are good for advancing technology.

      • Blake

        Their marketing and launch was terrible. It’s not about waiting, it’s about them treating potential buyers – people ready to give them money – as some kind of entrant into a competition. I can wait a long time to get something, I’ve waited longer for other things. The fact is I simply don’t want their product at this point. Cheaper and better aren’t the only thing that matters.

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  • MettaWorldTroll

    Heard you had to have an invite to the phone, buy it, then get another invite for the tab… Sounds right?

  • Suicide_Note

    Not gonna buy even if it’s in Nexus territory with regards to price.

    • Michael

      Honestly, I’ve been pretty impressed with the oneplusone. Besides the shipping and delays.

      • Justin W

        Agreed, however, their lack of honesty with being a startup and horrible scheme to “release” their device has soured my taste for their products. If they start switching it up by actually launching their devices instead of doing a closed beta-type launch, maybe, just maybe I’ll consider them.

        • Miguel Angel Portela

          It’s a horrible strategy. They hyped way way too long. By the time I got my invite I just opted for something else.

          • Bryan Mills

            That’s your loss. Somebody else will gladly enjoy a superior product.

          • Miguel Angel Portela

            They are, incidentally. Used the invite for a friend. He really loves it.