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YouTube Intros Creator Studio, Announces 60 FPS Video, Viewer Donation, and More

YouTube chose VidCon as the venue to drop a few bombshells. In addition to a Creator Studio app for video makers to manage their content and view analytics, the Google-owned company also announced a few big additions to the website: high-framerate video, fan funding, and an expanded Audio Library, among others. 

Creator Studio essentially brings the YouTube Dashboard’s graphs and settings to a more manageable mobile interface. Available on Android starting today (iOS in the coming weeks), it provides an overview of stats – recent uploads, notable comments, subscriber numbers, etc. – plus organizational tools like a video manager for editing metadata and a built-in commenting system.

In addition to Creator Studio, YouTube gave a sneak peak at new features coming to the broader viewing audience over the next few months. Perhaps the highlight was support for 48 and 60 FPS video, which should be a boon for videogamers who upload footage to YouTube. Fan funding was another welcome announcement – viewers will be able to donate to Channels through KickStarter, IngieGogo, Patreon, and more. Other improvements mentioned were an expanded selection of royalty-free songs through Audio Library, Creator Credits , fan-contributed subtitles, info cards, and revamped playlists.

YouTube Creator Studio is available as a free download in the Google Play Store.

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Via: YouTube Creator
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  • JosephRBrust

    Fan funding was another welcome announcement – viewers will be able to donate Channels through KickStarter, IngieGogo, Patreon, and more. Other improvements mentioned were an expanded selection of royalty-free songs through Audio Library, Creator Credits , fan-contributed subtitles, info cards, and revamped playlists. http://to.ly/zX0T

  • Chris Lee

    60fps looks like crap. One of the most overrated gimmicks of the tv industry. Right up there with 3d.

    • frozenmango


      • Chris Lee

        Yep. All that motion smoothing software on your tv makes the image look worse. The Hobbit in HFR (60fps) looked like crap. It looked like a stage, not a movie, and lost it’s magic. 24fps has been the standard for cinema since it’s inception, and the look has been ingrained in our head – the motion blur, the staccato, everything. All of a sudden the tv industry thinks that they can sell more TVs by introducing image smoothing, which interpolates the footage from 24, 25, or 30fps to 60fps. It makes it look like a bad soap opera. Read this to learn more:


        • Bryan Mills

          Oh jesus, shut up

          • Chris Lee

            Sorry, buddy, but it’s the truth and I can’t shut up. I must preach the anti-HFR gospel. Seriously though, read the link I posted above. It will help you understand.

          • lemkeant

            You’re comparing 60fps video with the stupid 120hz LCD’s. Two very different things, although the way you’re speaking you’re making it sound like the same thing

          • Chris Lee

            They are different, but the effect is the same.

        • M3D1T8R

          The Hobbit was 48FPS and looked pretty good, though my eyes are sensitive so I’d prefer something more like 96FPS. 24 only looks “good” because as you say, it’s engrained into us. It actually looks choppy as heck. Especially on pan scenes. Basically unwatchable to my eyes. Always has been.

          I applaud Peter Jackson for pushing HFR, wish everyone would follow, and wish it would go even higher.

          I agree that the artificially added frames on 120/240Hz etc TV’s look bad, that’s because the added frames aren’t actually filmed, so aren’t quite what they’re supposed to be. But that’s completely different than things filmed in higher frame rate.

          • Chris Lee

            “I applaud Peter Jackson for pushing HFR, wish everyone would follow, and wish it would go even higher.”

            Please NO! It will ruin cinema as we know it.

        • Rob

          Wasn’t the Hobbit 48 fps? Yes, yes it was. So anything you say pretty much tells me you are either a troll or completely uninformed.

          • Chris Lee

            ok, so for some reason i was thinking 60 instead of 48. Doesn’t mean that I am wrong about how it looked – total crap. And i’m not trolling; just stating the fact that HFR looks terrible for most things.

          • Ben Landwehr

            I’d have to disagree. The hobbit looked great in 48fps. And going back to 24fps is awful. If you go from 60 to 24 the panning looks so choppy, it’s awful. If you’re complaining about a 120hz TV on like Samsung TVs then I can understand your criticism.

    • Guest


    • Sky

      it’s a good thing you’r not the head CEO of technology, or we would be royally screwed back into the betamax era still with Vinyl’s barley starting to wither away..
      60fps and above is not a “gimiick” as you inappropriately assume , HFR and 120hrz are completely different so that voids your argument already so stop spewing your crap as “fact” you blind fool.

      i for one (and most of the world) want HFR to stay as the norm..It’s best if you follow suit and accept it and stop living in the past “look has been ingrained in our head” <–srsly? lol get over it

      EDIT:fyi it's not the TV industry that is just pushing it.. it's everyone from the game industry,movie industry and everyone in the Tech world ..Modern times bro.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    60 frames per…. BUFFER

    • Dominic Powell

      they could just tie the 60fps video into their webp standard, and it wouldn’t be anymore egregious than current 24fps video that is non webp

      • Evil Corporations

        Doesn’t matter since Telecom’s will cut down the Bandwidth anyhow.

        The wave of the Future is compression data for mobile networks. The equivalent of zip files but in live stream without using folders.

    • T4rd

      It’s already almost unusable a lot of times for me. Not sure why because my PCs don’t buffer at all, while the mobile Youtube app (on both my M8, wife’s GS4, and my old Note 2) is slow as balls to load and rarely finishes a video without pausing/buffering sporadically throughout the vids. It’s a very inconsistent issue though, sometimes it works great, others it’s unusable. So not sure if it’s a network issue (even though my wireless PCs play fine all the time) or just bad programming. Youtube almost always seems to work better on LTE than my home WiFi though (and I’m on 5GHz 802.11N with perfect signal and no interference around).

      • helper

        You probably need to disable QoS (Quality of Service) in your router. QoS limits the bandwidth to wireless devices connected to your router. Run a speed test from your phone with it enabled and disabled to see the difference.

        • T4rd

          Thanks, but I don’t have QoS enabled because it doesn’t work properly when I had it enabled. I can pull 20 Mb/s down (which is my cap) on my phone’s WiFi every time I do a test.

      • WeakSignal

        My N7 and GS3 and PC’s all with chromecast has never had a problem buffering since I’ve been on VZW LTE.

        My original D1 on VZW 3G had huge issues though. I think it is your network strength. If you are over 4 miles away from any 4G LTE tower the signal gets exponentially weaker the further away you are. That causes slower speeds even though you have 3 bars, the bars are not accurate because Verizon fakes signal strength. Go into About Phone for your real signal strenght’s

        • T4rd

          All my stuff works fine over LTE as well. I was talking about my home WiFi (which I get 25 Mb/s down on).

    • Bryan Mills

      1080p….looks like 240p

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  • Chad