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Google Docs and Sheets Updated with Android L and Microsoft Office Compatibility

As QuickOffice quietly moves towards obsoletionGoogle is doing its darnedest to integrate all of the deprecated app’s features into its office suite. If today’s massive updates to Docs and Sheets are any indication, the team is nearly finished.

The biggest addition to both apps – native support for Microsoft Office file formats like .docx and .pptx – was announced at Google I/O, and it seems to work as demonstrated – apart from minor formatting inconsistencies, Docs and Sheets interpret Office documents fairly well. They can be created or imported –  Office files opened in Drive/Sheets are fully editable, of course – and uploaded to Google Drive without limitation. Helpfully, the Docs and Sheets file list differentiate between Docs and Office filetypes.

Both Docs and Sheets are now compatible with Android L, and appropriately have UIs more in line with the developer preview. They’re rather conservatively redesigned – it’s abundantly clear Google is carefully strutting the line between Holo and Material Design – but cleaner and more colorful. A blue titlebar and highlights adorn the Docs app, green for the Sheets app. A floating “new document” button makes an appearance in both.

The features of the update extend way beyond Office compatibility and a tweaked interface. Some of the highlights include a new editing UI and better spellcheck in Docs, charts, formula lists, and autofill in Sheets, and the ability to send files as PDFs or Word or Excel documents. We’re waiting on official changelogs from Google, but we’ll update this post as we notice any other notable changes.

Play Links:  Google Docs | Google Sheets | Google Slides

Via: Android Police
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  • ChuckG73

    so as of this morning I was still getting the -112 error.

  • Clayton Burnett

    Sheets still won’t open a password protected excel file… Not for me yet

  • Sepehr Naserkhaki

    still cant get them installed on either my nexus 5 or 7 with android L

  • cities516

    What about a version which supports viewing & editing files stored in phone (i.e. offline editing), instead of those stored on Google Drive?

    • Daistaar

      I believe if you have the Drive app, you can browse your phone (local storage) and find the document to open. Once you open it, the appropriate app should open to handle the document. That’s how I recall anyway.

  • TC Infantino

    While I realize that Google Docs and Sheets do have some minor issues when converting MS office Word and Excel files, I just have to remember that I am getting this for Free, vs. paying MS stupid amounts of money for the same functionality. Once I remember that, I feel ever so much better about Life, The Universe, and Everything.

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  • Really Google? Why can’t you make one complete office app? I hate having to install multiple instances of an app just to get the features of what a single app should have.

    • sdcoiner76

      So different apps can be upgraded and worked on independently. Also, to reduce bloat. There are many people that will only touch once part of the office app and none of the others, for example I will probably never use slides on my phone or tablet.

      • I don’t see how those are positives. There’s no reason they can’t update just the Docs portion of an office suite, and reducing bloat is counterintuitive to needing 2, 3, or 4 apps to do the job of 1. If you only use docs and sheets, one day you may get a slide show that will make you go and download the app just to view it. The only pro i see is that each app is slightly faster, but on today’s hardware that’s irrelevant.

        • sdcoiner76

          If this is how you feel you might be upset more because this is a trend that many companies are going towards. They are breaking up their apps to focus on the sections independently. Microsoft has done this, Facebook, Foursquare, Google, and more have already done this with their apps. There is obviously a vale to it or all of the companies would not be doing it, I guess I will just agree to disagree.

  • Boom

    Can you make a copy or save as in this version?

  • jmashis

    So I had one app that could do documents, presentations, spreadsheets, AND read PDFs, and Google wants me to install three separate apps, none of which open PDFs?

  • James

    I love this move toward supplanting Office. However “minor formatting inconsistencies” can make a big difference in many work settings. As someone who uses Docs every day, I spend spend far too much fixing formatting issues when I need to send a Word or PDF file.

    Even Google Docs on the web still consistently exports Word and PDF files with formatting errors. I hope fixing this issue is high on Google’s priority lists.