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Moto 360 May Launch Alongside the Moto X+1, Use Moto Maker for Customization

It seems Motorola was not kidding when it gave a launch timeframe of “late summer” for the show-stopping Moto 360. According to PhoneArena, the company plans to coincide the smartwatch’s release with the unveiling of the Moto X+1. If history is any indication, that could place a retail date squarely in August.

Motorola reportedly plans to sell the device through Moto Maker, with the choice of either a black or steel-colored watch body, and a variety of wrist straps. The choice of bands may unfortunately be limited at launch – while colored leather and rubber wristbands will almost certainly be available, metal bands are apparently facing delays.

According to our recent Android Wear device poll, an overwhelming majority of readers favor the Moto 360 over other offerings from Samsung and LG.

Now that it may not debut for a couple of months, are you still willing to wait?

Via: PhoneArena
  • JoeTi

    Its still the best looking android wearable in my book. I can hold out.

  • tardis 13

    Yes August is fine. One of each please. And that will be to go.

  • Joe

    $229/$249/$289 – rubber/leather/SS.

    Snapdragon 400 processor, 4GB storage, Qi wireless charging, and most likely super AMOLED display due to the wide viewing angles and inky blacks I noticed on the demo units. It will be water resistant, not water proof, and I personally think they are using gorilla glass 3 instead of the more expensive sapphire.

    It’s likely to be released in late July/early August since the Moto X was released in LATE August ’13, only about 10 months ago.

    Most of this is educated speculation, while some of it is just common sense or already leaked info…

  • Is there anything indicating they might offer a heart-rate monitoring wrist band option? That would complete the deal for me.

  • cgalyon

    Definitely willing to wait. Hope the price is fairly competitive. Would also love to know more about the actual hardware. It’s rather interesting that Motorola has managed to secure so many interested buyers with really just the design.

  • DA

    Is there a chance that Moto X+1 is really the name of some sort of bundle of the new Moto X and the 360? The name X+1 can’t stick for the phone, can it?

    • Bryan

      I’ve wondered the same thing.
      Although, it could be a new Moto X and 360 bundle.

    • Aaam

      Bunduru! Lol

  • Drayton Fair

    Seeing as how I had to send back my beloved FitBit Force because the battery crapped out I’ll be getting $140 back. So, at $199 (net $59), the Samsung Gear Live is already on its way. But, even though I’m not made of money, I’ll be picking up a 360 asap as well. Some days I’ll feel square, some days round. You know that all of them will be obsolete in another 6 months anyway.

  • Brian Lippman

    “Motorola reportedly plans to sell the device through Moto Maker, with the choice of either a black or steel-colored watch body, and a variety of wrist straps. ”

    Let’s hope that the wrist strap colors aren’t exclusive to AT&T for 3 months.

    I keed, i keed.

    • AMTrombley89

      Shot’s fired

  • Suman Gandham

    What I want in the mean time is another Moto X sale please…

  • Allen Yates

    They should have a black, stainless steel phone option and advertise it with the watch of the same build. Maybe even do a discount if you buy them together.

    I’d pay $650 or $700 for a Moto X+1 and 360 in stainless steel.

    • AMTrombley89

      I think that price point is reaching a little bit. I am assuming that the X+1 is going to go for the standard $600. That’s what the original X ran for last year at first. The watch is worth at LEAST $200, so bundled if they throw in a discount, I imagine them $750 at least. I HOPE I’m wrong and you’re right, but I’m just trying to be realistic

  • Jake

    Selling the 360 in July would give those buyers time to save up for the X+1 in August. It would also give them more time in the spotlight with back-to-back releases. Finally, it would give owners of non-moto phones a chance to fall in love with the 360 and then consider buying the X+1.

  • RoboCop

    Black Friday will be Buy the Moto X+1 and get the 360 for half off or something soon yup well worth it. My Moto X with these new Google updates will be juuuust fine til then…sorry G3

    • hc792

      Yeah, I’m finding it hard to even considering parting with my Moto X. Until the X+1 that is.

  • E_manificent

    I’ll see you soon my dear…lol

  • I really love this watch face right here. Hopefully I can get this option, reminds me of the IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Boutique Edition

  • enigmaco

    My birthday is in August happy birthday to me

    • XvierX

      Mine too! I had better start saving up. I can’t wait to see the link on my face!

  • I really love this watch face right here. Hopefully I can get this option. Reminds me of the IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Boutique edition..

  • Richard Giordano

    Take as long as u need Moto just make sure the price is right
    Thanks Moto.

  • patrick

    As someone on a stock GS3 from VZ (after messing with CM for a year) I don’t know if I can make it to the LGG3 before smashing this thing.

  • Godzilla

    My big question about 360 is, what is that metal finish made out of, what kind of metal? And is it gorilla glass? Some of us are worried about scratching the thing.

    • Malik

      it’s not metal, it’s a stainless steel body. And to be honest any fortified glass will do. this is not a phone, I don’t believe scratch will be as prevalent.

      • dizel123

        Stainless steel isn’t a metal?

        • Malik

          See above response.

          • hfoster52

            Yup. Technically its a metal alloy since their is no steel element in periodic table listed in metals. But man that’s trying to be a nit picker.

          • dizel123

            I saw the above response…your statement is still incredibly stupid

          • Malik

            Glad you have an opinion…

      • middlehead

        It’s not metal, it’s stainless steel? Did you read that back after you finished typing it?

        • Malik

          Did you research whether steel and metal are the same after you finished typing that?

          • Mike Aurin

            Steel actually isn’t a metal according to Google.

          • r0l

            I know Wikipedia isn’t always right, but it calls it a metal.


          • middlehead

            So you’re saying you didn’t read it back after you typed it.

          • Malik

            I’m saying I did and there is a difference.

          • Raven

            Steel is technically an alloy of metals and nonmetals, but only someone trying to be a smart-ass would quibble over such a detail in an Android forum by saying a stainless steel watch is not metal when it is more than likely at least 98% metal.

          • Malik

            smart -ass? how was I being a smart-ass? I was just stating it is steel, not a metal body and there is a difference, not sure where the 98% came from. lol

      • hfoster52
      • asten77

        Steel isn’t metal?

    • Suicide_Note

      If I’m not mistaken, the watch body is stainless steel. Not sure about the metal for the bands, however, or the glass for the watch face.

    • BeerManMike

      I read reports it’s “sapphire glass” which in my limited understanding is > Gorilla Glass.

  • Godzilla

    Makes perfect sense to get the watch and new phone out on the same day. Plenty of people will want both.

    • hkklife

      Didn’t Samsung that that last fall with the Note 3 and the OG Galaxy Gear? Of course, look at the difference between the GG and the 360 and that’ll tell you the whole story right there…

      • AMTrombley89

        For starters, the 360 isn’t a total ripoff. It actually work with other OEM phones and runs non-Moto apps.

  • Fresh360

    Well for all intents and purposes its really July now, so a month and some change until we get new Moto goodness? I’ll take IT!

  • ilovetechnology

    Anytime a company says “summer” release it always ends up meaning late August 🙁 I was expecting that for the Moto 360 though, so yes I’ll keep waiting.

  • Malik

    I think you should edit the story. They never said “Late Summer” they said “Later this Summer” there’s actually a big difference in the meaning.

    • RobJBR

      I’m hopeful that it means July!

      • Malik

        Me too 🙂

      • Sweet baby Jesus please let it be July! 😀

    • XvierX

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it was released in July. Wasn’t there a video of the moto x+1 leaked just weeks ago? It’s hard to believe it would take another two months but who really knows?

  • Winson Hu

    Hurry up Lenovo!

  • i would love some solid specs list for the moto x+1…honestly wont be getting one since i spent 400 on an x around christmas…but the way i look at it as itll be a slight increase and i feel next year we will have a moto x2 and ill be willing to jump up then…im completly content with my moto x…but i will be getting a 360 the day its out :)…really hoping the metal band will be available at launch

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    “Late Summer” smh. September. I’ll see what they come up with though………….if/whjen the Gear Live/Gwatch hit Amazon I will be picking one up….After I check them out in stores. I know Gear Live at least will be at Amazon/Best Buy on Launch day….not sure what the plan is for LG

    • Malik

      To be fair Motorola actually said “later this summer” so I expect late July to mid august.

  • Pit

    Motorola is doing great!

    • Kenny Chung


      • On2Vegas

        Not quite yet

      • Jonathan Williams

        Lenovorola? Motorovo?

      • dizel123

        That awkward moment when you “correct” someone but they’re actually right and you’re actually wrong(potatoe anyone?)

  • Paul

    360 with a metal band option? I may have to reconsider my decision to say no to a smartwatch.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Isn’t there a metal band already? They’ve shown it off in renders.

      • Cael

        They showed off wood before it was available…

      • r0l

        Only in renders, haven’t seen a metal band IRL. Hopefully they will be easily swappable and I’ll get it with leather now buy the metal one later.

  • Guest

    Now…. about the price *glup*

    • Derek Duncan

      this thing is going to be $350 easy.

      • Jprime


      • AMTrombley89

        Is it worth $350? Maybe…Do I want them to charge me $350? Well now…

  • Ben Murphy

    Yes, I’ll wait for you my love.

    • MotoLENOVO360

      it’s ok for you to love equally
      Motorola by Google, assembled in the U.S.A.
      Motorola by Lenovo, assembled in China?

      It’s time to forget Motorola. It’s not Google ANYMORE. It’s SOLD. The deal is waiting the final approvals!
      I mean Motorola is months away from being a cheap third-level manufacturer.

      • rals

        Who told you this or this your assumption?

      • sirmeili

        Lenovo assembles products in the US as well.. North Carolina (or is it South Carolina?). So I think you’re point is moot.

        Also, who are you going to go to? Samsung? Assembled in China; LG? Assembled in China; Sony? Assembled in China?; iPhone? Assembled in China? The only phone that I know of that is assembled in the US is the MotoX (I don’t even think the MotoG or MotoE are).

        I don’t see who you really want me to once I “forget” Mororola.

        That being said, I think that Lenovo will be a good choice for Motorola as I find them to not only be high quality, but also innovative in other spaces. They’ve also said that they are going to all Motorola to run on it’s own. It’s exactly how Google let them run and it’s how Google lets Nest run.

        • Daniel Marcus

          Lenovo has a significant presence here in NC. They have an office location in Morrisville along with a sales center, and a research center in Raleigh. They also have a fulfillment center (technically manufacturing, mostly Warranty stuff) in Greensboro.

        • enigmaco

          As long as they don’t merge customer service. Had to call in for my gfs sister and it was a nightmare.

      • xfrozenmango

        Jokes on you retard. Google STILL owns motorola. The deal hasn’t been finalized yet, so Google is still controlling everything. So yes, I will wait and love my Moto 360 and x +1 which is still really made by… Google (US).

      • Daniel Marcus

        Motorola was never Google by any more than a name. Google didn’t even give them access to software before anyone else or direct them on what markets to target or on how to provide a better Android experience. Google cut their budgets and slashed their employees, and prepared them for resale.

        Now, Motorola as a slim and agile company, making awesome products, owned by a company renowned for their build quality, solid components, and global distribution? Sounds good to me!

      • Jeff Miller

        Loved Moto way before Google bought them, this changes nothing. Still waiting on there new products! X+1 will be my new phone unless something wierd happens….

    • ShellyKenrickicb

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  • Crown and Buckle watch straps on the 360 please…

    • i heard that they made it so it can used standard watch straps…which is a big factor for me in getting one

      • Woah, that was actually going to be my next question. Thank you Jeebus!!!! Now I can buy different straps for different occasions.

        • trixnkix637

          I heard they don’t recommend actually changing the straps though… But you’ll certainly have the ability.

      • AMTrombley89

        The pessimist in me predicts that they won’t be standard ones….How would they be able to sell you the late-to-the-party set of bands (including the metal ones maybe) if you can just buy one from a mall kiosk?

        Again, I hope I’m wrong

  • Collin Chapin

    No rush. Just make it right.

    Thanks Moto.

    • G3

      Considering that plastic mediocrity with small 720p 4.7″ display called “Moto X” is $349,
      this metal Moto “360” with almost round display should be $159.

      • That’s some great logic right there…

      • On2Vegas

        Did someone at Motorola shoot your dog or something? You keep signing in with different usernames just to write this crap. I think you need to get out more.

        • Lol. @ shoot your dog. Unfortunately that’s been going on quite a bit in here in America with cops shooting dogs and getting away with it..

    • Miguel

      I just the option to change straps, not only from them but my own, give me the black one with a leather strap when release and I’ll wait Moto.

      • Mike H.

        One of motos problems is making people wait. That’s why the X was not the best seller. Every time I would get ready to pull the trigger either things were delayed or I felt another deal would drop. Then I eventually went with the g2

        Just make everything available and not have so many fire sales. And throw in a top camera would be nice.

      • Ray

        It takes the standard 22mm strap so you can change it to anyone you want to

        • Mickey A Valentine

          Didn’t they recommend that you’re not to change it yourself/at all?

          • Ray

            Of course they would recommend you don’t so they can charge you $100 for something that cost $20.

  • guest

    I Hope the X+1 isnt the photo EVLeaks put out.

    • Daistaar

      Wasn’t that one of the Android One phones for developing markets?

    • r0l

      He already put out another photo showing it wasn’t.

  • Moto X+1+360 = 🙂

  • Shane Redman

    With all the teasing, I would hope this is how they went about it.